Oliso Pro Smart Iron GIVEAWAY & The Vintage Ironing Board Re-cover

JSIM-Oliso-07I’d been coveting the Oliso Pro Smart Iron ever since I saw it demo’d at the Maker Faire in 2010. I was delighted to see it again at the Winter CHA Show. My partner-in-crime at the event was Suzy Bauter (aka: Suzy-Homemaker) and we both couldn’t wait to get our hands on one.JSIM-Oliso-02 Oliso provided me with my very own to try out and I’ve had it for a month now. Having used it quite often on several projects… I’m in love.

The hardest thing to get used to is leaving an iron down on the ironing board when in use, rather than lifting it upright while adjusting fabric on your board. Maybe your ironing board cover is like my old one, decorated with large, triangular-shaped scorch marks from trying your best to keep the iron hot and steaming while adjusting things on the board. The amazing technology of the Oliso Smart Irons allow them to remain in a down position and ready to use without damaging your project or cover.JSIM-Oliso-Pro-10 From the Oliso website: The Oliso® TG1600 Pro features Oliso’s patented iTouch® technology. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping. Less strain and 30% time savings are added benefits to this Smart Iron’s 1800 watts of power and horizontal or vertical bursts of steam. The TG1600 Pro features a 30-minute extended auto-shut off for sewers and quilters, a 12.7 oz side fill tank, a beadblast stainless steel soleplate, flat pressing surface, detailer tip, and a 12-foot cord for full range of motion.

This is the perfect iron for the textile professional or crafter and it’s just so fun to work with. My favorite features of this particular iron are the extra long 12-foot cord, the easy fill XL water tank, and of course the iTouch® technology- it’s space-age. The fact that the color of this iron coordinates with my yellow sewing nook, well, that’s just a bonus!

I keep my Oliso Pro Smart Iron in the studio, so naturally, I needed a cute vintage ironing board to use it on since my studio is filled with vintage & vintage-style furnishings. After shopping around a bit, I snagged one up for under $30. I stripped off the old covering and instead of creating a drawstring cover, I upholstered a new cover directly to the board.JSIM-Oliso-01 Upholstering the board avoids the gathering and puckering of fabric and batting along the edge of the board, not to mention, it’s faster and easier. The recommendation from Oliso is that the firmer or thinner your ironing board cover is, the better the scorch guard will work. So I lined my wood board with two thin layers of Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting cut from a roll at my local fabric store. I laid the board onto the batting, outlined the board, then trimmed 3-inches away from the outline.JSIM-Oliso-03Using my electric staple gun, I stapled the batting edges nice and snug around the board’s underside.JSIM-Oliso-04For the fabric cover, I chose Flora (red/circles) by Lauren + Jessi Jung for Moda, trimming to fit and stapling a folded edge all around the underside. I didn’t staple the batting and the fabric at the same time with the same staples so that should I want to only replace the fabric in the future I won’t pull up the batting. Folding the edge before stapling keeps the fabric from pulling loose along a raw edge.JSIM-Oliso-05Here’s my sweet vintage ironing board, newly covered, JSIM-Oliso-06and my awesome new Oliso Pro.JSIM-Oliso-08I came across another vintage wooden ironing board priced just right and much wider, so of course, I covered that too, and it now hangs in my sewing nook.JSIM-Oliso-09


The generous folks at Oliso are giving a Oliso Pro Smart Iron to one lucky JSIM reader- a $199 Value!

TO ENTER: Leave a nice, relevant comment on this post. US residents only. One comment per person, please. (If you inadvertently leave two, please remove one to keep things fair.) Though not required, follow Oliso on Facebook to keep up with all things fun and fabricy and technilologicly cool!

ENTRY DEADLINE: Enter by Midnight, Saturday, May 11, 2013. The winner will be notified, announced and posted here on Mother’s Day!

CONGRATULATIONS to (-randomly chosen-) ENTRY NO. 227- maybaby (aka: Kristi Pohl). Thanks everyone for your awesome comment entries! As always, more fun giveaways to come.

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424 Responses to Oliso Pro Smart Iron GIVEAWAY & The Vintage Ironing Board Re-cover

  1. #1 - patty says:

    This is what I need to be a “smart pressed woman”.
    It looks to be a really great iron.

  2. #2 - Chris Biljan says:

    What a clever idea for an iron – love the cover!

  3. #3 - JOY says:

    oh, what a delightful iron! I have used one at a class, but haven’t been able to swing one for my sewing dungeon …

  4. #4 - Joan says:

    Cathe, love your vintage ironing boards! I’d love to have an Oliso Pro Smart Iron. I’ve been getting into sewing more and more lately after being away from it for too long … and this iron would be SO helpful – and the color is so cute!

  5. #5 - magdalena says:

    I live in Greece and i am not sure that the awsome Oliso iron will function here…but knowing his feautures this i can say:How a wonderful help this could be for my 8 year old daughter who wants to learn how to iron!! And for mummy too!!

  6. #6 - Jennie S says:

    That iron would already match my existing ironing board (if I get a yellow 1!) I’d love it!

  7. #7 - Julie snodgrass says:

    This would look Fab in my converted job trailer to studio!!!

  8. #8 - Amy M. says:

    I could really use this iron right now! I am sewing 20 superhero capes for my son’s upcoming 5th birthday party and it requires A LOT of pressing!!!!

  9. #9 - Annalea says:

    Wow–I had no idea irons could get so user-friendly. What a time-saver! (Especially when ironing for a crowd!)

  10. #10 - Ellen Crawley says:

    What a lovely ironing board and iron! The Oliso iron seems as if it would make ironing a whole lot easier! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  11. #11 - GJ Livingston says:

    Every crafter needs to have a good iron.. I want the best…Oliso Pro Smart Iron to help with all my crafts plus I iron DAILY. Pleeeze let me enjoy this for Mothers’ Day. I can be one of your very best fans….if you believe in something you want to tell everyone how great your find is. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful iron.
    GJ Livingston

  12. #12 - Pam says:

    I know all my friends are raving about the Olisio iron. I love the pretty yellow color and I iron on a vintage ironing board so I think I’m ready to win! Thanks!

  13. #13 - Kristen says:

    I would love an awesome new sewing iron!

  14. #14 - Erin S says:

    Wow! What a generous giveaway! Fingers crossed!

    And I’m in love with your vintage ironing boards! Swoon!

  15. #15 - Cristina says:

    how awesome! love the yellow color too!

  16. #16 - Julianne says:

    So cute, I must have one!!

  17. #17 - Ashton Case says:

    I love the bright color of this iron! Not only is it pretty, it looks like it is wonderfully functional. I also loved how you recovered this vintage board. I actually have one that was given to me by my grandmother and am looking forward to covering it! Thanks!

  18. #18 - Melissa Abercrombie says:

    Usually my ironing chores leave me weary~ with the Oliso iron who could be left feeling anything less than cheery!
    (I too saw this iron at Maker Faire and dreamed of the day I’d own one!)

  19. #19 - Jen says:

    Ooo amazing iron.. mine is the very old fashioned basic model and while it works it’s nothing fancy and I can’t tell you how many things I’ve scorched with it.
    Would love this bright and cheerful iron so I could chuck my old one in a gully. 🙂

  20. #20 - Jen Y says:

    I never thought of uphostering my ironing board! I’ll be doing that – I have so much trouble keeping the cover in place. I’d love to win the iron. :o)

  21. #21 - Kelly King says:

    Would love a fabulous iron…not for pressing clothes since I don’t bother with that! But for all my stitchin crafts!

  22. #22 - Katie says:

    The Oliso iron looks right at home on that beautifully recovered vintage ironing board.Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  23. #23 - Patty Katashima says:

    Sure could use a good iron and this one is certainly unique! I’ve never heard of the technology it utilizes, but would love to give it a go!

  24. #24 - Mandy Barbee says:

    That last pic with the two ironing boards and the ribbon is amazing. Just makes me want to iron and iron and iron!

  25. #25 - Ruth C says:

    I’d love to try the Oliso! I have an ironing board with the same design with metal legs.

  26. #26 - Sue in west Seattle says:

    I have an old ironing board that belonged to my great-grandmother – it’s ready for a new cover – thank you for the inspiration!!

  27. #27 - Peg says:

    Ooh, I need a new iron. I would love love love to win this fabulous super-version of an iron. Love your ironing boards. You can make things look better than they ever have.

  28. #28 - Mallory says:

    My husband would die! We need one so bad. We are using a spray bottle right now…only. Fingers crossed for this one!

  29. #29 - Cynthia says:

    I’ve been shopping for an iron. Thanks for the suggestion to try Oliso!

  30. #30 - Jen says:

    I’ve been contemplating getting a new iron since one of the buttons on ours broke a long time ago. This would be perfect!

  31. #31 - norma says:

    Crafting or otherwise, bringing a little sunshine to the chore of ironing the husband’s shirts would be oh so wonderful! Thank you for the chance to own one of these!!

  32. #32 - Becky Smith says:

    I’ve never used a vintage ironing board, but you’ve made yours look so nice! Thanks for a chance to win an awesome iron.

  33. #33 - jill says:

    thanks for posting how you recovered that ironing board – i have a small version i’ve been wanting to do but hadn’t found any clear direction! also, i’ve never had anything but a cheap $6 iron so i can’t imagine having one like the oliso!

  34. #34 - Brittany B says:

    Ohh! I love this iron! It’s a gorgeous color and it’s so neat that you can leave it sitting flat on the ironing board. Thanks for chance to win!

