Antique French Music Cards: Free Digital Downloads


Cathe_Holden_Music_Card_1These beautiful vintage French music cards leapt off the shelf of an antique store and into my hand. Such beautiful work all written in pen and ink. I know nothing about reading music or French, so the only think I can tell for sure is that one is for the Clarinet and the other for the Trombone. The actual size of the two letterpress cards is aproximately 6.5″ x 4.75″ and the inked detail is amazing.Cathe_Holden_Music_Card_2 Printed to paper I think they would make lovely accents to wrap around food jar gifts, or printed to card stock, sweet gift tags or sewn together as pennant bunting. They will also make nice components for mixed media or digital collage. Click on each image below to enlarge the ephemera images for download. If you use them, I’d love to see what you make!

MUSIC CARD 1 FRONTCathe_Holden_Music_Card_1_FrontMUSIC CARD 1 BACKCathe_Holden_Music_Card_1_BackMUSIC CARD 2 FRONTCathe_Holden_Music_Card_2_FrontMUSIC CARD 2 BACKCathe_Holden_Music_Card_2_Back

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8 Responses to Antique French Music Cards: Free Digital Downloads

  1. #1 - Sarah says:

    Fabulous find! Thank you, Cathe.

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  3. #2 - Debbie says:

    I’d have jumped on these as well. Very cool find!

  4. #3 - Julia D. says:

    What a wonderful treasure you came upon. My ideas to use them is just going round and round. As we know “without music life would b flat”. Can hardly wait to try them out and thanks so much for sharing with us.

  5. A while back I was looking for vintage music sheets. I had a hard time finding what I wanted. These are great! Saving! Thanks you so much for sharing these!

  6. #5 - Lin M. says:

    These music cards are so cool! I can see them being used on a greeting card – Just a Note… Thank you for sharing these!

  7. #6 - Mary Cantz says:

    Thank you so very much for your free download and printables! Each one is more lovely than the last!