Winter Scrapbook Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: Day 3

Another day–another amazing round-up of awesome product! To catch you up, here’s DAY 1 with general info on the giveaway &  first round of goodies, and DAY 2 with even more wonderful stuff! Look for bold pink type for actual product that will be in the final swag bag giveaway.

My son asked me last night what SWAG means. The main definition for the acronym is Stuff We All Get. But I’m taking liberties and changing it to Sponsored With Abundant Generosity. I’m sure you can see why. These product sponsors are simply amazing.

Provo Craft! What’s a scrap retreat without them? Seriously! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company. They sent me the 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression to try out. I brought it along to the retreat and here we are setting it up for the first time. I found out they just sold out of this anniversary model yesterday, but the good news is that their latest and greatest Cricut Expression 2 has all the same capabilities. Although these machines come preloaded with some cartridges, for the swag bags they kindly sponsored:

The Cricut Fancy Frame Cartridge!

To get an idea of how wonderful this particular cartridge is and it’s vast capabilities, check out the Cricut Fancy Frames Look Book! One of the retreat-goers had an older model Cricut and this cartridge still worked great and puts out the neatest designs. Provo Craft also sent us some great Cricut Cuttlebug goodies!

Cuttlebug Cricut Companions: Paper Lace II Embossing Folders


Cuttlebug A2 Swiss Dots Embossing Folder

For those who don’t own a Cuttlebug machine yet, and although that will work best with these, in a pinch you can always use a rolling pin and a lot of pressure. Gorgeous patterns!

How about some lovely papers to use in your paper crafting. Covered!

Cricut Cardstock Pad: Earthtones!

The Cricut Cardstock Pads are 32 sheets (4 sheets of each color) of 6″ x 12″ textured dual-tone cardstock that are both are acid and lignin free. Beautiful linen texture, beautiful colors.

When you’re crafting with Cricut products or doing any paper crafting for that matter, it’s always great to have some awesome Cricut accessories. Guess what. Provo Craft sent those too!!!

The Cricut Took Kit!

The padded travel-size zip-up case contains:

  • Scoop Tool (working much like a spoon to lift cut pieces from the mat)
  • Knife Tool (a sharp edge for sliding under paper)
  • Hook Tool (removes small circles of paper and cleans small holes)
  • Scraper (scrapes off and cleans your entire mat from any leftover paper scraps)
  • Bone Folder (scores paper, creases paper & marks paper)
  • Scissors
  • 7″ Clear Ruler

Are we in business yet or what?! WOW!! I’ll be setting up a newer and much bigger studio in our barn and I can’t wait to have a station dedicated to everything Cricut! If you’re already using a Cricut, I would love to know some of your favorite features and projects!

Check out all the exciting and innovative Provo Craft products and their unlimited uses on the Provo Craft Channel. Follow Cricut on Facebook for incredible offers, prizes and craft inspiration and keep up with them as well on Twitter.

Thank you Provo Craft!

Paper crafting calls for excellent adhesive. But excellent adhesive from a well engineered machine is a serious bonus. Lucky for us there’s Xyron and their

Xyron 2.5″ create-a-sticker!

I just love my Xyron create-a-sticker for adding permanent adhesive evenly to paper and printable fabric. This baby even handles weights up to chipboard! So it’s perfect for adhering embellishments, cut-outs in any shape, wide ribbon, flat buttons or even for coating paper to dust with glitter! This little machine will be so fantastic when my kids do large school projects involving pictures and text blocks adhered to poster board. No cords or electricity needed and has a cartridge 20′ long. Refill cartridges are available in permanent and repositionable adhesive.

My 5″ Xyron create-a-sticker was essential in creating the Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards.

Sometimes I only need a bit of adhesive accurately placed, but with bigger, multi-piece projects I go through small adhesive runners too fast. That’s why this is baby so wonderful-

The Xyron Mega Runner!

