Arsenic and Old Lace: October Country Living

Stepping over to the dark side- a very scary assignment from Country Living- designing toxic antique apothecary labels for you to download, print, and adhere to vintage-style bottles of your favorite libations and other creepy potions in your Halloween decor. The directions are on page 88, and on the Country Living website HERE, along with the free label downloads. Once designed, I crafted the antique-style labels utilizing full sheet label stock from (Also available in 10-sheet sets.)Check out all of the other DIY Halloween decorations in the October issue of Country Living!

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23 Responses to Arsenic and Old Lace: October Country Living

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  2. #1 - Monique says:

    Thanks~ I just finished devouring the magazine and making their poached pear salad..and painting a small pumpkin white..I’ll add one of the tags will go great with the pearl and ribbon I added:)
    I love that magazine.And I appreciate all you share with us~

  3. #2 - Centsational Girl says:

    I was JUST reading this today in CL, love love love this, and the Cary Grant movie too! You’re so creative and talented!

  4. #3 - Christine says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks

  5. #4 - iHanna says:

    Oh, idea from that old play. I’ve seen that. Love these designs, but would be scared to drink from those bottles…

  6. #5 - Kath says:

    Has someone been stealing a lot of your alcohol? These would be great for dinner parties!


  7. #6 - Leann says:

    Love this idea for a Halloween party!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  9. #7 - fiona says:

    Oh so cool! When my brother was young, he was always suspicious of any new dish and would ask “What’s in it?” Eventually, my mum grew tired of this and said “arsenic” so it’s become a family saying. This will make a great present for him! 🙂

  10. #8 - Krys says:

    Rather fun, especially since I’m currently reading “The Poisoner’s Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York” and just finished a section on cyanide and am in to the second section on arsenic 🙂

  11. #10 - Heather A. says:

    Only YOU could make arsenic look classy. Seriously. I love it!

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  13. #11 - dawn says:

    I love your clip art and bottles, but tell me, who did the tatting?

  14. #12 - Carol says:

    Thank you Cathe for these wonderfully wicked poison labels. How perfect for my Halloween cards and crafts!

  15. Cathe,I love your labels, I always find something great every time I visit. Thank you so much, I have shared on my Facebook and Pinterest!

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  20. LOVE these wonderful labels…thanks for sharing!

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  22. #15 - Kenneth says:

    Hi. Any chance of an update to a source for these graphics? Unable to find on the Country Living website. The link goes to a page for veiled pumpkins. Thank you!