Eye Candy Giveaway: Jewelry by Wendy Baker

Remember my decal penny project? Imagine how crazy-giddy I was to receive an email from Wendy Baker telling me about the jewelry she designed with her own decal penny charms inspired by my tutorial, along with a whole lot of other deliciousness.

So, I took a stroll through Wendy’s Etsy shop, Bendywhoand then her Flickr photos and then I had to go lie down. Gorgeous overload. Who needs to ever go clothing shopping again, just a little black dress and a whole lot of Bendywho may be all you ever need!

Wendy writes, “I love flea markets. Old, dented, battered, patinated and beglittered elements are just my kind of thing. Combining these possibly neglected elements into fresh designs is my dream come true. Access to vintage, new, unused, jewelry stock and interesting, purposeful objects allows for happy blending experiments. The emergence of fresh combinations from my hands and pliers allows me to fulfill my lifelong interest in gardening without killing any plants. In this way, recycled, repurposed, organic compositions and artistic intentions coincide.”

Wendy was so gracious to send to me one of her penny charm necklaces. It’s just beautiful.

Wendy is also going to send one to a lucky JSIM readers! So, to enter to win one of the  Bendywho penny charm necklaces pictured in the first photo, leave a nice comment for Wendy on this post! Entry closes Sunday, December 5 at midnight. I will contact the winner on Monday. UPDATE: Randomly chosen winning number is: #160: Karin! Congratulations!! And thank you everyone for all the really great comments!

If you still can’t get enough of Wendy’s fabulous creations, you can visit her blog, Wednesday 3 o’clock.

Thank you Wendy, for my lovely necklace, the giveaway and for rocking out the decal penny pendant project!

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197 Responses to Eye Candy Giveaway: Jewelry by Wendy Baker

  1. #1 - wendy baker says:

    OMG. who is the queen of craftiness? Cathe. you rock and grace my world simultaneously. thank you!

  2. #2 - Lori ODonnell says:

    Wendy, these are gorgeous!! I agree with Cathe that I would just change my necklace each day, and voile…a whole new outfit. I would love to wear one of your designs. Thanks for sharing Cathe!

  3. #3 - Marissa says:

    Wendy’s pieces are lovely! It’s almost as if she took all of the best little bits and baubles from my grandma’s jewelry box. So gorgeous!

  4. #4 - Sheri Tardio says:

    These are so cool! I’d LOVE to have one! I’ve been buying holiday gifts on Etsy for everyone else; something for ME would be fabulous! Thanks to both of you!

  5. #5 - Kathryn Awe says:

    Wow. I only wish I could come up with this stuff! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  6. #6 - yvette says:

    So cute! Ridiculously cute! Can’t get enough of them.

  7. #7 - Danielle says:

    All I can say is WOW! Gorgeous and so unique colorful and fun.


  8. #8 - Joanne says:

    I would love to win one of these beautiful necklaces!!

  9. #9 - Karen LeMore says:

    Beautiful and so unique…I love this piece! (And, I also support handmade artists!)

  10. #10 - Barbara says:

    oh, I’m immediately fallen in love with the fresh colours and the graceful compositions! How splendid!

  11. #11 - katie@tulsadetails says:

    I love these! They are all stunning. She is so very talented! And I think I would really rock one of these necklaces!; )

  12. #12 - Emily/winny says:

    What a beautiful way to repurpose vintage jewelry. Have my own stash but nothing as beautiful as what Wendy has made. Way to go Wendy!!!

  13. #13 - Lauren Elliott says:

    WOW! these are some of the most creative, beautiful pieces of jewelry that I have seen. Just gorgeous Wendy!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these gems.

  14. #14 - Laure Janus says:

    Whoa. Absolutely gorgeous jewelry AND any piece would look absolutely gorgeous on me! How could it not look gorgeous on anyone? Please enter me in the drawing, Cathe, and thanks for promoting Wendy’s art! Gotta go now and take in more of Wendy’s eye candy…

  15. #15 - Melodee says:

    WOW! Those are spectacular! I have to go see her shop now.

  16. #16 - Lorinda de Regt-Penn says:

    Wow Wow Wow, I love handmade items. It is amazing how life can be brought back to unwanted items. Thank you Wendy for wonderful pieces of Art and Cathe for the inspiration you give us all.


  17. #17 - Thea says:

    Wow, how gorgeous!!!! I love them, they’re really great!!!!

  18. #18 - sonja says:

    Wendy they are SO cute! I love them all. Great job.

