Rose Mille: September Cachette & German Glass Glitter

Last Fall while in St. Paul, Minnesota for The Creative Connection Event, I found myself dining in a restaurant in with some pretty fabulous people- Charlotte Lyons, Kaari Meng, Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso, Heather Ales, and Michelle Rose Jorgensen and her charming husband, Bob. That, my friends, is a dinner you don’t forget. I spent a lot of time talking to Michelle that evening and again when we met up at the 2012 Winter CHA in January. Michelle is an amazing designer, instructor, milliner, and shop keep of the spectacular Rose Mille in Stillwater, MN, shown here featured in the Feb/Mar issue of Where Women Create. Michelle’s French-inspired romantic style is infectious, to say the least. If you spend time perusing the Rose Mille Web Shop you’ll find yourself not only smitten, like me, but in a state of inspiration euphoria! Just imagine all of the beautiful projects possible with the multitude of unique supplies Michelle has curated.I contacted Michelle regarding her beautiful, custom color German Glass Glitter because I thought it would be perfect for including in my upcoming workshop at Art Is You! in September. Not only did she oblige, but just look at the gorgeous kits she assembled to sponsor the workshop Each attendee will receive a sweet little vintage plastic box holding 8 tiny bottles filled with a colorful selection of pure glass glitter.The pink is my favorite- the perfect hue.Michelle also sent a surprise just for me! Tucked in with the glitter shipment was A Rose Mille Cachette du Mois. A handmade round box stuffed to the brim with crafty supply delectables, many vintage, and each piece hand chosen for the upcoming month’s theme.Mine is the September Cachette… I. Am. Speechless.

You can find the entire list of September Cachette contents here.

Opening that box was like diving head first into the Rose Mille shop. I can hardly wait to make something with these supplies. If anyone ever asks me again what I’d like for my birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, whatever… its a subscription to these monthly kits from Rose Mille. Thank you SO much Michelle, you’re incredible!!



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11 Responses to Rose Mille: September Cachette & German Glass Glitter

  1. #1 - wendy says:

    i want to live in this world. thank you for the passport. xow.

  2. #2 - Julia D. says:

    Oh my goodness what a wonderful gift! I really love the box alone! You deserve it and must have made quite an impression to recieve such wonderful delights. Can hardly wait to see what you first use from this delicous box of goodies. Enjoy….

  3. #3 - Nicky says:

    Gurl!!! You have such a great job! Love this intro to Rose Mille. Thx!

  4. #4 - shari says:

    SO LOVELY!! Would expect nothing less from Michelle!! What a pretty post you did here, Cathe. Thanks for sharing all of that beauty in a box!


  5. #5 - Wanda says:

    Soooo stunning. I need to stop drooling. Oh my goodness…what lovely goodies in that box!!

  6. #6 - berta says:

    What a beautiful collection! Off to check out the site. Have fun with your goodies! Can’t wait to see what you create.

  7. #8 - Pam says:

    I’m so sorry I never saw this shop when it was in San Jose or when I was in Minnesota! It’s on my list for my next trip for sure. I miss so many of the wonderful shops we used to have in the Bay Area. I’m sure there’s new ones that have sprung up, I just haven’t found them yet. Thanks for sharing.. that littl cashette looks amazing!

  8. #9 - Amy says:

    What beautiful things! We need a store like that in Petaluma!!! I’d love to take one of those workshops!

  9. #10 - Kim Reedich says:

    I am lucky to live in Stillwater. It’s always wonderful to visit Michelle’s world!

  10. #11 - Mary Corbet says:

    Oh my goodness! Rose Mille looks like one of those shops I could get lost in for hours and hours and hours! Definitely going there the next time I’m in Minnesota! Thank you for the heads up!