Scrap Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: DAY 1

Twice a year I pack up and head to just outside Occidental, California to a blissful piece of heaven called St. Dorothy’s Rest where I meet up with 11 other creative women. We spend several days of scrapping, watching movies, eating fabulous food and nurturing friendships in the Lydia House nestled among the redwoods at the top of the hill.

Photos by Lori O’Donnell

The last few times I went, I brought along some goodies to share. HERE is the post from last November showing all the fun-filled swag bags I was able to pack into my Suburban to take to the retreat and share thanks to some wonderful sponsors. Last month, as the March retreat approached, and having just come from the Craft & Hobby Assoc. Conference & Trade Show, I made requests of several new contacts for retreat swag sponsorship. And boy did they respond! But this time, I requested sponsors send enough to include in an awesome giveaway for JSIM readers!! Just look at the back of my Suburban packed for the Spring retreat!

There is so much swag that it will take all this week to share photos and links to the many exciting products included in the Spring swag bags. At the end of the week I will open up the comments for entry to the giveaway for THREE super swag bags FULL of deliciousness for THREE giveaway winners! So anything in this week’s posts that is underlined within the text will be included in the swag bag giveaway! As you will see, the bags are huge and weighty, and although most of the giveaways I host are open to international readers, I will need to limit this giveaway to the US only as I will be paying the shipping on each bag.

As you follow along this week, I would sincerely appreciate your support in clicking on each sponsor’s link to visit their websites to support them. Whether you are interested in making purchases at this time or not, it’s always a great idea to mentally catalog product and companies for a time in the future that you may.

Now, let’s get this sponsor swag giveaway party started! But, before diving into the crafting goods, I want to share some special items that made the swag bags extra special…Starting with…

……………………. LANDS’END …………………….

What’s swag without a fabulous bag? Feast your eyes on these AMAZING LANDS’ END TOTE BAGS!

Around 20 years ago, I purchased my first enormous, monogrammed canvas tote from Lands’ End. My family and I still use it today for beach blankets, sporting events and other travel purposes. And, although not really known in the craft & scrap circles for storage & transport (yet!), The XL Lands’ End Zip Top Tote Bags are AWESOME for exactly that!
Lands’ End has many different canvas totes to choose from, but the extra large, cotton canvas, zipper-closure tote is more than perfect for lugging your creative tools & equipment, craft materials, books, magazines and more. The beautifully stitched extra large tote bag is 26″ x 10-1/4″ x 17-3/8″ (huge!) I don’t live in a home with much storage room, so it’s necessary to keep my bags to a minimum. This XL tote bag is excellent for taking anything anywhere- beach, baseball, camping, vacation, road-trips- it’s the ideal weekender bag!

The XL Lands’ End Zip Top Tote Bags are BIG and BEEFY, stand upright and won’t collapse on you. They have one large outside pocket, four huge inside pockets and an attached key fob. Just the tote to handle all the amazing sponsor swag for our weekend! And I packed them full!

HERE is a link to  all the coolness of Lands’ End canvas tote bags.

{Thank you Lands’ End!}

……………………. MAGELLAN’S …………………….

Before gettin’ crafty, it was imperative that we get cozy. Most of us at the retreat hang out in sweats or jammies all day, because we CAN! So slippers are pretty much dress code. That’s where Magellans comes in- they sent everyone a wonderful pair of cozy Women’s Travel Slippers! The Magellan’s Travel Slippers for Women are made of breathable, water-resistant stretch neoprene and fit stretchy-snug to your foot! They are super warm and I wore them every second of the retreat with the only exception of walking through the rain to the main lodge for meals. Here’s a foot shot of lovely Kimberly who wore her Magellan’s travel slippers while beading all weekend. Whether you go on retreats, crops, vacation, biz trips or just like a quality pair of slippers for around the house that don’t flip and flop, you will LOVE the Magellan’s Travel Slippers for women (and men!)

Magellan’s is a premier source for all things travel, business & recreation, apparel & gear, maps & travel tips and guides, and so much more. You can even join them socially on Facebook, HERE. One of the very best things about Magellan’s, however, is the support they give to some excellent volunteer organizations that you may be very interested in. Please read about them HERE.

{Thank you Magellan’s!}

……………………. THE RUSTED CHAIN …………………….

Beki Hastings, amazing photographer and gifted designer behind The Rusted Chain, generously contributed beautiful Sterling Silver “blessed” key chains to the sponsor swag bags! I have long adored Beki and her beautiful custom jewelry, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive these to share.

The ladies loved them and, as I occasionally write about being so blessed, the keychain is now a special piece to carry with me every day as a sweet reminder.

Each piece of The Rusted Chain jewelry is custom made using sterling silver, natural stones, and the finest components. Her products include hand stamped jewelry, earrings, brooches, and hair accessories.

Currently, Beki is helping raise money to support the effort in Japan. You can read more HERE and find yourself blessed. You can also enjoy more from Beki on The Rusted Chain blog and Facebook.

{Thank you, Beki!}

……………………. MUCH MORE TO COME! …………………….

And that’s just the beginning of the JSIM Spectacular Sponsor Swag Giveway! I will be posting daily this week with product reviews, so keep checking back to see what else is in the bag! In the meantime…Do you do any sort of creative retreat with friends? Tell me all about it!


