Reverese Canvas Wall Pockets

Here’s a super easy upcycle project using stuff you probably already have laying about- turn stretched canvases into wall pockets for organizing or just for fun. See the step-by-step instructions over at Craft!

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43 Responses to Reverese Canvas Wall Pockets

  1. #1 - SimplyMe says:

    Great idea! Just what I need for the new school year. I can put in all the notes and notices from my daughters school.

  2. #2 - Brenda says:

    LOVE this idea! Great way to reuse canvases, too!

  3. #3 - wendy baker says:

    always outside the frame aren’t you? love this. xoxo.w.

  4. #4 - Annette G says:

    This is a fab idea and so useful, x

  5. #5 - Nana Diana says:

    What a great idea! You could even use the ones with paintings on the other side that you didn’t want to look at anymore! xo Diana

  6. #6 - Ann says:

    OH I really like these, my old frames are in for a change. Great, great idea.

  7. #8 - Rebekah says:

    Cathe, your creativity is boundless! I absolutely love this idea and I’m kicking myself for not bringing home a couple of unframed canvases I considered at my local Goodwill last week. Next time I won’t hesitate!

  8. #9 - tina says:

    Wow.. Clever idea! I like it!

  9. #10 - vera says:

    Such an amazing idea!!
    Thank you so much for sharing 😀


  10. #11 - aimee says:

    what a cool idea thanks for sharing xxx

  11. #12 - Diane@InMyOwnStyle says:

    Hi Cathe-

    These are just perfect! I love them – so functional, but what I love even more is how you styled them. You are so talented!

    My best- Diane

  12. #14 - Lisette aka Liszha says:

    Oh my god, this is so super gorgeous! I love working with canvases and have this burlap lying around, waiting to be used. What a great idea!

  13. #15 - Peaches says:

    Oh stop already! Genius idea. Wow. Only thing is that I would never accumulate such pretty things…mine would be filled with Michael’s 40% off coupons and wet naps and half empty bottles of hand lotion…Cause I’m, glamorous like that.

    You go girl!

  14. #16 - martina says:

    A great way to reuse a canvas if it is free but you hate the art on the front!

  15. #17 - Linda Kinnaman says:

    This is the nicest example of this idea I have seen. It looks rugged, yet so homey as well.

  16. #18 - Danee Kaplan says:

    how freakin’ awesome are these!!!!!! I am so excited about these.

  17. #19 - Immi says:

    What a fun idea! Definitely will try this!

  18. #20 - Susan says:

    Love this! I’m going to try it soon!

  19. #21 - kate blue says:

    OMG…you know I’m loving these! And if memory serves me correctly, I probably have all the supplies down in the supply closet! And heck, my local JoAnn’s has about 5 different colors of burlap!!

  20. Oh my gosh I love these! Now where do I need some that is the question of the day!

  21. #23 - Destiny says:

    What a great idea! I’ve been re-organizing my office…I just might have to try this project out!!! Thanks for sharing – I always love your ideas and creativity! : )

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  23. #24 - Veronica says:

    This is amazing!!! I LOVE this idea. Your colours are perfect too! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas- keep them coming!
    Veronica (South Africa)

  24. #25 - Angie says:

    Love! What more can I say? I have everything I need to get started and ORGANIZE is my word or the year. Thanks for another clever idea.

  25. #26 - Lebec Egirl Sews says:

    Totally love this … great job of repurposing

  26. #27 - Mary Ann Potter says:

    A neat idea, Cathe. They also make interesting frames when they’re turned this way, and the thicker ones make cool shadow boxes!

  27. #28 - kristi says:

    Great idea Cathe. My life as a painter also never materialized so I have some of my “masterpieces” laying around! Thank you for always sharing such cool ideas!

  28. #29 - stephanie says:

    thank-you, it’s a really a fun to do and creative project

  29. #30 - Wanda H says:

    These are way cool!!!

  30. #31 - Last minute lynn says:

    What a great idea! You could even use a canvas that you worked on and it didn’t turn out, becuz the front of the canvas is against the wall. I really enjoy your posts!

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  32. #32 - Mary Susan says:

    This is awesome!! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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  35. #33 - Melissa says:

    These are incredibly clever (and cute). I featured the at and they were really well received.

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  37. #34 - Pavlova says:

    This shit. I like it! ^^

  38. #35 - germaine says:

    You are an amazing inventor! Just beautiful. I am going to make my rendition, and post it for your comments.

  39. #36 - Becky says:

    Your site is lovely. Thank you.

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