Party Store Rosette

A trip to the party store can be a bit spendy, but if you utilize a few items from your take home stash you can stretch your dollar a bit by making a custom rosette for your special event!

With goodies like decorative napkins, streamers, beads, hors d’oevres utensils, and cardboard coasters, an old button-badge and a free digital download or photo you can make create a coordinating party decoration.

TO MAKE: Pick up a set of inexpensive cardboard drink coasters- it doesn’t matter the decoration because you’re going to use the back side- so look for ones on clearance. You will use these as rounds to hot glue your rosette layers to. (1) Cut long rectangles from colorful paper napkins and adhere to full sheet label stock to reinforce. You can also use spray adhesive to lightly coat a sheet of paper and lay the napkin sections onto that. Glue rectangular sections together if necessary to make one long piece. Use a scoring board on the backside of the paper (not the front side of the napkin) and score equal lines for accordion folding. Use decorative scissors to trim along one edge before folding. Glue ends of the long strip of folded napkin together and form the entire piece into a round by bringing the non-scallopped edges together in the center and hot gluing to a cardbaord coaster to form a large rosette tier. Repeat with another patterned napkin for a smaller rosette tier. (2) Cut strips of reinforced decorative napkin to create a looped petal-like rosette tier by hot gluing loops to a coaster. Trim handles of hors d’oeuvres utensils (4) and fan out and hot glue to the back of a cardboard coaster (3). Glue party beads around the cardboard coaster (5). Hot glue a button badge remake to the center of the rosette (6). Glue a reinforced napkin, crepe paper streamers and party beads to the back as tailpieces (7&8). Hot glue a wire loop to the back for hanging.

Read this previous post on button-badge remakes for creating custom rosette centerpieces. You can use any graphic or image printed to plain paper to make your own unique centerpiece. Above is a free graphic that I designed for my rosette, just click on the image to download.

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