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194 Responses to Scrap Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: DAY 1

  1. #1 - victoria says:

    swag my halls oh cathe holden falalala lalala
    can’t wait until the end of the week!


    power chick retreat! we count the days, hours, seconds!

  2. #2 - Stacy Bice says:

    Earlier this year I went on my 1st weekend scrapbooking event. It was a blast & I hope to make it or something like it an annual event. I was able to finally start on my wedding album. I will celebrate my 4th Anniversary this summer.

  3. #3 - Elaine Paullus says:

    Twice a year our group, the Crafty Chicks met outside of Harrisburg, PA for a weekend of cropping, eating, getting masages, etc. We have a great time together.

    Elaine in Jersey

  4. #4 - Rebecca Jean says:

    Wow! This is some incredible stuff already and it’s just day one! That Lands End tote is just the thing I have been searching for. I’m reading a reprint of “Wife Dressing”, originally published in 1959. One of the tips in the book is carrying a tote in the car packed with all the things you will need to keep looking fresh throughout the day. Extra hose, shoes, makeup, brush, jacket, accessories, etc. It’s been a great tip that I have implemented. Very useful for days packed with meeting clients and no time to go home and change before dinner out with the Mister. Only I haven’t found a suitable tote large enough to hold all my goods. I think this might just be the ticket!

    Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway!
    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  5. #5 - Patty says:

    *Crosses fingers,toes and eyes* Wooooo Hooooo

  6. #6 - Bekki says:

    Oh, my! These are amazing! Thanks to the link for the Rusted Chain…I’d never seen her work before and I love it.

  7. #7 - Frankie says:

    I personally don’t looks like you had a blast!

  8. #8 - Christina says:

    I’ve never been on one. None of my friends are all that crafty, really. I would love, love, love to find a group of people to be crafty with, I’m hoping as I get older I’ll find more people to maybe start!

  9. #9 - Janna says:

    A year ago I went on a scrapbooking retreat with a friend. It was so much fun, and I got several pages done. It has been a while, but I’d love to do another one.

    Wow! Those bags are awesome! Thanks for hosting a giveaway for one!

  10. #10 - Heather says:

    Sadly, I don’t.. I need to find the time and make that happen though. 🙂

  11. #11 - deb christensen says:

    i am so fortunate to have wonderful, crafty, artsy pals. sadly, we are all forever going too fast in too many directions, and feel lucky to even be able to catch a hello or a cup of coffee. we dream of a retreat like the ones you share with us. i guess you could say we are living vicariously through you, cathe. (thanks for sharing!)
    maybe someday…til then, i think the waiting would be much easier wearing those slippers….

  12. #12 - Natalie says:

    ahhh I NEED that Lands End tote! I’m a Kindergarten teacher and none of my bags can seem to hold up to all of the binders, markers, etc. I try to cram inside them! :p

  13. #13 - martina says:

    None of my local friends do crafts. I’m the “artistic crafty one” in the bunch. They do give me boundless encouragement and ideas, which really are appreciated.

  14. #14 - RandomCreativity says:

    Wow – this is an amazing giveaway, especially if there are 5 more days like this?!?! Thanks for sharing the goodies 🙂

  15. #16 - Dana says:

    We have just started a new tradition for the ladies in our family! My sister just moved back to Texas from Florida and settled about 20 minutes between my older sister and I! So we had a ‘girls night in’ at my house with my sister-in-law, mother and mother-in-law. We were able to get a little crafting done and some great bonding time. We are getting ready to schedule another one soon!

  16. #17 - Cindy G. says:

    What awesome swag!

    To answer your question, a few of my craft college friends and I head to Newfound Lake in NH in Sept/Oct to have a craft weekend. We stay at the family condo of one of the gals and it’s a full weekend of crafting, eating and chatting with the girls!

  17. #18 - Debra says:

    GREAT Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. #19 - Briana N. says:

    So fun! I am actually part of a scrapbooking “sorority” called Delta Phi Scrappa. We have a retreat every year- it’s super fun (and pink)!

  19. #20 - bryssy says:

    I wish I did…the best I do is a craft project at MOPS!

  20. #21 - Lisa says:

    Yes I do.. twice a year I go south and sew for a whole week…sew much fun. Sounds like you had a blast…Lisa

  21. #22 - Donna M. says:

    I would love to go on a retreat but never have! Sounds like a great time! Oh, and I need those travel slippers in the worse way!!!

  22. #23 - Jill says:

    I am excited to see the sponsors… and though I knew about Lands End, and went to see the bag on their page, I hadn’t ever heard of Magellan’s… and I will definitely be back there to purchase travel items! Beki’s jewelry. at The Rusted Chain, is adorable! I’m wondering… does she do custom orders? Kid’s names, other phrases, etc?

    Looking forward to seeing all the goodies for the rest of the week!



    PS I wish I had a group of girlfriends who would be willing to set aside a week, or even a few days, for a retreat. But, alas, I don’t… so I will live vicariously through others! 🙂

  23. #24 - Valerie says:

    I love to get together with people and see what they’re doing–gives me great ideas!

  24. #25 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Cathe you are amazing, gifted and generous!

  25. #26 - Courtney Martin says:

    My mom and sister and I always get together at each others houses and make things.