  19. #19 - NancyS (momsnack) says:

    Wow! this jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! I love hand-crafted jewelry!

  20. #20 - Patricia Sparks says:

    They are stunning and so creative. I’ve never seen anything like them.
    Keep you the awesome work.

  21. #21 - Emanda says:

    I can so relate to gardening with killing plants — I have brown thumbs to my shoulders! Please add my name to the random drawing.


  22. #22 - Billie Kretzschmar says:

    Wendy your work is so much fun! Thanks for the giveaway.


  23. #23 - Mimi says:

    Wow! doesn’t really do justice to the fabulous and colorful art Wendy has created! I LOVE the use of colorful enameled pieces. I won’t look in the jewelry bin with the same eye again!!

  24. #24 - bryssy says:

    Wow! That is just amazing. I wish I had 1/10th of Wendy’s (and yours, too Cathe) creativity!!!!

  25. #25 - Amber says:

    Oh wow, it’s like a whole lot of funky and pretty rolled into one! Love them!!

  26. #26 - Kim says:

    What fun!! These are so original and stunning! It would be so cool to receive a little gifty! Love your blog Cathe, I visit all the time 🙂

  27. #27 - Rhonda Perry says:

    These pieces are absolutely AWESOME!! Love these necklaces, they are so unique and such fun! Please throw my name in the hat. Cheers!

  28. #28 - Annette says:


  29. #29 - Mrs A. says:

    What stunning items Wendy has created. Please put my name in the hat to win one.

  30. #30 - Sally Hackney says:

    Wendy, these are so unique and beautiful. What pretty baubles! Sally

  31. #31 - Danielle says:

    Gorgeous designs! I love bold jewelery.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  32. #32 - Robin Brannen says:

    Wendy your works of art immediately take me back to my grandmother’s jewelry box…when I was a little girl (50 Years ago) she would let me into that box and I would put all her jewelry on at one time….such a FABulous time…I miss her and that magical box!
    Thanks for triggering that thought!!
    Robin B

  33. #33 - Mo Blayney says:



  34. #34 - Junque Magnet says:

    Oh these look simply lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  35. #35 - Diane says:

    *squeal* What fun, creative jewelry! Wearable works of art! 🙂

  36. #36 - Jacque Chinnery says:

    Beautiful, beautiful jewelry. The color alone would attract me! I imagine Wendy has a heavenly time in a flea market, and I sure understand that. I love all of the flowers and charms.

  37. #37 - cynthia Hoverson says:

    Bendywho necklace is Just The Thing to wear out dancing! Would Love to own it!

  38. #38 - Lacretia says:

    I LOVE the penny charm necklaces, especially the one with the key. Wendy’s ideas take the old and make them fresh and unique! I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. #39 - Shannon Reed says:

    Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous. Great work, Wendy!

  40. #40 - Gwyn says:

    Those necklaces are gorgeous!!!!!

  41. #41 - Magda says:

    I love all of them, they`re simply gorgeous!!!:)

  42. #42 - RandomCreativity says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. And congratulations on your 601st post 🙂

  43. #43 - Donna says:

    Wendy, your jewelry is gorgeous! I’d love to win one of your necklaces.

  44. #44 - Romaine says:

    Wendy-simply amazing!!! LOVE these! I am such a little black everything! Perfect! Cathe, thanks so much for the chance!!

  45. #45 - Kathleen Ashton says:

    I, too, make penny jewelry and love what you’ve done! It’s all really beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  46. #46 - Claire C. says:

    Beautiful creations, Wendy – truly lovely!

  47. #47 - Stephanie says:

    Unbelievably gorgeous! What a garden of delight… I can see why you were so giddy! I’m off to check out more of her amazing concoctions….

  48. #48 - Noreen says:

    What a fun creative idea! And they are so colorful, too! And what a great way to use vintage jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  49. #49 - Johanna says:

    What delicious and unique pieces. I just love that these are a far cry from conventional jewellery – what a talented lady.

  50. #50 - Amanda S says:

    I love Wendy’s creations i bet my sister would too!

  51. #51 - Jennifer Hottinger says:

    oh my GAWD…i think i have gone to heaven…totally amazingly talented woman!! georgeous!

  52. #52 - Denise says:

    Wow is all I can say, hopefully Belfast entries count! I would give this to my daughter for her 16th Birthday! Fingers crossed!

