“Anything Goes” Pennant Bunting Garland

Because I can’t seem to throw anything interesting away, I hung onto all the little pieces of envelope corner scraps that remained after soaking postage stamps for my doll bed project the other day. Pretty, wavy scraps of yellowed vintage paper…So, today, still a bit under the weather and not feeling as crafty as usual, I simply stitched them together on my sewing machine and made some funky pennant bunting…and made a subtle-but-festive paper garland for my shelf unit.It will be a sad, sad day around here should pennant bunting ever go out of style.

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48 Responses to “Anything Goes” Pennant Bunting Garland

  1. #1 - Peaches says:

    Holy cats, this is a great idea! Love it. And the white-on-white makes it so elegant. All from old mail, who knew?

  2. #2 - Karen says:

    Very, very cool. I agree, it would be a sad day. Especially since I haven’t jumped on the current trend yet.

  3. #3 - Juliet A says:

    Your ability to make anything look artsy is mind-boggling!

  4. #4 - Tracey Ireland says:

    LOVE IT! I too like the cancellation marks on all the envelope scraps!

  5. #5 - lora says:

    what a great idea! love it…

  6. #6 - Sharon says:

    I too love pennants and garlands. I have made a callorie free cupcake garland for my daughter. She loves cupcakes and the garland too.

  7. #7 - jenny b harris says:

    How pretty! You were so clever to make something lovely from those squiggly scraps. And they are perfect on your shelf!

  8. Gorgeous! What do you soak the stamps in ? I have a bunch that I would love to remove from the snips of paper, too.

  9. #10 - Mary says:

    You are amazing! I never would have thought to save that part of the envelope!!

  10. #11 - Rebekah says:

    You never cease to amaze and inspire me, Cathe. I LOVE the measuring stick “crown” on top of that shelf, too. I’m amazed. And inspired. Again.

  11. #12 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Cathe you do amaze me with the endless talents and inspiration you share. Love your saving of so many interesting bits and pieces. Your bunting is super cute. Also the measuring tape “crown” is awesome. Hope you are feeling better and better…

  12. #13 - Berta says:

    Love it!! I just made a punched heart garland for Valentines day, love the timeless look of this! Recycling at its best. I would love to have the whole shelf, vases, truck, and garland 🙂 Just beautiful.

  13. #14 - Heidi Meyer says:

    What a wonderful idea to do with new or vintage papers! I love your ruler crown too!

  14. #15 - Linda Liu says:

    Really really love it. You’re so creative.

  15. #16 - MichelleGB says:

    Very cute little banner! Love it!

  16. #17 - marysworkshop says:

    Even when you feel sick, you’re able to create beautiful things! Hope you get well soon, Cathe.

  17. #18 - Sue Irvine says:


  18. #19 - Sue Irvine says:

    GORGEOUS!! and, not being a sewing person, is it hard to sew something like this? I saw on another blog where someone had sewn all the Tim Holtz flowers from his die like this and it was very cool. I would take up sewing just to try this!

  19. #20 - Peace Schuyler says:

    I bow to the wonderfulness in your brain! :O) Love this, and your refusal to throw anything away.

  20. #21 - Suzie says:

    how amazingly yet simply beautiful!

  21. #22 - Jill says:

    Not sure what I like more the bunting or hearing that you couldn’t throw that paper away. I’m sure I couldn’t have either! I just bought a green tonka truck at an auction Sun. like yours in the photo.

  22. #23 - Terry says:

    I am your newest follower. I love everything I see on your blog. I also love Flea Market Style Magazine. Petaluma is one of my favorite places on earth. I sell at the Alameda Antique Faire, I wonder if we have ever met? It is fun to put a face to a name. Come say Hi sometime.

  23. #24 - Cassandra says:

    Hi..what a neat idea! So simple but adds such an elegant touch. I love your shelf and the way you decorated it, very creative!

    Have a great day!


  24. #25 - Sue@MyArtsDesire says:

    Seriously, how you think of all these amazing ideas is beyond me…!!! I would give my eye teeth {well, maybe molars so it wouldn’t be so obvious} to have that Tonka truck in life-size, drivable condition! Thank you for always being such an inspiration, Cathe! You are a gem!

  25. #26 - Michelle L. says:

    Seriously? I can’t believe you made something SO PRETTY from those scraps!!! Looks amazing on your gorgeously-styled shelf. You are crazy but brilliant!

  26. #28 - Patti Gramza says:

    Cathe, I have had a ball toodling around your blog and all your creative and fun ideas! Just amazing, and I am not a follower!!!!!

  27. #29 - cheryl says:

    dang girl… your incredible.

  28. #30 - sue says:

    Hah, hah! This is why I can’t throw anything away and my family worries that I will be a star on the program, Hoarders.

  29. #31 - Annette Hoffman says:

    I want your display of peanut bunting garland, old toy truck, tape measure, and vintage vases in an awesome display case! How darn cute! Am going to tackle your shrinky dink jewelry next week.
    Thanks for your blog and ideas!

  30. #32 - Sherry says:

    Even when you’re under the weather, you are incredibly clever! I hope you are feeling better today. Watch out, I’m sure your’ve been storing ideas that you didn’t even know about! Can’t wait…

  31. #33 - arlene says:

    Your vision and the fact that you can create something SO pretty from scraps is amazing!! Your photos never fail to inspire me! Thanks for brightening my days!

  32. #34 - rosa says:

    lovely blog!
    gorgeous ideas!
    Happy week,

  33. #35 - Margot Madison says:

    Amazing! You’re like a hoarder but not really a hoarder because you actually DO SOMETHING with your bits and pieces. Reminds me that I used to save milk caps when I was young. Never did find a project for that…

  34. #36 - Ila East says:

    I but you have a good variety of stuff in your “Happy Trash”.

  35. So cute & whimsical! thanks for sharing!

  36. #38 - Elise says:

    Is there NO end to your cleverness!?! {OF COURSE not!!! hee hee}

    THIS is FANTASTIC! Seriously, crafty Mc crafty! I LOVE, love, LOVE your wonderful show! Yeeeeeee Haaaawwwww!

  37. #39 - A French Education says:

    Waste not, want not! “L’economie protege du besoin.” What an original idea with attractive results! Now I regret all of the envelope corners we’ve thrown out over the years. Patti

  38. #40 - margaret dowling says:

    hiya kathe , just love your mini banners and love that you never throw anything out …reminds me of someone i know ..ehem ???

  39. #41 - Dennis says:

    What a lovely design. It would be great to walk around your house and see all the lovely decor you have made!

  40. #42 - Carla says:

    What a clever idea! Sometimes I soak the stamps off and sometimes I just tear off the corner and use the whole thing in my altered books and other paper projects. And if there’s some tea left in the teapot, I pour it into a cup and soak the paper there, which gives it a vintage look, but I never thought about a mini banner. I like that!

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  42. #43 - jet says:

    wooow what a sweet pretty lovely idea, i’m recycle my envelopes as well, but this is a new idea, thank you again for the sharing, i’m loving the other garland as well;-D

  43. #44 - Jessica says:

    this is great! you are extremely talented and inspirational! thank you so much for sharing…i LOVE your style!

  44. #45 - jennifer says:

    You are amazing! I like to think of myself as crafty but wow, I really love your style! I am inspired! I live in Colorado and will be renting a space in an antique mall. May I use some of your terrific ideas???

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