  26. #27 - Pamela Gerard says:

    Wow! That sure looks like fun. I live in SF and wish I could go to that — haven’t heard about it before. And the swag…..oohlala….

  27. #28 - Deb Prewitt says:

    Your give-away looks fabulous and I would be ever so happy to receive it. It sounds like you have a lot of fun at your retreat, and what a beautiful location. I have a friend (Liz Kettle) who hosts a Retreat also, which is a fabulous retreat located in Colorado Springs, CO. It is a mixed media art retreat and the teachers are great and the facility is wonderful, and the connection that occurs between the students is amazing. Liz also gives out great swag for everyone who participates. My feeling is you can never have too many opportunities to share your creative energy. Check out her Retreat is you are interested.

  28. #29 - Dbbie says:

    Once a year I try to host a women’s retreat for family, friends and co-workers at our lovely home on Marrowstone Island. As people have moved on in life, some make it from one year to the next and others join in for a first time experience.

  29. #30 - Janet says:

    Who wouldn’t want any of these? Fabulous.

  30. #31 - Lona says:

    I, too, love the lands end totes. But thanks for introducing me to the other nifty items featured today!

    I do not do any sort of female-bonding-through-crafts. I prefer solitary creative activities, and I don’t get enough of that to suit me.

    Have fun! And thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  31. #32 - Elaine Allen says:

    Cathe –

    You have the most awesome sponsors! As for retreats, once a year my sister, myself and a few friends meet up at a rubber stamp convention for a long weekend. We stay at the same hotel and each night after the show we go to the biggest room. Once there we compare our stash and then pull out all our supplies from home (come on, I never go anywhere without my supplies – LOL!), and start having fun. We test things that one of the others may have bought, but we didn’t. If we like it, another item is listed to the list of must haves for the next day. We really look foward to this time spent together. With work, families, sometimes we just don’t get the time to spend together. So this is always our weekend.

    Elaine Allen

  32. #33 - Colleayn Klaibourne says:

    This is great. Thanks so much!

  33. #34 - Jeanne says:

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  34. #35 - Carla says:

    Wow – what great loot- I only learned what SWAG stands for recently!
    Stuff We All Get- so yes please

  35. #36 - Linda S says:

    I haven’t but want to in the worst way!! They look like so much fun. I’ve been thinking of finding one on the east coast near me to start with.

  36. #37 - Anna Walker says:

    WOW-what wonderful goodies, and I can’t believe that there is more!!?!?!
    Looking forward to drooling this week, and will be sure to enter the giveaway!


  37. #38 - Kate says:

    Nothing as exciting as your crafty retreat! A group of us usually end up in my studio and as my hubby tells everyone, “they cut and throw glitter on everything, including me.”

    Glad you had a great weekend,

  38. #39 - ErinK. says:

    Wow Cathe! Even just the bag would be amazing! Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait to see what else they include!!!

  39. #40 - Susan McMenamin says:

    I’m excited to be going on my first scraping getaway in May to be with a group in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Fun, fellowship and craftiness. Woo-hoo!

  40. #41 - Neeka27 says:

    very cool things!

  41. #42 - Laura Stewart says:

    awesome stuff !!

  42. #43 - Mrs. Z says:

    I have never done any sort of crafty retreat before. But I was talking just the other day about doing a scrapbook party, because my wedding was 2 1/2 years ago, and I have yet to start a wedding album!

  43. #44 - Heather says:

    Wow, you are only on the first day and already this is an amazing giveaway. I LOVE Land;s End bags but do not have an XL one so I might need to add one to my stash of bags.

    Also, lovin those slippers (and need some) so off to go check those out.


  44. #45 - Theresa Begin says:

    Cathe, you never cease to excite us! And share gret product info and volunteer information with all your readers. Thnak you for all you do. The bag, the slippers, the Blessing, “Oh My” you know I definately want in on this one. I will be loyally following you all week and checking out your awesome sponsers sites as well. Hugs, Theresa.

    Boy, if there is one person who does not need to be reminded to stay to true to yourself, that would be you! Many Blessings being sent your way!

  45. #46 - Mary says:

    I would love to do a creative kind of retreat but as yet, have not had time to do so. I am hosting a retreat at my home for fellow American Missionary Fellowship missionary ladies and hope to do some kind of fun creative craft with them. They all work so hard in their ministry and I just want to spoil them rotten. I’m trying to come up with a neat craft idea though with trying to get rooms textured and painted I haven’t come up with anything yet. It’s in May so have a bit of time though I know it will go so quick!

    Gosh the bags themselves are just lovely and then the great stuffings!! Wow!

    bee blessed

  46. Hi Cathe–Can’t wait till the end of the week to enter! And hope to win all the fabulous stuff that must be lurking in that cavernous bag! (alas, never did get the long-lost Dockers from your summer’s giveaway; but, hubby lost weight & the size would have been too big anyway….) Can’t wait to see all the goods throughout the week. So far…WOW!

    I craft along with the gals who attend my soldered charms classes, and sometimes a few will come over after to just to hang out and craft some more, which I love even more. When I want to ‘retreat’, I take my sewing machine to my friend’s beach condo, stay up till the wee hours, eat what and when I want to,watch movies while I sew, and I’m in heaven!