  35. #35 - Lacey says:

    I would love to win this. I fell in love with Oliso irons during a sewing class last summer, and have wanted one ever since.

  36. #36 - Susan Hahaj says:

    I love a good iron! I found out I didn’t have one when I took a quilting class and used one of their available irons and was like it’s amazing how much nicer and easier ironing is with a nice quality professional iron! Thanks so much! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  37. #37 - Lisa says:

    Your ironing boards are darling. But my question is, does the Oliso have an automatic shut off? ‘Cause someone* I know might be really bad at remembering to shut off the iron sometimes**.


  38. #38 - Megan Stoeckl says:

    What a great iron! I have a very crafty mother who I would love to gift this to! Thanks! Megan

  39. #39 - lynaeve says:

    what an awesome giveaway. thanks for the chance!!

  40. #40 - Nicole H. says:

    Oh I love it!I need an iron in my craft room. Running upstairs is getting old… And it is my husband’s iron since he uses it daily and picked it out… Thanks!

  41. #41 - susan w says:

    How curious this appears now, I finished ironing seven shirts last night, wondering how old my iron was and what new ones were like. Hmm maybe I’ll see.

  42. #42 - Donna says:

    What an awesome looking iron!! Would love to be the proud owner of one!!

  43. #43 - Elaine says:

    How clever! As a quilter, I think it would be great not to have to continually lift and lower the iron pressing seams.

    Thanks for sharing, Cathe; I would not have known about this product.

    If only I had an old ironing board to upholster!

  44. #44 - SuzyMcQ says:

    I, too, have wanted one of these since the first time I laid eyes on it. I think the entire idea of it’s being able to elevate over the ironing board is just ingenious. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. #45 - Denise says:

    I would love to win this Oliso Iron…mine actually “died” this week. (one of their first models)

  46. #46 - Shawn B! says:

    Would love a new iron…. Feels like we’re buying one every few months…. And they are not the cheap version!

  47. #47 - KHohns says:

    What a sleek design! And that nifty feature of not damaging your cover (and/or fabric) while resting in the down position is SO genius. I can’t tell you how many burnt stains my cover(s) have endured because I’ve left my iron down while on…OOPS!

  48. #48 - Colleen Stockman says:

    The Oliso Pro Smart Iron looks like a dream and I would make huge brownie points with my eldest son if I gave one as a gift to him…he’s a tailor who lives in Portland, OR.

  49. #49 - Mz V says:

    I love ironing! Really I do. And I’m known for treating vintage linens with loving care and restoration. A new iron would make me VERY happy indeed. Love this site!

  50. #50 - Dawn Fritz says:

    I am a follower and this made me smile. The only think on my wish list is a new iron and I have been dreaming of it. Even better, my laundry room is newly painted yellow. Hope I am picked.

  51. #51 - Melissa says:

    I really need this in my life.

  52. #52 - coasterkim says:

    Wow, I need this iron. As much as I “need” an iron, that is! 🙂

  53. #53 - mary says:

    I have long been looking for an iron that really works well. I have always loved vintage irons due to the fact that the modern ones just don’t seem to press as well. Would love to try this Oliso out!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    bee blessed

  54. #54 - Amanda Pepper-Yowell says:

    Who ever thought of an iron like this is a GENIUS!!! I always tip mine over trying to set it back up on my tiny ironing board!

  55. #55 - DMeredith says:

    Your ironing board re-cover looks great. I need to get busy on my own. I’d love a new iron and this give-away one would be the ultimate!

  56. #56 - karen b says:

    I so want a professional iron, with all the sewing I do it would be wonderful… PLease

  57. #57 - Carol Rehme says:

    Cathe, I have ironing board envy! Iron-ically, I made the mistake of donating my MIL’s. Who knew I could have transformed it? Well, I no longer have the board … but I’d love the cheery yellow Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

  58. #58 - Ptcquilter says:

    Used the Oliso Pro at The Stash Bash Retreat and was happily surprised at how well it worked and how much I liked it. The Pro stood up to 40+ quilters for 4 days. It was awesome!

  59. #59 - Tracie from Cali! says:

    The closest I’ve come to a Vintage ironing board is an old piece of wood I padded and covered for my craft table! It would be my pleasure to own an “Oliso” since my quilting room has been painted yellow to match its arrival! Come home to Mama, “Oliso”!!!!

  60. #60 - Martha Patterson says:

    I love how you covered your ironing board. I have one and now I know how to cover mine.

  61. #61 - Katherine Carter says:

    Would really like to have the Oliso smart iron, for all of my ironing and sewing needs. Thanks, I have heard they are fantastic!

  62. #62 - Alician says:

    I love the vintage ironing boards. Reminds me of my grandmother. I wonder what she would thought about this awesome iron?

  63. #63 - Donna M. says:

    Wow, this sounds like a great iron. I would love to win it!

  64. #64 - BettyC says:

    I would love to have this fabulous iron! Mine has started spitting at me! (Well, I mean spitting on the clothes.)

  65. #65 - Kimberly says:

    I don’t have a good history with irons. I now know it was not my fault. Those moody instruments of necessity did nothing but scorch and burn … both my items and my temperment. I am the perfect candidate for an Oliso!

  66. #66 - Margaret C. says:

    This is my mother’s ironing board, but not my mother’s iron. WOW, WOW again.

  67. #67 - Linda S says:

    Wow… what a “cool” iron! Boy do I need a new one. Mine is so old.
    Please count me in on this wonderful give-away.

  68. #68 - Kim Campbell says:

    Wow, that iron would be awesome with my quilting project! I adore the vintage ironing board makeover!!

  69. #69 - Lynn Ellis says:

    I certainly need an iron like this that actually works. It is so important to press seams as you go and my iron does not do a good job. I would love to brag about the Oliso Pro Smart Iron!!

  70. #70 - Willa McNeill says:

    Oh, my those ironing boards are too cute. I once upon a time had one of the old wooden types. Wonder what happened to it!

    The Oliso iron is one I have not seen in real life but have followed with interest for some time.

  71. #71 - Jennifer Davis says:

    No one believes me when I say that I love to iron! My mother taught us to iron using an old, heavy Sunbeam iron (remember the woven cord covering on the appliances?) and we practiced on my dad’s boxer shorts and handkerchiefs. What a treat it would be to own such a gem of design and technology!

  72. #72 - Susan Gies says:

    I would so love to the proud owner of this Oliso iron. I was at a quilt retreat this past winter and got the pleasure of using an Oliso pro iron. One of the quilters brought her’s and she was so proud of it, let all of us use it all weekend. It was wonderful and would love to have one. Hope I win!!!!!

  73. #73 - Michele says:

    I am speechless, an iron you don’t have to sit upright. Very cleaver!!!
    One might have to learn how to iron all over again!

  74. #74 - Bobbie Nichols says:

    Loving the vintage ironing board and covering tutorial. The wooden board brings back memories of my mother ironing every stitch I wore on one just like it.

  75. #75 - Jen Theodore says:

    My mom has this iron and I love – and covet it – so much! I have found no drawbacks to it whatsoever! Great giveaway and review!

  76. #76 - Linda Milward says:

    I love this idea .. I love to see ideas that are creative and not run of the mill .. it adds so much fun to design .. maybe I can snag up a vintage board like that and cover it with dragonflies 🙂 and of course an Oliso Pro … 🙂

  77. #77 - Alice Coddington says:

    Would love this iron

  78. #78 - Colleayn Klaibourne says:

    I would love to win this for my Mom! She deserves a great iron like this for her quilting and fabric journals. It looks wonderful.

  79. #79 - Georgann Giudice says:

    Love the old ironing board…………with a new and very cool iron.
    Perfect juxtaposition.

  80. #80 - Brenda Abernathy says:

    I first saw this iron on Fons and Porter and thought it would be great to own one for my sewing room. I have had it on my wish list for a while but my family hasn’t picked up on it. Maybe I’ll win it? Oh yeah!

  81. #81 - Elise says:

    I have never owned a really nice iron and would love to!

  82. #82 - Cheryl M. Peyton says:

    Love all the features of the Oliso!!

  83. #83 - Joseph Cosentino says:

    Impressive safety features.

  84. #84 - Kristi D. says:

    I have tried this Oliso iron at my sewing store and would love to own one. So nice to use.

  85. #85 - Gayle says:

    I want to build an ironing board wide enough to iron the whole width without moving it side to side.

  86. #86 - Lisa Roussel says:

    I would love an Oliso Iron. I’ve also been eyeing them for a while and they look like they would be wonderful to use for sewing projects. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  87. #87 - LeAnne Pugliese says:

    I just burned a hole in my brand-new curtains with my iron….sometimes it isn’t hot enough and other times it’s too hot. SO…this would be a wonderful win!!! Thanks for the chance! I also love your vintage ironing board. I actually have one that comes out from the wall like a Murphy bed!!!

  88. #88 - Dorothy says:

    Ironing sure has come a long way! And now you’ve got me wanting to re-cover my ironing board.

  89. #89 - Gini Cooper says:

    Wow, I’ve Never Seen An Iron Like This. I’d Love To Try One To See If It Helped Relieve Wrist Pain. I Think It Might Also Help Prevent Fabric From Escaping As You Iron. I Love Your Tutorial On Making The Ironing Board Cover Too. It Would Work Perfect For My Handmade Ironing Board.

  90. #90 - Wanda Lemaster says:

    I would love to win an Oliso iron, I have been wanting one since I saw it on a Fons and Porter quilting show. It took me awhile to find out what kind of iron they were using. I was amazed by it because you could leave it flat on the board without fear of scorching. I searched the internet and found it fairly easy. It is amazing but a bit pricey. Got my fingers crossed!

