CaNibble for Art, Craft and DIY: Nibbler Tool Giveaway

At a recent racing and automotive event I saw for the very first time a nibbler cutting tool being used and sold in the exhibition center. Thinking this might be a good gadget for cutting vintage metal tins and other found objects for my assemblage art projects, I spent a bit of time researching nibbler tools.  The best reviews I found were for the CaNibble Professional Nibbler. It’s a fascinating piece of equipment, used by engineers, builders, plumbers and other construction professionals, but also a fantastic tool for art, craft and DIY enthusiasts. This tool can cut through flat or corrugated material, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, Formica, chicken wire, cardboard, leather, and plastic. The CaNibble is best demonstrated in the full-length informational video below.

I contacted the good folks at CaNibble Tools and they sent me their Bundle to use and review. The Bundle includes:

  • CaNibble-Professional Nibbler
  • Two spare punches
  • Set of two bench mounting clamps
  • Spare Die
  • Straight and Circle Cutting Attachment

Cathe-Holden-CaNibble-BUNDLETo utilizie the CaNibble tool you will need electric or air drill with a 9mm chuck capacity and a speed range of 1,500 to 2,500 RPM. Though you can use the CaNibble freehand, for accuracy and small projects I prefer it mounted to my workbench allowing my hands to guide the material. The CaNibble drive shaft inserts into the drill the same as a drill bit. When using the mounting clamps, the collar of your drill needs to measure 43mm in diameter. It was necessary for me to take one of my clamps shopping with me to Lowe’s to find a drill with that exact collar size. I ended up with the Hitachi D10VH 6-Amp 3/8-in Corded Drill, which is now a permanent fixture on my workbench. Cathe-Holden-CaNibble-01When in use the drill and tool cutting sounds can be quite loud, so some may prefer ear protection when using. Keep a bin or box below your work to catch the millions of tiny, sharp pieces (who’s shapes remind me of baby fingernail clippings) that will fall from the project you are cutting. And ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION when using this tool! With metal cutting it is important to apply a lubricant such as WD40 or light oil along the path of cut. Please visit the FAQ page of the CaNibble website for many more details and specifications for setting up and using.

One of my first projects using the CaNibble included cutting out the printed design from a vintage can that probably once held popcorn or potato chips. It worked GREAT!Cathe-Holden-CaNibble-02Cutting from the outer edge of your material is pretty straight forward, but if you need to cut a window from your piece you will need to use the CaNibble sheet drill attachment, or 1/2″ or larger drill bit to drill a hole within the window area in order to place the material over the top of the CaNibble tool for cutting.Cathe-Holden-CaNibble-03Here is a window cut through the lid of a vintage candy tin using the CaNibble. As I am getting the hang of using the CaNibble I have been guiding my work slowly while cutting small shapes, therefor my finished edges have been slightly ragged. In those instances I simply smoothed out the edges by sanding or with a small rotary tool with a grinding attachment. For the project below I inset the framework of a vintage metal automotive gauge into the window for a nice finished look.Cathe-Holden-CaNibble-04There are so many uses for the CaNibble in art, craft, and DIY projects and I’m excited to have it as a tool in my studio allowing me so many more options for creating assemblage art. There are still features I’ve yet to try, including the circle cutting attachment. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed for updates as I hone my CaNibble skills here in the studio! You can also check out the CaNibble LIVE next month at the Maker Faire in San Diego! CaNibble is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100. Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with all things CaNibble and the many uses and creations by others!

The CaNibble Bundle Giveaway

A $188.85 Value!

CaNibble Tools is giving away a complete CaNibble Bundle (full contents shown above) to one Just Something I Made reader! The lucky winner will receive a CaNibble, Spare Punches, Spare Die, Clamps, and a Straight and Circle Cutting Attachment.


  • Entry open to US residents only.
  • One Entry per person and household.
  • Please leave a kind, relevant comment below.


  • Enter by noon (PST) Friday, September 9, 2016. EXTENDED DEADLINE: Noon (PST)Monday, September 12, 2015.
  • The winner will be randomly chosen, notified and posted her shortly thereafter.
  • The CaNibble Bundle will be shipped to winner direct from CaNibble Tools

Congratulations to #95 – Marsha Wigren


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282 Responses to CaNibble for Art, Craft and DIY: Nibbler Tool Giveaway

  1. #1 - Amy Baldwin says:

    I how I would love to win the CaNibble! I am a mixed media artist. I teach art classes using vintage materials at my studio, the Artifactory! I can only wish that my projects created could be halfway as amazing as Cathie’s! Thanks for a chance to win!😘

  2. #3 - Lynn says:

    I gotta have one! I work with tin a lot and this look exciting. I was wondering how others did it! This means getting a compressor, but I was dangling on the edge already.

  3. #4 - Jennifer Knudson says:

    I am an avid crafter in a multitude of mediums. This tool would be an awesome addition to my craft studio. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win one.

  4. #5 - Dennis Haynes says:

    It’s like a hot knife through butter! What a great and versatile tool! You always have the hottest new – yet obscure – tools!

  5. #6 - Kathy Beeson says:

    This tool would be used ALOT at my house. If I don’t win it, I’ll probably buy one!