  47. #48 - Tammy says:

    WOW I’m blown away already!
    The retreat sounds like such a blast.
    The swag is crazy fun!
    Can’t wait for the contest. Thanks for including us!

  48. #49 - Linda says:

    Wow…just wow.

    I just figured out what I want to be when I grow up! I want to be Cathe Holden. 😉

  49. #50 - Ann says:

    alas, no. need to find one.

  50. #51 - Amy Baldwin says:

    Those swag bags are AMAZING! WOW, how fantastic are they? All of the recipients will totally love those roomy totes, those comfy look slippers and that fab keychain!

    My creative friends and I get together about every 6 weeks to eat, socialize and most importantly to create. So much fun to hang out with the girls and be artsy!

  51. #52 - Arielle says:

    Looks like you gals had a lot of fun! I’m adding the Lands’ End tote to my Christmas Wish List this year. And Magellan’s Travel Slippers look like they’d be super comfy for international flying. Loved looking through all the beautiful things at the Rusted Chain! Thanks so much for sharing the links for us to enjoy!
    In response to your questions, I’m currently working on organizing a Mixed Media Art group on Okinawa, Japan. As we’re just starting out, I haven’t done any retreats, but I sure would love to! So wonderful to have the opportunity to get together with other people who love to create!

  52. #53 - juau4 says:

    A Craft getaway sounds delightful! ..You got me thinking; I just realized, I craft “friendlessly”. Or maybe I’ve just become the lone crafter. hmmm.
    You’ve gathered some spectacular sponsors! Land’s End makes the perfect tote! I’ve had my eye on The Rusted Chain for some time now; love their designs! The Magellan Slippers are new to me, and I’ve just got to have some! Thanks Cathe for brightening my world!

  53. #54 - sewprimitive karen says:

    Gracious, this is amazing, what a lot of work you’ve done!

  54. #55 - Bev says:

    The retreat sounds like a lot of fun. Use to go with friends to various ones but we seem to have drifted apart. might be time to try and reconnect.

  55. #56 - michelleb. says:

    As if the commaraderie isn’t enough, the swag bags are the cherry on top of the sundae!

  56. #57 - michelleb. says:

    @ugh, that’s so sad. Cathe shares so much more than product. I guess you could consider all the ideas she shares “giveaways”. Word-of-mouth is so much nicer than ads on the tv or falling out of magazines. I don’t feel that she ever asks her readers to buy something. It’s more along the lines of “if you’re in the market for ____, you may consider _____”.
    I truly wish you well. (btw, I don’t know Cathe outside of stalking her blog.)

  57. #58 - Pattij says:

    What a great time. Would love it and also a great giveaway!

  58. #59 - Rosemary says:

    We are walking advertisements for Lands’ End! Love their totes! How lucky are you to go on a retreat. I so desperately need one. I’ve never been away by myself since my kids were born 16 yrs. ago. Never lived near family or had friends who could help. Maybe someday. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  59. #60 - Laurie Moore says:

    I don’t go on retreats yet as my children are still very needy of their mommy, but I do make it out once a month to go to a stamping night.

    Your attendees are very lucky indeed!! Those are some gorgeous things inside a gorgeous bag!!

  60. #61 - Norma(n) aka Stormin says:

    Sadly I have not done a retreat but my cousins are planning on coming up to my house for a crafty weekend. I’m super excited about that.

  61. #62 - Ronda C. says:

    Those bags are gorgeous and the first thing I noticed. I love lands end.

  62. #63 - Diana J. says:

    I’m so happy that you are able to retreat with your friends! Hope you have a great time!

  63. #64 - Heather Ozee says:

    How cool!! The jewelry is gorgeous!

  64. #65 - Sarah says:

    As a matter of fact, 3 of my blogger friends and I are getting together in just a week for some crafting fun. We all live in different states so rotate hosting the get-together. I think we need to come up with a name for our little group!
    I enjoy your blog and have been stalking it for quite a while now.

  65. #66 - Lisa W says:

    I wish I had a retreat like this! Sounds fabulous!

  66. #67 - Vicki K says:

    These are some amazing sponsors!! Lands’ End is the best – and not just for totes. I love the blessed keychains – and am thinking ahead to Mother’s Day…

  67. #68 - Mary says:

    wow..that bag full of goodies is awesome. i’m usually pretty mum on your site (even thought it’s my favorite”-iest” blog ever…) but i couldn’t be quiet this time.

    we have a “family” retreat…couzins, aunts, g-mothers, mothers, ect… usually approx 30 woman (i come from a large family). My mother hosts a retreat for friends at our family lodge…and this wk/end is my “church ladies” retreat. So lots of scrapping/crafting for this chic. i love creativity – esp yours! 🙂

  68. #69 - abbie says:

    I love the blessed keychain. What a fun week. I cannot wait until my kids are old enough that I can go away for a weekend like that. My youngest is 1 month old so it isn’t going to be any time soon.

  69. #70 - Dana Gustafson says:

    Wooohoo! Scrap retreat! I am sure you had fun and I know the ladies must have loved your thoughtful swag gifts. I miss retreating but I love living vicariously through your twice a year stories. Can’t beat the creative comraderie of like minded crafters. Have a good day Cathe!

  70. #71 - Emma says:

    I’ve been to my quilting guild retreat twice and I totally loved it. And my hometown florist just set up a beautiful new retreat center in Sauk Centre, MN that I really hope to go to someday with my mom. Retreats are the best!!