Acid-Free Dot-Matrix Permanent Adhesive that’s ½ inch wide by 100 feet! Super strong adhesive dots hold aggressively but have no sling like solid tape runners! It’s really lightweight and has a built-in cap (so great because when I get crafting– caps get lost!) There are also drop-in refills available for the Mega Runner.

See the Xyron website for product & craft videos. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date on some fantastic promotions and products. I’m sure this won’t be the last time you find me bragging on Xyron products. I’m seriously hooked.

Thank you Xyron!If you know anything about me you know I love crafting with vintage and vintage-style supplies. There’s a particular era I’m most fond of, the 1920s -40s, and there’s a particular designer that has rocked my little crafty world. Jenni Bowlin. Soul sister. Design crush. Vintage BFF. Jenni has designed product for what seems like every favorite little vintage thing I love to craft with. Trinkets, bits & bobbles and papers that are getting harder and harder to come by at flea markets and online. The Jenni Bowlin Studio (JBS) line of products will blow your mind. Promise. I have many of her fabulous papers and embellishments and lots of actual flea market supplies from the JBS Mercantile that I can’t wait to use in my workshops early next year. I could ramble forever, or I could simply show you some examples! Here’s what I worked on for an afternoon at the scrap retreat using JBS Mercantile product and a standard issue 2012 office supply planner.

And here are the goodies Jenni put together just for the swag bags!

The JBS Mercantile Pack

The JBS Mercantile pack includes:

If you like what you see so far, you’re going to have a blast shopping the JBS Mercantile! But plan to be there a while…it’s that endless.

Join Jenni on Facebook and Twitter to see what’s new and happening in JBS land and follow the Jenni Bowlin Inspiration Blog for wonderful crafting ideas.

Thank you Jenni!That’s Day 3… can you believe there’s lots more to come?! See you back here tomorrow for Day 4 of the Winter Scrapbook Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway!


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41 Responses to Winter Scrapbook Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: Day 3

  1. #1 - theresa says:

    This is going to make someone a very happy winner… here’s hoping it’s me! I would love to be able to play with all of these! t.xoxo

  2. #2 - Casie says:

    Wow!! What great sponsors!! Lots of facebooking and website checking to do now!!

  3. #3 - Melanie Kiser says:

    I think I would just keel over if I won all of these wonderful products! Oh, man, what a prize!

  4. #4 - Jeanne Peterson says:

    What AMAZING sponsors. All that swag could put the lucky winners into crafting comas!

  5. #5 - Jennifer says:

    Wow! Pretty amazing.That would be some Christmas gift.

  6. #6 - emily says:

    another day of gorgeous treasures. indeed…the greatest giveaway ever!!

  7. #7 - teresa says:

    Learning about things I never knew were out there….I must live in a cave =) Off to check things out.

  8. #8 - Elise says:

    Let me see if I can find the words… Hmmmmm… Stunning, STUNNING and MORE stunning! What a FANTASTIC collection of crafty potential! {But all I needed was to see that SPLENDID journal, scrappy bit you created! – ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!}

  9. #9 - sarajane says:

    That is an AWESOME collection of SWAG…. but I’m in love with your datebook.. could you show us some more of that sometime? Pretty please?

  10. #10 - Julia D. says:

    Dear Cathe,
    Another day of joy in your talent and generosity. I definitely need to save up for one of those Cricuit machines. I have always been amazed at what I’ve seen they can do. I love what you did with the wonderful products from JBS Mercantile, and also have always had a fondness of anything from the 1920s – 40s (especially the clothes style of those times). Thank you for another great day of dreaming to be the winner and/or learning more of the craft world.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  11. #11 - Rupa says:

    What a lot of goodies to drool over. I never seem to win anything but one can’t stop hoping 🙂 Even if I don’t win, there are tons of new products that we are getting to know, thanks for that.

  12. #12 - Liz C says:

    Will anybody believe that I NEED everything in these bags? It’s true! I promise, it’s true! Drooling big time!

  13. #13 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    Someone is going to have so much fun with all of these fantastic goodies! What a nice early Christmas gift!


