Prize Ribbon Rosette Image Brooches

Here is a project I came up with last year when designing a craft for a workshop. This wasn’t the final craft I shared, but wanted to dig it back out to share on my blog. They are little prize ribbon rosettes with images used for the centerpieces. Unfortunately, I didn’t shoot step shots of the process, so I’ll do my best to describe how they were made.I’ve been collecting vintage paint-by-numbers for some time now and thought small vignettes pulled from a couple of them would make great centerpiece images for the rosettes. Here are a few from my collection.I scanned sections of my paintings and reduced the images to fit 1-inch x 1.25-inch oval wooden disks that are 3/16-inch thick. You can see in the first photo that I modified the some of the colors in the paintings in Photoshop to match my different ribbons, such as the flower stand umbrella and flowers. I printed the images to a printable cotton fabric sheet, trimmed them out 1/4-inch larger than the disk, ran the cotton piece through my Xyron Sticker Maker and wrapped the piece over and around the disk. I didn’t coat the final piece- I preferred the cotton fabric finish.

I strung enough beads onto upholstery thread to circle the disk, I tied off the string, placed it around the outer disk and glued it secure from the backside with Beacon 3-In-1 craft glue. I used two rows of small beads on one brooch. I then made petals or ruffles from ribbon adhered them to the back of the disk to create the rosette, adding one or two extra strips cut at angles as tails. I finished the pieces off with pinback hardware covering the bases of the hardware with scrap leather to hide all the glue and raw ribbon ends of the rosette.

I used the group photo from a previous post for this brooch.

These make really fun gifts. My pheasant brooch was given away in a pin exchange at the event I mentioned earlier. I just love brooches! Don’t you?

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Unique Spray Paint Ideas

Aside from freshening up old furniture, there are lots of crafty things to be done with colorful (and not so colorful) spray paint. I’m sharing a few on my latest post on SC Johnson Family Economics, I would just love for you to add to the list over there!

I always appreciate extra comments on my SCJ posts, but I realize it can be a bit frustrating to have to wait for your comment to show up the following day. It’s a big site and I think all comments have to run through a few hands before going live. So I sincerely appreciate your effort and patience. I love clicking over every day to look for new comments left on my posts. It means a lot. Thank you.

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for SC Johnson

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Country Living: Reader’s Digest Book Storage Boxes

Have you picked up the July/August issue of Country Living? I always adore the red, white and blue summer issues!

I’ve shared before some fun projects using the insides and outsides of old Reader’s Digest books. Well, here’s one of my favorites as featured in the CL idea notebook on page 52 of this latest issue, book storage boxes!I cut and assembled box sides from one book’s patterned cover and glued them into the cover section of another. You can create paper tape to cover raw box edges by splicing long, narrow lengths of paper from the remaining inside cover of the cut book and peeling it away into thin paper sections to glue to the edges, or use patterned or solid washi tape. My full instructions are in the current magazine or online.

Here are some of my close-up shots of the boxes:If you craft these or other boxes, you might like to label them!

Click on the image below for a PDF set of FREE printable box labels to download and print to full-sheet label stock before trimming out.

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