Last Minute Gift Coupons: Free Printables!

My latest post on SC Johnson’s Family Economics shares free printables I designed for creating gift coupons! At the risk of my kids actually reading my blog this week (really, the odds are in my favor,) I am sharing the coupons I created for them.

Using the graphics provided over on my SCJ post, I reduced the images to fit 6 to a sheet and printed out several of each. I stitched the small stacks to manilla folder stock using my sewing machine.Folding over at the seam,and folding over one more time to the back.I then trimmed off the excess thread and cardstock to make the little coupon books for my kids. They are gifts of iTunes music, movies and apps, since they have access to my iTunes account.

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25 Responses to Last Minute Gift Coupons: Free Printables!

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  2. #1 - wendy baker says:

    you have VERY lucky children.

  3. #2 - Monika says:

    I do them by hand, but printing is also a great idea:) It seems more pro:)

  4. #3 - Jillian says:

    Totally creative! love it and I’m sure they will. 🙂

  5. #4 - Dupcodeb says:

    These are so cute! I love giving coupons and these will really jazz them up! Thanks for sharing!

  6. #5 - Paulette says:

    This is such a cute idea! I love your design and how your books turned out. TOO CUTE!!! … I also loved your snowflake post! Thanks so much for sharing, and have a very merry week! 🙂 Paulette

  7. #6 - valerie says:

    You’ve saved me! I need some gift certs for a christmas gift. Now I don’t have to make my own! Filed at . Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  8. #7 - keely aka LKP says:

    this. is. brilliant. do you think instead of trimming the excess cardstock, is there enough to fold it over the front and tuck the ‘cover’ under the seamed cardstock edge? anyhow, no matter if you can or not, i’m excited for this, since i need something extra for mr LKP’s stocking. thank you for sharing!

  9. #8 - Kristen says:

    Thank you. I did this several years ago, but they were not nearly as cute. I anticipate this will be the most enjoyed present of the season.

  10. #9 - Karen says:

    Cathe, I’m so glad I checked in! I’ve been way too busy & was trying to figure out how to creatively give my daughter an iTunes giftcard like she asked for! I hated the thought of paying an activation fee at safeway b/c I was so late getting it taken care of. Thanks tons! Have a Merry Christmas!

  11. #10 - Ida says:

    Thanks so much. I printed these and took them to the women I work with at the local jail. ‘Figured it was a great way for them to give gifts!

  12. #11 - Gwen says:

    Thanks so much for the gift coupon templates—you’ve bailed me out! Now I can give a neat gift of my time on a quilting machine for my daughter’s birthday (which is 3 days after Christmas and it is always a challenge). She just finished making her first quilt top and now it needs to be quilted. Love all your wonderful ideas!

  13. hi….I have to a butt-load of very large paint chips that I got from Lowes and Ace hardware store….any ideas as to what I can do with them? I have had them for a long time and I just know the moment I throw them away I will need them for a project. Love, Nick.

  14. #13 - Amanda @ 32* North says:

    Merry Christmas, Cathe! Hope you’re having a joyous Christmas season! Best wishes now and always,

  15. #14 - Sandy Cookman says:

    I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing! i’m going to grab this one for sure! I also shared on my blog about your tutorial for making the vintage style planner. Check it out here:

    Have a wonderful New Year!


  16. #15 - Johanna says:

    Great idea! Thank you!

  17. #16 - Roberta Yeagley says:

    What creative gift certificates! I am doing a presentation on giving Christmas gifts that only cost “time” — these are just a wonderful idea to share. I appreciate your sharing these with me and all who will be at my presentation.

  18. #17 - ChrisA says:

    Thank you so much. These are awesome. I know I keep using the same words over and over again. Your work is such top quality that the words awesome – great – beautiful come to mind each and every time!!!

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  20. #18 - Nicole Di Cesare says:

    Hi, I work in Child Care, these vouchers and cheque books are great for dramatic play. Thank you Nicole

  21. #19 - spazzy06 says:

    This is such a thoughtful (and easy!) gift idea. Thank you!

  22. #20 - Anushka Rao says:

    Wow!! You have some really great ideas! My daughter recently checked out your site and she’s been busy making all sorts of crafts, which is good to keep her busy 🙂

    Thank you!

  23. #21 - Tangela says:

    Thanks for the printables

  24. #22 - Julie says:

    I have searched, I can’t see to find the printable for the coupons- I am in love with these- any chance you can direct me to finding these?

  25. #23 - Joan says:

    Can’t find a way to print out these coupons.
    Would love to have them for Christmas gifts.