  14. #14 - mosaic magpie says:

    All these wonderful things…WOW!

  15. #15 - Danee Kaplan says:

    wow. I need to come to one of your scrap retreats. Problem is I don’t technically scrap…I prefer paper crafter or mixed media art. Truth is I would find something inspiring if you are there. I adore your work

  16. #16 - Noreen says:

    Wow!! I have never seen swag bags like what you are showing us! The winners are certainly going to receive Christmas in a box! Thanks for the opportunity to check out companies we may not have been aware of before your giveaway. I’ve seen some exciting products in addition to what you are giving away!

  17. #17 - maggie raguse says:

    Hi Cathe,
    boy, do you know how to pick COOL stuff for the swag bags! Each and everything is so wonderful, inspiring, and useful. I can’t wait to see what you are planning for classes in your new barn studio–i know they will be so special and wonderful. I’m already mentally saving up my pennies so I can venture south to attend one of your inaugural classes.

    I am literally JEALOUS of the gals at your scrap retreat right now.
    Can’t wait to see what you have to show us later this week.

    have fun,

  18. #18 - Anette says:

    Wow and wow again, this really gets better and better :-)!

  19. #19 - NancyS (momsnack) says:

    Looks like Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. How generous!!

  20. #20 - Jane S. says:

    Another day of wonderful stuff! Someone is going to be a very happy winner…keeping my fingers crossed here…

  21. #21 - Alison E. says:

    Hi Cathe,
    Thanks so much for your love for crafting and your generosity! It’s so nice to see someone share their heart in what they do! I recently saw a video clip of your vintage slide frame using the back of a blank canvas…it was wonderful! I would SO love to have an extra room for my own studio!! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  22. #22 - Nancy M says:

    I want to be your friend!!!

  23. #24 - EssandraCollins says:

    Omg!!!! I love it all!!! I need it all!!

  24. #25 - Cynthia Ragusa says:

    That swag bag just keeps getting better. How wonderful you were able to share the generosity of the sponsors with the ladies at the retreat. I can just imagine their faces! You must feel like Oprah! Isnt it the best feeling to give?

  25. #26 - kris says:

    Wow! What a fantastic collection of treasures! I have just discovered some things I never knew were out there.

  26. #27 - Claire says:

    It must be Someone Will Acquire Goodies! Wonderful stuff! As a Cricut owner and fan myself, I especially love the new cartridge.

  27. #28 - Lynne Weinberger says:

    Cathe, you are too much.
    And we’re all so grateful!!

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  29. #29 - Donna M. says:

    What a fantastic line-up of prizes!

  30. #30 - Denise says:

    I am hoping that the winner is ME! How happy would that make me. Thanks to all the sponsors who are so generous!

  31. #31 - Stephanie Sherratt says:

    I truly believe in crafting it forward. These things look amazing! I vow to share my bag with another new mom who has not been able to craft in months with a newborn. I hope to help us both focus on remembering time for ourselves and being creative. Crafting is my drug of choice. I hope to be addicted forever!

  32. #32 - suzy mooney says:

    Can this be true, all these tasty bits of scrapliciousness in one package? Pinch me i must be dreaming!

  33. #33 - Wendy Hougland says:

    A paper lover’s dream come true! Would sure help with daughter’s March wedding and Christmas!

  34. Pingback: Winter Scrapbook Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: Day 5 | Just Something I Made

  35. #34 - xashee says:

    LORDY look at all that AWESOME stuff! oh how i wish to win such fun! it sure would make up for the fact we dont have a the desert lol thank you so very much for offering such a GREAT giveaway!! 🙂

  36. #35 - Lucy says:

    You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! You’ve got some great friends who are willing to share such amazing goodies with you (and us).

  37. #36 - wendy baker says:

    such incredible goodies… i don’t have a clue as to what i would want most. please include me in the giveaway.xoxo.w.

  38. #37 - Katie says:

    Drooling over this prizepack! Can’t wait to get to Day 5!

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