Printable Alphabet Crafts

Hi friends! I have a fun alphabet download for you over at SC Johnson Family Economics, just in time for your Valentines Day crafts! (And, just so ya know… I love when you leave a comment on my SCJ posts, thank you!!) You can find more free alphabets by digging around on my FREEBIES page!

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for SC Johnson

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15 Responses to Printable Alphabet Crafts

  1. #1 - Marilyn McIldoon says:

    Hi Cathy, I left a comment on the other site, thanks again for sharing! Love, love, love these, Marilyn

  2. #2 - Cinna says:

    Nice, and thanks a good idea!

  3. #3 - penny says:

    That’s a nice alphabet. Love it in the red colourway.

  4. #4 - carriep says:

    I’m so glad that JeniB sent me over. I’ve been enjoying what you’ve been doing!

  5. #5 - Teresa says:

    Thanks for these – they’re really cool. I don’t see the letter I though.

  6. I love this font. Today I was browsing thru my latest Do IT Yourself magazine and I happened upon an adorable growth chart made by you! How cool you are in a magazine!

  7. #7 - Amy O'H. says:

    How fun! Thank you for sharing.

  8. #8 - EDIEB says:

    Really really nice…I would LOVE to have a set for use all over my home..

  9. #9 - LeeW says:

    Thank you very much; they look cool– may I ask, where is the “I” ?

  10. #10 - Debbie Booth says:

    Hey just wanted to thank you for all the freebies. I downloaded several labels and have attempted to label everything in my cabinets and pantry. I thought if it had a label then when my hubby asks me where something is…I can always ask (sweetly of course! hahahaha) “Well did you read the labels?” Of course he will mutter something…but I thought it is worth a try to get more organized! big smile!

  11. #11 - Pamela says:

    Cathe, would this puffy stuff serve to add grip to a glass bottle which I use next to my sink? It is much more lovely than the plastic bottle the DW liquid comes in . . . but it’s hard to hold onto with wet hands. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks! Pamela

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  13. #12 - Dave says:

    Cathe,Thank you. I just stumbled on to your site. I’m really enjoying it so far. You actually have free stuff. I’ve heard of this free thing before but thought it was a thing of the past. You know like prayer in school. Anyway keep up the good work. And again thank you.

  14. #13 - Brooke Dean says:

    Thank you 🙂

  15. #14 - Thelma Cooper says:

    GREAT!! CATHE I am enjoying your website and I am recommending it to others. Thanks again! Thelma