A Little Sewing Luxury

Ever since I bought my new sewing machine, I’ve been wanting to share this, but it was custom ordered, so I’ve had to wait. It’s an acrylic pedestal that slides right up to your machine creating a table surface even with your stitching. Mine came with an optional 5th center leg that I don’t use. I will admit that I didn’t mind spending less on my machine so that I could manage one of these into my overall budget. I ordered it through the business where I bought my machine and it ran about $85. They can also be purchased online HERE.

The clear table has a ruler printed to the underside and leaves room for you to tuck things underneath if you want. As little as I’ve used my sewing machine so far, I have been very glad I was able to afford this luxury as it has come in quite handy. I’ll really be loving it when I’m sewing baby blankets, quilts, slip-covers, etc.

Saturday, when I was supposed to be cleaning closets, I made a machine slip-cover that also covers the acrylic stand. (I couldn’t have all that dust from the closet floating over to my little sewing nook, could I?) I added a loop to hang it when I’m sewing.

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