Michaels Craft Fabric and the Studio Pup

Yesterday I went to Michaels to see all the new craft fabric. The faux Sherpa caught my eye and all I saw was a puppy. Look at this photo- do you see the puppy too? Inspired to craft a little friend for my studio I hurried back home to create. Now, as you scroll down this post, don’t think this project is too complex. The semi-stretchy Sherpa is the most forgiving fabric ever for such a project and you can create your own pattern very easily. I even stitched this craft by hand, not machine, making it even simpler.  IMPORTANT: The finished craft is for a decorative purposes only and NOT intended for play by a child. Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-02Back at the barn, I sketched up pieces and parts to my little pup.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-03I picked through my buttons for good nose and eye specimens.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-08I arranged some buttons to decide on a face. A good thing to remember when designing a face, the lower and more spread apart the eyes are on a face, the more baby-like.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-07Once my buttons were chosen, I grabbed some plain paper, folding some in half for symmetry, and freehand cut out simple shapes for the head, body, limbs, tail and ears. Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-04I used the paper shapes as patterns and cut front and back sections for each main body part from the white Sherpa and two of each section from the tan for ears one section each for the spots. No pattern pinning necessary if you use the pattern to cut one layer of Sherpa at time.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-05With tan thread, I topstitched the spots in place on the head and hiney areas, trimming away any hangover fabric. See how great this Sherpa is? You can’t see any of the stitching!Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-06

I used a running whipstitch 3/16″ apart at about 3/16″ from the cut edge of the limbs, ears and tails, connecting front and back pieces, and pulling thread snug as I went. This stitch creates a nice fusion of layer edges, rolling them together snug to prevent fill leakage. Again, the stitches disappear into the fur! I left a fill hole in the top of each, (though the ears and tail were not to be filled.) Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-10 With the head section back piece fur side down, I stitched the ears in place just inside the outer cut of the head shape. I placed the face front piece onto the back piece and stitched around the outer edge and through the ear bases, leaving the top of the head open to fill. I filled the head loosely with dried barley found in the back of my pantry, then stitched the top of the head closed. You can also use beans or rice. A fiber fill didn’t have the saggy-weight effect I prefer.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-11I filled the limbs about half way, and connected them in place with a few stitches to the inside back section.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-12I stitched around the outer body shape as I did with the limbs and sewed down through the limb bases, leaving a fill area open at the neck. I filled the body loosely with barley and stitched the neck area closed.  I stitched the lower back area of the head to the neck section of the body. I stitched the base of the tail to the center of the hiney spot. I then sewed on the eyes and nose buttons.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-13Here he is completed, front and back.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-01My finished studio pup is making himself right at home on my couch.Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-14Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-15Later, I caught him doing this:Cathe-Holden-Michaels-Studio-Pup-16I’m really glad Michaels is now carrying craft fabric- just enough textile to create or complete many smaller projects. And since there isn’t a fabric store anywhere near my local Michaels, these new fabrics are going to come in real handy! Check out Michaels.com and Michaels Pinterest Boards for more fabric project ideas.

UPDATE: You can download the Studio Pup pattern HERE.


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30 Responses to Michaels Craft Fabric and the Studio Pup

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  2. #1 - Audrey says:

    Cathe your puppy is adorable! Again you amaze me with your vision and talent, I mean you sketch your pattern and hand stitch to create this guy. I certainly would need a pattern & sewing machine!

  3. #2 - Jenn/Rook No. 17 says:

    He’s darling! Absolutely darling! Cathe, you are so multi-talented!


  4. #3 - Gypsi says:

    Good grief, that is ADORABLE! You are so talented!

  5. #4 - Noreen says:

    He turned out really cute!

  6. #5 - Pam says:

    OMG, he is the cutest thing. Nice job, Cathe.

  7. #7 - Angie says:

    Hi Cathe – I have switched from Google Reader to Feedly and I wanted to let you know that your photos do not show up in Feedly. I’m sure that it’s Feedly’s fault since the photos showed up in G Reader but I thought you’d want to know.

  8. #8 - Tina B says:

    Adorable! I especially like the brown spot on his behind the tail! Will you share your pattern? You amaze me that you sketched that out and made it from scratch so quickly!

  9. #9 - Stephanie says:

    How wonderful!! Will you share the pattern? Please! Please!

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  11. #10 - Elaine Allen says:

    Cathe –

    He is just so darn sweet and you are so very clever!

    Elaine Allen

  12. #11 - Michele T says:

    OMG!!! Studio Pup is adorable!!! What a sweetie!

  13. #12 - SusieQ says:

    OMG! Too cute! Love it!

  14. #13 - Jackie says:

    I’m thinking of making a kiddie version in cotton print with polly filling and embroidered features because he would be lovely as a shoebox toy. Christmas all year long!

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  16. Thank you for your talent and generosity! It’s wonderful!

  17. #15 - Adriana says:

    Dear CAthe,

    thank you!!! the puppy is wonderful!

  18. #17 - Winnie says:

    Hello dear Cathe! 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy the way you write, create, “make do” etc! lol!
    I couldn’t resist this Puppy Project…so it’s on my “To Do Soon” List!
    Thank-you VERY much indeed, for so generously sharing your Clever/Creative/Bright/ Fun ideas so freely! 😀

    Best wishes to you & your Family! xxx

  19. #18 - Terri says:

    Many thanks for the pattern. He is such a cutie!!

  20. #19 - Tamara Parker says:

    This is so adorable and helpful to a project I am working on for new grand son. I am making him a lovey blanket and I just need a head. I am using organic fabrics and just going to draw out the head an ears and eye spot.

    Thank you Cathe, for inspiring me and for sharing your amazing creative talent.

  21. #20 - Jan says:

    Just came across this posting & had to give it a go…Studio pup looks like my Rocky … Lost him in 2012… Making one now will let u know how it goes…

  22. #21 - Tami says:

    This is sooooo cute!!! 🙂

  23. #22 - Holly says:

    I don’t have all the materials, but the way the pup sits on the chair, it looks SUPER cute! Good job!

  24. #23 - K says:

    Puppy is just too cute!! Trying to make this but how do you put the head on…. i am a bit confused as to how to do it.
    Thank you. X

  25. #24 - Christine says:

    Your puppy is adorable! I am going to make one for my new granddaughter for Christmas. I’m going to embroider the eyes and nose and stuff it with fiberfil. Fingers crossed.

  26. #25 - Seyme says:

    This puppy is all too cute. Loveable as my own puppy. This has to be a must do fun project for me. Thanks for the share.

  27. #26 - INDIRA says:

    Excellent job cathe. I love soft toys. Iam interested to make and i want to gift to poor people. Please send me the pattern and sewing vedio if possible.

  28. #27 - Jess says:

    I love it! I am going to make it as soon as I can get the fabric!