Portrait Prize Ribbon Rosette

A friend took some wonderful photos of my kids last fall and because I love making prize ribbon rosettes, especially multi-tiered ones, I thought that would be a great way to frame a portrait. And so I got crafty, starting with an image of my youngest, Sarah, far left.I asked her what she liked, trying to get a feel for the different components I would use in her rosette. Her answer: reading, leather, lace, Anthropologie, flowers. Awesome!

For the flowers, I picked up this delicious patterned scrapbook paper, Picadilly: Prairie Grass by Basic Grey.

I had several small gold foil frames I bought on clearance somewhere. I just knew they’d come in handy. They are 2.5″ inside and 4″ outside. I removed the hardware from the back of the frame, sized and printed a cropped image of Sarah, placed it inside, and hot-glued it closed.

I cut two wide strips of the scrapbook paper, glued them end to end with a slight overlap, scalloped the edges with an edge punch, and scored lines at 1/4″ on my Martha Stewart Scoring board. I accordion folded along the scores, hot glued one end of the combined strip to the other and collapsed the entire piece into itself forming a rosette. I hot-glued it at the center and did the same to a smaller combined strip of vintage book pages for one of the tiers. I gathered vintage lace from my sewing stash into a round ruffle for another tier and looped strips of scrap coat leather pieces for petals. I stacked and glued all tiers together atop one another. When creating multi-tiered rosettes, be certain your tiers are graduating nicely in size allowing the best of each to show in the final piece.I glued notched scrapook paper sections and coordinating ribbon, leather strips and lace trim for the tailpieces. Note that only the paper tailpieces are glued to the very back, the others are tucked between layers for added dimension. Finally, the framed portrait was hot-glued to the very center.

To finish off the back of the rosette, I hot-glued a large piece of recycled chipboard. For hanging hardware, I curled the ends of a section of wire, bent it into a U-shape and hot-glued the curled sections to the back covering it with a smaller chipboard circle.

I think portrait prize ribbon rosettes will look lovely hanging in our hallway family photo gallery. Off to make more…

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16 Responses to Portrait Prize Ribbon Rosette

  1. #1 - Sharon says:

    I’m just blown away! And what a self-esteem booster for your daughter! Can’t wait to see what you do with the others. Lovely children, btw, as I’m sure you know.

  2. #2 - Rachel Garza says:

    So beautiful. Simply stunning!


  3. #3 - Laura James says:

    I haelped my daughter make a ribbon rosette frame for her riding teacher this past Christmas. We had no problem pleating the ribbon, or making ribbon streamers, but it was a real challenge to find a small round frame to base it on–we wound up using a “golden ring” from a Christmas ornament. You are lucky to have the frames–and your project turned out great.

  4. #4 - Nana Diana says:

    The pictures are darling…and I LOVE the medallion display you made for them. How wonderful! xo Diana

  5. #5 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Such a special way to honor your beautiful children with a custom handmade frame for each one. I adore all the details in your blue ribbon frame. Blissful Inspirations…

  6. #6 - Marilyn McIldoon says:

    Wow, what a great statement! Leather, lace and flowers, oh my!

  7. #7 - Heather A. says:

    It’s STUNNING. I love it! Great job on incorporating your daughter into such a lovely project!!

  8. #8 - Immi says:

    What a special way to celebrate your daughter!

  9. #9 - Amy Baldwin says:

    This rosette is beyond fabulous! I love the size and thickness of the finished piece, such great presence on the wall. I would love to pin this! Beautiful!

  10. #10 - LeeW says:

    I really like how your rosette frame came out, and looking forward to seeing the others! I do have a question: does all that hot glue hold up? Do you use a special brand of it, or just any hot glue? Not low-temp, right? Thanks!

    • #11 - Cathe says:

      Yes, the hot glue does great and holds up perfectly. I do try to avoid purchasing low temp glue because I’d hate to have my pieces fall apart if, for example, I were transporting them and left them to sit in a hot car. I don’t know a LOT about hot glue, but I know I love it. Thanks for asking.

  11. #12 - Susan Reaney says:

    That is just adorable! You delight me!

  12. #13 - Julia D. says:

    Just love it! They all will look great amongst your picture wall. Your children are so adorable! The girls are so pretty like their mom and your son is handsome as his dad. I know how proud it makes a parent feel when their children are so great. Look forward to seeing the next ribbon rosettes with your other children. You are the best!

  13. #14 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    Your rosettes are just amazing..the combinations of materials and the detail and quality of your work is inspiring!


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  15. #15 - Brandon says:

    Do you make these for events? I need about 40 of these made for A Kentucky Derby party for Habitat for Humanity