Girl Scouts, A Boy Scout, and the Cart

Yesterday, I finally had the great pleasure of meeting and shopping with my Country Living magazine partners in crime, fellow Contributing Editors Heather Bullard and Serena Thompson. These two ladies and their good friends, Lisa Souers and Elaine Thompson, each flew into the Bay Area to meet up and enjoy a few days together, finishing their visit with a trip to the Alameda Flea Market. I drove down from Petaluma to hook up with them and we “scouted” the flea market together, scheming some pretty fabulous and creative ideas for the future along the way. Needless to say, it was a wonderful, wonderful day!

Heather Bullard, Me, Serena Thompson, Lisa Souers, Elaine Thompson (photo by Nicki Rosario)

My favorite purchase of the day was a vintage, distressed Boy Scout trophy/statue/statuette/award (?). Someone asked what I will do with him. My reply- I will look at him!

Photo effect made using the PhotoFunia app on my iPhone.

When planning my trip to the flea market, I was hoping to come up with a quick and easy idea to make my standard-issue vintage shopping cart more appealing and practical to schlep around. I had a “Eureka!” moment and pulled out my vintage hardware & nail apron collection. I tied them all around the cart for the perfect no-sew solution. I tucked a book cover cut from an old World Atlas into the bottom to keep items from dropping through and tied a couple more aprons inside. The pockets were great for holding small purchases, my water bottles, my note pad, collected postcards and business cards, and small bits of trash.Here it is in action!Don’t you just love a good flea market day?!


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Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! by Kathy Sheldon

A while back I was contacted by editor and author Kathy Sheldon about one of the Shrinky Dink projects I shared on my blog. She was putting together a book about shrink plastic jewelry and asked if I would contribute a couple of designs. I did and after much waiting I was thrilled to finally see the awesome book, Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! It’s so fabulous I can hardly stop talking about it. Over 30 jewelry crafts from multiple designers around the world. Whimsical to modern to elegant. There’s something for everyone, every skill level, every age!

The paperback version of the book does not release until early October (you can pre-order!), but lucky for us it came out early on NOOK so my daughter and I could dive in and start scheming our next shrinky projects! (It is her NOOK Tablet, after all.)

Over the process of crafting for this book and a few additional ventures of my own, I have had the great pleasure of knowing Kathy and have grown extremely fond of her. She is just the kind of gal you want in your corner and I am thrilled to be a part of her latest book. Kathy’s writing style is warm and friendly and often quite funny. She misses no detail in explaining and occasionally hand-holding readers through the process of crafting with shrink plastic. Her round-up of jewelry crafts and free traceable/downloadable designs are fantastic. My favorite are the Cameos by Tamara Berg (shown on NOOK above).

Here are some shots of my jewelry crafts featured in Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!- shaped flower earrings and bracelet.Check out Kathy Sheldon’s other book, Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations!

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Workshop Supplies: Art Is…YOU!

I’ve busy this week organizing most of the supplies for my upcoming Art is…You full-day workshop here in Petaluma in September. We will be crafting collage component cabinets (CCC’s) from 6-drawer units I discovered at the Craft & Hobby Association Show last January. They reminded me of many of the vintage multi-drawer parts cabinets I own and adore and thought they would be just right to spruce up and fill up with wonderful items for use in collage projects.

Here’s a little bit of the action behind the scenes of the class kits in progress. (As of this writing, there are still a few spots left in my workshop. So if you’ve been on the fence about going or which classes to take, I hope these shots tempt you just a bit!)

Each CCC student will receive a booty-load of ephemera tucked into a vintage expense record ledger. Bingo cards, tickets, book pages, music sheets, cigar box tape, seal stickers, and more.

They also receive smaller goodies as a starters for filling the cabinet drawers. Student loot includes all you see here! Vintage ticket, cards, hooks, ribbon. Even brass hardware to attach to the drawers. See those sweet little bags on the left, those are Little Bitty Bags sponsored by Whisker Graphics. They have so many designs and colors, but for these kits, I thought the kraft, grid and notebook bags would be a sweet fit.

The little spools tucked into the vintage tobacco bags are for winding Divine Twine around, thanks also to Whisker Graphics for sending their Sweet Dozen- 12 fab color combos! Thank you Whisker Graphics!Everyone also receives a vintage spice bottle box full of even more bits and bobbles.

Most components come from vintage stash I’ve been collecting for workshops, like these watchmaker parts vials. But some cool collage components are sponsored by They include an aluminum container of little charms and a bag of postage stamps, teeny tarot cards and a leafy branch charm. They included sample packs of Decopatch paper for everyone and Decopatch brush to use with the Decopatch varnish! There are a few extra goodies for the class to use including a large alphabet stamp set and Terrifically Tacky Tape. Thank you!

I wanted to include some textiles to tuck into our cabinets and finally found the perfect fabric for collage! Charlotte Lyon’s Walnut Hill Farm collection sponsored by Blend Fabrics. Her darling designs include images of beautiful music room alphabets, embroidery-stitched designs, button box trinkets, dandelion pattern, lace, and vintage rummy cards. Of course the fabrics in this Walnut Hill line of fabrics are excellent (and sooo soft) for sewing most any creation, but I’m thrilled to include sample packs of the collection in the workshop for tucking into our cabinets until collage inspiration strikes. Thank you Charlotte and Blend Fabrics!!One more thing…every workshop student is receiving their very own cop of Scraps, An Inspirational Field Guide to Collage, by Elsebeth Gynther & Christine Clemmensen. I reviewed this book previously and it’s now one of my most favorite collage resource books.I’m not quite ready to seal everything up for good… would you believe there’s still more goodies to come? Hope to see you here in P-town in September!

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