Paper Tape & Stickers: Free Printable

You know I love paper tape. And everyone loves stickers. So, in partnership with I designed some “cheater” paper tape and coordinating sticker designs for making printing your own. There are four different design styles in several color combinations for both tape and stickers available to you as one free PDF file download. Print the tape designs to full sheet label stock and the sticker designs to 3/4″ round label sheets. The free tape and sticker file and corresponding label sheets are all available through Once the tape graphics are printed, use a paper trimmer or Xacto knife and straight edge to cut the designs into strips. Keep the backing paper attached until ready to use, then simply fold back a small section of one corner to separate the backing from the adhesive paper.I like to trim my round label sheet into strips and peel away the outer area leaving the “stickers” only.Make lots of extra to keep on hand for quickie gift-wrapping, dolling up letters and envelopes, taping notes up, decorating containers and a zillion other things I know you’ll think of!TIP: To create a scalloped design along the edge of something, fold back a long section of the backing on a row of stickers to the halfway point and press the adhesive exposed sections along a fold or edge. Remove the remaining backing and fold the other halves of the stickers over the edge.Enjoy!

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29 Responses to Paper Tape & Stickers: Free Printable

  1. #1 - Jamie says:

    So SO SOOOO adorable!!

  2. #2 - najwa says:

    hello, im from malaysia.. if i want to buy this tape, and stikers, how much do you sell it.. ang how much charge for it

    • #3 - Cathe Holden says:

      najwa, the tape and stickers are in the form of PDF files that are no charge to access from the blog. You print the file images to label stock (which you can purchase from to create your own tape and stickers.

  3. #4 - Connie says:

    Cute ideas. I like the coffee can best!

  4. #5 - wendy baker says:

    you keep making me want to get a really great printer. these are so adorable and totally clever. xow.

  5. #6 - Paula says:

    These are so neat. Can’t wait to print some. Thank you for sharing!

  6. #7 - Karen says:

    Love! You are so creative and always have such charming and beautiful ideas.

  7. #8 - Elaine Allen says:

    Cathe –

    Thank you so much. I love these!

    Elaine Allen

  8. #9 - Marilyn McIldoon says:

    I love all your graphic genius Cathe! My daughter is also a graphic artist, but unfortunately she lives out of town. I wish someone would design some cute button cards, hint, hint! The measuring tape is my favourite, I will get lots of use out of this, thanks for sharing all your wonderful idea’s, hugs, Marilyn.

  9. #10 - partycraftsecrets says:

    oooohhh – the measuring tape is super cute – love it!

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  12. #11 - Gloria Garrett says:

    Cathe, thank you so very much. I have been looking for something exactly like this. You are so kind!

  13. #12 - Noddy says:

    Hi Cathe,
    This is awesome! thank you for sharing with us

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  15. #13 - Cat von Hassel-Davies says:

    I love these! you are so talented. Can I ask? Which stickers did you use… matte? gloss? recycled? clear gloss? Ooooh so many choices LOL.


  16. #14 - Annika says:

    These are so cute. I love them!

  17. #15 - Katrina says:

    Love it all.

  18. #16 - Shawnna says:

    These are adorable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the measuring tape!!!!!!!

  19. #17 - caitlin says:

    LOVE!! thankyou : )

  20. #18 - Rebecca says:

    So wonderful! Thanks for sharing it.

  21. #19 - gypsy mel says:

    oh how beautiful and sweet. We all love free stuff but this is even cuter than ever 🙂 thank you

  22. #20 - Lynn says:

    Thank you so much! Just love them.

  23. #21 - Tess n says:

    Thank you so much, Cathe! Beautiful designs. I’m thinking about how to use them for Octoberfest. 🙂

  24. #22 - marta says:


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  27. #23 - Nor Asikin Ramli says:

    This is so amazing! TQVM!

  28. #24 - melissa says:

    if i ever find a PT job ill be buying tons of Washi tape and stuff. just had to quit my horrible pt job. my boss wouldnt give me time to go visit my mother who lives 1500 miles away and had just gotten over cancer. Trying to find a PT job so i can work on my art. im 1 year to 50 i want something i wanted to do when i was younger to come true. my art some of it is on my instagram. Shakira4242 since quitting ive been looking for work and its had a positive effect no longer letting depression rule me. fighting it and discovering Journaling. want to do Rolodex journals. naughty me bought one. ive been working on turning old books into journals gluing pages together and gessoing the books. each one im getting better at it.. i dont have ink for our printer would have to go pay at library.. still want to thank you for the ability to find them. even if i cant afford to print them atm.. 😉 p