Easy Drapery Ring Lifesavers

I just returned from a wonderful weekend at the beach with some other bloggers-turned-dear-friends, where we shared a gorgeous beach house along the Marin County coast. So…I have beachy things on the brain!I’ve been hanging onto some vintage wooden drapery rings (aka: curtain rings) and thought of a cute and easy project to share. Vintage wooden drapery rings are easy to find on Etsy, eBay, antique shops and thrift stores. The chunkier the better. New rings will work fine as well, however they tend to be a big skinnier. Mine were already painted, but if you find some that are darker, just give them a good coat of white or off-white spray paint.
Supplies include rings, antique alphabet rubber stamps, stamp pad and Sharpie markers (or paint.)
I removed the eye-screws and made marks at each quarter of the rings as guides and then colored in sections, narrow at the ring center growing wider towards the outer edge and continuing to the other side.
I marked each with S.S. HOLDEN and my kids’ names on blue and red banded rings. After drying, it’s a good idea to coat them with satin finish acrylic spray.
The red banded lifesavers will hang outside for beach towels.
The blue banded ones will hang in the kids’ bathroom for bath towels.
Drapery ring lifesavers would also be cute as ornaments, gift embellishments, picture frame embellishments, beach house key rings and more!

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59 Responses to Easy Drapery Ring Lifesavers

  1. #2 - Mari-Noëlle says:

    You clever girl !!!!

  2. #3 - Cindy Bee says:

    What a WONDERFUL idea! I love them.
    I’m on the lookout for some drapery rings.
    Cindy Bee

  3. #4 - Katie says:

    This is a great idea! They could also be used as napkin rings! We use cloth napkins and try to reuse before laundering if possible, this would be a great way to keep each child’s napkin marked!

  4. Darling! I’m sending link to Denise. 🙂

  5. #6 - purejoy says:

    they’d make awesome napkin rings, too! those are really cute!

  6. #7 - Stephanie says:

    I love these! Napkin rings definitely (or even tying onto a “theme” gift box). Can’t wait to see what other beach-y things you’ve got up your sleeves!

  7. #8 - valerie says:

    Those are absolutely adorable!!

  8. #9 - Berta says:

    I have some new rings I didn;t use for a project, now I know what I could do with them!! Thanks 🙂

  9. #10 - charlotte lyons says:

    what a clever and cute way to keep track of towels and whose is whose?! just something you made – smarter, better, prettier!

  10. #12 - Lori Allberry says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I just ordered myself some!
    Thank You so VERY MUCH for the idea!!!


  11. #13 - Rose H says:

    What a fabulous idea! Oh to be so inventive…

  12. #14 - Cap Creations says:

    How cute! I love this idea! They look fantastic!

  13. #15 - carol turner says:

    Those are toooo cute, what a great creative idea. Perfect for the summer season. I just met my first blog friend in person and did a post on are bloggers the same in person? She sure was!


  14. #16 - Dana Gustafson says:

    Save me! I may be drowning in *cute*! Love your darling idea Cathe! Bring on the summer!

  15. #17 - Noreen says:

    Clever… and such a fun idea!

  16. #18 - laurie magpie ethel says:

    I don’t know how you come up with some of these ideas..these are adorable! Love them as the markers for the towels. Brilliant, brilliant as usual. You rocked this idea!

  17. #19 - Michelle L. says:

    Adorable! And I so envy your crafty getaway…

  18. #20 - martina says:

    Very creative! If you used the rings that have clips you could use them as weights to keep the tablecloth down when dining outside. Or with a clip of some sort, as zipper pull charms on hoodies or gym bags. Since they aren’t that big, could you use clear nail polish as a sealer?

  19. #21 - Lisa~ says:

    Oh my gosh Cathe, you did it again. These are adorable. Lisa~

  20. #22 - Gunn Aase says:

    These was very nice.. think I have to make some of these!

  21. #23 - Deb @ PaperTurtle says:

    Oh I just love the way these look! What a simple project but over the top cute. Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

  22. #24 - Heather says:

    L.O.V.E.- love, love, love these!!!

