Crafty Pizza

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not as creative in the kitchen as you might think. I suppose by the end of a very creative day I usually don’t have a lot of good ideas left over for dinner. I have several go-to meals, a husband who is a fantastic cook, and three teens who are slowly but surely cooking a few family meals of their own. But once in a while I do come up with a yummy recipe that I tuck away in my portfolio of favorite dishes if it turns out to be a hit with the home crew. My latest is a pizza dish that was inspired by a lunch salad from a local cafe. With the ingredients in topping form, this pizza recipe is perfect as a meal or appetizer. SCJ-CH-Asparagus-Pizza-02 Click over to my blog post at SC Johnson Family Economics to see how to make my Asparagus Walnut Pizza and please add to the comments there your favorite pizza recipe. I’m hoping we can build up a fabulous pizza idea resource!

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for SC Johnson.

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