All Occasion Label Designs and Free Label Stock!

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for a while, or have dug around a bit through the DIY archives, you know how much I use my desktop printer. Especially for projects using full sheet label stock- as in my most recent bookplate project, or making label hardware, or even the organizing labels No. 1 and No. 2.

Well, imagine how excited I was to be commissioned by recently to create an exclusive design for their customers & blog readers to print to those full sheet labels! Not only are they sharing the art to download for free HERE, but just for YOU, my fabulous JSIM readers, is offering to send out a 3-sheets sample pack of label stock for you to print to!

Here’s the deal: Be one of the first 200 JSIM readers to contact via email with your full shipping address, (international readers as well!) and then come back here and leave a comment, and you will receive a sample set of full sheet blank labels. IMPORTANT: You must type JUSTSOMETHINGIMADE in the subject line of the email label request. Email your address to:

200 SAMPLE PACK LIMIT REACHED! Sorry if you missed this giveaway, rest assured I will be working with again soon!! In the meantime, you can still access the free label art on their website.

Be sure to check out for their awesome selection of printable labels for pretty much everything, as well as their blog full of free images to print!

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227 Responses to All Occasion Label Designs and Free Label Stock!

  1. #1 - Sophie says:

    I did it! I hope I win something!

  2. #2 - victoria says:

    pick me pick meeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

  3. Those labels are gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Just sent in my email!!

  4. #7 - sarajane says:

    OOh! Yet another brilliant idea – Thanks Cathe!

  5. #8 - Christi York says:

    How lovely! Hope I was one of the first 200! thank you!

  6. How exciting! I just sent off my e-mail. Thanks for sharing, Cathe! πŸ™‚

  7. #10 - Rebecca Jean says:

    Congratulations on being commissioned! Your work is so awesome, who wouldn’t want to use it?

    Thanks for this great offer too! I sent an email straight away. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  8. #11 - Hilary says:

    How beautiful! Lovely work, as always, Cathe.

  9. #12 - Sarah Bjarah says:

    Sent! I can’t wait to see them!! <3

  10. #13 - shelly says:

    thanks for the TIP! I emailed!
    saw your note on FB! thanks doll!

  11. #14 - Marilyn Wilson says:

    Thank you for all you do! We appreciate you! Love the labels, too.

  12. #15 - Francine Schneider says:

    Did it πŸ™‚

  13. #16 - Katie McElroy says:

    Thanks for the sample pack! I’ve been thinking about getting some of these labels to try out and this will definitely help!

  14. #17 - Cindy Pointe says:

    Set my addy to Love all your work. Thanks so much for being so very generous!!!

  15. just sent the email – love samples cause it takes the unknown out of buying online πŸ™‚

  16. #19 - Claudia Aguirre says:

    Thanks for the beautiful ideas.. Keep up the great work.. I Love your page!!
    Hope I win…

  17. #20 - Michelle says:

    Ooh, I hope I get one, these look lovely and you can never have too many pretty labels! Thanks!

  18. #21 - Brass Paperclip says:

    Thanks so much for the fun give-away offer…just sent my e-mail and hoping I made the cut. These labels would be super cute for the holidays this year. πŸ™‚

  19. #22 - wendy baker says:

    thank you cathe! as always, your work is inspiring and generous. i totally have your studio as the goal for my own messy one. i love so many of your clever designs and am thrilled to perchance win some of the new labels you have designed.
    keep up the great work, i am a devoted fan.

  20. Thanks for the chance to win labels. I love your website and allyour designs.

  21. #24 - Linda Vinson says:

    I fired off my request! Thank you for bringing the offer to us!

  22. #25 - Kaye Prince says:

    I sent my email! Eeek, I hope I’m one of the first 200!

  23. #26 - Debbie ungar says:

    Thank you! I did it!

  24. #27 - Shaunery says:

    Ohhhh how fabulous! Congrats to you Cathe!! Thanks for sharing your good news and giving us an opportunity to share too! Good luck everyone!

  25. #28 - Cynthia says:

    Wow!! Thank you so much- & they look like a great supplier which I am always thrilled to find- thank you for the giveaway & the link!

  26. #29 - Amber Bryant says:

    Hope I made it in time. =)

  27. #30 - Karen Trass says:

    Well, I tried it, hope I got it right lol. Hope it counts, my other default email address is the one I sent it from. Thanks, Karen

  28. #31 - Kara Davis says:

    I am so giddy I have never participated in a giveaway before πŸ˜€

  29. #32 - Leah Martin says:

    Love your blog and all of your giveaways! You are so creative! :]

  30. #33 - Gini says:

    Just sent my email!! YAY!!! πŸ™‚ What a great giveaway, thank you so much!

  31. #34 - VickyJ says:

    Beautiful designs, thanks so much!

  32. #35 - Kylene says:

    Thanks for a great offer!! They are beautiful!

