Small Canvas Wall Assemblage

Make fantastic, unique wall art no matter what your skill level. Check out my latest project over at SC Johnson Family Economics to see just how simple and fun it is to make a unique small canvas assemblage from things you already have.SCJ-Cathe-Holden-Assemblage You’ll find lots of theme ideas to get those creative juices percolating. Leave a comment on the project post at SCJ- I would love to hear what you think and some of your own ideas!

Bonus: The vintage ship painting image used in my assemblage is FREE to you here.

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4 Responses to Small Canvas Wall Assemblage

  1. #1 - Ann says:

    I like this project. What kind of adhesive did you use? Would you recommend Mod Podge?

  2. #3 - Jill Ruskamp says:

    I tried leaving a comment over that Johnson site but there were no characters in the box to type in and it wouldn’t accept my comment. 🙁
    Anyway…I love this project and can see how it would give such dimension to the piece to add little bits of this and that. Very eclectic and that’s my style!