  6. #7 - Amber Funk says:

    That’s just amazing. This is totally one of those “didn’t know I needed it until I saw it” times. Gotta get me a CaNibble! So many things I always wanted to create but couldn’t figure out how to go about it are now a very real possibility. Thanks for the chance to win one, but I have a feeling I’ll end up with one even if I don’t win.

  7. #8 - Katie B says:

    I watched the video and it made me miss my dad. Sounds crazy maybe but he would have LOVED this tool. I can see a few uses for it in my work too. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  8. #9 - Lynne Weinberger says:

    CaNibble here I come! This tool is a game-changer for cutting those pesky metal cans and larger cylinders. I so hope it will grace my workbench soon. Thanks, Cathe!

  9. #10 - Susan Stevenson says:

    Oh my goodness this tool would be perfect for my projects! Thanks for the opportunity Cathe!

  10. #11 - MyriamV says:

    I could so use this right now. I’m amazed at the variety of materials it can cut. Wow!

  11. #12 - Joan says:

    I know my son would love this! He is currently reinventing parts from an old truck into functional and decorative pieces for 4 month old baby boy’s room. (I would like one myself!)

    Thanks for a great opportunity!

  12. #13 - Selena Cate says:

    I loved seeing this in person and find it pretty amazing. I deal in a lot thin metal sheets like brass and copper. Often I use tin snips for my cutting but this seems like it would make that work so much easier.

  13. #14 - Tammy Livingston says:

    Oh wow, that looks great! I could have used this on a project I just finished with my husband’s help! If I win we will be competing for its use!

  14. #15 - Marlene Debeljak says:

    Wow! This would be so perfect for the whole family to use in our creations! I would use it for my home decor designs and many other things!!!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  15. #16 - Daniel Shapiro says:

    This looks awesome. I’d love to use this tool to make art.

  16. #17 - Linda says:

    Wow! Who knew there was such a device? Thanks, Cathe, for sharing this information and video. I’m looking around my art studio and thinking about the many ways the CaNibble would be of great use. Love that it’s quality-made, easy to use, and so versatile!

  17. #18 - girlfromwva says:

    what a great tool! would definitely have to share it with my daughter!

  18. #19 - Pamala B says:

    I would love to win the caNibble bundle. I am being laid off of my job of 22yrs and will be trying to learn new things . This would be so great for mixed media/ repurposing into great works. Thank you for the chance.

  19. #20 - Beth Huffaker says:

    Thanks for the introduction to this new tool! I may have to get one even before the giveaway ends! ;O)

  20. #21 - Dave Reiswig says:

    CaNibble looks incredible! Would love to take it for a test drive!

  21. #22 - Laura Grace Stewart says:

    Hi! Found the video. I am very intrigued by this product!

  22. #23 - Ruth C says:

    This looks like a really useful tool!

  23. #24 - Cat Kaufman says:

    This tool is amazing! I’ve been looking for something to cut through metal that’s easier to use them my plasma cutter. Can’t wait to try it!

  24. #25 - Sharrie says:

    Fascinating. The CaNibble demo video was very interesting. The demo of it cutting through corrugated tin was awesome. Looks like a great tool to have.

  25. #26 - Jenny Waldeck says:

    With a housefull of artists (5 of us total!) this would be a wonderful addition! Thank you for having this opportunity!!

  26. #27 - magda says:

    what a fantastic little device! must have 1000 kind of uses!

  27. #28 - Jen B. says:

    What an amazing tool, my mind is spinning with possibilities!

  28. #29 - bella says:

    I really could have used that in a project recently. 😆

  29. #30 - Jason Copes says:

    I will cut (or nibble) lots of stuff with this. If I win it.

  30. #31 - Vicky king says:

    This looks like an excellent tool! Would love to have one :). Love your work, very inspiring!

  31. #32 - Tabitha Conwell says:

    That looks like a great tool for the versatile crafter, such as yourself, and perhaps for me as well!

  32. #33 - jackie says:

    Incredible what it can do…..thank you for sharing this with us and a chance to win!

  33. #34 - Erica H says:

    What a fascinating tool – I had no idea this even existed! I love how you demonstrated it on your art…now I am getting ideas!

  34. #35 - Beverly Hanapole says:

    WOW! Thanks for doing the research and finding us such a wonderful tool! Seems like this would make so much of my mixed media projects easier.

  35. #36 - Misti Webster says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

  36. #37 - John Kemp says:

    I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this but it would be a welcome addition to my shop!

  37. #38 - Amy Harle says:

    What a fantastic tool!! I know I could find many uses for it in my workshop.

  38. #39 - Douglas R. Gelhaye says:

    This is a very unique tool. I would love to win it. Thanks!

  39. #40 - Rebeca says:

    This looks like a kool-tool for people like us!
    Wow! I can think of a 1000 ways to use this in my work.
    this would make such an impact in my studio.

    thanks Cathe, for the info and a chance to win a CaNibble

  40. #41 - Rebecca Mynter says:

    Wow! I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve never been able to cut like this and it seems like an awesome tool.

