Amazing Glaze: Pet Tag Memory Pendants & Other Decal Charms

My Decal Penny Pendants project has become one of the all-time most popular posts on JSIM. To extend that project a bit further, I thought creating pet memory pendant charms would be really lovely.I still had our late dogs’ tags tucked even after 10 years, I guess you just don’t throw those sweet little things away.

Based on the instructions of the Decal Penny Pendant project HERE, I made various charms today. Look for vintage decals in antique shops, or shop Ebay, Etsy, RubyLane even using keywords such as: vintage decals, Meyercord decals, flower decals, water-slide decals, etc. The trick to finding vintage ones is patience, they list all the time. You can even use vintage porcelain decals and decals made for dollhouses.

I keep a tiny salt spoon handy to use with my Amazing Glaze Enameling Resin, which also comes in bulk. I love how you can turn something as simple as a dog tag and decal into something so precious. This one was made in memory of Isabeau.And this one in memory of Annie.I think these would make such thoughtful gifts for someone who has lost a pet.

I also had some vintage tool-check tags picked up at flea markets which also made pretty pendant charms. You can find lots of old brass tags on Etsy, too. If they are tarnished, you can easily shine them up with fine-grit sandpaper. Patina remains in the stamped areas nicely.You can color the stamped areas by spray-painting the tag and later sanding away the surface, leaving the color within the stamped numbers and letters. While I was baking the charms, I made a little accent piece with a penny and Martha Stewart Glitter.For this tag, I used a patriot image from a set of vintage miniature dollhouse-decor decals. You can even pretty-up other nostalgic bobbles like the key to your first home.I bought a very inexpensive  toaster oven to keep in my studio just for crafting with Amazing Glaze and Inkjet Shrinky Dinks. When you have the supplies on hand, whipping out fun projects like these are super easy and fast.

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43 Responses to Amazing Glaze: Pet Tag Memory Pendants & Other Decal Charms

  1. #1 - Di Dial says:

    Fantastic project! I have so much clear embossing powder and I needed new inspiration to use it. Can’t wait to try something like this!

  2. #2 - Stacy Orndorff says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for another great project idea.

  3. #3 - iHanna says:

    You come up with the most amazing ideas. It’s such a simple little thing and yet, it looks so nice with all the examples you made. Thanks for sharing!

  4. #4 - Jenny says:

    great idea. thanks for sharing that!

  5. #5 - wendy baker says:

    i just knew i was not done with my little penny projects. now my mind is going overtime. thank you … xoxo.w.

  6. #6 - Nancy says:

    I just lost my best friend of 14 years. What a wonderful idea for her old tag. I just love it!

  7. #7 - Mrs A. says:

    This is such a lovely idea and the tags all look gorgeous. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. #8 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    These are wonderful memory pendants. They look so pretty. Wonderful week to you…

  9. #9 - Dasi says:

    This is lovely. Wish I had that resin to make dog tags for my dog. She’s very coquettish. 🙂

  10. #10 - anacleta says:

    They are just lovely!

  11. #11 - Cristelle Snyman says:

    Love this project so much, wish we could get that glaze here in South Africa – will have to look for a substitute!

  12. #12 - Erin Fickert-Rowland says:

    What a creative and thoughtful idea! I love all of the ways you used the same technique to create so many different versions. I will have to try this!

  13. #13 - Carmen says:

    Very cool! I really love the keys!!

  14. #14 - Julia D. says:

    I have never tried the Amazing Glaze, but will check it out. I have many ideas just popping into my head. Thank you so much for such a great idea and wonderful demonstration.

  15. #15 - jeanie says:

    i adore this charming craft idea! i have so many bits & scraps that be perfect for this project. now i have everyone’s birthday gifts line up for the next year.

  16. #16 - Sue says:

    What a sweet idea:)

  17. #17 - Peg says:

    I love this project! So many uses… wow. I have a kiln and have done some enameling. I need to break out my supplies again and try this!

  18. #18 - Holly L says:

    Cathe – You are brilliant (not just kissing up there!). You have so many amazing ideas. My parents doggie just passed away…I would love to make one of these for my mom. Sweet.

  19. #19 - Rae says:

    I have got to get some Amazing Glaze, I could have *such* fun with it. Love your key pendant, so very pretty

  20. #20 - Nike says:

    Genius! I´m wondering if i couldn´t do this to a key that is still in use, too?

  21. #21 - Kristi says:

    Cathe – you never cease to amaze me! These are beautiful! You are the craftiest chick I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful, wonderful ideas, tips and tricks!

  22. #22 - stacy says:

    I meant to tell you earlier, just loved this idea. So simple and pretty and when it has ‘meaning’ all the more to love.

  23. #23 - Kylee says:

    This is a fantastic idea… I knew I’d been hanging on to my sweet doggie’s tags for some reason…


  24. #24 - Ann says:

    Some wonderful ideas here – I’m off to ‘the bay’ to look for decals right now! You are amazing Cath!

  25. #25 - Amy Locurto says:

    Oh my word. That key necklace is fabulous. What a great idea!

  26. These are just so pretty and I love the sentimental/personalized aspect! I’m definitely going to have to scour the web for some awesome decals and make my own! : )

  27. #27 - Rosanne Woody says:

    Love the pet tag…making one in memory of my beloved Hunny.
    Thank you Cathe for this very special idea. XO

  28. #28 - Dottie Bassett says:

    This is brilliant! I have kept dog tags from late 60’s next to my best jewelry. I can’t wait to make a charm bracelet! Thank you Thank you-You Sweet Girl you!!!!

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  30. #29 - kacisaurus says:

    I’ll just be the crazy girl with a maltese in a sweater tattooed on her arm : )

  31. #30 - Jeewlry Buyers says:

    In such a beautiful idea and the tags all look dazzling. Hugs Mrs A.

  32. Really lovely ideas, I make jewellery and work with epoxy resin and love it, but this looks much easier to use, thanks for this tip.


  33. #32 - bookaddict209 says:

    i’d love to make this for my aunt; she just lost her dog snoopy this weekend and could use something to cheer her up 🙁

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  35. #33 - cassie wadley says:

    loved the very first tag, my daugthers name is Isabeau, and I have the hardest time finding things with her name on it, (not the usual off the rack name) Now I can go have a charm made and create a beautiful necklace for her!

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  38. #34 - Kara Walker says:

    I just had my little one go to Heaven 2 weeks ago and I have her tags all over the place… what a cool idea and my friend has 6 dogs so this is quite awesome! Thank you for cheering me up! K

  39. #35 - Sarah C. says:

    Is there any other decals you can use other than the Meyercord ones? Any suggestions?

  40. #36 - Ruth Sullivan says:

    a friend of mine made a similar necklace but sprinkled a few of her pets ashes onto surface before sealing with mod podge.

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  43. I lost my Son 3 yrs ago. Got a lot of his things for his 2 daughters.