Cigar Art Rosette & Display

Hello creafty friends! I’m back to share my latest offering pairing my admiration of vintage cigar box art and love of vintage prize ribbon rosettes. The Cigar Label Rosette.

The centerpiece of the rosette was created by recovering a thrifted button badge with a section of a vintage cigar box label. I added a small German die-cut to the upper section. I gathered and scalloped the edges of gold crepe paper for one layer, added loops of red metallic ribbon another and a tier of a vintage red satin prize ribbon rosette for the base. The accordion fold rosette section was made using a section of vintage cigar box edge trim paper.

I finished the piece with coordinating new and vintage ribbons and a trimmed out section of the edge trim paper as tailpieces.

To display the piece I started with one of my favorite antique shop finds- a tattered but beautiful old game board that was worn completely in two. I drove to my local Tap Plastics shop to have plexiglass cut to the size of each half for a grand total less than $10. The blue protective film peels away when ready for use.I found colored artist masking tape at the art supply store to mount the plexiglass. No doubt I’ll find plenty of other projects to use this tape for!

I taped around the outer edge of the plexiglass…

Then trimmed and folded over the edges.

And here’s my finished piece!Stay tuned… I finally get to announce the title of my upcoming book soon! (This post was a big hint!)

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16 Responses to Cigar Art Rosette & Display

  1. #1 - Elizabeth says:

    this is great! love it!!

  2. #2 - Danee says:

    While I have never ever seen a project from you that I didn’t love this one might just be the best ever. If not it is a definitely a top contender. The ribbon is itself is clever and fun to look at as well as well made- quality is important to me. But the box and the ingenuity behind it is what really pushes it over the top for me. I adore old game boards but haven’t really come up with something to do with them. This is a unique and fun use…I may steal the idea….but that is what blogging is all about right.

  3. #3 - Tina W. says:

    What a great pairing of the things you love! Such a fabulous work of art for display! I’m glad there’s a TAP Plastics location in our area…love this place!

  4. #4 - maggie raguse says:

    awesome, Cathe! The game board and its graphics make the perfect shadowbox…and I LOVE how you’ve finished it so simply with the colored masking tape. No holes drilled in the plexi, just the simple, clean line of the tape…PERFECT! The rosette itself is pretty perfect, too!!

    i’m DYING to hear more about the book!!!!!!!

  5. #5 - Heather A. says:

    Brilliantly stunning! LOVE the idea of plexi over the box.

  6. #6 - Alison W says:

    This is beautiful! I cant believe so much was from cigars! I have an obession with rosettes and this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. #7 - Sharon Bennett says:

    I have always loved everything you do. I am guessing that the name of your new book which I can’t wait for, is gonna be. Antique Cigar Box Art! Or close! YAY for great books by great authors!

  8. #8 - Amy Baldwin says:

    This is amazing! I definitely plan on buying your new book!

  9. #9 - Karen on Bainbridge Island, WA says:

    My dad was a cigar smoker, so we always had an endless supply of cigar boxes for organizing things, storing things, etc. I once turned one of the boxes into a “guitar” by attaching a yardstick, cutting a whole and using stretched rubber bands as my strings. I miss those boxes and the treasures they held. Thanks, as always, for sharing your creativity and stirring memories of my father.

  10. #10 - Charlotte Lyons says:

    so thrilled for you, Cathe! can’t wait!!

  11. #11 - LCSmithSAVED (Leslie) says:

    Oh my goodness this is gor-geous! I am so inspired – I love those rosettes… *sigh*… amazing

  12. #12 - Susan Reaney says:

    This is incredible! I can see why it was a big hit!

  13. #13 - Gary Grayson says:

    I love this ribbon display and your blog…Gary

  14. #14 - Peaches says:

    When I glimpsed over, I thought for sure that prize-winning ribbon would go to a birthday girl (or boy)….but the frame? With the plexi glass? That is just plain genius. A whole new realm of frame options just up and exploded in my brains. This is a game changer (no pun intended!)


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  16. #15 - Juliet' says:

    Hi, Cathe. Just wanted to say that every time I browse through your “projects” category, I find something I want to make – immediately. I have a stash of craft supplies at work and every once in a while, I’ll hunker down low in my cubicle and sneak-make a gift tag or birthday card. I have downloaded many of your freebies and, if anything, they inspire my next idea. Thank you for that. My idea for YOU is that I think you should be manufacturing your own products. You have such a great eye for vintage design, I’m 100% positive that a Cathe Holden line of scrap booking paper and doodads would knock the crafting world’s socks off (especially pre-scored paper for rosettes). I find it extremely generous of you to share what you do and am so glad that Stephanie Sherratt told me about your website! Have a great day!