  33. #36 - Tina says:

    Thanks to you, Cathe, and for this offer!

  34. #37 - Tony Wilson says:

    Thank you! Great designs Cathe.

  35. #38 - Amanda R. says:

    Awesome give away! I’m in πŸ™‚

  36. #39 - Carla says:

    Can’t wait to get started on some holiday projects using lables.

  37. #40 - Carey Elaine says:

    Beautiful designs. Thank you for the offer!

  38. #41 - Pam says:

    Just emailed my addy.. love this! Congrats on getting this opportunity and sharing with others..

  39. #42 - Carla says:

    Cool promo!

  40. #43 - Sonja Urich says:

    Thanks, Cathe! Wonderful blog!

  41. #44 - MiA says:

    Thanks for a lovely givaway!

  42. #45 - Alexa Chambers says:

    I hope I win!

  43. #46 - kristie says:

    Sent my address. what a neat giveaway!

  44. #47 - Julie says:

    I just submitted my request….thanks!

  45. #48 - Jenni Carlisle says:

    Yeah! Just sent my email. Thanks Cathe!

  46. #49 - Tina W. (TeaDub) says:

    Cool beans! Love the labels and thanks so much!

  47. #50 - Stacey says:

    How nice of them to provide this offer! Hope I’m one of the 200!

  48. #51 - LISA LEE says:

    OOOoooo….thank you for this great collaboration and all you share with your readers!!!

  49. #52 - Lagene Sands says:

    I emailed my info to
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  50. #53 - kelly altice says:

    Free label stock! Maybe I will be lucky and be one of the first 200!

  51. #54 - Patty says:


  52. #55 - Moyra Blayney says:

    Hello from Belfast … NI … hope you get lots of replies!! I love your blog!

  53. #56 - bryssy says:

    I’m so excited!

  54. #57 - Amanda I says:

    I sent my address. Love these labels!!!!!

  55. #59 - Betsy says:

    Thanks for sharing again Cathe…lovely as always!

  56. #60 - jules says:

    LOVE the idea and LOVE labels
    Use them for everything under the sun

    terrific-have a great day!

  57. #61 - Jana says:

    Cathe, I just love your site! In fact, the beautiful designs that you share so generously are one of the main reasons I am looking for a new, affordable yet high-quality inkjet color printer! I have spent hours poring over reviews and am still confused as to what might be a good investment in a printer. I was wondering if you could share any suggestions in a future post (or perhaps I’ve missedd a post about this in the past?) about what to look for in a home printer and possibly share what printer(s) have worked well for you? I made the mistake of buying an inexpensive printer and then found myself shelling out a fortune for the ink cartridges . . . at least I (hopefully) won’t make that mistake again! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and graphic “finds” with all of us!

    • #62 - Cathe Holden says:

      Thanks Jana,
      Printers are a tough thing to review. I don’t have access to any other than the one I picked up at the store last year which is an Epson Stylus NX400, 3-1n-one. I’m not sure I’d purchase the same one again, as I would much rather have a flat-bed scanner than a smaller one built into my printer. Also, this one chokes a bit on cardstock. So until the printer manufacturers of the world start sending me free printers to try out, I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to promote just the right one.

      One idea for finding good info is the Etsy forums. Here’s a thread to get you started:

  58. #63 - Jennifer says:

    What a lovely offer! I’m delighted to be able to download the sheet and check out this cool looking company!

  59. #64 - Mimi says:

    Cool! Thank you so much!

  60. #65 - papelhilo says:

    wonderful offer !
    I just went and let my adress at WorldLabel !

  61. #66 - Sheila Holland says:

    Wow. What an offer! Your blog continues to amaze and delight me.
    Sheila H.

  62. #67 - Lacretia Taylor says:

    Ooh I love labels! Thanks for this!

    On another note, do you have any tips on how to create a full sheet of labels that you can merge an excel sheet into? I’m trying to make customized wrap around labels for invitations but I’d like to be able to import my addresses from excel instead of needing to re-type each address individually. Any help would be appreciated!

    • #68 - Cathe Holden says:

      Oh Lacretia, you give me far too much credit to know anything about Excel! I’m a copy and paste kinda gal, and just winging it, I would suggest you do something similar in smaller doses, such as a dozen addresses copied at a time and formatted into long strips for wraparound labels. Then go back and do a dozen more. Tedious, but not as much as retyping each address. Hope that made sense, it may not as I don’t know Excel.

  63. #69 - amy says:

    thanks for sharing this!

  64. #70 - Meaghan Vallee says:

    Awesome give-away!!! These labels are soooo pretty!

  65. #71 - Lindsay Wilkes says:

    Wow, those are awesome – I just emailed them!!! How exciting! Thanks so much πŸ™‚


  66. #72 - mollie says:

    Awesome! Lovely label designs, and I’m way excited about these label samples. I sent my email in!

