Barn Studio Progress: Containers

Behold: My driveway with two 8′ x 20′ storage containers. Lovely, no? These two beasts will be housing my craft stash for the next few months during the making of the barn studio. I’ve only begun to move shelves and bins into the units, doing my best to keep things somewhat in order so I can access materials and supplies as easily as possible during the transition. Some bins need their contents organized, but I’ll wait until I’m ready to move them into the barn for good, no need to organize twice. Here are a few of my drawer units already in. Over the next week I hope to get all the tables, chairs and other furniture in the containers as well.. This is all in an effort to clear out my current studio and the crafty overflow that has taken over our garage and move things currently in the barn into those areas. Then we can begin the necessary barn work such as building a ceiling, lighting, painting, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and likely a few more things we’ve yet to think of. It’s going to be a very, very busy summer!

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