600th Post: Freebie Friday Ephemera

I just realized this would be my 600th post. That blows my mind! Who knew less than three years ago I’d have that much to share? And who knew I’d have the best of the best reading my blog? (That’d be YOU.) Well, here’s a little sweetness for you, some lovely vintage ephemera I’ve been picking up here and there.

Thank you for coming back here time after time.

Click on images to enlarge before saving. Please use images for any projects personal or commercial, just please do not sell images alone, as they are intended to be free.

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30 Responses to 600th Post: Freebie Friday Ephemera

  1. #1 - Theresa Begin says:

    Yeah for you, Cathe! No surprise to me, I think and look forward to you and JSIM being around for a long time!

  2. #3 - Carla Gray says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. #4 - Diane says:

    Thank you so much. I ♥ all of these great images Ÿ

  4. Love the piggies!!! Thank You and Congrats you’ve worked your butt off to get here!

  5. #6 - keren says:

    you are SO kind thank you SO much!!
    i just posted some adorable Christmas Vintage Reindeer Freebies!!
    hope you like! 🙂

  6. #7 - Elaine Allen says:

    Thank you so much for the ephemera Cathe. How sweet they are and how generous you are. Congratulations on your 600th post. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Elaine Allen

  7. #8 - WendiG says:

    Thanks for these-they are lovely, and congrats on your 600th (?) (!) post…wow…

  8. #9 - Stephanie says:

    Congratulations on this milestone! I’m looking forward to your next 600 (but no pressure)!!! 🙂

  9. #10 - Cindy says:

    They are all great! Thanks for sharing.

  10. #11 - Immi says:

    Thanks for sharing! Congrats on so many posts – love your ideas!

  11. #12 - Noreen says:

    Congratulations on reaching 600 posts! Thanks for the freebies you always share. Here’s to 600 more posts!

  12. #13 - Renee says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these great images. I have been labeling like crazy lately with some of your great goodies.

  13. #14 - Tina W. (TeaDub) says:

    Congrats on your 600th blog post! So glad to have found you! Now we have to meet in person!

  14. #15 - Gail Thayer says:

    Thank you so much!! Lovely images….and congrats on 600 posts..unbelievable, isn’t it?

  15. #16 - marysworkshop says:

    Congrats on reaching your 600th post, Cathe! You have so many great ideas and it’s wonderful how you connect with your readers through this blog. Thank you for sharing your many talents and gifts with us.

  16. #17 - creative grammie says:

    Aloha Cathe, I love the ephemera! TFS. I’m so grateful that you share so much with us, congrats on your 600th blog post.
    Hugs to you.

  17. #18 - Chris Marlow says:

    OOOOOOOH such lovely gems you are sharing here! I really like the artist’s pallettes! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Chris 🙂

  18. wow, 600! congratulations!
    thanks for the freebies, they are so lovely!

  19. #20 - mary newton says:

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you I made the cutest little envelopes from a pattern of yours, tonite. So fun! They’ll be perfect for earrings at the gallery show I’m doing tomorrow. I’ll try to get pics and send to you. Thanks for such great ideas!

  20. #21 - Heidi says:

    Congratulations with your 600th post!
    Up to the next 600 , you have always such great ideas.

    last week i made some flat people voor my daughters ‘sinterklaas’surprise….it’s a dutch tradition!
    It was so cute to see all these children with a flat cartoon body…i made also the teacher! haha they had a lot of fun in class!

    greetings from Holland

  21. #22 - lululiz says:

    Congratulations on reaching such an incredible milestone, 600 posts! I love your blog. Thank you so much for the beautiful images you are sharing today.

  22. #23 - Darlene says:

    Congratulations!!! I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now because I know I’ll always find inspiration and great ideas.

    Thank you for sharing the vintage ephemera.

  23. #24 - Jacque Chinnery says:

    Thank you! They are wonderful.

  24. #25 - Kokopelli says:

    Congrats on your 600th post! Love those bird images. Thanks for sharing!

  25. #26 - Tania says:

    thank you Cathe – these are great! Congrats on your 600th post, amazing how time flies when you are having fun 😉

  26. #27 - Linda says:

    Thes images are so pretty…thank you!

  27. #28 - AmericKim says:

    Thank you for the freebie and congrats on your 600th post!

  28. #29 - Helen Austin says:

    Thank you!

  29. #30 - Marsha says:

    I love anything birds!!!!!!!