  53. #53 - Theresa Begin says:

    Wendy, Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring and beautiful necklaces with us! Of course, green with envy over the talent displayed here again. You (Cathe and you, Wendy) make me rethink everything i have in my house and everything I come across thanks for sharing your vision. I Love your necklaces and hope, of course, that I might be blessed enough to receive one, too. Thanks again, Theresa L. Begin

  54. #54 - Steph says:

    I love the bright colors! Beautiful!

  55. #55 - Petronella Sabol says:

    Those are scrumptious!

  56. #56 - Jennie says:

    What beautiful penny necklaces!

  57. #57 - Michelle S Mathey says:

    WOW! The creativity never ends! These necklaces are gorgeous and would be just the finishing touch – I wear black shirts and blue jeans nearly everyday and one of these necklaces would totally make it perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. #58 - Jeannine says:

    Love the clever story each necklace tells. My favorite is the one with the key.

  59. #59 - Dupcodeb says:

    Oh, these are so fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! Excuse me, I have to go back and drool over your etsy shop!

  60. #60 - Susan Holdeman says:

    Wendy I love your jewelry-so inspirational .

  61. #61 - brenda t says:

    These are GORGEOUS! Love your tutorials and all of the fun posts.

  62. #62 - Jenny says:

    Wow – what gorgeous pieces. They are so coloful and cheery. Would love to win. Sigh!


  63. #63 - Jenneke says:

    Wendy, your jewelry is soooooooo beautiful!!! I ADORE the happy colors!!
    I would LOVE to win one of them!!


  64. #64 - linda says:

    Holy cow!!! Gorgeous overload is right. Love the pics and thanks for the giveaway.

  65. #65 - Piroska says:

    These are fabulous!
    I’d love the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway.

  66. #66 - Robin Martin says:

    Your creations are fun, inspiring, whimsical and beautiful !

  67. #67 - Connie says:

    Wendy, I am BLOWN AWAY by the awesomeness of your creations! I can honestly say I’ve never seen such creative, original jewelry. I’m heading your way right now!

  68. #68 - Juliet A says:

    These are stunning! I love the bright modern colors mixed with the vintage looking bits for a look that spans eras! If I were a person who shops for myself before Christmas, I would definitely buy myself one!

  69. #69 - Cheryl Palmer says:

    What wonderful necklaces! Wow Wendy, I am hooked!

  70. #70 - Cheri Mosgrove says:

    Oh my glory! What a lot of gorgeousness! I am amazed! Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these beauties!

  71. #71 - Myrna Ernst says:

    Oh wow. Amazing necklaces!! Pulleeze enter my name in the Giveaway!! 😉

  72. #72 - Vicki O'Dell says:

    Oh my Goodness!! I love them all sooo much!!

  73. #73 - melanie k says:

    Those are so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. #74 - Natalie May says:

    Simply amazing pieces Wendy – I’m in awe of your talent

  75. These are so pretty! I love the bright colors together.

  76. #76 - Nikki C. says:

    Okay, I love flea markets too — was practically raised at the Rose Bowl Swapmeet, where my folks sold antiques — but only a select few have the TALENT to take trinkets and turn it into something beautiful like this (I’m not one of them). Beautiful work Wendy!

  77. #77 - Peace Schuyler says:

    Oh jeez, I think I’ll have to lay down too! What gorgeous inspiration for crafting AND SHOPPING!! I know what I’m putting on my Xmas list RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks for the eye candy! :OD

  78. #78 - conniemelancon says:

    Wendy your necklaces are beautiful!

  79. #79 - Caroline B says:

    What fantastically OTT necklaces! I love them!

  80. #80 - Jill says:

    Ah! I love ALL of those necklaces! So wonderful! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  81. #81 - Deb says:

    I love how you’ve given new life to old things! These are stunning!

  82. #82 - jackie says:

    eye candy is right, i am is sensory overload right now. absolutely amazing work and what a wonderful mind this girl has, unlimited creativity.

  83. #83 - Carrie Panchyshyn says:

    Wendy is so fabulous! She is very gifted with color and texture combining just the right pieces. I recently made a purchase from her supply shop and she went above and beyond to satisfy my desires. Thank you, Carrie

  84. #84 - Annie says:

    WOW – what beautiful necklaces!!! Such a talent! I love them.

  85. #85 - Immi says:

    Oh my goodness – these are really lovely! It does make me want to have a little black dress just to show off something like that!

  86. #86 - Tammy C says:

    So beautiful! I’d love to win. Thank you.


  87. #87 - WendiG says:

    So, Wendy…from the other Wendi..I’m really impressed by your sense of whimsy..great stuff!