  91. #91 - Meg says:

    I’ve had my “Oslo” for just about 3 years now. I love him! Other than my sewing machine it’s been the smartest purchase for my studio. I love that it sits down so I don’t burn myself anymore. I’ve even forgotten that regular irons need to go upright! When he dies ill get a replacement!

  92. #92 - Jeannette sroka says:

    Would love to have an oliso iron. I do not like to iron, but kinda necessary when quilting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  93. #93 - Barbara Titelbaum says:

    The perfect compliment to my newest sewing addiction to make sure I prewash press and cut accurately.

  94. #94 - BevM says:

    This is a really great iron!

  95. #95 - Joni says:

    I’ve been looking for a good, reliable iron and think the Oliso would be the perfect solution in helping me in quilting. Love, love, love Oliso!!

  96. #96 - Cindy Peterson says:

    Been wanting one of these irons. I do a lot of quilting so I think it would be extremely helpful. Sure would love to win it! Thanks for providing the opportunity.

  97. #97 - Ashley says:

    I love this iron! I’m using an ancient iron now that must be 30 years old…time for an upgrade soon!

  98. #98 - rose says:

    What a great looking iron, I love the color yellow. I sure could use a new one, I gave my brother mine so that when he went off to college he would have one. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  99. #99 - patsy mcintire says:

    i make draw string ironing board covers and sell them at quilt shows. if the quilters watch your tutorial i will be out of business. lol ! it looks very neat and easy. i am always surprised when a quilter pays money for one when that money could be better spent on more fabric!

  100. #100 - Julie Brown says:

    I would love to have a yellow iron, that looks so awesome!

  101. #101 - Cindy says:

    That iron is awesome! What a fun and useful thing to win. Thanks for the inspiring blog. I have a great time learning new things. Good luck to everyone!

  102. #102 - Dawn says:

    That is a good looking iron! I love how it has a vintage-y feel, while being state of the art!

  103. #103 - Valerie says:

    I always make aprons or throw quilts for gifts. I don’t iron the fabric beforehand and even at 29, my mother will take my fabric and iron it for me. I even own a little table top ironing board. But no iron. I don’t even buy clothes that require ironing. This makes me want to go out and by that has to be ironed dress I’ve been eying or stick in my Doctor Who DVDs and finish the quilts that are sitting there because the fabric requires ironing. I can feel the potential.

  104. #104 - Michelle Hudak says:

    Wow, what a difference this would make. I almost loathe my current iron, it’s a leaker and never seems to get hot enough to iron any wrinkles. Love the yellow color too!

  105. #105 - Carole Standifird says:

    I iron every day. Crafting, quilting, and ironing clothes. Would love to try this iron.

  106. #106 - Laura says:

    My iron just gave out and I was wondering what I would find in the modern world of irons to replace it. This one is very intriguing.

    One of my ironing boards is wooden. I never thought of upholstering it. Now I have, and the tip about stapling batting and fabric separately is a good one. Thanks.

  107. #107 - Rebecca says:

    I’ve wanted an Oliso ever since I heard about it online over a year ago! Not only does it have great features for ironing and pressing…I love the cute color yellow too!

  108. #108 - Cheryl says:

    I have used this iron before on a quilting cruise and ever since then I have wanted one.

    I have Lupus and sometimes my joints can become very sore. The design of this iron really saves my wrist since there is no lifting and turning. I just love the design!

  109. #109 - Grace Ng says:

    Thank you for the giveaway, it would be so wonderful to win this fancy iron, as mine is an old one and has clogged up a little despite cleaning it numerous times. I love your vintage ironing board, I saw one at a garage sale last week but I never thought to refurbish it up like that, now I’ll have to look out for another one. So pretty!

  110. #110 - Dawn says:

    Wow! What an amazing appliance! Never heard of this one until now. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  111. #111 - Barbara says:

    Real nice, I could use a new one

  112. #112 - Kathie says:

    I have been looking at this iron for a long time and everyone should have a happy yellow iron! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  113. #113 - KathieB says:

    oh my! I’ve always loved ironing and I also sew a lot! This would be a grand addition to my sewing room! Thanks for the opportunity.

  114. #114 - Bonnire says:

    WOW, my dream iron… and a chance to win, Priceless… I make lots of quilts for Charity and I am always on the lookout for that perfect iron.. I think the Oliso would be a perfect fit for my sewing room…

  115. #115 - Linda Hubbard says:

    My dream is to own an Oliso Pro Smart Iron sense I seen them on different quilt programs and shows. I look at them every time I see them in a store. Just have not broke down and brought one. It is my dream own on soon and make quilting much easier. I like the feature of it.

  116. #116 - Shelley C says:

    Now I’m sad that I didn’t accept that old wooden ironing board from a friend 🙁 Yours looks great! I really need to do something with my board, the cover I have on it is for a bigger board, so the fabric is bunched up on the end. I love the color of that iron and would love to have it. My cheapo just doesn’t give me great results with pressing. don’t think it gets hot enough or something.

  117. #117 - Janis Silberman says:

    I have seen this iron before, and as a sewer, I think it is a wonderful improvement to aid those of us who still want to iron!

  118. #118 - Alice Noles says:

    I have wanted an Oliso iron for a long time.

  119. #119 - Pat Hunsucker says:

    This iron would be a blessing

  120. #120 - Berni Coyne says:

    I would love to try this iron. Haven’t found one yet that I really like.

  121. #121 - Martha says:

    There is nothing nicer when doing sewing projects than having a great iron to go along with it! It seems obvious that the Oliso smart iron is the one for the job! Please count me in on your generous drawing! 🙂

  122. #122 - Alyce Rodriguez says:

    I need to re-cover my ironing board too. It’s got more than a few scorch marks, which is why I would love to win the Oliso. I have been dreaming about it for a long time now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. #123 - Kim Kotlarsz says:

    super iron, I would love to win this 🙂 love the re-cover of the vintage ironing board, beautiful job!

  124. #124 - Vicky says:

    Would love to have this iron. I seem to have bad luck with irons. This could be the answer for me.

  125. #125 - JOan Doherty says:

    I’ve used the Oliso at quilting classes. Can’t wait to own one!

  126. #126 - Doni says:

    Love that iron! And the ironing board cover is so cute! 🙂

  127. #127 - Robyn B says:

    Oh I’d love a chance to win that iron. It looks lovely. Thanks for the iron board cover tutorial. I go through ironing board covers quickly.

  128. #128 - Rena Horn says:

    My favorite “iron” moment- Now you need to know that my ironing board was 25 years old, and I keep my “big board” sitting on top of my ironing board for pressing large pieces of fabric. Besides pressing some of our clothes, I spend a lot of time sewing and quilting. So anyway, I was ironing some fabric one day, when slowly the ironing board just slowly sank to the ground, like a tired, old horse. I just stood there, with the hot iron in my hand, with my mouth hanging open, staring at the floor for quite a while, until the reality of my ironing board dying could sink in! P.S. I love the old ironing board!

  129. #129 - Debbie says:

    Wow! Someone was really thinking when they came up with this concept. Love it!

  130. #130 - BRENDA SUTTON says:

    I have admired these irons on various shows.
    Would love to own one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. #131 - Meghan Thimjon says:

    Oh would love a new iron! Son is moving out soon and I have a feeling he will be taking mine! Thought it was a good excuse for me to get a new one!

  132. #132 - Sharon W. says:

    Love the color of this iron. Would love to use it to make beautiful quilts.

  133. #133 - Gloria T-T says:

    Love to iron and the features on this one is great for a sewer!

  134. #134 - Tina says:

    While I don’t like to iron clothes, I do like to iron projects I am making ~smile~

    So please pick me!!


  135. #135 - margo says:

    Love your blog! This iron sounds amazing, I would love to have one. Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  136. #136 - Jan Sutter says:

    I have an old wooden ironing board that I covered in clear vinyl and use as a plant stand. Maybe I should start using it as a real ironing board. 🙂

  137. #137 - Laurie M says:

    ohhhh this looks like a wonderful iron. I would be delighted to win!!

  138. #138 - Katie Contests says:

    What an awesome project! It’s beautiful.

  139. #139 - Chris says:

    Wow, what a great looking iron. And it sounds like it is wonderful to use. I am just learning to sew and could really use all the help it can get!

  140. #140 - Emily K. says:

    My iron is dying! I would love to win a new one!

  141. #141 - Cindy G. says:

    I just ran into the problem of putting the iron down flat on the ironing board, and realized what I had done just before I scorched my fabric. And, while I don’t have a lovely vintage ironing board that is accessible right now (I have one of those ironing boards in a cupboard- a vintage one my friends picked up for me somewhere- but it isn’t installed in the laundry room yet, so I’m bookmarking this project for when the time comes), I realized that my regular ironing board is in desperate need of a new cover, so I should get right on that!

  142. #142 - Marianne says:

    What a terrific idea this is! It has to be so handy for both sewing and regular ironing.

  143. #143 - Gene Black says:

    Ah, now maybe I can replace the poor scorched cover on my ironing board. I wish it had that solid wood board top.
    I really want and need this iron, it is perfect for quilting.

  144. #144 - Dee tollaksen says:

    Maybe this will motivate me to work on one of the many half baked sewing projects I have stashed!

  145. #145 - Jodie says:

    This looks like an amazing iron (a 12 ft cord!); shopping for a great iron is as stressful as shopping for a new car and, of course, I love the vintage board. I’m going to be on the look out for one of my own!