  71. #72 - Beth in Seattle says:

    Wow – all vendors that I will be visiting in the future.

  72. #73 - Marie says:

    I so enjoy all your posts and great ideas!!! ;))

  73. #74 - sherringa holmstrom says:

    Oh that looks like so much Fun! Enjoy your Crafting Days Cathe!
    I belong to a group called Sew and Grow through our Church.
    We sew items for Charity one week and the following have a Bible Study! It is a great way to really grow our Friendship circle.

  74. #75 - Sue D says:

    Awesome giveaway bags–can’t wait to see what else is in them! No retreat but I meet monthly with two different stamping groups.

  75. #76 - Jesicca Kallas says:

    I am so counting down the days until the end of the week! What great finds.
    20-30 neighbor gals (we have all moved away from the old neighborhood) get together once a year for a retreat. It is so amazing that women can bond and keep it alive, especially this number of women. They have become my friends, family, confidants, kindred spirits.

  76. #77 - Vera W. Yates says:

    This is so cool! My friend and I don’t really have creative retreat, but every few months we do get together at my place and we just chat and stamp. 🙂

  77. #78 - Debbie B says:

    I hope I win! 🙂 Love the bag & what’s inside too!

  78. #79 - Judy says:

    Once a year I invite friends to my house for an oak gall painting party. You know what oak galls are? They must be blonde oak galls, not the black ones. I shove the furniture aside, set up tables, break out the acrylic paints and brushes, and we go to town painting all kinds of designs and colors. Then we coat them with a spray of plastic coating. When they’re dry we drill holes through the middles and string them on fishing line. They become the brightest, funkiest, most different string of colored balls you’ve ever seen! Or just tie a few on top of a gift wrapped package, or stick a few on bamboo skewers and add to a bouquet for extra wow! I’d love to see what you could do with them, Cathe.
    Thanks, Judy

  79. #80 - maryk says:

    wow!! i love it all, have always wanted a lands end bag, love the red. what a haul your friends got, i wanna be there. i don’t really know many people here where we are, none that are really crafty. i miss old friends from texas. never been to a retreat, but went on a couple of quilting tours, what a blast. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  80. #81 - Colleen says:

    Oh La La! What a great post! My sisters, my nieces and daughters, and all the grand-girlies get together every other year for …”The Gathering of the Girls” ! It’s a roving retreat..every one of us gets to play “host state” on certain years..and no boys, brothers, husbands, nephews or sons allowed..unless they offer to cook for us! There are 11 of us now and 2 of us are breast cancer survivors (yeah!) it’s crafting, eating, laughing, singing, dancing and (sometimes) crying and all the time shopping. No cooking by us is allowed (which means no kitchen clean-up!) so all our time is spent appreciating each other and our individual talents..or lack there of..

    Where am I more comfortable than in the arms of my sisters….

  81. Pingback: Scrap Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: DAY 2 | Just Something I Made

  82. #82 - Janine says:

    I never been on a retreat. This is just in the beginning in Germany. But I thiunks this would be great

  83. #83 - Elizabeth says:

    wow! already off to an amazing start! the event sounds like so much fun as well!! can’t wait to read more 🙂

  84. #84 - Michelle Bartel says:

    I would be so excited to have a group of women with whom I could create. Lucky you! Anyone in the DFW Keller area???

    Kathe, you are so extremely generous with all of your ideas and graphics, and now to share some exceptional goodies!!! I will keep my fingers crossed…and my toes!

  85. #85 - Kate says:

    Hey Blossom – would you consider allowing us outside the US to be included if we agreed to pay the postage if we were lucky enough to win? I’m just so totes jealous of prospective totes of treats. Way cool treasure trove, M’Lady!

    • #86 - Cathe Holden says:

      Gee, since you called me Blossom, I may have to think about that! I hate to come off as a cheapskate, money is just so tight here! I may be able to work that option into the entry rules, I’ll have to see…

      : )

      • #87 - Kate says:

        ooooohhhhhhhh! *claps hands*

        You would NEVER come off as a cheapskate, Cathe, you’re the MOST generous gal on the web! Seriously. You give us all so much. Especially priceless inspiration.

  86. #88 - Gaidig says:

    I have so many fond memories of going out drawing and painting with my mom and her Land’s End tote bag of supplies. This one is even better, though. The solid red with white top stitching is so chic.

    I also really love the key chains. Her work is nice in general, and I am really impressed by her beautiful packaging.

  87. #89 - wendy baker says:

    whoooopeee! you are going to a retreat to recharge you batteries. and you are bringing such goodies…always a delightful “guest” bringing fab gifties.

  88. #90 - Cindy says:

    S=Sweet Slippers
    A=Amazing Lands End Bag
    G=Great Giveaway
    B=Blessed Key Chains

  89. #92 - NancyS (momsnack) says:

    My cousin who lives 150 miles away and I get together several times a year and spend several days together working on whatever craft we are presently involved in – could be cardmaking, altered art, eating, reading & relaxing and catching up on family news.

  90. #93 - kimberly says:

    my friend & i both quit our jobs last year to become ‘housewives’ 🙂 i am a huge crafter & holly needed a hobby, so i suggested getting together for a ‘craft-a-way’ and making our own christmas cards. we had so much fun creating and chatting and laughing! i can’t wait for craft-a-way 2011!