  41. #42 - Amy palmer says:

    I’d like to try this out, it looks easy to use.

  42. #43 - Matt Palmer says:

    Thanks for posting this. It opens many windows of possibilities.

  43. #44 - Cheryl Comfort says:

    Boy-oh-boy could I use this! I would love to cut some corrugated metal sheets to create some fun things for my pirate backyard!
    big hugs~

  44. #45 - Cheryl Comfort says:

    Boy-oh-boy could I use this! I would love to cut some corrugated metal sheets to create some fun things for my pirate backyard!
    big hugs~
    ooopsie… I didn’t add my website to the above “comment.”… disregard it… unless it is a winner, then disregard this one. *wink*

  45. #46 - Karla in CA says:

    I might have to get my attorney to write up a “pre-nup” for this tool. I can see my husband and I fighting over this on a daily basis. [wink]

    Thank you, Cathe and CaNibble, for the chance to win this versatile tool.

  46. #47 - Nicole H. says:

    I should have known such a cool tool existed. I just cobble things together with my drill and rotary tool. Thanks for expanding my tool knowledge!

  47. #48 - Rose says:

    Wow, now I want to go around my parents house and my house and see what needs to be cut up!

  48. #49 - Jan Bianchi says:

    Cathe love your new pieces and the article in Very nice and love this new fab tool!!! Could do some wonderful things with the CAnibble!!!

  49. #50 - Erin Huffstetler says:

    Very cool. This looks like a tool that my husband and I could both find good use for. So many fun (and practical) possibilities.

  50. #51 - Tina says:

    Yes, that is a wonderful tool. I would be thrilled to win this. I am also a mixed media artist, and I know this would be very helpful in my art.

    Pick me, pretty please 🙂

  51. #52 - Kelly Cross says:

    What a cool and fun tool to use! You always find the most unique items to create with!

  52. #53 - Kim Gibson says:

    Oh my gosh! That looks awesome! No more awkward cuts with the tin snips that want to wander off the line? Amazing!

  53. #54 - JanB. says:

    You always show us the most unique things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. #55 - Russ Rowgo says:

    What a great tool! I would use this in repurposing craftwork. If I only knew about this when I cut down some old metal barn corrugated metal roofing when I built our chicken coops.

  55. #56 - Christy Rowgo says:

    My husband would definitely use this for his metal sign building.

  56. #57 - Walter Silva says:

    I have been following your feed on Instagram! This nibbler is going to work great for assemblage art! Thanks for the chance of winning one!

  57. #58 - Stephanie Phelps says:

    Oh my gosh I have never seen anything like it but that is the coolest tool I have ever seen and could use this for so many projects I want to do!

  58. #59 - Donna Gabbard says:

    Beautiful project! What a nifty tool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. #60 - Vickie White says:

    Great tools make crafting joyful and professional. This tool makes my mouth water with the possibilities!!!!!!

  60. #61 - Beth Kurtbedin says:

    The Canibble is a cool tool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. #62 - sharron williams says:

    Wow! thank you for sharing this! perfect idea for my hubbie for the holiday! (that way I can use it too!) 😉

  62. #63 - Allen Brenneman says:

    I do a lot of metal sculpture in both steel and copper and the CaNibble looks like a tool that would make my work easier with smoother cuts. Woul d love to win this.

  63. #64 - Dale Guidry Jr. says:

    Wow, I am new to this website and you have some really cool stuff on here. I love mixed media assemblage and would like to have a chance to win this CaNibble tool. Thanks so much.

  64. #65 - Tamara Parker says:

    I have recently happened upon your site and love your work. I am new to various crafting endevers. This tools looks amazing and my mind is flooding with ideals on what it could be used for. It would be an amazing tool to use and I would love to win it.

    I am hoping the best to you and all your creative avenues and wish all those entering this contest the best.

    Thank you, Cathe for sharing your time, talent and creativity with us. Have a blessed day!

  65. #66 - Diane West says:

    I’ve been busy setting up my garage workshop and this tool, the CaNibble, seems like it could come in very handy! I’ve actually been thinking of doing some assemblages of my own–incorporating all the little bits and pieces of extraneous stuff that have collected over the years, some of it even from my childhood.

  66. #67 - Jaime says:

    I am ready to win. I love how you really made this work for you.

  67. #68 - carol smith says:

    this is so cool, would love to win.

  68. #69 - Sam says:

    Nothing in my house would be safe from me if I won! I thought I needed expencive tools to cut metal and pipe. I have never heard of CaNibble thanks for the opportunity!

  69. #70 - Cynthia says:

    Dear Cathe, I would love to win this bundle giveaway! I’m an avid crafter, and love working with thin metal however, I suffer from carpal tunnel, so any cutting requires tinsnips (which are not the best tool for people who suffer from carpal tunnel to use) or, I have to wait for my husband to assist, which can take a while. With the CaNibble, I can have the best of both worlds, less wear and tear on my wrists, and no waiting for my husband, “to get around to it.” Thanks Cathe, for the opportunity, and thank you for considering me for the Giveaway.

  70. #71 - Stephanie Grant says:

    Wow this would make my crafting that much more fun and productive! I love it thanks so much for the chance to win I have a million ideas of what I could do with this!

