Celebrate 40 Years of Mary Engelbreit! St. Louis Workshop

shop_logo_2xI’m excited to announce my participation in a very special event presented by the Mary Engelbreit Studio- Mary & Charlotte’s Studio Workshop. A celebration of Mary’s 40 years of licensed art. me-st-louisJoin me June 15-18, 2017 in St. Louis for workshops with co-host, textile artist Charlotte Lyons (HouseWrenStudio), the adorable Jenn McGlon (NoodleAndLou), whimsical artist Crystal Sloane (VintageByCrystal), and yours truly. Mary will be giving both ME studio tour and a drawing demo!  There will be 6 classes total, with more details to come.me-workshop-instructors We will enjoy great food, drink, shopping, and new friendships. This class is expected to sell out soon, so hurry over to Mary’s website for more information on this very significant event.


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Antique Photo Album Christmas Ornaments

tfw-logoOur sweet river town of Petaluma, California is home to some pretty special movers & shakers, The Fabulous Women, who’s mission is this:

We are a local group dedicated to supporting meaningful causes. Our small nonprofit brings light and hope to families who are going through extraordinary hardship.  We provide emotional and financial support to families facing various challenges. We strive to find positive messages in every situation that we encounter. Our group helps the community: Learn important lessons, Heal through difficult experiences, Find gratitude in their own lives, and Bring awareness to issues that impact the community as well as individuals.

Fabulous Women also raises awareness and donations for local organizations that provide positive resources for our community.  Every cause that we champion gives us an opportunity to empower the next generation and model kindness through service and charity.flyer_festival_of_trees_20161Each year they host Festival of Trees in downtown Petaluma, featuring upwards of fifty 4-foot Christmas trees, decorated by local businesses and individuals, to be auctioned off for charity. This will be my first year contributing and I’ll be handcrafting all of the ornaments for my tree.fot-antique-album I found an antique photo album loaded with cabinet card photographs from late 1800s at one of the vintage shops in town that was the inspiration for my first set of ornaments. I trimmed down full-page mats into individual frames and embellished as little assemblage art collages, then put back in the photos unharmed. The winning bidder can choose to replace any of those photos with their own family pictures if they wish through the slide-slot in the back of each. Please forgive the glue & ink fingers in video below.

Below are a baker’s dozen Antique Album Photo Ornaments that I completed today. I’ll be crafting additional smaller ornaments to add to the tree as well. Stay tuned for the final reveal at the end of November!fot-ornament-01b fot-ornament-02b fot-ornament-03b fot-ornament-04bfot-ornament-05bfot-ornament-06bfot-ornament-07bfot-ornament-08bfot-ornament-09b fot-ornament-10b fot-ornament-11b fot-ornament-12b fot-ornament-13b

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Assemblage Art: Part 6

I’ve been having the best time creating mixed media art this year. Dedicating most of my time to assemblage work since January 1, I’ve experimented with so many different supplies, tools and techniques learning many lessons along the way. I’m really glad that you’re along for the creative ride. Here are my most current pieces to date and a few details about each.

“To Town”

etsy-cathe-holden-assemblage-to-townThe 1932 license plate was the start of the theme for this assemblage. I googled sedans of that year and lucky me, I had a little Japanese tin toy car of just the right model year that I’d recovered in a grungy barn dig a few months back. I added only vintage decals to modify it.

etsy-cathe-holden-assemblage-to-town-sidesThe box was a very old container for tool dies. I lined the edges with vintage cigar box paper strips and propped up the wire hinged lid from the back with small brackets made from erector set pieces to create a sort of building facade. etsy-cathe-holden-assemblage-to-town-detail-2The orange label inside the lid was a great start to for collage including a vintage trade card clipping of birds stamps.etsy-cathe-holden-assemblage-to-town-detail-1I lined the back of the box with vintage wallpaper stenciled with modeling paste using one of my custom stencil designs. I placed an old real-photo postcard from around the same era as the license plate to give the illusion of the car driving toward a building with people coming and going. I added a couple of patina’d antique brass embellishments to create more relief.