  146. #146 - Mary Anne says:

    I love your blog. I have never seen this iron but it really looks lovely and like it would be great to have. The ironing board covers are great. I’m wishing mine was wooden so I could cover it that way.

  147. #147 - Tora Consolo says:

    I’ve been jonesing for this iron for quite a while. Hope I win and thanks for the opportunity!

  148. #148 - Molly says:

    I promised my husband I would start ironing his shirts again…instead of sending them out to the laundry. Help me make it easier….I would LOVE to win this iron!!

  149. #149 - Linda Lamb says:

    I love your recovered ironing boards. What a great idea! The Oliso Pro Smart Iron looks to be every creative woman’s dream.

  150. #150 - Lou Ann Smith says:

    I need that iron!!!!!! and yes I will cover my ironing board.

  151. #151 - Cecilia says:

    I love technology! This iron is great!

  152. #152 - Raye Cage says:

    I luv that touching the handle of the iron raises/lowers it – very cool!

  153. #153 - Kay Burdette says:

    This iron is great. It would save me a lot of un pleasent words during my pressing.

  154. #154 - Bonnie Horick says:

    Still using the iron I took to college in 1984! I would love to take on the challenge of upgrading to high tech ironing!

  155. #155 - Linda Lamb says:

    Love the recovered ironing boards. What a great idea! The Oliso iron would be every creative woman’s dream.

  156. #156 - Christine N says:

    That iron sounds amazing and your vintage ironing board is so adorable!!! Thanks for the chance!

  157. #157 - Beth Singer says:

    Oh my word this is all so beautiful – both the iron and it’s features as well as your sewing nook and board-covering directions. What a combination. Thanks so much for sharing so well and so clearly what you love to do.

  158. #158 - Carol Samples says:

    I usually buy a couple of irons a year. It would be great to have one that would last.

  159. #159 - Linda Cook says:

    Iron envy!

  160. #160 - Susan Palmer says:

    I am a newly wed at 62 years old. I now live in Alaska…all this translates into “you cannot believe how Vintage my husbands iron is”. I am slowly establishing my sewing room. aka woman cave. Having a beautiful this century iron would be so great.

  161. #161 - Mary Beth S says:

    What a wonderful iron! I love the color, too. I found a Howard ironing board at Christmas time, and brought it home from our vacation. It still has the paper label on the top. I have to make a slipcover to protect it, I guess. Love this project. Thanks for the chance to win.

  162. #162 - Roseanna says:

    I have the same luck with irons as I do vacuum cleaners (i will not go there). Textiles are my life and I have not found a good iron, yet. The one I have at the moment was very expensive and is very quirky. Still can’t figure out how or why the water leaks from it???? I would love to try this one, since you liked so much! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  163. #163 - LindaSonia says:

    WoW – the iron looks awesome. I’d love to have the chance to own one!! Thanks!

  164. #164 - Kim Stewart says:

    I’d love to win this iron! I am making 100 pillowcase dresses to take on a missions trip to Nicaragua in July so I’m doing a LOT of sewing and pressing!

  165. #165 - Debbie Reaves says:

    What a cool iron and ironing board. I’ve got an old ironing board like that stored away. I think it’s time to get it out.

    Thanks for the tips on covering one.

    Happy Saturday.


  166. #166 - Dottee Odom says:

    I LOVE to iron. My HUSBAND loves to iron! We are an ironing duo….we’d love to own an awesome iron!! Hugs

  167. #167 - Suzy Girl says:

    The iron looks absolutely fabulous and I appreciate the chance to win!

  168. #168 - Kathy in Mukilteo, WA says:

    I adore everything about this iron–especially the color. Knowing it can remain face down offers a lot of ease and helps with the bump-the-ironing-board-drop-the-iron accident.

  169. #169 - Alicia Scarantino-Carlson says:

    What a delight to get some “News from Cathe Holden” in my inbox today! Just Something I Made has always been my go-to site to decompress from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. And now, you’ve given me something to gaze longingly at on this rainy and cold (42 degrees) day – a bright and sunny iron, that’s smart, too! (Minnesota has been awfully dreary this Spring.) Love it! Thanks for all your wonderful and inspiring ideas. It really is a joy to visit your site. Blessings….

  170. #170 - Nancy says:

    Love your method for covering the board. I’ve got 2 or 3 stashed away. What a simple way to make them usable and attractive!
    Love that iron! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  171. #171 - Jodi Buckmister says:

    Wow!! what a great giveaway. I would love to have one of these irons 😉 . I should get to work on a new ironing board cover, mine is in desperate need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. #172 - Judy Miller says:

    What a fab looking iron. I think it would motivate me to get into ironing fun again! If I should win will give to MOM for her day. MOM is only 92 years young. Being her only daughter, I know that I will some day get it to use myself. Thanks for showing us this new iron.

  173. #173 - heidi says:

    I have two vintage ironing boards and I really love them , so much nicer than the new ones. I could really use a new iron, mine came from a thrift store many moons ago and I could never afford one this nice. Thank for an always inspiring post.

  174. #174 - jan southern says:

    This iron is a dream come true. It would make ironing all those summer linen blouses so much easier, in addition to sewing projects.

  175. #175 - Susan says:

    I don’t like to iron because it feels like so much work! This might make me change my mind! Thanks

  176. #176 - sarah dybash says:

    I have seen this iron on television. Every quilter would love one. I do.

  177. #177 - Cynthia H says:

    It really does sound like the perfect iron, and I’d love to have one. I think I’ll give recovering my ironing board a try too – love the tutorial!

  178. #178 - Mary G says:

    Your endorsement of this iron is exciting! I have been so frustrated with the last few irons I have had (for a variety of inadequacies), so it’s great to know about this Oliso. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  179. #179 - Sharrieboberry says:

    Now, what is there not to love about a lovely, yellow iron? And if you’ve given it a test run–then it sounds like it would be a lovely addition for any crafter.

    The ironing boards turned out lovely! Do they adjust like modern ironing boards?

  180. #180 - Lauren says:

    What a great iron. Mine is so old, this looks super, except that the cost prohibits me. Love the ironing boards….they are too wonderful!

  181. #181 - Sheila_G says:

    I love your ironing boards, think I will give it a try. This iron is just adorable, would love to have one. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  182. #182 - Judy Fritz says:

    The iron looks great. I like that it stays on longer when not in use.

  183. #183 - Bonnie says:

    Love ironing as I can just let my mind wander and I can see what I have accomplished hanging there.

  184. #184 - Kay Sellers says:

    Neatest Iron I have ever seen!!

  185. #185 - Tara Harless says:

    Such a pretty iron, and it sounds like it works great. I need a new one. My husband used mine to apply new laminate edging in a counter and got adhesive on mine. So I have to use a cloth under it to protect whatever I am ironing.

  186. #186 - Keri says:

    I had the pleasure of trying out my friend’s Oliso Pro Smart Iron… but it ruined me! Now I really want one of my own.

  187. #187 - Darlene Gerber says:

    Love these irons!! I’m on my second one!! Can never have to many!!

  188. #188 - Patricia Highsmith says:

    For an “old” lady who is now ironing her husbands dress shirts to defray from the cleaners cost ( our economy 🙁 ) this would save me a lot of time and probably keep my arthritis from flaring up like it does with the lower iron, iron, raise iron gesture I now face.

  189. #189 - Barbara says:

    What a beautiful iron. I would love to win this. Your ironing board cover is also beautiful. A nice way to “enjoy” ironing.

  190. #190 - Vicky Beier says:

    What a beautiful iron and ironing board cover. I would really enjoy the Oliso iron to help me in my pressing my sewing projects.
    Thank you Cathe for this giveaway.

  191. #191 - Shellie says:

    Wow! Thank you for introducing me to this iron! I WANT ONE! This would be an awesome contest to win! OH, and I LOVE your vintage ironing boards, too …. so cute!

  192. #192 - Ang-e says:

    That is a smart iron! Your cover is beautiful.

  193. #193 - Carol burns says:

    This Oliso iron seems to have a lot of great features. To make it fun to create, it helps to have tools that make things easier. It even helps with the mundane things. Would love to own this iron!
    Carol b

  194. #194 - Kathy P in Pittsburgh says:

    This has been on my wish-list since I used on in a classroom at the quilt shop where I worked. It produces great steam and nice even heat. The self-lift is a bonus, although it takes a while to re-train oneself into leaving the iron face down.
    Your newly covered ironing boards are very cute and I covet that wall of drawers.

  195. #195 - Laura says:

    What a cool iron! Just what I need to replace my very basic and cheap old one!

  196. #196 - Patty G says:

    Really?? An iron that can be laid down? Mine have fallen off the board many times! Lol thank you for the chance to win.

  197. #197 - Renee Hull says:

    Love how you covered your old ironing boards! Thanks for sharing! Love the iron!

  198. #198 - Kelly says:

    A new iron to go with my waiting to be recovered ironing board! I love your blog, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

  199. #199 - Suzanne says:

    This is the answer to my sewing and crafting dreams! Pure perfection to make all of my creations look like I’m a real pro! What a SMART IRON!!!!

  200. #200 - Karen Bowman says:

    I can’t believe I have finally found the iron that will meet every one of my needs! Because I have been sewing since I was 6 yrs. old I know exactly what I need and have always looked for in an iron. One that will stay hot or can reheat right away when I’m working on projects for hours and hours, has a handle that does get hot after being “on” for a long time, and one that doesn’t require me to refill water resevoire constantly. And this you have clearly put thought into…It is attractive enough not leave out; not industrial and bulky. All of that for $199!!!!! how can that be!!! I would be thrilled to have one of these so that I can continue doing my never ending projects that bring income to my home as I am the single mother aka artist that keeps my girls in dresses and accessories!!!

