Livestock Images: Free Digital Downloads

Every year this time, baby lambs hit the ground like rain in our pasture. We went through a few years of showing market lambs in 4-H with my son, and now my youngest, Sarah, is looking forward to her first year in the livestock division.

This photo is of Sarah holding a newborn, apparently stepped on by a ewe by accident. Her little hind leg is broken but well splinted (tongue depressers & duct tape) by Mr. Wonderful. Did I mention he grew up the son of a large animal vet? (read: assistant large animal vet.) Little lamb is on antibiotics and runs around as fast as the other babies in the field happy all the way. Dang they’re cute! We have 5 babies, and I have to add, for a sweet visual, they all fall asleep together in a puppy-pile in the sun.

So in the spirit of livestock/4-H, I thought I would share some vintage livestock and horse images scanned from one of my rare printer catalogs, circa 1920. I’m going to take a leap and suggest that vintage livestock be the new trend in design, decor and apparel. I mean, how awesome would one of these illustrations be enlarged and silkscreened on a throw pillow, t-shirt or made into vinyl wall decals?! (I always thought the farmer image at the very bottom would make for a cool blog header for Mr. Wonderful, you know, should he ever have the need for a blog.)

Click on the images below to access the FREE PDF files. If you make something with any of them, I would LOVE to see it!

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35 Responses to Livestock Images: Free Digital Downloads

  1. #1 - Kristy Thomas says:

    Oh.. thank you so much ! Perfect timing for a farmgirl project I am working on !!

  2. #2 - Cindy Sue says:

    Awwww, she is adorable! Thanks a bunches for the graphics, I would love to do the cow in the kitchen, the ideas are flowing now!

  3. #3 - Victoria says:

    Ooh! I love spring with lambs. We had newborns too and they’re so great to watch, especially when they bounce around.

  4. #4 - Patty C says:

    That lamb has to be one of the cutest animals I’ve ever seen!

  5. Cathe,
    Thanks for these beautiful graphics. The cow reminds me of the cows at Foskitt’s Dairy Farm, just down street where I grew up!

  6. #6 - Donna M. says:

    These are terrific! Thank you!!!

  7. #7 - thriftmaven says:

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for ALL of the free graphics you so generously share! I really appreciate it!!

  8. #8 - Charmaine Deadman says:

    awww…. poor little lambkin. I’m glad she’s okay.

  9. #9 - Elise says:

    Mr. WONDERFUL is ALL THAT! {And so is the Mrs.!} These are FABULOUS! How…..did…..YOU…. know!?! *sob!* I love THESE! Thanks for the MOST excellent share!!!!

  10. #10 - Lacy says:

    I love these! I have three kids that are all showing market hogs in the county fair in March. I have some ideas for their thank you baskets using these!

  11. #11 - Laura Evangeline says:

    Oh, I wanna cuddle that little thing! So cute!!!

  12. #12 - Roxi Phillips says:

    Very cool images! I had 4-H livestock, too! (Sheep, pigs, horses) I was even an Allstar and represented California on a citizenship shortcourse in Washington DC, about a hundred or so years ago! I knew it… we are kindred spirits!!!

  13. #13 - Christy says:

    *Love!* Thanks so much for sharing these images. As a staff member of a Wyoming agriculture newspaper, and as a mother-to-be envisioning a farming/ranching theme for our nursery, I can see all kinds of possibilities for these downloads. πŸ™‚ – Christy

  14. #14 - Emily/winny says:

    Lambies are so sweet! My father when he was young had a pet bottle lamb that followed him around like a puppy and would bleat at the back door when he went inside until he came back out.

  15. #15 - Rosanna says:

    I just awarded you The Stylish Award!!

    Go to my blog and it’ll tell you how to claim your award. CONGRATULATIONS!! =D


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  17. #16 - Debbie T says:

    Absolutely LOVE vintage livestock images esp horses….thanks for sharing!!……..My daughters just completed their final year in 4H showing horses……best of luck to your daughter as she begins her 4H show season

  18. #17 - Lauren says:

    I just have to comment and share my blog. I have followed your blog for at least a year now and perhaps commented in the past but I love your blog and today’s free images. Why?!? Because they look just like my blog header!!

    Just something about these images make me smile! I am sure they will end up used at some point in the not too far future. Thanks for sharing and I love the picture of Sarah and the lamb. So sweet.

  19. #18 - weva says:

    Thank you!!

  20. #19 - Virginia says:

    LOVE the Gloustershire Old Spot Hog and that leaping Bronco on the first sheet! Thank you!

  21. #20 - rechercher says:

    Perfect for collages, thank you!

  22. #21 - Debbie says:

    Being a farm girl myself, I have a great appreciation for these images. They are wonderful!!! Thank you!

  23. #22 - heckety says:

    Thank you so much for these images- I just saved the sheet with the individual animals. I love old catalogues, and also advertisements. Both the wording and the illustrations can be so hilariously funny, but also kind of endearing too. I dunno, they’re in a class of their own really. Lambs are fun to watch, but hard work too- friends here are all approaching lambing time, another fortnight and they’ll be snowed under with lambs!

  24. #23 - Mitzi Curi says:

    Cathe, the little lamb in the arms of your daughter is such a sweet image! The livestock clip art is great too. You always have such great things to share!

  25. #24 - Taronna says:

    After reading your Shrinky Dink post, I’m thinking these farm animals would make great jewelry. Thanks for sharing.

  26. #25 - Rachel says:

    Thank you! These are very pretty πŸ™‚

  27. #26 - Ray says:

    Fantastic images and I will make great use of them for a few projects I have planned.

  28. #27 - Celeste B. says:

    Perfect! I love the vintage farm look. Thanks for sharing the pdf’s. πŸ™‚

  29. #28 - Judy Johnson says:

    I don’t know how I missed these, they’re great! Thanks !

  30. #29 - Shelley says:

    I love your livestock images! Is there any way I could get them in single images to resize? Thank u, Shelley

    • #30 - Cathe Holden says:

      Hi Shelley,

      They are in vector form in the PDF file. You should be able to place or open the file in your editing software and enlarge to whatever size needed. I just don’t have the available time to separate each image.

  31. #31 - Shirl Martin says:

    Love the vintage livestock – but are there any goats or swine??

  32. #32 - Marc Serra says:

    Very cool images!

  33. #33 - Melody Gaines says:

    Just love your graphics. I am the wife of an Ag Teacher, aka Free Ag Teacher’s Assistant, Sponsor, Driver, Fitter for Shows and Fair Mom. Both of our children, as well as my husband and myself were in 4-H and FFA. I am a the Bookkeeper for our Junior Livestock Sale for our County Fair, and like to use graphics such as these in my correspondence with the Buyer’s and Exhibitors. Oh and yes, I am an Elementary Teacher and Instructional Coach too, so I use agriculture in my classrooms every chance I get.

  34. #34 - hannah green says:

    I love your pictures!