Haunted House Luminary & Party Treat Box Templates

A while back I posted sweet little paper houses that were so much fun to make that I thought it would be timely to add a little spookiness and re-design them into cute little haunted house luminaries and party treat boxes! You can follow the basic directions for folding and gluing the boxes on that post along with some additional notes below.The houses are made using 12″ x 12″ Black Glitter Scrapbook Cardstock found at most scrapbook and craft stores and online. You can fit two houses to a sheet. But keep in mind, quantities are usually limited on the glitter stock, so if you plan to make quantities of these, you need to get them soon before the Halloween rush hits!

Please note that the luminaries are only to be used with battery-operated LED flameless tealight candles, NOT real flame candles. The flickering flame ones create a spookier effect.

Click on the images below to download the free PDF files for printing the house templates as luminaries or treat boxes. The only difference between the two is the bottom section. The luminaries have separate bottoms and the treat boxes are attached. (Trust me, there’s a method to that madness.) Each template has additional window options (so multiple houses don’t look too “cookie-cutter”) and lil’ bats in motion.It’s a good idea to print templates to cardstock if possible for easier tracing. Trim out the house outline and windows with a craft knife along the solid lines. Trace around the cut-out template onto the backside of the glitter stock being sure to allow space for an additional full template tracing on the remaining section. Before removing the template, add small marks to show fold mark areas, then once the template is removed, draw those lines in (dashed if it helps you remember not to cut those lines.)Assemble the house using a good strong glue. Use pinking shears or other decorative edge scissors along the roof edges and top. For the luminaries, simply turn on the candle switch, place onto the house bottom and cover with the house. The beauty of glitter paper is that it creates enough friction from the textured surface to keep it tucked snugly in place, even allowing you to lift the luminary without the bottom dropping out.If you’re making party treat houses, simply place candy, a message, or other treat inside and close from the bottom. The treats can be removed the same way without damaging the house.

Luminary ideas: Make a row of houses on a shelf strung with bats and glittery scrapbook letters…

or hang with bats from string from your chandelier, porch, mantle, etc. (You may want to blacken the backsides of the bats with a marker.)If you make little Hauntie Houses, be sure to send me photos!

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56 Responses to Haunted House Luminary & Party Treat Box Templates

  1. #1 - tina phillips says:

    OMiGosh thank you for thisn template!!!!! I think it looks adorable and I will DEFINATELY be making a few 🙂 I love the idea of several of them with the letters strung between them…..too stinkin cute!!!!!

  2. #2 - Marianne says:

    How cute! I will be making these for sure! Thanks, Cathe.

  3. #3 - Ann says:

    Oh Cathe these are so cute! We don’t really do Halloween but I definitely want to make a couple for my mantlepiece on the night. Thanks so much for the template.

  4. #4 - elaine says:

    adorable! Love these!

  5. #5 - Noreen says:

    This is an awesome project – and right up my alley! I love it! I’m going to put a link to it from my website: http://www.craftlinky.com Thank you so much for sharing it! Love your site!

  6. #6 - ruthanne says:

    these are adorable. i will definitely make them – and send a photo!

  7. #7 - Teresa Raines says:

    This is just so cute! I’m thinking that this would also work with white glittery paper for little Christmas houses.

  8. #8 - Georgee says:

    So cute, I printed them out to make with my grandchildren!!! We always make jack-o-lanterns. This would be great fun to add to our Halloween crafting afternoon. Thanks so much.

  9. #9 - Tammy says:

    So clever! I will enjoy making these with our little ones this Halloween. Thank-you. 🙂

  10. #10 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    I believe Martha Stewart should be taking lessons from you with these super cute Halloween Houses that sparkle and shine and have so many possibilities. Thank you for sharing your template and how-to. Safe Labor Holiday Weekend to you dear…

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  12. #11 - rebecca neafus says:

    Oh this is awesome!!! I hope you don’t mind if I put a link to this on my blog…it is way toooo cute. Thanks for such a wonderful idea to share with my grand-kiddos=)

  13. #12 - anne says:

    Thanks for sharing this cute project!

  14. #13 - Judy says:

    Oh my goodness ! It’s adorable. My grandchildren will love this. Thank you so very much !

  15. #14 - Vicki K says:

    Thank you Cathe! I’m actually looking ahead to Christmas by the time I will actually get to sit down and do this…white and red houses!

  16. #15 - Julia D. says:

    Thank you so much! Absolutely love them. Can hardly wait to make them.

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  18. #16 - Anne says:

    Love these I am now on the hunt for glittered card stock to make these. They are absolutely darling.

  19. #17 - karwith says:

    How cute! Definitely on my ‘must do’ list! Thank you!

  20. #18 - Kat Bennett says:

    Love those houses! Your projects are so inspiring, and now I have a few ideas on how to decorate my porch for fall. Thank you!

  21. #19 - Theresa in Kitimat says:

    Thank you for sharing these great templates. I will be making some of these this year.

  22. #20 - Diane says:

    What a cute house. Thank you so much Ÿ

  23. #21 - Mya says:

    Wow this is a great idea. I’m a Halloween fanatic. Defiantly going to use this idea around then. Ill send you some pictures!

  24. #22 - Belinda Stroming says:

    Halloween is near! Glad that I stumbled upon this website of yours! I just hope that the candle won’t burn the house down !

  25. #23 - Catherine (Russia) says:

    Thank you for such splendid idea!! Your houses are great! =)

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  27. #24 - abraxandria says:

    oh, I love this one!!! 🙂
    great idea!

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  29. #25 - Kathy Martin says:

    You are one clever lady! These are so cool! Thanks! 🙂

  30. #26 - Karen Cozatt says:

    Thank you for the templates. These are just too cute and make a nice little gift for Halloween or a Boo bag.

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  32. #27 - Make handmade says:

    Great ideas and tutorial! i love it very much. Thanks for sharing.

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  34. #28 - Suzy says:

    very nice idea for our year end funtion
    wil send you photos of it

  35. #29 - Emlie Montoro says:

    I love your Halloween houses. My grandchildren will love them, too. You can decorate them for any occasion. Thanks for the templates.

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  37. #30 - Angelica says:

    Thank you so much for the templates!!
    Love this project!!

  38. #31 - Julia Stratman says:


    Our houses turned out great!! What fun 🙂 Thanks for the DIY.

  39. #32 - Julie Regan says:

    Thank you for the patterns. I have been looking for a pattern like this for a long time. I will use this pattern for Christmas houses also. I can’t wait!

  40. #33 - mel mccarthy says:

    This is sheer delight. I could see it as a Christmas house as well. Thank You, Cathe!

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  42. #34 - denise lopez says:

    i think this is cute and fun to do …… :p

  43. #35 - denise lopez says:

    hi i <3 this thing\

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  47. #36 - Susanna Stander says:

    I used it and it worked even with christmas lights

  48. #37 - Charlee Richards says:

    Cathe, I cant begin to tell you how much use I’ve gotten out of ALMOST every single one of your free printables & I’ve loved them all. You have one ingenious creative mind girl.
    Out of all the blog sites on the web, you most definately are the best out there & my most favorite of all.
    Thank you Cathe for all you have given me thru your printables & all you have helped me with thru your sites.

    Charlee Richards

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  53. #38 - Michele says:

    Again… amazing!

  54. Pingback: haunted house luminary » Jigglish

  55. #39 - sian says:

    this is awesome.. haven’t made them yet but the kids are excited

  56. #40 - Dianne says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern……Your project is so cute……