Art Is you Collage Component Cabinet Workshop Recap

Last Friday began the the long awaited West Coast Art Is You Art Retreat weekend here in our awesome town of Petaluma. I don’t think enough can be said about the event coordinators, the amazing work they did, the amount of details they considered and the way they made everyone who attended feel special. The event was held at the Sheraton Sonoma County – Petaluma Hotel along the beautiful Petaluma River where my workshop classroom looked out onto the marina. I have to add that this hotel’s staff was so professional, friendly and accommodating on all levels. And Friday’s meal (Tortilla soup and Southwestern Salad) was the best lunch I’ve had in a very long time!Every single instructor and attendee at Art Is You received an adorable hand-crafted name badge. It was a kick to see how many resembled their recipients and how some altered theirs. I love mine, but I think it looks more like my sister Jennifer! (I love that.)

I met the most amazing women instructors and attendees at Art Is You and was in awe of so many of them. I shopped ’til I dropped at Naval Jelly Studio’s on-site store and with many other vendors at the AIY Trunk Show!

I have to say…my class rocked. SUCH a great group of very creative and warm women. I had the best time sharing my project, sponsored materials, all the many things I’d been gathering for the attendees for months, and my studio tools. You can see all the photos I took of our day, including the workshop set-up on Flickr.

There was a point during the day when I grew a bit concerned as our room was so quiet! But I realized that everyone was in their own creative mode decorating and embellishing their cabinets and crafting their collage components.

We were so fortunate to have an impressive list of hand-picked workshop sponsors to make our day & projects complete. Please visit the links below to see why I am so enthusiastic about their products. Decopatch papers, brushes, and varnish, lots of collage components, Terrifically Tacky Tape, rubber stamps, Cavallini posters (awesome classroom giveaway!)

Sterling Publishing/Lark Books Classroom books: Scraps by Elsebeth Gynther & Christine Clemmensen

Whisker Graphics Divine Twine Sweet Dozen and Little Bitty Bags Assortment of die-cut label stock including full-sheet Kraft label sheets

Rose Mille German Glass Glitter Travel Sewing Kits

Jenni Bowlin/JBS Mercantile Papers, Embellishments, Stickers, Vintage lace trim, Paper punches

Charlotte Lyons/Blend Walnut Hill Farm fabric collection

Plaid Mod Podge

Bonnie’s Best Genesis Paper Trimmer and Japanese Book Drill

Sensible Foods Delicious and healthy, gluten free, dried fruit & Vegetable snacks

Divine Twine Station!

Local food company, Sensible Foods supplied heaps of delicious Crunch Dried® Snacks for our day of crafting. Love this stuff!!

I’ve already signed up to teach next year, not sure what just yet, but it will be cool, I promise!  A huge Thank You to all who attended this year. I was the most fun to spend the day with you and watch your beautiful cabinets come together.

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9 Responses to Art Is you Collage Component Cabinet Workshop Recap

  1. #1 - Joanne says:

    What an inspiring class Cathe. It was a pleasure to meet you, and play with all the wonderful things that you brought to the class. It was even more fun to see all of the wonderful and different decoration interpretations of the cabinets!

  2. #2 - Lynne Suprock says:

    nicely done Cathe! Made me wish I was there too. How wonderful your classes pieces turned out! xo Lynne

  3. #3 - Winny says:

    I LOVE Sensible Foods, especially their crunch dried corn products!!!

    Your crew made some mighty nice projects. Makes me wish I lived closer.

  4. #4 - Tracy says:

    It appears to have been a wonderful experience for everyone!

  5. #5 - Wanda says:

    This looks like such fun!!!

  6. What a great event! I wish I would have been able to take your class, but there is always next year 🙂 I took Anna Corba’s class and had such a wonderful experience. I think enjoyed watching what the other ladies were creating about as much as my own creative work. It was such a powerful feeling to be able to create something wonderful over a period of so many consecutive hours, without major interruption! Thanks for posting the flikr photos. It was great to see what your participants came up with.

  7. #7 - nicole says:

    thank you so much for a great class! i had so much fun chatting and filling my drawers with goodies and decorating my one drawer! (i’m such a slow poke! i plan to work on the rest of my cabinet this weekend!) thank you for all the tricks and tips and for your generosity. i hope you’ll consider teaching again soon in the near future! 🙂

  8. #8 - Julia D. says:

    I’m actually drooling on my keyboard looking at all the wonderful goodies and tools available, to make the great cabinets at your Workshop! Sure looks like fun was had by all and that they sure did a wonderful job in their creations. So happy for you too, that you were able to teach this class and at such a devine location.
    Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.

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