  71. #72 - Jan says:

    This looks like an amazing tool! The possibilities are endless in the world of creating things. I could have a lot of fun and create stuff I’ve always wanted to, but never had the tools to do them with!

  72. #73 - Michelle Turak says:

    Wow, what a great tool! Imagine the possibilities if I am the winner. Here’s hoping I’m a lucky girl!

  73. #74 - Tara Harless says:

    this looks like a nifty and handy tool to have for crafting and other stuff around the house. I bet I’d have to fight hubby for it!

  74. #75 - Dee says:

    This looks like a fun tool, would love to give it a try!

  75. #76 - Sharon says:

    This looks great! My husband and I could both use this. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  76. #77 - Donna Hughes says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one! The CaNibble looks like the kind of tool that the more you use it, the more ways you can think to use it.

  77. #78 - Gilda McCain says:

    What a fantastic tool. I would love to have one. Thanks so much for the give away.

  78. #79 - Kate O'Malley says:

    What a cool tool! I do not enjoy using tin snips when I’m cutting up old ceiling tin; looks like the CaNibble is the way to go!
    Looking forward to visiting your new space!

  79. #80 - Deb says:

    My head is spinning with all the things I could use the CaNibble on. Thanks for the chance to win one. My fingers are crossed.

  80. #81 - Teddee Grace says:

    This sound like a terrific tool that would open up a lot of possibilities!

  81. #82 - Jo heffner says:

    Wow!!! Would love to add this yo my craft studio!!! Thanks for letting us enter!

  82. #83 - Shannon Behrens says:

    Wow the CaNibble tool looks amazing Cathy! I can see this being used for all kinds of metal art, tin creations, even cutting my leaf shapes for repurposed collages! My husband would be so jealous if I got one! Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. #84 - Kim says:

    How fun is that! Would love this for some of my mixed media ideas! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  84. #85 - Elaine Mauldin says:

    This is an awesome tool from watching the video and my husband said a woman need her tools.

  85. #86 - Jackie Lannin says:

    Would be great for teaching- work with kids in Saturday Science and Art classes- this would be great for a lot of the construction we do… I really like that this is a multi- purpose tool that can be used for so many applications- thanks for introducing it.

  86. #87 - Deirdra Murphy says:

    I just love looking at all the wonderful things you make, they are so inspiring and awesome! I would be soSO grateful to you if you would gift me this CaNibble which I can use both at my home and in my work as a horticultural therapy specialist who works with people with special needs! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and talent every day!

  87. #88 - Sylvia says:

    What a fabulous versatile tool! I can think of so many uses in my craft room. The possibilities are making my head spin.

  88. #89 - Katherine Hawkes says:

    What an awesome tool this would be. As a mixed media artist, I can think of many uses and I know my husband would want to get his hands on it too! This is the first I’ve heard of it!

  89. Looks like a wonderful tool and I would love to win it!

  90. #91 - Debi Croy says:

    What a fantastic tool! The possibilities seem boundless. I already have projects dancing in my head. I have several vintage cans that need something as one side is not as preserved as the other.
    I had not heard of this tool before your post. Thanks for introducing me to the possibilities!

  91. #92 - Candace Johnson says:

    Wow, my mind is reeling. I have so many ideas for this tool I don’t know where to start. This is amazing if it works as well as the video.

  92. #93 - Kathy S says:

    Amazing video. Cutting easily into shaped metal would be an amazing feat… and plastic as well? Wow.

  93. #94 - Linda Lamb says:

    What an amazing tool! We are getting ready to do a corrugated metal project and had no idea there was a tool out there designed to make the cuts so easy. Thanks for introducing us to the CaNibble, and thank you for the chance to win one.

  94. #95 - Melissa Lawrence says:

    This looks like a really awesome tool. I can see using it for mixed media projects and my husband using it in refurbishing an RV we just bought. I have always been a little afraid of cutting metal, but the CaNibble seems to take care of all my concerns.

  95. #97 - Marsha Wigren says:

    Oh my goodness. I watched the video and ideas just started forming right away. My poor torn-up hands would thank you!

  96. #98 - Joanne White says:

    What a cool tool! You always find the most interesting things!

  97. #99 - Vikki Bell says:

    Looks like a really useful tool. Thanks for bringing it to our attentention,
    I know what to ask for at Christmas now:)

  98. #100 - Su says:

    This looks amazing.. .save a lot of time, frustration, and cuts. I am dreaming up art possibilities now. Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  99. #101 - Lora Robinson says:

    That’s awesome. I’ve not heard of this. Sure seems like this is a must because it will allow a person to do things they’ve either struggle with or gave up on.

  100. #102 - Celeste says:

    Excited to see what other uses the KaNibbler ma have in store!

  101. #103 - Terry Courtney says:

    Looks like a great tool!!! A tool my boyfriend and I will fight for! LOL!!!

  102. #104 - Jean Marmo says:

    Wow – so cool! What fun it would be to play with this!

  103. #105 - Deb Hudson says:

    Looks like a great tool with many possibilities. I appreciate your offering us a chance to win one. And I appreciate your continuing inspirations.