  91. #94 - Jocelyn says:

    What an amazing assortment of prizes. I’ve never been to any kind of retreat with my friends, but would love to.

  92. #95 - thriftmaven says:

    Sadly, my friends do not enjoy crafting at all!! SO-I craft alone and along with blogs that I enjoy! As I’ve told you before, I really thank you for being generous in sharing/posting clip art and your ideas!

  93. #96 - Laura Carey says:

    We are knitters! In the past we have met regularly at the knit shop but it has expanded to a nice group that will go to Knitters Connection every year in Columbus OhiO! What a great give away! Thanks!

  94. #97 - Cyndi B says:

    No, but I would love too! Looks & sounds like so much fun!! ;o)

  95. #98 - Debbie T says:

    Love getting together w/ my sisters………..VERY NICE swag bag!!

  96. #99 - veronica says:

    my stampin buddies and i don’t go to retreats, but we do try to get together once a month to stamp and make cards. we have so much fun stamping, and talking, and eating!

  97. #100 - Susan Roberts says:

    I craft with my friends at work sometimes during lunch break, its a great way to relieve stress and we laugh at our crazy creations!

  98. #101 - Tamara Hensley says:

    I don’t right now but have in the past and am trying to get something started with a couple of local friends! The closest I’ll get in the near future is a trip to visit friends which will also involve me creating the veil for her daughter’s first holy communion! No one else will be creating, just me!

  99. #102 - rhain says:

    hi.. these goodies were to die for!!!

  100. #103 - Terri Gordon says:

    Oh What a beautiful giveaway, Have a wonderful time, thank you for the opportunity to win. Terri

  101. #104 - nitasha says:

    This is truely amazing! I can’t wait to visit each of the sponsors!

  102. #105 - Kathy Bruner says:

    A dear friend and I try to go on heirloom sewing retreats whenever we can. We have also been known to make up our own weekend retreats as we live in different cities, and get together to sew and or learn a new project as if it were an “official” retreat complete with special lunches, treats, new little gadgets and notions, and special “field trips” with just the two of us!

  103. #106 - Karen says:

    My daughters, sister, and her daughters occasionally get together to do whatever projects we are working on at the time, but we don’t do it nearly enough! You’ve got some cool company!!

  104. #107 - nicole Austin says:

    wow, everything looks great! what a fun retreat, too. i’ve been wanting to do something like that with a group of friends. i do get together about once a month with a group of artsy friends for a day of crafting. i also get together with friends once a month and we try something new each time (yoga, mixed media art, writing, etc.)

  105. #108 - Lacretia says:

    I haven’t done a creative retreat with my girlfriends, but it sounds like fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. #109 - Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy says:

    Unfortunately I do not do anything scrappy with real life friends, they are too busy or do not craft. However once a year I do get to go to scrapbook yardsale a few towns away, does that count?

  107. #110 - Melissa Mercille says:

    You’re working so hard on this amazing giveaway! These are all great sponsors. Thanks for the opportunity to win such great stuff!

  108. #111 - Cindi T says:

    Fabulous stuff!!!. I am going on my first art retreat this summer. Should be a blast.

  109. #112 - Kathy T says:

    We go to a quilting and card making retreat each summer. We always make sure we choose a retreat center that offers gourmet meals.

  110. #113 - Connie says:

    There is NOTHING like this close to where I live. If there was, I would be first in line! I’m so envious!

  111. #114 - xashee says:

    for the past three years i have had health issues and not able to go out much. but my goodness that sure looks like fun and i would love to enter any of these giveaways! thank you so much Cathe, for the chance at all this fun!! 🙂

  112. #115 - Vanessa says:

    I try to get together with friends once a month in my home to craft and create and drink wine of course. Thanks for sharing these lovely items; I love the Lands’ End tote!

  113. #116 - abbeyviolet says:

    We did our first scrap retreat last fall and are now planning the 2011 version!

  114. #117 - Helen says:

    I love all of your fantistic items in the wonderful bag. I have a thing about bags, it seems that I have so many, but I want more, and more. And, all of those other items, the slippers (I would live in slippers if I could), the key chain and all, just up my alley. See you in Alameda…

  115. #118 - Alison says:

    We don’t travel anywhere, but my mom and sister and I get together a few times a year and dish out all of our crafty projects. It is so fun to have an extra hand and more inspiration!

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  117. #119 - louise says:

    I have just visited your interesting site…all new to me, the crafty weekends….sounds fun…I’m a surface designer & I LOVE the typography & crafty packs & I haven’t seen those in London town! 😕

  118. #120 - Sandy says:

    Sadly no, my friends are not too crafty!

  119. #121 - Tami Hook says:

    I can’t believe what a great giveaway this is!

  120. #122 - Tami Hook says:

    I would love to win this!

  121. #123 - Helen says:

    I don’t think I posted here, but this is an incredible giveaway, and such a nice introduction to these products. thanks

  122. #124 - Inda says:

    scrap booking makes everything and everyone special!

  123. #125 - Theresa Merkling says:

    I’m dying of envy here looking at the goodies and hearing about this retreat… any chance I could somehow join the club?

  124. #126 - Lisa B in NC says:

    Thanks for all the links introducing me to great new products and websites!