  88. #88 - Amanda R says:

    These are beautiful! I can make cards but jewelry? No way! Beautiful and nice to see some of the older items being reused.

  89. #89 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    How fun to actually see and touch something made with one of your very own brilliant tutorials. Wendy’s penny charm necklaces are super fun. Great giveaway and thank you for the opportunity. Happy weekend…

  90. #90 - Jeannie McDowell says:

    what gorgeous jewels!!! I love the one with the key, but it’s terribly hard to choose!

  91. #91 - Amanda says:

    Wow! These are amazing!

  92. #92 - maggie says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers XXXXX

  93. #94 - Catherine T says:

    Ohhhh – I love these! The colors are gorgeous.

  94. #95 - Lindsey says:

    These are so beautiful. Vintage and so sweet. One of these would actually be perfect for my best friend, who lives very far away from me in New York!

  95. #96 - Ingrid says:

    These are charming and lovely! The mix of colors, shapes and textures go so well together, and make each piece really pop. Beautiful! 🙂

  96. #97 - edie says:

    I love this eyecandy! I’m trying not to drool on the keyboard. Your work is lovely!


  97. #98 - Katie B says:

    Gorgeous creations!

  98. #99 - JUDY says:

    GREAT DESIGNS! I have a whole lot of my grandmothers jewelry but who would have thought about putting it together like this – gorgeous work.

  99. #100 - Trina Gueck says:

    Your items are beautiful!

  100. #101 - joan kimball says:

    Wendy you are a genius! Such happy jewelry. Hey Cathe…thanks for making your blog so fun. I anticipate your posts.


  101. #102 - Laura says:

    Absolutely stunning necklaces! Love the vintage bits and bobs!

  102. I would love to win one of Wendy’s spectacular creations! They are gorgeous!

  103. #104 - Amy says:

    Oh my word. Those necklaces are works of art. Simply amazing.

  104. #105 - Laura says:

    Wow! Beautiful, creative necklaces!

  105. #106 - Kay from Oklahoma City says:

    Love this blog and all your great ideas! – thanks for the fun giveaway

  106. #107 - Kristine Wilson says:

    I love these baubles! It’s great to be inspired by the creativity of others.

  107. #108 - Corvus says:

    Such exuberant work! I love the use of color in these things.

  108. #109 - Heather Alexander says:

    WOW…WOW…WOW….gorgeous fabulousness. What beautiful work you do Wendy! And Cathe…love your site! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  109. #110 - Danyelle says:

    So generous and the pieces are really pretty.

  110. #111 - Sue H. says:

    Great stuff!

  111. #112 - Lisa W. says:

    They are lovely! Thank you for the contest!

  112. #113 - katrina adams says:

    oh. my. goodness. these necklaces are GORGEOUS!!!!

  113. #114 - Anna says:

    I love Girl Scout and Moss from your Flickr collection… can you guess my favorite color!

    Beautiful work, Wendy!

  114. Those necklaces are just wonderful! Must do some crafting with pennies now… 🙂

  115. #116 - Brooke says:

    I love flea markets and finding vintage jewelry too! I feel like a pirate on a treasure hunt! 🙂

    Lovely jewelry, Wendy!

  116. #117 - Karin says:

    Checked out your shop – oh my gosh! So talented, wish I could make jewelry like that! =) Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. #118 - Jana D says:

    These necklaces are GORGEOUS. I love every single one of them. What a generous give away. Crossing my fingers here….

  118. #119 - Brenda says:

    It is 1 am in the morning and I just came across your blog thanks to country living magazine. You are one talented individual. I would be honored to be chosen to win this necklace so I can where it in my store in Virginia. I own a furniture and interior design store, a business my parents started over 35 years ago. Believe it or not I sell jewelry too. It is a great seller and your pieces ate so very different from anything I sell. Please consider me!!

  119. #120 - Sally says:

    Who knew one could beautify the common penny to such a gorgeous level.
    They are fantastic! Love them!

  120. #121 - Lemay says:

    Wow, I love trinket neclaces!!! Very Beautiful!

  121. #122 - Nancy says:

    OMGosh, yes eye candy to the Max!! I would just love to be entered!! Thanks for this awesome give away!!

  122. #123 - Heather K. says:

    What beautiful jewelery. What a talented lady.

  123. #124 - Meghan Thimjon says:

    Oh my love all of her things, I am off to go and explore her website and jewelry! WOW would love to win, so exciting. I love how one person is so inspired by someone else. Creativity is endless!