  104. #106 - Nancy Baker says:

    I didn’t know such a thing even existed! I’m sure that I would find many uses for it, as would my farmer husband. Thanks for sharing all the good information, and for the giveaway!

  105. #107 - Linda Greiss says:

    The CaNibble is so cool! I can tell you have been having a lot of fun with it. I would have so many uses for it in my assemblage and other art. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  106. #108 - Jill Butler says:

    I’ve never heard of this tool and would love to learn how to use it.

  107. #109 - Linda Hatfield says:

    Yowza! I have collected so many items with the idea of cutting them but no concrete plan on how that would happen. This year I learned the wonders of a scroll saw and now the Canibbler would open up so many MORE possibilities. Even if I don’t win, thank you so much for exposing me to this wonderful tool I never knew existed.

  108. #110 - Debbie myers says:

    I love a good tool!! Thanks for the chance to win !

  109. #111 - Jenny Andersen says:

    How cool!! Just a nibble!

  110. #112 - Linda Nelson says:

    Wow, this tool cuts through the door to creativity and imagination at another level. Not only would a seasoned metal worker readily make use of Cannibble, but a novice would benefit by being able to carry out simple, yet successful metal projects.

  111. #113 - Maura stefl says:

    Very cool tool! I currently use tin snips and die cutters with a lot of sweat and sometimes blood to cut my metal. This tool would really open up things for me and help me save money on band aids! Thanks for sharing this lead.

  112. #114 - Debra says:

    How can you not LOVE a tool named the “CaNibble”?! I’ve been following your blog for years Cathe, and I’m always astounded at the fabulous ideas you have and this is another great one! Immediately the gears started turning in my brain after watching the video, dreaming up ways to use it! Even if I don’t win, thanks for expanding my horizons for tool possibilities!

  113. #115 - jennifer farnes says:

    oh…wow! wow oh wow oh wow!! i would LOVE this!! my poky chicken wire cutting days would end! we just moved to a home that has a green house…only the plastic panels are mostly shot. i can get new panels, but the big conundrum was how to cut the plastic pieces to size without splitting them and who i could even beg, buy or coerce into cutting them for me. this would be an answer to prayer, solve the entire problem and it would be the beautiful start to me using that greenhouse next year. thank you for SUCH A GENEROUS giveaway. i love EVERY THING YOU DO!! thank you…thank you…thank you for all the generous freebees as well. i don’t always thank you for those. you rock.

  114. #116 - Diane Sanchez says:

    This tool looks fantastic. Thank you so much!!!!

  115. #117 - Gayle Dilles says:

    This looks great!! I can think of so many uses for the CaNibbler!! It would make several of my projects so much easier. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  116. #118 - Teresa Davis says:

    What an awesome looking tool!!I can see many potential uses for it. Thank you for introducing us to it.

  117. #119 - Lori Dom says:

    What an awesome tool.

  118. #120 - Nadine says:

    This looks like a neat tool. It would be fun to experiment with nwhat it can do. Hope I win! Thank You for the giveaway!

  119. #121 - Lisa Senesac says:

    This brings many new ideas to mind! How cool!

  120. #122 - Elaine Schwertner says:

    That is an amazing tool. Love your work and good luck with the shop. Elaine

  121. #123 - Sheila Holland says:

    Wow, what a tool. Takes crafting to a new level. Thank you for the opportunity to win a CaNibblevbundle.

  122. #124 - Mary Ebert says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this fantastic tool, Catherine! I would truly enjoy giving it a go on my craft projects.

  123. #125 - karen says:

    CaNibble is certainly a catchy name. I must have one.I will begin canibbling at once. First up would be to work on a pumpkin.
    I love crafting of all sorts. quilting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, leather works/bookbinding, painting. soldering. this looks way cool!

  124. #126 - mary price says:

    This looks fun! Perfect for homemade Christmas Gifts. I think it would also be great for making door decorations.

  125. #127 - Deb Plapp says:

    Wow, what a great tool to have. I would be thrilled to win this. Thank you so much for the chance to own a CaNibble.

  126. #128 - Joellen Fritchen says:

    What a great idea for cutting those precious images from vintage tins. I’d love to give it a try.

  127. #129 - Lorie Bradberry says:

    This looks like a great tool to use. May I have a chance to win it? I could use it!

  128. #130 - Tamma Melton says:

    I am so appreciative that you have introduced and went into such depth on CaNibble. While reading the information, I imagined many the great uses this system will fulfill! Should I be chosen to receive it, my husband will have “tool-envy” for a change! I’m sure the applications for use will be endless. I will be anxiously awaiting the final decision for the lucky winner…I selfishly say, oh, let it be me 🙂

  129. #131 - Charlene Reeder says:

    My husbands birthday is the 24th. What a great gift for his shop. I am sure he will make all sorts of goodies for me!!!

  130. #132 - Annette Deardurff says:

    Better to have a CaNibble, than to BE a cannibal lol!!!! This tool looks amazing, Cathe! I would love to have one – can think of all kinds of things to do with it!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. #133 - Sharon Chapman says:

    Wow! I. Watched the video and was so impressed. All I could think was I wish I had one for all my craft projects. What a great tool! I build bird houses and do a lot of mixed media.