  23. #25 - Jen K says:

    Oh my goodness! This is such a wonderful idea!!!! I’m totally stealing it! What a great idea for a hostess gift also!

  24. #26 - Jeanne says:

    These are adorable and will make fun decorations up at our lake house. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  25. #27 - Gayle says:

    I’m new to this, and I’m so glad I added you to my web blog! It brings me your wonderful ideas so easily! Havin fun!

  26. #28 - SheilaG says:

    These are too cute! You so smart! 🙂

  27. #29 - Tiffany Johnson says:

    Love this awesome idea! Can’t wait for it to warm up here in the PNW!

  28. #30 - Connie says:

    That is soooooooooo clever!! This is also a great idea as napkin rings for a clambake/surf-side party — thanks for sharing! Love your natural tone/practical idea! ♥

  29. #32 - Theresa says:

    um,um,um, you never cease to amaze me with your imagination.

  30. #33 - Tanya says:

    Cathe, you never cease to amaze me. Way to go!

  31. #34 - Suzonne says:

    Cathe, while you’re sick?! Really???!!!! You slay me. I love these!

  32. #35 - Misa Hedge says:

    I love them! What a clever idea. Do you mind telling who makes that alphabet stamp set?

  33. #36 - iheartsunnydays says:

    These are so cute! Brilliant 🙂

  34. those are very cute! i have a box of identical rings. the beach theme isn’t my thing, but perhaps i’ll finally do something with them now.

  35. Oh my goodness. Those tiny life preservers could not be any more awesome if they were floating in the ocean! Another awesome project Cathe!!

  36. #39 - rechercher says:

    What a great idea! I can think of another way to use the curtain rings. I’ve been looking for something that small to use as a miniature embroidery hoop in a shadowbox, to display a scrap of fabric with some childhood embroidery on it. I had been considering a small wooden letter “O” but a curtain ring would be just the right size. Very inspiring.

  37. #40 - Mitzi Curi says:

    Cathe, I have a bag full of the exact same rings, and I’m thinking napkin rings for a summer table would be adorable. Thanks for the great idea!

  38. #41 - Deanna says:

    These are so cute!!!

  39. #42 - vivian says:

    These are adorable!

  40. These are amazing! So easy to make and such a good result. I have a lot of those drapery rings at home and this will definitely be a good way of reusing them!

    Very clever!

  41. #44 - Monica says:

    omgosh that is sooooooooo adorable!! LOVE IT!

  42. #45 - Celeste B. says:

    Oh, how creative!!!! I really like this idea!!

  43. #46 - Karen Enquist says:

    These are really cute – would make great napkin rings that could also be used as placecards…if the names of the guests were on the top of the ring….I love your wonderful ideas!

  44. #47 - Inspire Me Heather says:

    What a neat idea! I linked this to my nautical post too, for inspiration!

  45. #48 - Liz says:

    I surely wish I would have known about this a year ago Feb. I SO would have made them. My friend designed a Murder mystery Party based on “The Titanic” one of the BEST Nights of my life………These are ADORABLE!!!!

  46. #49 - susan says:

    They would make great napkin rings.

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  48. #50 - Kellie says:

    what an awesome idea. i never wouldve thought of that!

  49. #51 - Annie Heupel says:

    I’m doing a US Coast Guard promotion party for my husband. Thanks for the GREAT ideas!!!


  50. #52 - Heather says:

    Christmas ornaments, with the year along the bottom!

  51. #53 - Maureen says:

    This is brilliant and I’m pinning! Thanks for the idea.

  52. Cathe — I liked this idea so much I included a photo of it and a link to your site on my blog today. I wrote about diy napkin rings suitable for home staging. Yours are adorable!


    I hope some of my readers will become your regular readers.

    Thanks and best wishes.

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  54. #55 - Vicky Kirkland says:

    What size rings did you use?

  55. #56 - Christy says:

    Love this for napkins rings. Any other nautical ideas up your sleeve?Thanks.

  56. #57 - Courtney Hendrick says:

    OMG!!! I love these, what a great idea! they would be perfect for my beach wedding