 “Good Luck”

blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-good-luckblog-cathe-holden-assemblage-good-luck-detail-2This may be one of my favorite assemblages so far. The yellow wood background piece was the lid of an broken jewelry box with the most fantastic crackled decal. The little lead cowboy is affixed atop an old cotter pin tin. I created the stencil by knocking out sections from a typed and outlined word in Adobe Illustrator then sent to my Silhouette Cameo to cut from cardstock.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-good-luck-detail-3A little aluminum Good Luck token screwed into drawer handle backplates and attached to lengths of a metal folding ruler made a fun prize ribbon rosette. blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-good-luck-canThe cap gun is wired into and old metal food can that my neighbor found while back-roading in California Gold Country. I rolled the lid back and sprayed it with clear enamel to seal the rust. I lined the can with a section of printed metal from a flattened vintage coffee can.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-good-luck-detail-1


blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-ascend-chMy oldest daughter, Jamie, asked me to create an assemblage just for her. To me, there is no greater flattery. This is that piece reflecting my hopes for her to travel far in love, career, and life.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-ascend-balloonI trimmed the old cigar sample box with custom-designed paper tape that reads “Ascend”. Once again I stenciled the background with one of my designs. The balloon was crafted from a vintage French rolling toy I found on eBay. blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-ascend-toyblog-cathe-holden-assemblage-ascend-sidesUsing the scrap from the same vintage coffee can mentioned in the “Good Luck” piece above, I formed a hillside structure to sit in front of the sweet vintage wallpaper illustration.blogcathe-holden-assemblage-ascend-detail The little tin roof is made from the same biscuit tin as used in the the “Charm & Charity” assemblage below. The trees were crafted from grungy, old paint brushes sawed at the cuffs.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-ascend-trees


blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-untitledA more fragile piece, this assemblage includes a tree branch from my back yard which protrudes through a hole in the old wood box holding a nest found in my late father-in-law’s vineyard made mostly of horse hair.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-untitled-detail2The little British man’s wheelbarrow is filled with tiny blue eggs to match the larger faux ones in the nest. blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-untitled-detail1The background is vintage wallpaper stenciled with one of my designs and rubber stamped.

“Charm & Charity”

blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-charm-charityThe background panel of this piece is a dove-tailed panel from a disassembled old blasting box.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-charm-charity-detailThe lid of a vintage candy tin made the perfect frame for this assemblage. I cut the oval hole, attached glass from behind, and lined with vintage ballchain.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-charm-charity-detail3I used stencil paste, and again, one of my stencils on a section of an old book cover trimmed to fit inside a cruddy cigar box as a background piece for the candy tin frame.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-charm-charity-detail4The inset pedestal/background piece was cut from a large, damaged biscuit tin trimmed out and folded to line a small Tim Holtz idea-ology Vignette Box.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-charm-charity-detail5 The little lead woman figure was repainted to coordinate with the floral frame and secured into the little tin-lined box. Side note: When I posted this particular image to Instagram during the process of painting, one follower commented that it looked as though she was using a selfie stick. Ha! It does!!

“Special Prize”

blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-special-prizeThe box frame for this assemblage was an old, narrow drawer lined with vintage wallpaper, a stenciled word, and small paper prize certificate from a pet exhibit. I left the little drawer pull knobs in tact (at the top). Inset is a vintage candy tin of which I cut an oval window from the lid.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-special-prize-sideI designed and printed paper cigar box trim that reads meilleur ami, French for best friend.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-special-prize-detail3Inside the tin I made a metal platform covered in a book to center the small vintage lead dog in the window, and background from a vintage trade card graphic, and faux Petaluma postal rubber stamp.blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-special-prize-detailThe window is trimmed with distressed Dresden foil.

blog-cathe-holden-assemblage-special-prize-detail2I love to complete each dog themed assemblage with a vintage dog tag.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my latest work. My assemblage art is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


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