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Free Blog Typographic Elements

It’s time for more fun blog elements! I found a whimsical, hand-hewn typeface in an old Speedball magazine circa 1940s. As it’s not a font that can be typed, so I scanned the alphabet, outlined the image and spelled out … Read more

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Blog Cuties

To add a bit of whimsy to your blog, I created some blog cuties to sprinkle about! There are linking buttons, non-linking graphics, link list headers, bottom of page graphics and email buttons. Drag the buttons that you want into … Read more

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Leave A Comment Gadgets

I simply love the chime of e-mail in my in-box. I’m especially happy when it’s a blog comment from a reader. If you feel the same, here’s some gadget images to choose from to add to your side-bar to let … Read more

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