  201. #201 - Carmen Lucero says:

    LOL Cathy, what a useful giveaway!! Love the color and the fact that it stays down while positioning your garment. I’ve always felt like an acrobat every time I iron because I’m so short and the cord gets all tangled around my body.

    Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for the vintage graduation printable!!


    Carmen L

  202. #202 - Wanda Hentges says:

    That is very generous. The iron sounds fantastic!!! You don’t want to know how ancient my iron is, lol!! Your covered vintage board looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. #203 - Melanie V. says:

    I’d love to be in love with my iron — that’s never happened for me. Please put me in for a chance to win!

  204. #204 - Christine /rose says:

    What a sweet way to give me a hand in ironing out life’s problems!

  205. #205 - Marilyn Tucker says:

    I need a new iron! Mine only steams when it wants to!

  206. #206 - Sue Prescott says:

    This iron sounds fabulous. I really like the color too. I’m excited to win it!

  207. #207 - Leslie says:

    I’d love to win this iron! I’ve been through 2 Rowentas in 5 years and after the 2nd one gave out, I purchased a cheap Black & Decker. Thanks for the chance at a terrific giveaway!

  208. #208 - Rach Johnston says:

    I dream about a new iron, so nice. A new ironing board would be great too, but I will have to wait for that.

  209. #209 - Jenni says:

    I love this iron! What a WoNdErFuL Mother’s Day it would be to win it! 😉

  210. #210 - Ann says:

    Would love this iron in my sewing room! The feet are genius!

  211. #211 - Inga says:

    I have yet to find an iron that I am truly satisfied with! Have gone through MANY trying to find THE ONE… would love to try the Oliso Pro Smart but hesitate to spend this much without trying it

  212. #212 - PostMuse says:

    When I first started sewing in the early 1980s, I eschewed ironing when the pattern said to do so. Seemed like a waste of time. Took me a long time to admit I was wrong, but when I did, what an AMAZING difference it made in the finished product.

    My current iron is a good one, but I would love to replace it with something as powerful as this Smart Iron.

    And, I’m so going to find an old ironing board and cover it. I won’t feel so bad leaving the ironing board out if it looks pretty!

  213. #213 - Stacey DeGrace says:

    Maybe I would enjoy ironing more if I had this beauty!

  214. #214 - Dana says:

    Oh my how I could use this awesome iron as I sew curtains for my new grandbaby’s nursery! Love the clever new technology. Fingers crossed….

  215. #215 - Randi S says:

    I would love to have a good iron to use! It’s been years since I have had a decent iron to use. Most of the time, stuff just stays wrinkled. Thanks for the opportunity to receive a quality iron!

  216. #216 - Candace Kirk says:

    I think I would like this iron. I am not the best ironer around but, the color, the way it looks and all the amazing ways it has to make ironing more fun and easy is just the ticket I need. :))

  217. Just like you, I’ve been eying the Oliso iron for while; what a fabulous iron it is! Thanks for the chance to win.

  218. #218 - Joy Barrett says:

    Great Giveaway! The Oliso is uber cool, it looks retro in its styling, a perfect pair to a vintage ironing board. I like the detailer foot and the colour. Form meets function with style. Love to have one.

  219. #219 - Garci Jackson Moreno says:

    I would love to win this for my hubby. He’s the IRONER in the family!

  220. #220 - Sarah Vanessa says:

    I always get excited about your email subscriptions! You always make everything look so beautiful with some a heart-based feel. As a single mother I have a very important job that pays the bills for my son and i’s little studio. I wear skirts with pleats and slacks. Button ups with plenty of pressing every morning. I couldn’t afford much so I bought this cheapy iron that I have to iron my clothes twice with. Lord knows, I would appreciate this lovely Oliso iron. I love it’s little retro feel.
    Thanks! Have a good one!

  221. #221 - LCSmithSAVED (Leslie) says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard of these – what a smack my forehead technology. Would love to win as the last time I used mine DH had left water in it & I left a rust stain on a gift I was making (sad face). Btw your ironing board as adorable :~)

  222. #222 - ELAINE MCDERMOTT says:

    What a stunning iron. This would look lovely on my ironing board…lol
    Thanks for the chance and have a wonderful day.

    Elaine Mcdermott

  223. #223 - John Gregory says:

    I just recovered my ironing board. I haven’t replaced my iron so this would be awesome!

  224. #224 - Kelly says:

    Oh my! What a wonderful iron!

  225. #225 - Sue H. says:

    The iron looks awesome! I reeeeeeely WANT it! Also, the iron board cover info was just what I needed. Thanks.


  226. #226 - Norma Jo Doll says:

    It would be sooooo nice to have one of the Oliso Pro Smart Irons.

  227. #227 - maybaby says:

    Love this! I have a vintage wooden ironing board just waiting for a cover, thanks for the great instructions. And that iron, WOW!

  228. #228 - Kathy V. says:

    I actually to iron and I love all things vintage so I would love to win this iron.
    Thank you for all your wonderful creative ideas!

  229. #229 - Cathy Aquilina says:

    This iron would so match my ironing board cover, love the yellow! And an iron that is easier to use would make my sewing even more enjoyable!

  230. #230 - Gloria Schroeder says:

    I would love to win this iron, but meanwhile I can’t wait to recover an old wooden ironing board I have. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!!

  231. #231 - Edie Evans says:

    I have been sewing for 40 years but in the last two or so I have relearned to appreciate the advantages of a good iron. Good hand weight, easy balance, good steam output – always searching for the Holy Grail for both sewing and quilting. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about this one!


  232. #232 - Vanessa says:

    I love the fabrics you chose to recover your ironing boards… they look great with the new iron!

  233. #233 - Joy Taylor says:

    The Oliso iron does look out of the future, very nice! It would be great to have such a beautiful and functional iron in my sewing room. Thanks for showing us how to update an old ironing board, way better than the drawstring kind. And lucky you, you found two.

  234. #234 - Kathy Kofoed says:

    Wow! That is the coolest iron I’ve ever seen!
    Would love to try it!

  235. #235 - Chantelle Rodriguez says:

    I need to replace my iron this would be amazing

  236. #236 - pam goins says:

    I would love to win this Oliso iron..anything to make ironing easier and the happy yellow color makes me smile!

  237. #237 - Yvonne says:

    I love to make quilts and a good iron is a necessity when pressing seams. Thanks for an opportunity to win such a great iron.

  238. #238 - Loretta says:

    Well, wouldn’t I call this perfect timing. I was just attempting to iron some fabric and cut out a history fair cape for a young friend when the aged Rowenta died! And a lovely yellow color in a new iron is exactly what I need right now! Hope I win, crossing fingers. 🙂

  239. #239 - Becky Snyder says:

    Love the description of the Oliso iron. Has a awesome new look. Cannot wait to own one.

  240. #240 - Debra Pate says:

    OMGosh!!! I have 2 of these antique ironing boards. you have inspired me to recover mine! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome iron too!

  241. #241 - Jenni Heath says:

    Your sewing nook is so colorful and cute! If I had an iron and ironing board that pretty I might actually iron something rather than fluffing it in the dryer lol.

  242. #242 - victoria says:

    Love the auto off feature! I’m always paranoid about that. And our iron took a tumble and broke the steam feature. Very sad.

  243. #243 - Evelyn Pintor says:

    WOW! What a pretty iron! and the COLOR!! Soo sunn-shiny bright! and cheerful!!! I want one really really bad! 😀

  244. #244 - Melody says:

    I have been drooling over this iron. Yellow is my favorite color, all the bells and whistles are just a bonus!

  245. #245 - Beverly Hanapole says:

    I have been ironing without lifting my iron forever, so I am constantly recovering my ironing board…. This new oliso sounds like it was made for me!

    Love your blog, can’t wait to see the new studio!

  246. #246 - Kat says:

    What an amazing idea! I am always nervous about accidentally burning myself or knocking the iron over when I have to set it down to adjust fabric.

  247. #247 - Dawn F says:

    LOVE that iron! Oh to not have to deal with the flipping of an iron! Just got me a new iron board cover on etsy – it’s gorgeous! It even fit my older heavy duty ironing board – not as cool as your wooden find, but very sturdy. I’m thinking about spray painting it to match my new cover! Silly… but it will make me happy!

  248. #248 - LindaMar says:

    What a clever idea! I could use an iron like this- hope to see you in Petaluma this year.

  249. #249 - Celine Ryan says:

    Awesome iron! I think I’m the last among my friends who iron. Would love the chance to try this out. I love that it’s YELLOW! My favorite color 🙂

  250. #250 - Linda Smith says:

    I have needed a replacement for my old iron for awhile-thanks for the chance.

  251. #251 - Lana says:

    I can’t even tell you how old my iron is, I would be delighted to win this gem. I am going to be on the hunt for a wooden ironing board. I absolutely love the two you recovered.

  252. #252 - Linda B. says:

    Oh this iron would be “fun” to use and look great!!!

  253. #253 - berta says:

    Would love a new iron. Mine gets a workout as my son irons all his work shirts with mine. I also have a vintage wooden ironing board that was my mothers. I use mine as a table.

  254. #254 - Ann Bentley says:

    Would love to use this iron. I have seen in on the Fons and Porter show all the time and it looks like so much fun.