  132. #134 - Jaci Nash says:

    That is so cool! What an awesome give away! Thank you for the chance to win it.

  133. #135 - debianne says:

    What a great and versatile tool! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  134. #136 - Kathy h says:

    Wow, this tool looks great! Thanks for sharing it!

  135. #137 - Robin Griffin says:

    I would love to learn how to use this tool . It looks very handy

  136. #138 - cindy c says:

    i don’t think i can live without this tool–
    thanks for the give away

  137. #139 - Dana Greenberg says:

    I have been itching to try my hand at tin metalwork and the CaNibble looks likes just the thing to get me started! Catherine, your work is inspiring!

  138. #140 - Cindy Griffis says:

    Cathe, I’ve been a fan since your earliest blog days! I’m so sad that I live across the country and can’t attend a class at the farm barn! What an awesome tool the nibbler is! I would be delighted to add this to my toolbox. I, too, plan to make a corded drill a permanent fixture on my tool bench.

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    Wow! That look like fun. I took a welding class where i learned I was not afraid of power tools.
    So many possibilities!
    I sure would like to try that CaNibble!

  141. #143 - Sue D says:

    Very cool tool. This would be very useful in my workshop.

  142. #144 - Sandra Thomas says:


    My childhood memories have been awakened by your exciting post on the CaNibble professional nibbler. My Grandmother Westfall, “GW” for short, was a construction guru and used a host of special saws and tools to accomplish projects of all kinds, for all sorts of people. She, yes she, could make anything. She had a tool similar to the CaNibble, but I didn’t know it’s name until now. I remember well the uses and creations this tool conjured! Can’t wait to use the CaNibble to magically create, invent and, best of all, share!

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    Holy smokes!!! I just found out what I’ve been missing my entire life…..the CaNibble!! Its so amazing and I never even knew it existed until I just read this blog post:) I’m a fairly new subbie but I absolutely l.o.v.e your work Cathe!! I think its great that you and the people at CaNibble are offering us a chance to win one of these bad boys!! I would LOVE to be the lucky one. But if not…its ok because I now know what’s going at the top of my Christmas list;) Thanks again Cathe!!

  148. #150 - Kelly Harms says:

    Whether or not I win, I have a feeling this tool will be making an appearance at our house this Christmas. I made the mistake of showing the video to my husband, who declared it “wicked cool”!. Even if I win, I think we would be constantly fighting over who would have it on their workbench! Thanks Cathe for introducing me to a tool I never knew I had to have!

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  156. #158 - Susan Swan says:

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    What an amazing and ingenious tool. I love how it can attach to a drill. Like many crafters, I use metal in all sorts of projects, from furniture to jewelry to lamps to “creations,” as my husband calls them. In endless efforts to find the best metal cutting tool, I have amassed a hilarity of tin snips, metal-cutting scissors, hack saws, jewelry saws, and even a kind of mini electric sawing machine which is fantastically terrible.

    The Canibble is the ultimate tool for which I have been looking, and I would greatly appreciate having one and letting it unleash the wellspring of ideas held back by inferior tools!

  164. #166 - Tina Whitted says:

    Whoa, how have I not heard of this spiffy tool? This is a must-have for my crafty projects! I may have to battle my husband as to which drawer it will stay in…the craft one or his garage! Thanks for sharing info about this tool Cathe!

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    Thank you for the opportunity to win this tool!

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    Fellow artist I love your blg and your website
    Would love to have this tool to explore uses in my honey business so many ways to craft new ideas
    I make beautiful soap made out of honey

  167. #169 - Erin Piehl says:

    Not only do I want to be a Professional Nibbler when I grow up, but I hope to buy a CaNibble if I am not the lucky winner!
    Thank you, Cathe, for bringing this cool tool to us as a Giveaway and sharing your uses of this fantastic bundle!

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    This is a wonderful, easy to use, multi-purpose tool!
    I’d love to win a CaNibble, please enter me in your drawing.

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  173. #175 - Victoria Orlando says:

    Wow…This is incrediable piece of equipment. I use a Dremel and Skill Saw for a lot of my projects of books and metal. I would love to have this tool for some of my projects…..thank you CaNibble and Kathy

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    I’m always looking for new tools to add to my arsenal! I am a full time teacher and a part time crafter. The possibilities with this to look to be endless!

  177. #179 - Marilyn Erickson says:

    This tool CaNibbler looks like so much fun in the video. As I watched I thought about all the times I have had an idea, like for a handle for a basket, or assembling various materials for a mixed media piece, but didn’t know how I could make the holes or cuts I needed.

    Thanks for sharing the demo for this tool.

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    Super cool find! Looking forward to seeing some awesome projects from you using this tool!

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    This tool is amazing…even if I don’t win I really appreciate your sharing it with us out here. Had no idea something this cool even existed!

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    I think it’s pretty awesome that you give away something to a crafter that is such an expensive tool, as most of us may not every have that much ‘spare change’ laying around. I really like the way you run your business and seem to be more about giving than receiving. I love your little freebies and tips of the trade. Thank you for making it a fun path to travel!

