Pinners Conference 2015: Creative Keeping

Inspired Barn began as my personal studio and workplace for making, writing, and blogging, but also a classroom-workshop to teach, share and inspire others. Over its last year-and-a-half in operation, it’s received a wonderful amount of online attention, and print press from our local newspaper, and magazines Creative Spaces, Country Living, Mollie Makes, and Where Women Create. Naturally, I love being in the barn, as its much more than a place to work and play, as it’s one big, perpetual craft project, of its own. And its become my favorite craft project of all time. This place has allowed me to grow my passion for design and making into something much greater than I ever imagined. Just like with most of my creative projects, I love the hunt and gathering of found goods for repurposing, the design and decoration of containers of all types, the use of thrifted vintage furnishing, and the satisfaction and joy in organizing. So not only do I craft in the studio, I craft the studio! And that, my friends, is the idea behind Creative Keeping for Keeping Creative, a presentation I will be giving in November in Salt Lake City, Utah at the 2015 Pinners Conference!PinnersSo, whether you have a large studio, a small craft room, a little nook in the corner of a room, or only totes and boxes you keep under the bed for crafting on the dining room table, I want to share with you loads of ideas prompting you to design, collect, and craft for yourself, creating both beautiful and practical items for making a more personal and inspiring art and craft environment.Creative-Keeping_Cathe_HoldenIf you live in the Salt Lake City area, or are willing to travel, I hear this conference is like walking right into Pinterest itself with classes and shopping! Just wait until you see the line up of presentations and top presenters on so many exciting subjects! And if you register using my discount code, JUSTSOMETHING, you’ll receive 10% off! PinnersConfAdIf you can’t make the event, be sure to follow me on Instagram (Cathe Holden) where I share many images and ideas for creative studio enriching in my personal style using the hashtag #CreativeKeeping. Soon I’d like to take you on live, interactive tours through my wonderland via the awesome app Periscope, so be sure to follow me there (Cathe Holden) as well! Below are just some of those #CreativeKeeping images. Please pin to your Pinterest boards and share! Thank you.CK-Cathe-Holden-06 CK-Cathe-Holden-05 CK-Cathe-Holden-04 CK-Cathe-Holden-03 CK-Cathe-Holden-02 CK-Cathe-Holden-01

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Mason Jar Luminary Paper House Cloche Kit

CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_Cloche_KitI taught three separate workshops in July and August here at Inspired Barn where we crafted adorable illuminated displays utilizing mason jars, papercrafting, collage, and assemblage. CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_StudentsSince most of you are not in my area and are unable to attend such a workshop, I went to work creating a digital kit for you so you can craft this project wherever you are!CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_StepsYou can find this kit for sale right now in my Etsy shop, along with two other paper house projects. This kit includes step-by-step photo instructions, and a template (to print to cardstock) for crafting a house and pedestal sized perfectly to fit a Kerr brand wide-mouth mason jar (available at Michaels) and one battery-operated LED tealight per luminary. I’ve included a full materials list along with a load of tips and ideas for embellishing and customizing your cloche display. IMG_4384Below are some of Inspired Barn attendee’s finished projects utilizing supplies provided in class and a few they brought with them. Pull out your embellishments, order the kit, and be inspired to craft your very own (everyday or holiday) version for yourself, as gifts, or special event centerpiece such as wedding or bridal shower decor.CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_Student_WorkHappy crafting!


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Attaching Shelf Jars and FREE Dennison-Style Labels

While cleaning the garage over the weekend I happened on a collection of jars I’d tucked away for future use. (Hey…It’s the future!) And I can always use more crafty storage in the studio. Jars work so perfectly to show off the stored contents. I find when I can see my supplies I’m much more apt to use them as I tend to forget some of the supplies and materials I have stored in drawers and boxes. I decided to attach into the dead space found on the underside of existing studio shelves. I simply drilled pilot holes into the lids, double-stick taped the lids into place under the shelves, then using short screws, attached them to the shelves. For larger lids & jars, I needed two screws and washers to keep the lids from turning when removing and replacing the jars. IMG_4773The jars were filled within minutes of installment.

Dennison-Style-Labels-WL-CHAlso last weekend I designed a fun set of Dennison-Style little labels that are available to you as downloads for FREE courtesy of on their blog HERE.Cathe-Holden-Dennison-Style-LabelsDownload the PDF files, print to full sheet label stock from, trim out the individual labels (a good project in front of the TV), and use in a multiple of ways! I used the printer cuts set to decorate another set of shelf jars.WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-03Here are even more ideas. Have fun!WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-07 WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-05 WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-04 WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-02


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