  255. #255 - Cair says:

    I’d love to be entered in this give-away. I’d never heard of the Oliso iron before, but boy is it enticing.

    (love, love, love your boards/covers)

  256. #256 - Susan says:

    Love this iron – I would never put it away. It is like a piece of art!

  257. #257 - Nancy Blue Moon says:

    WOW!! An iron that won’t leave scorch marks..I hear it calling my name!!!

  258. #258 - Carol Bailey says:

    I absolutelt loveyour vintage board and cover. My quilting friend has a Oliso iron and I would love to win one! Thanks for sharing the love of sewing.

  259. #259 - Elizabeth Stewart says:

    I’d love to have this iron! Thank you for the opportunity.

  260. #260 - Mehrll says:

    Wow! How generous. I almost bought an iron this evening. This would be so much better.

  261. #261 - Mary Beth McMillan says:

    Hi Cathe…Now that I’ve moved into MY new studio space, I think the Oliso would make the perfect addition! Your boards are so cute!

  262. #262 - Kathy says:

    Love the vintage boards. I definitely could put that cool iron to use. Just finished covering chair seats with a rug and am now in middle of updating my bedroom with new window panels and shade. Loving how it’s looking already so fresh and contemporary.

  263. #263 - Karen Lineberger says:

    This iron has been on my wish list for some time now. It would make all my ironing easier – my sewing & regular ironing.

  264. #264 - Chris Lercel says:

    The sunny yellow color brightens any ironing task!

  265. #265 - Judy says:

    Oh, how wonderful it would be to win that amazing iron! My hubby would love it too since he frequently irons. That vintage ironing board sure brings back memories. It’s just like the one my Mom used – the one I learned to iron on.

  266. #266 - jenn b says:

    what a great iron! love love love the vintage ironing boards.

  267. #267 - Anita T. says:

    It would be so lovely to end the search for a good iron. I have bought and given up more irons than I care to remember. There is always something not quite right about each new one I have gotten so recently I have been buying them at estate sales for small amounts of money so that I don’t feel so bad when I give them up. I want a permanent relationship with my iron!

  268. #268 - Linda says:

    I’ve wanted one of these irons for a while now.

  269. #269 - Peggy Parker says:

    I HATE ironing, so an excellent iron is absolutely the best way to encourage someone like me! And in piecing it is THE key to moving on! Perhaps I will pick up my abandoned quilt project from last summer……

  270. #270 - Julie Jones says:

    Oh how pretty! I am one of those girls who irons every Sunday evening, love it, it’s m y therapy. I’d be honored to own this little beauty!

  271. #271 - Sheila Haddad says:

    Recovering my ironing board has been on my list of “gonna do’s” for a long time. Thanks for the nudge. I’m gonna do it TODAY! What an awesome iron! Drool…..

  272. #272 - Tracy says:

    What a wonderful iron.

  273. #273 - Kristin W. says:

    I love this iron. It’s a beautiful collaboration of function and design!

  274. #274 - Sara McKenzie says:

    I can’t believe it’s taken someone this long to come up with this solution! Of course I have to have one of these irons, whether I win it or not. 🙂

  275. #275 - jan shannon says:

    I really enjoyed reading about the iron that has a brain and the cute little recovered board.

  276. #276 - Kristina Song says:

    I love the fabrics you chose to recover your 2 ironing boards. I also love the fabric strips you have organized and hanging on your wall (it’s like modern art). Both are inspiring me to get more organized in my crafting nook in my small NYC apartment. Thank you.

  277. #277 - Max Prescott says:

    I need to win this for my wife so that she may use it for her quilting projects. Thanks for making this possible!

  278. #278 - Michelle Bartel says:

    What a fabulous iron…I would eagerly donate my current “cheapy” and make room for this lovely!

  279. #279 - Ramona says:

    those are SO cool!!!

  280. #280 - sylvia says:

    Cool, thanks for the chance to win! I use a $20 iron, so I’d love to give this one a try!

  281. #281 - Martha says:

    What a nice cheery color for an iron. Not only smart but good looking too!

  282. #282 - Karyn Miraclee says:

    OMG I need this so much! I not only have scorched the dickens out of several ironing board covers but I’ve wiggled the iron off the board and burned the carpet several times trying to work with the iron balancing on end while I move things on the board! Thank you Cathe!

  283. #283 - Mary Wolf says:

    You have me convinced, Cathe, that this iron might actually make me enjoy ironing! The redo of the vintage ironing board will also be a perfect fit in your charming studio. I can’t wait to see the photos when it’s finished.

  284. #284 - Lisa Garrett says:

    I would love to use this with all of my quilting!!!

  285. #285 - katherine says:

    Be careful with the iron Cathe. I bought one after coveting it for several years. I now have a very expensive paperweight (for the time being). Being a woman, I actually read the user’s manual. There was something in there about the amperage that made me say, hey, I need to check this out. My husband is an electrical engineer. So I asked him. He said that with our breakers running the lights and outlets for several rooms upstairs together, I’d blow the breaker if I ran the iron. So I am now waiting for when we refurbish one of the extra rooms into my new workroom. It’s over the garage where our breaker box is and he says we will run a dedicated line to and outlet in the room that’s just for the iron. I was really disappointed. Still waiting to enjoy my iron!

  286. #286 - Bonnie Bowman says:

    What a wonderful idea you just shared for covering antique ironing boards. I just discovered my mother’s old wooden ironing board and was searching for a way to make a new cover. What a wonderful product you sell as well!

  287. #287 - Vicki says:

    I am who still irons our clothing..I know not many do!This sounds like something I would really like to have.Thanks for the update and offering the free gift.Hope I win!

  288. #288 - Carol says:

    Throwing my wrinkly wishes for a new spectacular iron into the winner’s circle and sprinkling good karma around.

  289. #289 - Shadowedge says:

    This post inspires me to work on my ironing board. I like the frame, which is metal, but it has a terrible cover. I would love to do a straight upholstery job, but I’m not sure how I would do it on a metal frame.

    But thanks for the inspiration, and the giveaway.

  290. #290 - Vicki K says:

    One of my basic necessities of life is good, hard-working iron…this one looks like a gem!

  291. #291 - Theresa (& Prudence) says:

    Lovely iron and great tutorial on covering a vintage ironing board. I find it very relaxing, pressing my cottons and linens on the weekend, for the next work week. Thanks!

  292. #292 - Lynn-Ann says:

    Have you ever seen something and it’s love at first sight? Well, that’s what I felt when I saw this iron! After reading about it’s long cord, extended shut off, large tank and pop-up features, I’m convinced that we are meant to be together! 🙂

  293. #293 - Shirley Wells says:

    We go through irons like most people do…well, not sure how to finish that simile! But we seem to buy an iron at least once a year. Would love to give this one a try!!

  294. #294 - Collette says:

    I’ve heard about these irons–they look great too. Who doesn’t like a yellow iron? I’m always knocking my iron off.

  295. #295 - Leslie Cude says:

    I’m on my second (leaky) Rowenta and would love a new iron! This one sounds perfect!

  296. #296 - Gerry Smith says:

    What a great iron! It may be possible that it will make ironing fun. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  297. #297 - Elaine M says:

    Cool looking iron and love the ironing board make overs.

  298. #298 - Lynn says:

    What marvelous updates – reuse, recycle! – of vintage ironing boards … I will now be on the lookout for an old in need of TLC!
    Of course, the iron looks like just the thing for my art ‘art studio’ and ‘quilting studio’ that share one spare bedroom!

  299. #299 - Shannon Van Sluytman says:

    That sounds like a great Iron, I’d love to give it a try! I just purchased a tabletop ironing board to make it easier to do a quick touch up, I am going to recover directly to the board after seeing your results!

  300. #300 - Angela Y says:

    This iron looks great! Mine is so old, I would love to win this. Thank you for the chance!

  301. #301 - Nancy Stone says:

    I just tried this iron this weekend at a quilt retreat, and what a wonderful iron. It is so lightweight and ironed like a dream.

  302. #302 - Jackie Stevens says:

    WOW! The “leave it down” feature on this iron makes one want to try it out.

  303. #303 - Allie says:

    That iron looks fantastic! I certainly need a new one, and this is amazing. Would be a nice addition to my house!

  304. #304 - Sarah Ann says:

    What a great tool! It would certainly come in handy. I agree that not constantly putting it upright would be an adjustment. 🙂

  305. #305 - Barbara M. says:

    So clever – Our Mothers’ and their Mothers’ would have loved one of these on Mother’s Day since they had to iron EVERYTHING.
    More Modern Mom’s and Crafter’s (me, me, me) will be delighted with the fun color and the smart technology. Cathe’s how-to for the ironing board cover is pretty cool too!

  306. #306 - Stephanie Mansdoerfer says:

    I’ve been seeing the Oliso iron here and there and have wondered about it. Thanks for sharing some info and for the great opportunity to try to win one! I will keep my fingers crossed!

  307. #307 - Miss Prickly says:

    I’d love to win this iron. My iron has survived since my college days, but it’s gotten old and sputtery. I would love to retire the old girl!

  308. #308 - Judy says:

    That Oliso ITouch technology is crazy amazing! Talk about totally changing your ironing routine! What a time saver! I think I can change my habits real fast; this looks fun!

  309. #309 - Ramona Brady says:

    I love everything about this, esp the horizontal resting position, the 30 min shutoff, and the 12′ cord!

  310. #310 - Mary says:

    Great iron and nice ironing board project! Thank you for the giveaway!

