Collecting: Vintage Printed Pots

I used to collect vintage Dundee marmalade pots until that moment of very poor judgement when I sold them in an antique collective years ago. What I love about vintage printed pots are the use of beautiful typography and design elements, how the ink settles and flows into the pottery’s surface, the creamy white pottery itself and the crazing and crackling of the timeworn vessel. Not to mention how practical these beauties are for attractively holding everything from pencils to pocket change and keys.

The above images are from the website Antique Bottles which has an incredible collection on display along with a bit of history about the different pots and contents.

These images, below, are of beautiful examples of printed pots for sale on Willow & Stone.Last weekend, I was the guest speaker at Goat Hill Fair in Los Gatos, California. It was such a wonderful experience and I don’t think I’ve ever been treated more special by the organizers, vendors and the really wonderful audience of shoppers. The venue was incredible and the fabulous goods a-plenty! My favorite find while shopping the fair were tiny potted meat pots, fresh from the seller’s European travels.Darling, right? Then maybe you’ll understand why I had to by the entire collection of six.This last shot is for size reference. See how sweet and little they are?!These will go into my craft studio and hold -well, I don’t quite know yet- but something perfect will find it’s way into them, I’m sure of it.

So, tell me, do you have a collection of multiples? I’d love to know it’s not just me.

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Cigar Art Rosette & Display

Hello creafty friends! I’m back to share my latest offering pairing my admiration of vintage cigar box art and love of vintage prize ribbon rosettes. The Cigar Label Rosette.

The centerpiece of the rosette was created by recovering a thrifted button badge with a section of a vintage cigar box label. I added a small German die-cut to the upper section. I gathered and scalloped the edges of gold crepe paper for one layer, added loops of red metallic ribbon another and a tier of a vintage red satin prize ribbon rosette for the base. The accordion fold rosette section was made using a section of vintage cigar box edge trim paper.

I finished the piece with coordinating new and vintage ribbons and a trimmed out section of the edge trim paper as tailpieces.

To display the piece I started with one of my favorite antique shop finds- a tattered but beautiful old game board that was worn completely in two. I drove to my local Tap Plastics shop to have plexiglass cut to the size of each half for a grand total less than $10. The blue protective film peels away when ready for use.I found colored artist masking tape at the art supply store to mount the plexiglass. No doubt I’ll find plenty of other projects to use this tape for!

I taped around the outer edge of the plexiglass…

Then trimmed and folded over the edges.

And here’s my finished piece!Stay tuned… I finally get to announce the title of my upcoming book soon! (This post was a big hint!)

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Arsenic and Old Lace: October Country Living

Stepping over to the dark side- a very scary assignment from Country Living- designing toxic antique apothecary labels for you to download, print, and adhere to vintage-style bottles of your favorite libations and other creepy potions in your Halloween decor. The directions are on page 88, and on the Country Living website HERE, along with the free label downloads. Once designed, I crafted the antique-style labels utilizing full sheet label stock from (Also available in 10-sheet sets.)Check out all of the other DIY Halloween decorations in the October issue of Country Living!

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