FREE One-Inch Funky Junk Printable

For my latest creative collaboration with, I took a little trip around the barn studio and pulled together various round graphic items from my crazy vintage collections such as tin product lids, game spinners, game pieces, old wooden spools, and bottle caps. WL-CH-Funky-JunkI photographed then Photoshopped each to one size and created a full page of 63 different one-inch images for you to print and craft with. You can find the free printable to download on the blog, along with a booty-load of other fabulous free printables.Cathe-Holden-Funky-Junk-World-LabelThe layout of the images are fitted to’s one-inch label stock, however, I printed mine to full-sheet label stock and used one-inch punches (round, scalloped, and starburst) to cut out each.Cathe-Holden-Funky-Junk-WL-03 With my  set of Funky Junk stickers I covered a thrifted vessel for a cute pencil cup.Cathe-Holden-Funky-Junk-WL-04I also printed the file to cardstock and punched out another set.Cathe-Holden-Funky-Junk-WL-02 I machine-stitched the cut images side by side to make a Funky Junk garland. One sheet of round images made garland long enough to stretch the length of my apron racks! Cathe-Holden-Funky-Junk-WL-01What will you make with the Funky Junk?

Here are more ideas for easy paper garlands:

Upcycled Valentine Garland

Anything Goes Paper Bunting Garland

Cheese Crafts


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8 Responses to FREE One-Inch Funky Junk Printable

  1. #1 - Becky Smith says:

    Thank you! These look like a lot of fun!

  2. #2 - Libby Morris says:

    awesome THANK YOU! I love these

  3. #3 - PennyA says:

    THANKS! I just LOVE these — and having ordered the 1 inch labels from World Label when you shared your button collection a little while ago, find myself well-prepared to put this new collection to use 🙂

    Thanks for ALL that you share so willingly with us, Cathe! I love sharing your printables with my workshop students, and hope that they too will follow along here on your delight-filled blog!

  4. #4 - Yvonne Osborne says:

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading these?

    I was able to download other things from the WorldLabel site with no trouble.

  5. #5 - Sandy McClay says:

    I just love these! But I don’t need 100 sheets….I wish this place would let you buy a few of each….:)

  6. #6 - Jerosha says:

    Thank you so much for your kindness. I plan to use it in my Smash Books and Project Life =D I love your give-a-ways so much!

  7. #7 - Fran says:

    Sorry to bother you with what is probably a very basic question but I downloaded and saved these fantastic printables. When I printed (and even in the print preview) the show as faded (muted?) and not the gorgeous colors you have here. What am I doing wrong?

  8. #8 - laura thackeray says:

    Thank you these are awesome, can I use them to sell something?