Flat Friends: Mrs. Jacka’s Cherubs


Early this year when I attended the blog conference, Blissdom10, I brought along my friend, TidyMom, who was unable to attend, in the form of a Flat Friend. Loosely based on the Original Flat Stanley Project, I digitally designed a cartoony body with various outfits for different occassions, and digitally placed TidyMom’s sweet mug onto the top of each. Not only was Flat TidyMom fun to share at the conference, but she even got a smooch from Harry Connick, Jr. himself!The post about Flat Friends reached far enough that a sweet K/1 teacher at Howlong Public School, NSW, Australia, named Mrs. Jacka, contacted me with a special request. Her cherubs, as she lovingly refers to them, were soon to begin the Flat Stanley project and so wanted to have look-alike flat friends of their own. She sent me a photo of two of her students for school uniform reference and I created a little boy and girl set of flat bodies and emailed them to the class to print, place their own face photos onto and cut out.Here are the darling photographs I recently received last week of Mrs. Jacka’s precious cherubs with their own happy little Flat Friends all ready to go on wonderful adventures.

Disclaimer: After reading this post, one could assume I do this for anyone who writes to me with a darling request. And I have to tell you, I actually would do that for anyone if it were actually possible, but it simply is not. So this post is not to solicit more flat friends projects, but just to share some extraordinary cuteness and inspiration.

On another note…I’m off to St. Dorothy’s Retreat without any electronics. Just pencils, sketchpads and books. I’ll be back in a few days! Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 Responses to Flat Friends: Mrs. Jacka’s Cherubs

  1. #1 - joan kimball says:

    Cathe! Unplugged…wow. How did it go?

    JoanE from far away Michigan

  2. #2 - Selena Cate says:

    That is the sweetest post! I loved traveling across the states with Flat TidyMom. Although I was very jealous of the kiss from Harry. You are so generous to have made all of those children smile. Enjoy your 4 days of bliss.

  3. #3 - Karen says:

    These are so cute! They look like a lot of fun to make! Wouldn’t it be great if we could carry all our friends around flat and take them out to play whenever we felt like it? I would have loved these as a child, too! Karen

  4. #4 - TidyMom says:

    Cathe I LOVE it!!! and I was so excited when you brought me my Flat TidyMoms when I came to visit!!

    I bet this class was just tickled!!…….what a cute idea!!

  5. #5 - Sarah says:

    What a cute project for the kids!

    I love the Flat friends project.
    I think it’s such an awesome project.
    The people are just darling.
    Love it!

  6. #6 - Sandra richardson says:

    Those Flat Friends are just adorable. Be blessed


  7. #7 - Mindy says:

    What sweet sweet faces! How cool of you to do that for them. Enjoy your retreat!

  8. #8 - Amber says:

    We do the Flat Stanley project in our school for grade two’s. The kids thought it was great that their flat friends got to travel so far away, and they learned about different cities!

  9. #9 - Danise Bower says:

    I had the honor of recieving a flat stanley once.I had sooo much fun with him.I took him all over Paris Tn.I think my husband got jealous.I also would do this again.These are much smaller than the one I had for a visit.And he didn’t have the photo face,but that is a better way.

  10. #10 - Dana Gustafson says:

    How cute! Have fun at St Dot’s!

  11. #11 - Ellen S. says:

    Those are great! It looks like that bunch of kids sure had a lot of fun…give yourself a pat-on-the-back for being so generous with your time and skills!

  12. #12 - Dennis says:

    I love them.. They are adorable. The kids look so happy!

  13. #13 - Boni says:

    Cathe – this is such a fun project!! Love all the extra pics you posted. Made me smile!!

  14. #14 - Jennifer Young says:

    My son is in 2nd grade and they just made their own “Flat Self” to send off. This past Monday we put him in a package with a disposable camera, and mailed him to my nephew who is in the U.S. Army and deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan as I write this. My son looks up to his cousin in the Army. My nephew was very gracious to except this project. We can’t wait to see some of the pictures that come back with my sons’ “Flat Self”. The class will be using a map to track where everyone’s “Flat Self” traveled.
    The ones you made were adorable!

  15. #15 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    You are so very clever. You really made the day for each of these cute kids. Enjoy your back to basics no technology weekend retreat. Happy creating…

  16. #16 - Lbmoore says:

    How great! We really enjoyed the Flat Stanley days when my son was in first grade.

  17. #17 - Lisa K says:

    What adorable “Flat” students. So much cuter than the original flat guy. The photos make me wish I could make my own flat me and let it travel around the world. The airport pat down should be much less invasive for “flat me”.