  311. #311 - ruby t says:

    Hi Cathe,
    This Oliso iron sounds like the best. I do lots of sewing and need an iron that can perform well and not hinder my efforts. The makers have definitely worked on the design to make new features for an old tool.
    Thank you!

  312. #312 - Susan T says:

    Wow, what a great feature for an iron. I sew always press my seams and this just looks like it would be so convenient.
    Thanks Oliso and Cathe.

  313. #313 - Kristi D. says:

    Oh how I would love one of these irons

  314. #314 - Laura says:

    I have bought 3 irons in the last 6 months that were all worthless – and they were all name brands! With what I spent, I probably could have bought an Oliso Pro Smart Iron! Please – I need an Oliso! 🙂

  315. #315 - Kathy Waxler says:

    My Mother is a great quilter and this would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift – even belatedly. Thanks for the chance to win!

  316. #316 - Heidianna says:

    I love your board recover. My board is one of the metal ones, but I hate that the cover always slips and moves. My gears are turning now that I’ve seen how you recovered yours! Either that, or maybe I’ll just make a new one out of wood!

    Love the iron! Yellow is my favorite color. I just bought my mom a fancy steaming iron for Christmas, so now I want a new one for myself! Adding this to my wishlist!

  317. #317 - Smellyann says:

    Sweet iron. Love the color, too. I’d love to win it!

  318. #318 - Lisa Thistlethwaite says:

    A $200.00 iron! It must be amazing and I would love to win. I love the yellow! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  319. #319 - Tracy says:

    What a fabulous iron!

  320. #320 - Michelle K says:

    People always look at me so strange when I say it, but I LOVE to iron! Winning this iron would be wonderful. Thanks for the oppertunity! Michelle

  321. #321 - Linda Randall says:

    As a vintage lover, I am drooling over the ability of this Oliso Iron to remain flat. Being able to get finely detailed embroidered and lace edged linens perfectly smooth is a night mare now. So Cathe and Oliso, please consider this comment from a HUGE fan in your give away. Thanks Linda

  322. #322 - jan thomason says:

    I am very impressed with this iron and have just the spot for it;)

  323. #323 - Janus says:

    Wow an iron that would make ironing fun and not a chore!

  324. #324 - donna says:

    I saw this iron demo’d and have wanted it ever since. LOVE! Thanks for the op! 🙂

  325. #325 - Jenny G. says:

    That iron sounds amazing! The extra long cord alone would be welcome- I tripped on my iron cord this weekend and pulled it our of the socket, bending one of the plug tines in the process. A longer cord would make that less of an issue. And I love your ironing board and its new cover- nicely done!

  326. #326 - Carolyn says:

    You had me at yellow. Everything else is icing on the cake! 🙂

  327. #327 - Tracy Wright says:

    Amazing technology! I would love to have one of these super fabulous irons.
    And I love the idea of the antique wooden ironing board. They seem really sturdy and one surely can’t staple pretty fabric onto metal.

  328. #328 - Julia D. says:

    Wow! That Oliso iron looks so wonderful. Can’t believe how it works laying down and not scorching the ironing board. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your vintage ironing boards and the fabrics you used to cover them.

  329. #329 - Marianne Berry says:

    This idea came along just in time for me! My ironing board is looking really nasty, and after seeing the prices they’re charging in the stores, now I can just make my own! Thanks!

  330. #330 - jo says:

    Thanks for the project idea and the giveaway! Both look wonderful.

  331. #331 - Connie says:

    I am currently redoing my sewing room/ craftroom. The iron is something I can really use. Thank-you so much for the giveaway!
    ps Thanks, too, for the idea to make a vintage cover for an ironing board. I will definitely give it a try!

  332. #332 - cindy c says:

    hi cathe–
    i am so desperate for a good steam iron and would love to win this one–

  333. #333 - Naomi says:

    Oh, this iron is so deliciously cool! How wonderful it would be to win it! I used to have a vintage ironing board with RED LEGS! It was just beautiful. Sadly I lost it in a house fire and have never seen another like it. Makes me think of my grandmother’s ironing board. I remember that it had NO legs (broken maybe?) and she propped it atop two dining room chairs to do her ironing.

  334. #334 - judy says:

    Would I buy more linen if I had one of these?

  335. #335 - Dawn J says:

    This is a very cool iron! Thanks for the offer!

  336. #336 - Ashley James says:

    i would love to trade in my old cheapo iron for something great like this!

  337. #337 - Michelle says:

    Ooo! Congrats to the winner – my family, if I win 🙂

  338. #338 - Melody Spence says:

    I could sure enjoy using this very interesting iron. Might is on it’s way out.

  339. #339 - Kathy Bumb says:

    I love your blog and great tutorials. I have, to be honest, never heard of Oliso Smart Iron, but am sure it would be fantastic. I have always used Rowenta irons and loved them. My biggest selling feature for an iron is that they become hot enough. I do a lot of sewing, and require a very hot iron. Would love to win this iron.

  340. #340 - Laura says:

    How I’d love a 12 foot iron cord as well as a new iron! No matter how close I am to the outlet, it just isn’t long enough. Thanks for the give-away.

  341. #341 - Tina W says:

    I love that it’s yellow. So cheerful.

  342. #342 - Michelle Hiskey says:

    Thank you for this post. I have one of those old boards and now I know how to cover it. I was a little scared wondering if I’d ruin it. Thanks for the knowhow!

  343. #343 - Julie says:

    Love the board redo, great idea to attach the cover right to the board; the iron is adorable and looks perfectly at home on your new/old board!

  344. #344 - Heather Mauck says:

    What a great giveaway!! I saw these at a sewing expo a year ago. It has been on my wish list since me iron is half broken. It is a great tool. One of these days it is also on a list of things I would love to get my mother.

  345. #345 - JeriP says:

    I didn’t know such an iron existed. Technology is our friend. Love the color too.

  346. #346 - Bree says:

    Oh this would come in handy. I can’t tell you how many iron board covers I’ve burned and countless other things. And I’m always for any new appliance or gadget that will make chores easier and more enjoyable.

  347. #347 - Patti Highlands says:

    What awesome features for the Oliso Pro Smart Iron! Would love one in my sewing room! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Your ironing board covers turned out really nice!

  348. #348 - Rori Jensen says:

    Hello and thank you for this giveaway. I love the recovering of your vintage board and the Oliso iron looks wonderful and I have spotted it in several blogs and tutorials….fun!!!!

  349. #349 - richard says:

    I am a HUGE iron snob, and I have never, never been happy with what I buy. This is probably due to the fact that I am CHEAP, and expect the world from a $60.00 iron. I’d LOVE this guy to blow me away!

  350. #350 - Claire says:

    Smart and pretty – what a winning combination! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous iron,

  351. #351 - Bernida Simmons says:

    Easy and beautiful cover for your ironing board, what a great solution to refurbish a useful items, rather than throwing it out and buying another one. I like that. Looks great with that wonderful iron too.

  352. #352 - Laurie says:

    What a great iron! Finally one I can leave down on purpose without soaking the ironing board., Thanks for your great website.

  353. #353 - Casandra W Perry says:

    What an awesome idea, the rising soleplate. I have, ahem, creatively heated some garments/fabrics in the past. Worst one was the middle of the back of a jacket I’d just spent about a million hours embroidering with Jacobean motifs. I still have that panel because I refuse to throw away so much effort. I will make something of it one day!
    Anyway, your vintage covers are awesome! It makes me want a vintage board…my old metal one wouldn’t work too well being upholstered, methinks (lol)
    thanks Cathe for this great opportunity!

  354. #354 - Erin Glee says:

    This Oliso iron looks fabulous, as do your ironing board covers! It would be hard to get used to not putting it on the “up-so-you-don’t-burn-your-cover” position, but I can learn! Thank you for the chance to win!

  355. #355 - Frances says:

    This iron looks like a dream! I would love to have such a pro iron for my sewing projects. And haha, I guess for my clothes too!

  356. #356 - Paula M says:

    This looks awesome. I currently need an iron and having one that can be left facing down would solve all sorts of problems. I like that it wouldn’t tip as easily, too.

  357. #357 - Debbie says:

    Upholstering an ironing board is a great idea. I need a new iron, and this Oliso Pro Smart Iron is just what I need.

  358. #358 - Ellen says:

    A huge part of sewing and quilting is the ironing! This would be a wonderful aid to my crafting work.

  359. #359 - Dawn H says:

    What a pretty iron! I would love a new iron…mine is so old (and ugly). Love your blog!

  360. #360 - Jackie says:

    Would definitely love a new iron. Nothing makes ironing more pleasant than a good iron, and what a cute color!

  361. #361 - Erin says:

    Love this iron and I too love vintage ironing boards so beautiful. Hope I can get my hands on one too.

  362. #362 - maxine locherer says:

    cool iron — i absolutely love the color….. would so love to have one.

  363. #363 - AD says:

    Beautiful. I cannot tell you how many times I have burned the heck out of the ironing board cover. Let’s just say that ‘crispy’ might be a good adjective to describe it. 🙂 And I love the way you’ve organized the hanging fabrics in your sewing nook.

  364. #364 - Nancy B says:

    I love the vintage ironing boards!!!! I like that you stapled down the batting and fabric- no worry about it slipping! Thanks for a chance to win this awesome iron.

  365. #365 - Tina W. says:

    I LOVE your sewing nook Cathe! The vintage ironing boards go perfectly with everything else. Great way to revive them with new covers! I also love the modern yet kitschy feel of the yellow iron! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  366. #366 - Laura says:

    Cool! I would be much less worried about ironing with my young children around with an iron that can rest laying down.

