Collection, Obsession, Storage: Washi Tape

I have a collection obsession with Washi Tape. I define it as an obsession because I collect it more than I use it. Washi tape, also known as rice paper tape, is a thin masking tape of sorts with a re-positionable adhesive that comes in a multitude of colors, patterns and designs. Also in my collection are other similar decorative paper tapes, tissue tapes, one or two cloth tapes and other similar non-Washi tapes in various widths. Very recently Michaels has been stocking dozens of similar craft tapes in their Recollections line. For true Washi tape, I’ve found that the biggest selection is online. There are sellers on Ebay and Etsy that ship from the US and China, so if buying from the latter, you’ll have to be a little more patient for your shipment for the best price. I received a nice fat parcel yesterday that puffed up my selection of tapes considerably, making my first Washi tape storage solution a bit obsolete, sans the perforation blade.

I have this funky flea market wire Tintex dye box display that I’ve used in the past in my little studio to hold jars of bits and bobbles.

Paired up with a stack of wooden berry baskets that I picked up at an antique store it had even greater potential as a tape organizer.

Now with my Washi tape organized by color in each basket, the wire display is even more spectacular!What to make with all this Washi tape? Start with Washi Tape Flowers. Or, in lieu of crafting with manufactured Washi tape, you could always make your own paper tape from wrapping paper!

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Western Railroad Imagery

Jeff and I just spent a wonderful weekend away with friends that finished with a visit to the Western Railway Museum in Suisun, California. There we rode a streetcar and an interurban electric train along the railway. I took loads of photos with my iPhone, most throughout the car house filled with historic electric-powered rail vehicles. My favorite images were close-up shots of sections of the trains. Some of these photos will make great digital collage backgrounds as well as backdrops for quotes and other text. These would also make great wall decor in the form of wood block mounted photos or canvas prints. So, next time you’re out and about with a camera, even one built into your phone, close in and snap some interesting compositions to create a library of beautiful imagery for your own projects!

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Cartoon Fun

Just in time for Halloween dress-up I have silly vintage cartoon bodies and extras to share for turning any mug into a goofy character! Click on the image below for FREE PDF file download. (You can open and manipulate a PDF file in many photo and vector software applications.) Use the clips for digital pieces like the one I made or print and trim out pieces to color and attach to face photos. Use for greeting cards, T-shirt designs, scrapbook layouts, blog gadgets and more. Share in the classroom for Halloween party fun- (have the kids bring face images to photocopy to school.) If you use any, I would love to see the results!

FYI: For my witch self-portrait, I used the trace tool in Adobe Illustrator to simplify my face photo and added layers of color masks to skin and hair.

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