Printable Vintage Button Stickers

Who doesn’t adore cute vintage buttons? Recently, I took a pile of vintage buttons…Cathe-Holden-buttons-pile

placed them on my desktop scanner…Cathe-Holden-buttons-scanscanned them as an image…Cathe-Holden-buttons-scan2and did a bit of Photoshop work to create a full sheet of same-size buttons for printing to one-inch label stock to make a nice big set of button stickers.World-Label-Cathe-Holden-Buttons See my post over at the World Label blog for the FREE PDF file download and ideas for using these cuties. (If you leave a comment over there you’ll put a big smile on my face.)

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22 Responses to Printable Vintage Button Stickers

  1. #1 - the gypsy magpie says:

    This is such a brilliant idea! I can’t wait to print some out and play…
    Thanks for sharing your pretty stash of buttons with us!

  2. #2 - Becky Smith says:

    I love this! I make cards for Operation Write Home, and these flat sticker buttons will be so useful! Thank you!

  3. #3 - maybaby says:

    OH GOLLY! Love this, as I own SO MANY buttons. But the reason I stopped by was to let you know that I just read the article in Country Living, what a wonderful story!!!! I was just in Petaluma in November. and all I wanted to do was stop by your studio. But I didn’t want to appear stalker-like…so instead I went to the seed bank, and Chelsea Lane Antiques. I am hoping that the next time I am in town I can come to a class!!! Since the Creative Connection is no more, here in the Twin Cities, that will be the only way I can do it.

    Thank you for all of the organization tips and fun you provide to all of us!

  4. #4 - cheryl says:

    Love these , maybe I will stick them on jars for my sewing supplies

  5. #5 - Susan Matthews says:

    Thank you very much for the buttons. I will be using these often.

  6. #6 - Jen B. says:

    I don’t have any printable Shrinky-Dink paper, but these might look cute if you printed, then cut out and poked the holes in them and shrunk them to use on doll clothes or other mini decorations.

  7. #8 - Tam Francis says:

    What a GREAT idea. I never thought of scanning my vintage buttons. I’ve been collecting for years and use them when I sew vintage outfits. What a great idea for visuals and digital use. I’ve been working on a cover for my collection of vintage romantic ghost stories and this idea is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.

    ~ Tam Francis ~

  8. #9 - Susan Billmark says:

    Lovely buttons! That coulorful buttons is really hard to find at fleemarkets here in Sweden. Very sweet!

  9. #10 - Julia Aston says:

    Oh how fun! I’ve downloaded the file – what a great way to use buttons on a card – nice and flat for mailing!! Thanks for this! I’ve also checked out your other freebies and DIY’s – so much inspiration!

  10. #11 - Jeanine says:

    Cathe, THANK YOU SOO much for offering the printable and for the inspirational idea! I wonder what else I can think of scanning on my scanner/printer 😀

  11. #12 - Sue Rostron says:

    Hi I am glad I came across your blog today as I see many ideas and much inspiration already. I wondered where you get the white stag trophy heads you show I think in your valentines barn day?

  12. #13 - Shelly says:

    Fabulous idea! I can’t wait to make some stickers!

  13. #14 - Tina Krehe says:

    I loved your barn! and I think you are brilliant!! Thank you for sharing. It was very inspiring! Blessings to you .. Tina Krehe. We are also on Facebook … The farmers wife

  14. #15 - rafia says:

    Wonderful i love button and more i like to use them to get creative but don’t have many so this will really help and now as i have commented i would like to see the big smile on your face ;).

  15. #16 - Eimear says:

    You have some wonderful goodies in here! Thank you again! I am a multimedia student, and i’m loving all the vintage bits, really inspirational!:)

  16. #17 - Anne says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderfull idea. Can’t wait tu use them.

  17. #18 - VISHV B GUPTA says:

    I want to know whether I can stick the labels on my shirt or trouser?
    I am writing to you from New Delhi 110070 India

  18. #19 - Viv says:

    Thank You!

  19. #20 - Dmitri Fredericks says:

    The buttons are very beautiful, and come in assorted shapes and colors.

  20. #21 - Елена says:

    Спасибо большое за красивые пуговицы😍😊 они мне очень пригодятся в украшении альбома по рукоделию☺