  124. #125 - Heather says:

    Wow these are so lovely and inspired! Yay for your fun tutorial and Wendy running away with it!
    Congrats on your 600th post too.

  125. #126 - Heather says:

    I love them. I love well used and abused costume jewelery. It is just too much fun. Such a good way to use it.

  126. #127 - katie says:

    Wow – super cool. I’d love to win and wear it around my artsy community in Davis Square.

  127. #128 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    Such fun jewelry Wendy! Nice to see all those wonderful vintage pieces being used in such great way.

  128. #129 - terese says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous!!

  129. #130 - Sharon says:

    Wendy, your work is just amazing, I love it. Thanks for the chance to win a piece, very generous of you 🙂 Festive wishes to you!

  130. #131 - Lilly says:

    They are so gorgeous! The one with the key is my fave.
    Thanks for the chance

  131. #132 - Jasmine says:

    Wendy, I love that you tried an idea and ran with it! Stunning! I’m looking through your flickr set as we speak… and… WOW!

  132. #133 - suesue says:

    I love Wendy’s creations and have bought some supplies from her other Etsy shop! What a fabulous prize!! Thanks for the chance to both of you!

  133. #134 - nicole austin says:

    wow! what gorgeous jewelry!! i would be honored to win one of wendy’s beautiful necklaces! 🙂

  134. #135 - christine gamez says:

    I just LOVE the penney jewels! SO quaint and fancy at the same time. Let’s see more!

  135. #136 - Nancy Dunahee says:

    What a wonderful way to use up all those little bits ‘n pieces of treasures! Love them!

  136. #137 - Kathy T says:

    Wendy, your necklaces are beautiful. I would so love to win one. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  137. #138 - holly walsh says:

    I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning and I always check out the blogs on daffadowndillys web site….and there you were!!!Just love what you did with the necklace~~~~Happy creating to you!

  138. #139 - Leslie Hanscom says:

    Got up at 6:00 a.m. just to peruse this so I can be inspired all through the day!

  139. #140 - Pat B. says:

    I love These ! So… SWEET ! Would really like to have one of these ! Thanks for the opportunity ! Pat.

  140. #141 - Cindy says:

    Wow, have never seen jewelry like this…it’s awesome! Thanks so much for expanding my mind…and the giveaway.

  141. #142 - Miss Becky says:

    Wendy your art is gorgeous! To wear one of your pieces would be a bit like wearing my garden!

  142. #143 - ashley says:

    these are gorgeous! i love all of the beautiful details 🙂 awesome work Wendy! 🙂

  143. #144 - Tracey Ireland says:

    Beautiful and colorful! love it!


  144. #145 - Denise Briggs says:

    Wow! You are right about one black dress and lots of bendywho neck art! Exciting and conversational!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  145. #146 - Tamara says:

    Beautiful and fun!

  146. #147 - Aushra says:

    Today is my first wedding anniversary, so I want to win something cute. 🙂

  147. #148 - Lynette Fuge says:

    Such beautiful creations! To take so many eclectic items and turn them into cohesive works of art–that’s talent!

  148. #149 - Elisa says:

    So beautiful…. simpily stunning!

  149. #150 - Judy B says:

    My love of pennies started when I began to collect wheat pennies. Oh- these necklaces are a perfect marriage of my love of them and jewelery.

  150. #151 - Shannon Ganshorn says:

    I just checked out Wendy’s etsy store and I can’t beLIEVE how incredible and whimsical her stuff is! What a lot of work and creativity!

  151. #152 - Diana Boersen says:

    Those are some beautiful creations Wendy, just genius! Thanks Cathe, I love the way you share not only your own talent but other’s gifts too.

  152. #153 - Liz says:

    Oh Wendy, these are just darling. Thanks for offering some up for giveaways!

  153. #154 - PioneerBeauty says:

    I am so happy I stopped by..What Beautiful work…I would be thrilled to own a piece of her Jewlery…
    Thank you for the opportunity..

  154. #155 - Tracie says:

    So so unique and cool. I love the colors. Gorgeous!

  155. #156 - Jade says:

    Wow! These are absolutely fabulous. I think I am drooling a little!

  156. #157 - Jennifer (mom of 4) says:

    Wow! What fantastic necklaces! She is so talented!

  157. #158 - Heidijaneblankets says:

    WOW! I love those!! VEry creative! I hearted her shop 🙂

  158. #159 - Tina S. says:

    These necklaces are divine! I think it would be totally impossible to pick just one….I may have to buy more. Please enter me in your giveaway. Off to Wendy’s site to drool some more!

