Sewing Shrinky Dinks

After my last craft project, Animal Sewing Cards, I wasn’t quite ready to put the little designs away. So today, I created some fun pieces by printing the dog image onto Shrinky Dinks Inkjet printable sheets, punching holes and stitching them up to create a fun necklace.You can use regular non-printable Shrinky Dinks sheets for this project and trace your images from the free PDF download below. Just click on it to save. I’ve sized the animals with the holes being exactly the correct size for the smaller 1/8″ hole punch. Once traced and colored onto to regular Shrinky Dinks sheets, or digitally modified (colored, image-repeated, etc.) and printed to images to Shrinky Dinks inkjet printable sheets, trim out each piece leaving a margin around the outside of the hole areas. Punch holes and bake the pieces as per manufacturer directions. I use a little toaster oven I picked up at the hardware store for around $30 that I keep in my studio, clean and free of food.I chose to make a cute necklace to honor our super-sweet dogs, Scout and Maggie.I printed out the dog images and a little heart and punched my holes. Once baked and shrunk, I stitched in and out of the holes with some tinsel wrapped thread I had in my stash. Strands of colorful embroidery thread would work great as well. You can finish off the back by adhering felt or leather, or keep it as is and tack the end threads down with super glue.I coated the final sewn pieces with satin spray acrylic. Then, by threading jump rings through some of the stitching holes, combined the pieces and attached to chain.This isn’t a necklace I will likely wear, but it’s so cute as it now embellishes a small lampshade next to my reading chair.

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