Decoupaged Leaf Trays by Jourdan Crouch Fairchild

As you may or may not know, I am a Contributing Editor at Country Living Magazine. I owe that position to one very special person, former Senior Editor of Country Living, Jourdan Crouch Fairchild. Jourdan found me in 2009 and I adored working with her on many exciting crafty projects monthly for CL. She now lives in Chicago with her new husband and is working on some new creative ventures of her own. You can find her at I’m so happy to know her as a friend and thrilled to have her as a guest blogger on JSIM. Thank you Jourdan!

Decoupaged Leaf Trays by Jourdan Crouch Fairchild

If you’re a leaf lover like I am, then you’ll fall for this pretty decoupage project. I started by gathering several handfuls of beautiful leaves around my neighborhood, then pressing them between book pages for several days at a time. Be sure to layer with wax paper, so that your book pages won’t wrinkle with moisture. And as anyone familiar with DIY projects can attest, sometimes you have to play with things a few times until you get it right. Follow along to see what I did next:

Cover a work surface with scrap paper. Lay down a piece of felt or paper—preferably in the color you’ll be using on the tray (which was black for one of my trays). Arrange the leaves atop the surface then carefully place a glass tray (Behrenber Glass has the widest selection) atop the leaves. Continue to lift the tray each time you want to arrange the leaves below until you’ve reached a desired placement. Take a photo if it’ll help you remember where you placed the leaves.
Clear your work surface, then flip over the glass tray so that it’s bottom side faces up. Using a sponge brush and Modge Podge glue, coat the colorful side of a pressed leaf with glue and affix in place on the tray. (My first goof: I initially covered the entire tray with glue, but then once the glue dried, I didn’t like the sheen that the glue added to the parts of the tray not covered with leaves. So I ended up using a wet paper towel and my fingers to rub off the glue in those areas.). Repeat with each leaf until the tray is covered. Let dry overnight. Note: You can also use spray adhesive to affix leaves in place, which is what I did with my gold tray. Whatever method you choose, be sure to use leaves that are completely dry so that they maintain their color.Working in a well-ventilated space (like my ugly front staircase, which you can just ignore) with the tray still facing upside down, cover the tray with spray paint. Let dry for 20 minutes; add a second coat.Finish things off by cutting a piece of felt to cover the base of the tray. Use spray adhesive to affix the felt in place.Beautiful project- Thank you Jourdan!

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2012 Holiday SOUVENIR and Tiny Treasures

The 2012 Holiday Issue of Heather Bullard’s SOUVENIR magazine was just released and I’m very excited to be a part of it and in the company of so many fabulous contributors! Enormous thanks to Heather Bullard and her talented team for the inclusion and lovely copywriting. You can purchase your own digital or print issue from the Souvenir website. It’s full of gorgeous holiday inspiration like nothing else out there- you’re going to LOVE it! Here’s a little preview of the Holiday issue:

My contribution is all about tiny holiday trinkets, stored in the drawers of a sweet vintage doll dresser and old cigar boxes, and the gift packaging that can be made using them. My inspiration for the colors and designs of the feature came from a darling set of vintage Christmas houses with polka-dot roofs purchased from Etsy seller Vintage Home Shop.Here are some of the shots and outtakes from my home shoot:

I hope you are inspired by the images and ideas enough to start collecting tiny treasures to dress up your packages this Christmas! Head over to Souvenir Magazine for your copy of the Holiday issue!

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Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch on HSN and Paper Angels

It’s always fun to be one of the first to try out a new product, especially when it’s engineered by the geniuses at Martha Stewart Crafts!

SET YOUR CALENDAR ALERT: Martha Stewart Crafts is introducing a new and completely innovative tool in the creative world of crafting: the Circle Edge Punch and Martha Stewart herself will be on HSN on Nov. 13 to launch it!

This new punch has many awesome features:

  • Punch a continuous, die-cut border in 7 different sizes for paper up to 12 inches
  • No pre-cutting of paper is necessary
  • Trims the paper while punching
  • Great for creating paper crafts such as doilies, cards, decorations and placemats
  • Additional circle edge punch cartridges are available for a wide range of punch designs

This punch will be a great tool for my rosette projects as well as many other paper crafts. Kids will enjoy crafting with it too, it’s very simple to use. Here’s a fun holiday project for kids- Paper Angels!

I crafted my angel using fine glitter paper punched out with the Circle Edge Punch Eyelet Doily cartridge placed at the setting for a 6-inch circle.Once punched, I trimmed away a section for turning it into a cone shape. I also punched a doily circle of tracing paper (stack super thin paper like this with a piece of plain paper before punching,) and trimmed sections for wings, and punched a one-inch circle from cardstock for the angels face. Children may like to punch or cut out a photo of their cute little face to put on their angel. I cut a folded section of the glitter paper remnant and trimmed it onto arms. I used a hot glue gun to assemble the pieces, but other paper craft adhesives will work fine as well. A decorative cupcake liner glued under the angels skirt adds a nice touch of color and texture. A small section of doily edge from the punched tracing paper remnant can be adhered to cardstock prior to punching the one-inch head circle to add a bit of lace on the top of the angels head. Thread a knotted loop of string up through the cone and out the center top point to turn the angel into a Christmas tree ornament.

IMPORTANT: The Circle Edge Punch will be available exclusively on HSN and November 13 only, while supplies last—and once they’re gone, the Circle Edge Punch won’t be available again until after the holidays.

Go to to purchase all other Martha Stewart Crafts products and receive 20% off at using coupon BLOG20.

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