Christmas Stamp Embossed Ornament

Since the release of my new Pink Persimmon stamp designs yesterday, I couldn’t resist crafting a bit more with the Merry Christmas Tree Stamp. I ran by the craft store yesterday and found this really fun product called Pluffy. A lightweight foam product that claims to stay soft and never dry out, or you can bake it to keep forever. It worked perfectly for creating a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.

UPDATE: As of 2014 these rubber stamps are no longer available. I hope you will be inspired by the techniques to create your own unique ornament with other rubber stamps available on the market.

I rolled out some white Pluffy to about 3/16″ thick onto the back of a foil lined baking sheet that fits into my toaster oven. I sprayed my Merry Christmas Tree clear stamp with silicone spray to keep it from sticking to the foam then pressed it into the Pluffy. Be certain to clean your stamp well after using silicone spray before using again with ink.Using a sharp knife, I trimmed the foam into a tree shape. I bent my metal ruler and pressed into the foam to achieve the curved bottom, as demonstrated by my lovely assistant/daughter, Sarah.

I baked as directed, making it not quite hard, but slightly flexible and dry. Once cool, I trimmed the edges round with scissors then punched a hole into the top with my 1/8″ hole punch. This stuff is really fun and easy to work with!  Sarah mentioned it reminded her of projects done on her favorite cake TV shows using Marzipan.I gave it a few coats of Sterling Silver spray paint. {UPDATE: I have learned since origianally sharing this post that a first coat of Kilz spray primer BEFORE using spray paint is essential in sealing the dry Pluffy allowing the silver paint to dry.}I strung a bow made of repurposed gift-box  ribbon into the hole at the top.Then I went outside to decorate a section of the evergreen in my front yard as my curious neighbors looked on.The paint is still soft to the touch, so I recommend a drying time of a few days before handling the ornaments much. If you make one and you leave the back white, you can write a timely sentiment to give as a gift.If you haven’t already, be sure to enter the Cathe Holden/Pink Persimmon Christmas Stamp Pack Giveaway!

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