  159. #160 - Karin says:

    Oh, my gosh! That is some serious eye candy. Just gorgeous!

  160. #161 - Darby Lohrding says:

    Cathe and Wendy, I adore both of your creativeness!!! The penny pendant idea is darling and Wendy my gosh your necklaces are gorgeous!!! I would be honored to win and wear a necklace from your combined efforts!!!!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  161. #162 - Sue Irvine says:

    The necklaces are BEE-U-T-FUL!!! I looked and looked all over for the decals after you posted that, I thought those were the COOLEST! THANKS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!!!

  162. #163 - Corinna says:

    These are gorgeous! What a fabulous eye for detail!

  163. #164 - Susan McMenamin says:

    It’s like crafting “pay it forward” when you see more beautiful art created from another. Lovely.

  164. #165 - Diana says:

    I LOVE all the the necklaces!!! I would love to win one! Thanks for the chance.

  165. #166 - leslie says:

    oh wow! these are so very lovely!

  166. #167 - Victoria Sturdevant says:

    Beautiful! I have the perfect black sweater for it!

  167. #168 - Terry says:


  168. #169 - deborah quinn says:

    I LOVE these necklaces! So hip and vintage at the same time…

  169. #170 - Elizabeth Laposata says:

    Wendy’s necklaces are beautiful and show a real talent. just gorgeous!

  170. #171 - Carol says:

    These necklaces are absolutely amazing!!! Incredibly gorgeous eye candy! Please count me in!

  171. #173 - Heather D says:

    OMG! You two are some of the most creative people I’ve seen. Absolutely beautiful stuff Wendy. I would love to rock one of your necklaces.

  172. #174 - Kathy Bruner says:

    What a unique idea! The jewelry is not only beautiful, but a work of art as well! I would love to own a piece of this as a lovely accessory to even the most basic outfit. Please count me in!


  173. #175 - Jen says:

    Incredible! I want to make the flicker images my computer background!

  174. #176 - Susan says:

    Amazing! Incredible! Wish I could come up with ideas like these!

  175. #177 - Dana F says:

    Her work is DIVINE!

  176. #178 - Rachael says:

    Oh, so cute! What a perfect gift to give…or receive! 🙂 Always love what you find, Cathe!

  177. #179 - Tracy Fulop says:

    Wendy’s pieces are beyond words…well, actually there are words: delicious, delectable, fun, funky, special, stunning, surprising, beautiful and fantabulous!!!!!

  178. #180 - Marianne says:

    Cool and clever. The best combination. What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  179. #181 - mab says:

    Gorgeous! I absolutely love this jewelry!

  180. #182 - Karen says:

    These are AMAZING!!!

  181. #183 - Shelby says:

    I LOVE Wendy’s jewelry! I would be honored to wear anything she has made!

  182. #185 - nicole b. says:

    wow! love the bold colors and fun combinations in wendy’s jewelry! so fun!

  183. #186 - Nancy says:

    These are stunning pieces! Wendy has a whole lotta talent.

  184. #187 - Dorothy B says:

    How gorgeous! You are both very inspiring ladies. Congratulations on all you do for the rest of us to look at (and try out if we think we are capable…)

  185. #188 - Amber says:

    Well Wendy, after looking through your ETSY store, I feel like you’ve given me some inspiration to finally grow a set and make the necklace I’ve been imagining in my mind for some time now. Fears of it being too big, too gaudy, too much, are subsided. Looking at your gorgeous necklaces made me realize that it’s ok to look at the whole thing as one piece, not too worry about details overwhelming the final project. Thanks!

  186. #189 - Joan says:

    Just lovely!!

  187. #190 - Debbie says:

    Beautiful designs. You are really talented.

  188. #191 - Char-D says:

    Love your style Wendy. Beautiful!

  189. #192 - Kellie says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

  190. #193 - Malinda Lloyd says:

    OMG!! I LOVE THESE NECKLACES! they are brilliant!! If I had to pick just one, I think I would ask for the one with the skeleton key! 🙂

  191. #194 - bebookwise@gmail.com says:

    Lovely! Thank you!

  192. #195 - Debra says:

    Wendy’s jewelry is really beautiful. I love the colors and the designs.

  193. #196 - catherine says:

    How did you put the hole in the penny?

  194. #197 - catherine says:

    I am puzzled about how you put the hole in the penny.