Shrink Plastic Refrigerator Magnet Frames

If you haven’t picked up a pack of shrink plastic to play with as an adult, I don’t know what you’re waiting form. Just search “shrink plastic” on my blog and you’ll see how much fun I’ve had with it over the years making jewelry, beads, and more. My latest project is frames. Tiny frames. For the fridge.SCJ-Shrink-Frame-Cathe-Holden-03 Head over to SC Johnson’s Family Economics to find a simple step-by-step tutorial on making little free-form cuties for yourself.

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One Response to Shrink Plastic Refrigerator Magnet Frames

  1. #1 - ginny says:

    Kathe thanks for the great idea. Just made some shrink art jewelry with my grandkids yesterday and they both loved it. Maybe you might do a workshop on this as I saw your flower jewelry you made. Could make a fun class possibly.