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  187. #189 - Rhonda Roebuck says:

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  188. #190 - Jessica Baker says:

    I was just searching for a tool to smoothly cut through cardboard, aluminum, plastic…. CaNibble would be a girls best friend… if you are into mixed media project. Thanks for a chance to win.

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    Thanks as always for the inspiration and information! Consider me entered for this fab tool!

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    This would be so great for craft nights with my mom!
    Could see using it for jewelry applications or mixing tin and wooden elements for updating antique furniture.

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  197. #199 - Kelly Young says:

    WOW!!! I’m in love with that tool!!!
    I work with recycled materials and make jewelry out of old tins so this would be MUCH easier that hand cutting!!!!!

  198. #200 - Julie Aubert says:

    This looks amazing!

  199. #201 - Jackie P Neal says:

    Wow Cathe!
    What a cool tool!! And I think it was named after you! heehee
    Your art is amazing and oh so inspiring. I really appreciate it when you share new discoveries like this CaNibble-looks like it makes easy work of disassembling for assemblage!
    Have a great day!
    Jackie “)

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  207. #210 - Deborah Wright says:

    Good luck on your new adventure!
    I’m truly happy for you and the exposure your art has received.
    Repurposed materials are my favorite medium. Tools that help are always welcome!
    Thanks Cathe for sharing.

  208. #211 - Deborah Standifer says:

    I am always excited to find new uses for tools designed for a specific purpose! Can’t tell you how many times I have had the curious face when I have adapted a tool or medium for a new artsy application! Love the questions from my students as to how I came to figure out using it that way! My imagination is already creating with the possibilities!!!

  209. #212 - Patricia Barrows says:

    Wow! That’s incredible! There are so many ways this would be useful. I added it to my Amazon wish list and forwarded the link to this page to my husband even before the video finished. He’s not terribly crafty, but I wanted to give him a head’s up on a holiday gift (for me). Very nifty! I’m heading over to their web page now to see if they’re less expensive there.

    Best wishes and thanks!

  210. #213 - Susie says:

    I have admired your work, printables, and your writing style for some time, you clearly have a love and inspiring talent Cathe! I would be thrilled to own a CaNibble, and imagine the fun creations it lends, thanks for the opportunity to own one!

  211. #214 - Susan Warder says:

    Wow! Perhaps I could actually use the tins I’ve saved but have been too wary to attack w conventional tools. Nyacker tins, watch out!

  212. #215 - Sandra Collins says:

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    Oh how I would love to do more with my crafts and this tool looks as if it could be a new favorite. Thank you for finding this exceptional tool, I look forward to using it whether I win or not. Thank you

  217. #220 - Lorena says:

    This is something that every artist needs! Maybe if I had one, I wouldn’t keep interrupting my husband for my sometimes tedious tasks with his super power tools.
    Thank you for a chance at this!!

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    What an awesome tool! Thank you for letting us know about it.

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    Watched the video. What an amazing tool! Thanks for sharing, would love to this one. I’m a fairy new reader, and am enjoying your blog.

  220. #223 - Linda Huenecke says:

    Thanks for offering this drawing!

  221. #224 - Cynthia Carpenter says:

    Thanks for showing this remarkable tool! I’ve been wanting to add tin ceiling pieces to my artwork but was afraid to work with tin snips as I knew it would end with a trip to the emergency room! I’m sure I can handle this and I love that this works off the drill I already own so I don’t have to add another bulky item to my toolbox.

  222. #225 - Carol Mcclure says:

    wow…this is the coolest tool i’ve seen in a long husband would love this as he cuts all kinds of metal for fabricating, and i would use it in my art shed for cutting metals for jewelry, and anything else i could think of…love the tin you made.

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    My son would love this tool! He is into retro, vintage, electronics, steampunk, etc. Boy could he use this.

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    Thank you Cathe, your art is such an inspiration.

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    Wow! Looks super accurate and easy!

  226. #229 - Nancy Bennett says:

    This looks like a fabulous tool! And I’m a tool nut…

  227. #230 - Diane Matula says:

    This is indeed a great tool to add to my workbench. Thanks for the extra info about what size drill is needed. It’s hard to avoid cutting metals in assemblage; so many great components are found in metal pieces.

    Thanks for sharing your great discovery.

  228. #231 - Sheron says:

    The CaNibble has so many uses I’d would love to win one.

  229. #232 - Mary Lloyd says:

    Your assemblage pieces are so inspiring! I love your style and the way that you mix media and create your own content to incorporate into your pieces is amazing.

  230. #233 - Suzette says:

    Wow this is super cool and hands-free when mounted which is cool. Woohoo! Thanks to CaNibble & Cathe for this giveaway!

  231. #234 - C. Glaser says:

    This is a fascinating tool. I never thought I wanted or needed one until I saw your first projects.

  232. #235 - Lori Grupa says:

    I’ve never seen the CaNibble tool before! Forwarding a link to this page to my husband (who is a plumber) and my son-in-law (who is into restoring old cars and other DIY activities). This would also be a GREAT holiday gift!!