  367. #367 - rebecca bolger says:

    I would love this iron! my current one needs to be retired, and this is sooo pretty in yellow!

  368. #368 - Dietlinde Hoffman says:

    Finally, someone listening to the needs of crafters, especially ones who get lost in thought like I do. What a clever way to counteract the problem I’ve had over and over. Love it!

  369. #369 - Patty VanDenHeuvel says:

    I love this iron! I iron a lot and always have two irons on hand as back up.
    It’s not that i love, love, love ironing, but i love the look and feel of ironed clothes. There is also something relaxing about it for me. I usually iron on a Saturday morning or if after work, i pop a Miller Lite and iron away!

  370. #370 - Funky Farmer Girl says:

    The sewing diva in me has come out & oh how sweet it would be to have an iron that didn’t have a mind of it’s own. One which does not automatically shuts it’s self down on a whim. Besides the fact that the cute little yellow iron would be perfect in my newly remodeled inspiration room!!! Fingers crossed.

  371. #371 - Raye Marie says:

    I hate ironing but you made it look fun!

  372. #372 - Krista says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would be blessed to be able to win this.

  373. #373 - Bibi says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m always interested in learning about new, well-designed products.

  374. #374 - Marie W. says:

    I’ve not heard of this brand of iron before. It would be bound to improve my ironing as I struggle now with an old, not so reliable one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  375. #375 - marymary says:

    Oh, wow. I’ve been needing a new iron since mine isn’t steaming very well, but I’ve been having a hard time finding one with a long enough auto-shutoff. This one looks amazing!

  376. #376 - Lynne Williams says:

    Love the color on this iron and would love to give their iron a try. Think it would make a great alternative to my Sussman for those shorter sewing days.

  377. #377 - Anne Weaver says:

    I saw this iron at QuiltCon and fell in love! I kept picking it up and putting it back down just so I could watch those feet do their magic. Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  378. #378 - Charlotte Lyons says:

    Oh, I need a new iron so badly! I use one every day and will let the world know how much I love it too!

  379. #379 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    I love old ironing boards…I have one of the ‘in the wall’ pull down type and I think I am going to recover it this weekend! Thanks for the idea!


  380. #380 - Aysha says:

    I sooooo can use a new iron and how fun is that color!

  381. #381 - Kathleen Tracy says:

    Love your idea of repurposing an old ironing board. Too cute!

  382. #382 - Four dogs and one quilter says:

    I would love this iron, so tired of my old one leaking. This Oliso looks awesome.

  383. #383 - lynn says:

    i love your site –
    the iron and ironing board are amazing…
    i’m a quilter and the oliso would be wonderful to win!!!
    thanks for the opportunity…

  384. #384 - Mali says:

    I’d love to win this great looking duo for my mom. (or me!) Probably my mom, since she’s always making gifts for everyone. She’s the best.

  385. #385 - Donna Davis says:

    I’ve not heard of this iron before… very cool! Thanks for the introduction. Now I have my fingers crossed, hoping I’m the lucky girl. LOL
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  386. #386 - kathy from ct says:

    i LOVE to iron. I can’t imagine what a $199 must work like – would love to take it for a spin.

  387. #387 - lynnie says:

    Wow! Great duo. Love the ironing board cover – you should see mine! The Oliso iron looks amazing… I’d love to win!

  388. #388 - Cristal Smith says:

    Oh I would so love to have it! It looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  389. #389 - Beverly Stief says:

    I have wanted one of these irons since last year at our Orlando Home Show. I saw the demo and wanted to buy it soooo bad but we have had one thing after another preventing me from getting an iron. Just recently both of our cars bite the big one, causing us to get two new vehicles. I told one of my friends about the iron last December and she got it for Christmas, sniff. I am so very jealous. I really hope I win.

  390. #390 - Jules says:

    This iron looks super convenient. Would love to have it for crafting and sewing!

  391. #391 - Merri Jo says:

    I’m a newbie quilter, & I would be delighted to have this amazing iron for pressing my creations!

  392. #392 - karel says:

    Cute iron. I love the ironing board.

  393. #393 - Nancy Lorenz says:

    A Yellow iron??? Want!

  394. #394 - Krista says:

    I could use this! Somebody dropped mine.

  395. #395 - mitzi says:

    Oh, yeah…mama like! Dreamy iron and beyond cute cover!

  396. #396 - Leslie W says:

    A good iron is hard to come by! Love the color and review.

  397. #397 - Cindy Jo Grindle says:

    This looks like a fun and useful tool. Want!

  398. #398 - Dawn P. says:

    What a cute way to bring back to life a great vintage ironing board; I printed the tips for my craft book ideas! I have been searching for such a board and now I have the idea to bring it to life! And the iron sounds WONDERFUL! Love your crafty world!

  399. #399 - Gina Nielsen says:

    Wow what a great iron! I would love to have an iron that is ALL MINE! I would love to have a nifty new iron my craft room and for my clothing. My family can have the old iron that they have abused. I would not have to clean it every time!

  400. #400 - Joanie says:

    Love the ironing board recover job! It looks ammazing and Oliso Pro Smart Iron looks nice also!

  401. #401 - Gloria McAllister says:

    I think this might be just what I need to inspire that badly needed laundry room makeover! Count me in please.

  402. #402 - Christie says:

    OMG…I’ve been researching this exact Oliso iron for about 5 hrs now! It has excellent reviews and has all the features I have been looking for in an iron. The ironing board is such a brilliant crafting idea! What a beautiful way to express a love for vintage and state of the art technology.

  403. #403 - lynnie says:

    not only does the iron look amazing…
    the cover it terrific!
    i’d love to win!

  404. #404 - Andrea Nelson says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!!

  405. #405 - G Peters says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of ironing, but this iron could change my mind!

  406. #406 - cintia says:

    Would love to have that beauty, a great inspiration to keep sewing

  407. #407 - Kaye says:

    This iron is absolutely great…used one at a friend’s house and wow!

  408. #408 - Prickly Pinecone says:

    What a neat invention! This will save me fretting if i need to step away from the board for a minute.

  409. #409 - Vicky king says:

    I would love to try out this iron! Adorable ironing board 😉

  410. #410 - jennifer Knudson says:

    Now I know what to do with my antique ironning board. Anyway, I always need new inspiration to iron. I have 7 children and ironing has never been my strong suit. Just maybe having a new iron would help me in least favorite chore, not to mention saving time while I craft and sew.

  411. #411 - Phyllis says:

    Just ran across this post & am blown away by the iron. Having crafted & ironed for 60+ years, I can appreciate the technology. Would love to use one. Also have become a fan of your blog recently. Thank you for the freebies.

  412. #412 - Teri Gregg says:

    I would SO love to win this iron! A friend has one and swears that it is the best iron ever invented. AND, I already have an old wooden ironing board, it’s naked at the moment, and is just begging to be covered like the one pictured here. Thanks for inspiring me to make my old ironing board functional again.

  413. #413 - Janet says:

    Just in time! My iron is sooooooo sad! Hot, cold, spit spit! Thanks for the chance to retire the offender!

  414. #414 - Kathy says:

    What an amazing opportunity to win this Oliso iron. I have needed a new iron for a couple years now. And the timing is perfect – I’m just getting my sewing/craft room set up after living with all of my treasures in boxed storage for nearly two years. Thanks so much for this chance to win an Oliso!

  415. #415 - Sheryl A says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I have had my eye on a vintage ironing board at a local antique store for some time. The only thing keeping me from buying it was not being sure how to recover it in a satisfactory manner. Thanks to your post I now have my answer & maybe even a new iron from your giveaway! Thanks again!

  416. #416 - Roz says:

    This would get me closer to my inner domestic goddess… Wait.. Sorry she just ran away screaming.

  417. #417 - Jeanne Hopko says:

    Love the iron, a few friends already have this and I would love one too.

  418. #418 - Tiffany Joan says:

    This is an amazing iron. Would love it:) Your re-covering job on your board is beautiful. I never thought of collecting ironing boards…Yes, a new thing to keep my eye open for while junking.

  419. #419 - Lisa Lee says:

    I would love to win this iron, I too have been coveting the Oliso irons for a long time! Thanks for the opportunity!

  420. #420 - Alice says:

    Thank you! I purchased a vintage ironing board several years ago when I was at the Arts’ Fest in State College, PA. Naturally, I could never find a cover to fit it. I did find a few patterns on line, but they were made like the new ones with the string. I never did get around to making one.

    Now, I am excited about making the cover. I hate to iron (except when I am quilting or crafting), but maybe this will encourage me to branch out to actual clothing…

    PS just found your blog – love it

  421. #421 - Sheila Matthews says:

    Thank you for the info on recovering the vintage ironing board. I was trying to figure out how to hang mine up and now I’m going to recover mine as well. I love what you did!

    Can you tell me how you hung up your other vintage board? Or take a photo for me?



  422. #422 - Lea Rutherford says:

    This ironing board is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Where did you find it and what are the dimensions?

  423. #423 - Nancy Keaveny says:

    I bought my olio iron at the Mn state fair and love, love, love it. The only disappointing thing is to get all of the water out of the reservoir when I am finished because I did not use all of the water up when ironing. Any suggestions? Did I mention that I love my iron?

  424. #424 - Mary Ann says:

    The vintage ironing boards look awesome. But I also like that hanger you have with scarves? It’s a strip of wood with hooks and rings? How did you attach the rings?