Animal Sewing Cards Free PDFs and We Love Color Giveaway

Rainy, snowy days are perfect for keeping little hands busy with handmade sewing cards. Not to mention how great they are for keeping minds busy on long drives. Using drawings found in a very old book, I modified some sweet animal designs into free printables for creating a fun set of sewing cards that you can make yourself. Just click on the design images below for download. Then, print the PDF files onto the heaviest color card stock your printer can handle. I used my vintage postage stamp quilt scan from this post to add a little more charm to the graphics for a whole other set of free printables!Trim out printed images with a generous margin around the design.

Hole punch the circles indicated. I needed to use an eyelet punch to reach the inner circles that were a bit too far in for my standard punch to reach. You can also cut out those hard-to-reach holes with an X-acto knife.

For sewing up the cards, you can make laces from yarn or string and wind tape tight around the ends then trim clean. But I found a fabulous source for the perfect laces for sewing cards online from We Love Colors. Not only do they have fabulous round laces in solid and splash colors, but just wait until you see all their fantastic products!After printing and punching the sewing cards, I made up a simple kit using two manila file folders and some colorful Japanese paper tape. I designed some basic cover labels that you can print to use also.Tucked inside the folder are the sewing cards and We Love Color laces.It may be easiest for smaller children to stitch around the cards with simple in and out stitching.Others may choose to cover all stitching areas. This will require two 54″ We Love Colors round laces to complete each design, and allowing for simple little knot eyes. For mine, I stitched around once as in the photo above, then came back with the second lace and filled in the gaps.The final sewn cards can be carefully un-stitched for reuse, or kept sewn and used as whimsical wall art! I think they would look darling shadow boxed as decor for a child’s room. The plain graphics can also be printed to patterned scrapbook paper trimmed to 8.5″ x 11″ sheets and adhered to cardstock with spray adhesive. You can laminate the printed sheets with clear Contact shelf liner before trimming and punching to make them more durable.

The Giveaway: We Love Colors has generously offered to send three lucky JSIM readers a fun assortment of colorful laces for their sewing card project (or your shoes, or woven bracelets, or many other creative projects!) To enter to win, check out the We Love Colors website then come back to this post and leave a comment before Friday, December 31 at noon. The winners will be chosen and notified on Saturday.

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