Washi Tape Flowers

Because you need one more thing to do with all that washi tape you’ve been hoarding, here’s a very simple project to turn your rolls of loveliness into three-dimensional blooms.


  • Washi Tape or other paper tape
  • 26 Gauge floral wire
  • Flower stamens
  • Floral tape


  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters/pliers

To make the flowers:

Cut 6-inch lengths of wire, one length per flower petal.

Wrap the center of each wire around a pencil, marker or other round object less than the diameter of the width of your washi tape to create petal loops.Adjust each wire loop to preferred petal shape.

Trim a piece of tape a little over twice the height of your petal loop. Place loop onto lower half of tape and fold the remaining tape over. Press together firmly. Trim corners to create petal shapes.

For leaves, repeat the petal steps using only a 3-inch section of wire without loop and trimming to leaf shape. Turn wire and repeat at the other end. Fold double leaf wire in half. Make different sizes and shapes for different color and patterned flowers.

Vary your stamens per flower style.

Fold two stamens in half and place between 5 flower petals.

Wrap petals and stamens tightly together with floral tape beginning at the base of the petals. Wrap tape around wires several times before adding leaves.

Place the folded wire leaves section against the flower stems and continue tightly wrapping with floral tape, wrapping to the end of your wires and just slightly beyond before tearing off the end of the tape to finish.

Separate and bend flower petals and leaves to desired shapes.

Adhere washi tape flowers to hair accessories, wrap stems with ribbon or contrasting washi tape and pin as buttoniers, or add blossoms to gift packaging. I gathered three flowers together and tucked them into my silver basket vase pin.





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