  125. #127 - lisa @thebeadgirl says:

    love love love! the lands end bag is so awesome!

  126. #128 - Dena Bliss says:

    I midwifed the Sonoma County Book Arts Guild 4.5 years ago. We are healthy and going strong in Sebastopol at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. I read your blog regularly and am very grateful for you generosity of spirit and originality of ideas. Thank you.

  127. #129 - Carol says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!What an amazing collection of incredible treasures! Someone is going to be “over the moon” with this win!

  128. #130 - Tanya P. says:

    Sadly no, but I think it would be a fun thing to plan in the future!!

  129. #131 - Jennifer Muller says:

    My dear friend, Angel, and I try at least once a year to rent a cabin in the mountains. We drag all of our scrapping stuff up there, and hang out for the weekend in our p.j.s, watching chick flicks, eating chocolate, and scrapping till all hours of the night. It is the best vacation EVER!!! 🙂

  130. #132 - Marisol Gutierrez says:

    of course…my retreat is coming up in April…looking forward it to it…the days dont go by fast enought to get together with good company and enjoy cardmaking, food, swaps, presentations and more…

  131. #133 - Michele wise says:

    Love the bags and slippers .great products.

    I host two rug hooking/quilting retreat a each year with 50 women at each.


  132. #134 - Lay Hoon says:

    SUch generous giveaway.
    I’m willing to pay for the shipping cost if i won.
    Thank you.

  133. #135 - terese says:

    Amazing giveaways!

  134. #136 - ivy says:

    i’ve never had the opportunity to go on a craft retreat with friends..maybe one day!

  135. #137 - Apryl says:

    wow what a fabulous getaway, I wish I could go to one.. though I do get to go to a Stitching Show tomorrow and drink lots and lots of coffee, so it’s not all bad this way.

  136. #138 - Cindy Bee says:

    What a fun time. Women, crafts and food and a beautiful place to stay. And how nice of you to have a give away. I found your blog through CL mag.

  137. #139 - Linda says:

    I’ve only done one retreat so far but it won’t be the last. I went with 11 quilting friends to the Lake District here in the UK for five days in early February and I am still living on the buzz that it generated! Just us, our quilting, good food and good scenary – wonderful!

  138. #140 - Carrie P. says:

    be back tomorrow.

  139. #141 - Erica H says:

    I visit my friends in MN yearly to get to Junk Bonanza! We have a great time shopping and being creative with our new treasures.

  140. #142 - Lori says:

    I wish I could get to a retreat!! I’m off in the boonies! Loving the pink bag!!! Looks perfect for a “get away”!!

  141. #143 - deb says:

    Out of this world!!!

  142. #144 - Heather DG says:

    How fun to see all the items and learn about new products and visit the sponsors – thanks for sharing!!!

  143. #145 - Leann says:

    What fun! How generous of your sponsors and you to host such a sweet giveaway!

    The retreat sounds like a blast!


  144. #146 - Alice says:

    Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! I love the comfy travel slippers!

    I would love to spend time with other like-minded women at a retreat. Nothing like that here, though. Someday!

  145. #147 - Dena Coe says:

    *sigh* the word retreat just makes me instantly relax and to be surrounded by amazing giveaway products just sounds divine! Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win Cathe 🙂

  146. #148 - Berta says:

    Wow, I just checked out all the goodies this week! Amazing!!!

  147. #149 - Berta says:

    Oh, I forgot to post my retreat!!! I have been to St Dots but many times my friends and I rent a house in Bodega Bay for a retreat. And I will be going to St Josephs in May for a retreat!
    I get so much done at retreats, the best way to spend a weekend!

  148. #150 - lululiz says:

    I would dearly love to go to a craft retreat, but they seem to be far and few between here in the UK. Certainly nothing on the scale you gals enjoy in the States. So I have to admit to being the teensiest little bit envious. I know, bad me. But, it would be rather wonderful to receive one these wonderful sponsor swag bags, so many fantastic goodies!

  149. #151 - Joni Reinhart says:

    WOW!! This looks like so much fun. I’ve just started scrapping and I’ve never been to one but I can imagine the creativity that flows around. The goodies are fab. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the great links and the opportunity….

  150. #152 - Laura Z says:

    Cool giveaway! You are so kind!

  151. #153 - Pam Jensen says:

    I don’t have the opportunity these days to attend formal “retreats,” but my sister and I try to get together at least twice a month for an all day-into late night craft bash (We have managed to take several one day classes, however.) One of us usually has some kind of project that we want to do, or technique that we want to try. We have done and tried many things in the past 20 years. The products just keep getting better and better.

  152. #154 - Sarah says:

    I have been to a couple of stitching retreats and my business holds one each year. They are great fun.

  153. #155 - Christine says:

    So many beautiful things….Thank you for your efforts!
    Best wishes from Berlin

  154. #156 - nadia love fun n bling says:

    this is a fabulous site/blog with wonderful feel good fun ideas and inspiration! love the giveaway goodies too, thanks 🙂

  155. #157 - RSmith says:

    So excited to see all this stuff. LOVE buttons and vintage stuff!

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  157. #158 - jengd says:

    I went to a few Stampin’ Up events with friends and actually made an overnight trip with a friend to CKC last year. Unfortunately, we moved 10hrs away from them all in late fall so I’m trying to find a new circle of friends to craft with.

