Ornate Wedding Clip Art and Printables

Getting married? Know someone who is? Do-it-yourself wedding websites offer great resources and ideas for customizing a wedding and saving money on favors, invitations and wedding party gifts.To make the wedding even more personalized, I’ve teamed up with WorldLabel.com again to bring you some beautiful free printable vintage-theme wedding designs & templates created from antique engraver’s artwork. On the WorldLabel.com blog, you’ll find inspirational photos, and free customizable download templates to print to their various label products, including full sheet, address, circle and CD labels. I’ve designed them in several colors or you can modify the colors to suit your wedding theme.

Click HERE to access multiple free wedding label downloads from WorldLabel.com.

I also put together two free coordinating clip art PDF files for you below. {Feel free to use the artwork in any of your projects, personal or commercial. I only ask that you not sell the images themselves, thank you.}

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