  233. #236 - Nancy Blue Moon says:

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  234. #237 - Judy Adams says:

    This looks like a spiffy tool to my somewhat educated eye. My son the plumber would most likely try to snatch it away if I would be lucky enough to win, however I think it is perfect for many craft ideas in the back of my busy mind. Here’s hoping my name is chosen.

    What a clever giveaway.


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    This looks like an awesome tool!! I will buy one for my husband to finish the cabin at the farm…he is putting up an old tin ceiling in the cabin and all that’s left are the pieces that have tricky cutouts. I will use it with my crafty stuff…just bought a welder to learn to use too…haha
    Love your ideas Cathe…keep it up!!

  248. #251 - P.L. Hilde says:

    I’ve been looking for something to do with the old tins in my collection (aka horde). This would be perfect!

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  251. #254 - Phyllis Beeson says:

    The nibbler seems like one of those tools I’ve always wanted. Sometimes, in the midst of a creative idea, I’m discouraged because I don’t have the right tool or skill to bring my idea into reality. I love making assemblage art, and this opens up a whole realm of possibilities.
    Thanks for sharing!

  252. #255 - Anndei Chasnoff says:

    What an amazing tool! I am already thinking of 2 uses I could benefit from right away!! I would love to win this!!!

  253. #256 - Barb says:

    That looks wonderful and it doesn’t look like it has a steap learning curve. I’ve always wanted to make a light fixture with a steel drum, and looks like it would be much easier with this tool to get a straight edge. Thanks for the chance to win one

  254. #257 - Angela Mullis says:

    I would love to win this tool! My mind is racing with possible projects! Pretty please count me in! Thank you so my for this amazing giveaway!

    Angi Mullis

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    Oh my gosh, this will open so many crafty doors!!!

  256. #259 - Beth Anderson says:

    Oh, hallelujah! I would use the CaNibble for SO many projects in our shop! Thank you for sharing- if I don’t win, I’m putting it on my Christmas list!

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    Well you found another gem..What a useful tool ! I could really put it to great use ! Thanks for offering the giveaway !

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  259. #262 - kris says:

    Great tool! Its always so much fun to try something new!

  260. #263 - Melinda Hahn says:

    What a wonderful life changer this would be!!! Metal cutting is such a challenge. Would love to win so I could fix up some things around the home then get back to some serious crafting!

  261. #264 - Linda Lubovich says:

    Looks like a very versatile tool to own. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  262. #265 - Diana Kelly says:

    Wow, what a useful tool to have in my tool box. I would certainly use this for a lot of projects that I have. Even my so who love woodworking could use this. I love that is so much safer than shears and other tools for cutting and the accuracy is amazing. Thank you for a chance to win.

  263. #266 - Julie Madsen says:

    I also enjoy mixed media art and can see how great this would be. Love for your inspiring posts and I’m having fun following you in IG. Thanks!

  264. #267 - Linda parson says:

    I think I could put this tool to good use.

  265. #268 - Sharee Darce says:

    Now that looks like a fun and useful tool.

  266. #269 - Bonnie Schulte says:

    What a great tool. I can see it cutting through pipe and PVC, that I use in mixed media. What a time saver, and looks so easy to use. I could make puppets like no bodies business. Keeping my fingers crossed..

  267. #270 - Erica Schurr says:

    I have a studio and do variety of projects. This tool would be a great addition to my very humble array of tools. Cathe Holden is such an inspiration and a fantastic demonstrator!

  268. #271 - Cynthia Glass says:

    Thank you for your great info!
    I could really use this prize to
    To craft so much EASIER!

  269. #272 - JoAn Raynor says:

    Oh my gosh,
    I can think of a million projects for this sweet little CaNibble tool.
    I hope I am lucky enough to win this fantastic giveaway.

    Thank you,

  270. #273 - Rebecca E. Parsons says:

    I was surfing today about using cigar boxes for storage and stumbled upon your blog. WOW! I am in the process of a studio makeover and the CaNibble Bundle would come in so very handy. I am especially excited about the circle cutting attachment and the dies. I see many CaNibbling DIY and craft projects ahead. Glad I found you and the CaNibble Bundle.

  271. #274 - Debbie Calvert says:

    This looks like a fabulous tool. I could see both my husband and I using this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  272. #275 - Sandra Opperman says:

    CaNibble, can’t wait to try it!!!!

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    This looks like an interesting tool. It would be fun to own one.

  274. #277 - Amber Dause says:

    How amazing!! Oh the things that can be done!…the endless possibilities!

  275. #278 - Jamie says:

    Oh man, I need another tool for my studio like I need another hole in my head! But, this one looks awesome. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

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  277. #280 - Jeannie Phillips says:

    Wow! I just moved into my retirement home and my mind is reeling with ideas of how to use the CaNibble Tool. I have challenged myself to only do trash to treasure to decorate the home. Thanks for the chance to win

  278. #281 - Clark Shawn says:

    Wow! I have CaNibble and I really don’t know that this can do such things. It was my Dad’s. Thanks for this.

  279. #282 - Rodney Nace says:

    When I saw this I sat WOWA!!!!! Now theirs a tool I could really use!!! It makes a lot of less work when you need to and such a CLAN JOB of it!!