  158. #159 - Maisy says:

    Wow, what fun you must have at your retreat! This is going to be an amazing giveaway and I’m looking forward to following along daily to see what’s in the bag! 🙂

  159. #160 - Jackie Gilbert says:

    I’m a new scrapper and learning more each time I read your blog! A retreat sounds wonderful – it’s something that is definitely in my future.

  160. #161 - Celeste B. says:

    What a fun weekend (I’m so jealous)!! 🙂 Those shoes look so comfortable, and I really like the ‘Blessed’ key chain. Always something good to remember (especially when times are tough). 🙂

  161. #162 - Patti says:

    I am still quite new to this wonderful world of scrapbooking and card making so I have not been on a retreat yet. It sounds like it would be a real fun thing to do.

  162. #163 - Melissa K says:

    I’ve been on a few scrapbooking retreats, but it’s been years. I’ve been thinking recently that perhaps I need to organize a creative retreat for my friends that encompasses all creative interests.

  163. #164 - Kathy says:

    Looks like a lot of fun at your retreat! When I visit my parents, I scrap with my Mom and my SIL. We take over the dining room table for our entire visit! Thanks for a fun give away!

  164. #165 - Sue K says:

    wow, what a lovely assortment of goods. How I’d love to get my hands on those beauties. Hope my luck comes

  165. #166 - Leslie N says:

    We don’t go on any sort of retreat, but my mom, sister and I all make hats. They crochet while i loom, so we all sit around and make hats together.

  166. #167 - Jenniffer Dorsett says:

    I look forward to my crop weekends and attend as many as I can. They help me rejuvenate and reconnect with friends!

  167. #168 - Mamasoo says:

    Once a year my church’s Quilting Group goes on a retreat. Since I just joined the group, I can’t wait to go! These ladies are so talented, and they don’t just quilt- they also taught me how to crochet a basic granny square. Great giveaway, thank you!

  168. #169 - christy says:

    love it. hope to win!

  169. #170 - sonja says:

    These are great!
    Thank you

  170. #171 - Gina Sandoval says:

    What gorgeous bags!

  171. #172 - Cyndi Stephenson says:

    I don’t do a crafting retreat but my sister and I get together quite often to craft together.

  172. #173 - Loralee Whitlock says:

    I usually attend a monthly crop with local friends and twice a year attend a crop out of state with new friends I’ve made there.

  173. #174 - Camille says:

    Twice a year I attend a scrapbooking retreat with 13 other ladies. It is so very cleansing for my soul.

  174. #175 - Paula Michalowski says:

    What a woderful thing to do each year. Hope you have fun.

  175. #176 - Janie Boots says:

    Wow those slippers look so comfy I need to get myself a pair of comfy slippers

  176. #177 - Teri "Terrific" says:

    Great little charms 😉 Nice way to send a special message.

  177. #178 - Tanya Phillips says:

    Sadly I don’t have any crafty friends 🙁 Im off to check out The Rusted Chain, I love what was in the photos!!

  178. #179 - Cindy Miller says:

    Wow, this is so very generous of you, what a fabulous bag!!

  179. #180 - Gina Endy says:

    I wish I was there this time with all you Cathe. Can’t wait til next time!

  180. #181 - Amanda says:

    I love to go to an annual scrap retreat where I used to live, it gives me a chance to catch up with friends that I have missed throughout the year and I usually (with some pre-planning) get a heap of pages done.

  181. #182 - Ashley Moore says:

    FINGERS CROSSED!!! This would be a wonderful thing to win. It would give me and my daughter something to work with. Thank you.

  182. #183 - Judi Weldon says:

    the perfect retreat is a mix of old friends and new friends waiting ot be made, sharing in learning, new experiences, fufilling dreams spoken and unspoken, making life affirming goals.

  183. #184 - Dee Cummins says:

    I haven’t had a creative retreat with friends, but you make it sound lovely!

  184. #185 - Nancy LaPointe says:

    You are an inspiration. Thanks for the darling downloads for a shrinky dink bracelet in Country Living

  185. #186 - Heather Harris says:

    Oh man, I think I missed the deadline to enter, but this looks like some great stuff. Would be very cool to win.

  186. #187 - Loretta Felder says:

    I would be interested to learn how you were able to get donated products for the give aways? One of the therapist at my office hosts a retreat for women every year and this would be a great give away. Can you help me get started?

    Thank you.
    Loretta Felder, MA, LMHC, NCC

  187. #188 - Milagros says:

    Love your Blog. PICK ME PICK ME. LOL!
    I hope I get to see you in Sept in ST PAUL, MN.

  188. #189 - Laurie Welch says:

    I just returned from a 5 day trip where I met three of my friends from college. The 4 of us haven’t all been together since my wedding in 1993. We stayed at a beach house in Dillon Beach just up the road from Petaluma I thought about you the whole time I was there. One of the friends (a HS art teacher from Colorado) brought us each our own hard cover blank book along with a suitcase full of art supplies. We all knew what was in store. We sat at the table in front of the window, overlooking the gorgeous ocean, crafting, drawing, gluing and journaling all day long it was fabulous! A tote like that LE one would be perfect for making sure I am always prepared with favorite craft items on hand!!

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