The Craft & Design Studio Workshop of Cathe Holden

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Photos by Jenny Elwick Photography

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17 Responses to Studio

  1. #1 - Joy says:

    A breathtaking gallery of “I can’t get enough of this” !! When I pour through an article in Spaces Where Women Create…THIS is what I want to see! Thank you, Cathe, for posting this and allowing “fellow tribe-of-crafters” members to take so much enjoyment from seeing all the beautifully sorted/stored/displayed collections in your Inspired Barn! (I’ve pinned a few…appreciate the work put in to allow that, as well!)

  2. Cathe, your studio is absolutely stunning!
    I love all the vintage touches and it is by far the most organized studio space I saw! Ever!
    I’m so impressed at all the details!
    Would love to see it in reality one time!
    Sending you my best wishes from Germany

  3. #3 - Marilyn LoRusso says:

    Spectacular photos of a spectacular place and spectacular woman!
    So Inspiring…
    Thank you, Marilyn

  4. #4 - Carmen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, I loved it!

  5. #5 - sandy cookman says:

    Makes me smile! Your images are so inspirational, they inspire me!

  6. #6 - Vicente B Galindo says:

    I am drafting / putting together a USA Bond and I am looking for some
    Historic 1860 to 1940s Bond Borders that I can cut and paste on an Excel spreadsheet
    and or maybe onto a PDF File picture…can you help…

  7. #7 - Dorothy M Robbins says:

    Love, love your web site. Thank you

  8. #8 - Dawn Burnside says:

    Wow, I could look at this amazing studio all day. So much vintage beauty, upcycling, & the organization is stunning. You are very generous in the time & details you share & also that I can “pin” the inspiration. Sincere Thanks for sharing such a wealth of art, tips, ideas, & all the work that this “beautiful” place entails.
    Happy Memorial Weekend,

  9. #9 - Debra says:

    I just love all of this!

  10. Hi, I would love to attend your workshop, but can’t get there from Georgia this summer. Would it be possible to pay for the workshop, and have you mail me a kid and I could skype or FaceTime during the workshop to get your instructions?
    Thanks, Trahlyta Miller

  11. Ha! Not a kid please! A KIT,

  12. #12 - Jackie P Neal says:

    Cathe! I so love your Inspired barn!
    I have an art barn that I have been working on to hopefully start teaching some classes fro,. I have seen some really neat ideas in your space I think I could incorporate into mine.
    I am wondering about the dresser, mid room, 3 drawers…what do you store in that and how did you set up the insides?
    Also, A question about your classes, so you allow people to use everything you have displayed, or just certain”kit ” set ups for each class?
    Gee, i wish you weren’t on the opposite coast- i’d love to visit you and your space!
    Jackie “)

  13. #13 - joan schultz says:

    Do you still have a shop, do lessons etc. Where in Petaluma are you located?

  14. #14 - Tami Clutter says:

    When will you have a 2019 schedule for classes ready for us to who live afar to help plan with ?

  15. #15 - Kay says:

    I am in the middle of shooshing + organizing my tiny sewing room + came by for a little inspiration. It’s such a morale boost to have one’s work space look so fun!

  16. #16 - Ronda says:

    Please add me to your email updates, news, info & freebies.
    Many thanks,
    Ronda Hillis
    Abilene, Texas

  17. #17 - Kathy Nashif says:

    What is the address of your studio?