  67. #73 - Skye Millhiser says:

    Your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  68. #74 - Heidi Meyer says:

    Yay! I would love to win some labels. Just sent my email to World Label!

  69. #75 - RandomCreativity says:

    Wow – that is a great offer! Thank you so much! I have seen the label paper online but never in the store, so I haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet. I just sent my email – Thanks!

  70. #76 - Josephine says:

    I did! Lovely labels!

  71. #77 - edie says:

    I have emailed them and downloaded the file. What fun! Thank you for making it happen for us!


  72. #78 - Heidi says:

    This is so cool! Thanks for arranging this!!

  73. #79 - Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  74. #80 - Sherringa Holmstrom says:

    Super – D – Duper Design! Thanks so much for all your Sharing Cathe!
    You Rock!

  75. #81 - Maya says:

    How absolutely gorgeous!

    Send in my email now. *crosses fingers*. Eeeeeeee, lovely lovely lovely!

  76. #82 - Leanna says:

    I just sent an email! Those labels look awesome! πŸ™‚

  77. #83 - Alyce Kennedy says:

    This is exciting! Thanks so much!

  78. #84 - Selena Cate says:

    Yikes, I nearly forgot to comment here. This is a fabulous giveaway. Thank you so much. It completely made my week.

  79. #85 - Kara says:

    I love the free downloads at worldlabel, would love to try their products.

  80. #86 - Cristina says:

    Well, just popped by and noticed this offer. I think your designs are quite awesome. I haven’t the talent, nor the patience to even attempt something like this.
    I just sent my e-mail, but even if I don’t get any free stuff, I just love that, I’ll still be lurking around.:)
    Have a nice day!

  81. #87 - Amber F. says:

    I’ve sent in my email! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  82. #89 - Sherry McRae says:

    Cathe,You are an amazing and humble woman! I admire you so and God has truly blessed the right person! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  83. #90 - Melanie K. says:

    Just sent off my email!

  84. #91 - Chrystal Kostechka says:

    Congratulations! That is so neat. I just sent World Label my address cause I just love what you do!

  85. #92 - Sandy McClay says:

    OK….I sent them an email with my addy and JUSTSOMETHINGIMADE in the subject box….thank you for this!!!!!!!

  86. #93 - Aimee says:

    Thank you, Cathe and World Labels! I can’t wait to play with these gorgeous labels.
    I sent in my info.

  87. #94 - Amber says:

    Thank you soooo much for these!

  88. #95 - Jacquie says:

    Oh wow, love these! Hope I can get some πŸ™‚ Thanks so much.

  89. #97 - Aida says:

    How exciting..I hope I’m not too late to get the freebies, too!

  90. #98 - Sally Hackney says:

    Hi Cathe, I just visited World Label and left my address. What a neat site. Thanks loads! Sally

  91. #99 - Donna VW says:

    I just sent them an email. Thanks for the chance to try some new labels.

  92. #100 - Jocelyn Delgado says:

    These are SO beautiful….Thank YOU!

  93. #101 - Tammy C says:

    I requested my free labels. Thanks!

  94. #102 - Linda says:

    Wow…what a sweet deal! They’re lucky to have you….as are we!

  95. #103 - erinkathleen says:

    I just emailed them! Gosh, I hope I’m in time…there are lots of comments on here! Thanks so much for the chance!

  96. #104 - Wendi Galczik says:

    Thanks for this opportunity-been thinking about trying these out for some time now..

  97. #105 - Jen says:

    Hooray! Thanksl!

  98. #106 - Audrey Hollatz says:

    Thank you for sharing so much of your wonderful work with us! I just sent my information to Can’t wait to get my label stock and start printing!

  99. #107 - Cherri Peavy says:

    Love the labels !!!!!

  100. #108 - Hanneke Nelson says:

    Just sent my address to worldlabel. How wonderful of you and them to make this offer. Thanks so much!


  101. #109 - Roxi Phillips says:

    I love reading your blog and I’m constantly inspired by your style! I’ve emailed World Label and look forward to printing your labels. Thanks a bunch!

  102. #110 - Whitley says:

    Great labels! Thanks!

  103. #111 - Diane M. Pierce says:

    I need full sheet labels very badly! Thanks for the offer.

  104. #112 - melody says:

    I love labels! What a cool opportunity! Thanks:)

  105. #113 - Suzie says:

    Just sent my email!!! Thanks!

  106. #114 - Sheri Tardio says:

    love your site! cute labels too!

  107. #115 - Heather Van Leeuwen says:

    What beautiful labels. I just moved across the country from my family and I hpe I get to use these to send packages this year! Thanks!

  108. #116 - Sabrina says:

    sent! yay so excited πŸ˜€

  109. #117 - christine plaxco says:

    Geez, Am I going to make it in the top 200!!! Love the labels you designed. Thanks

  110. I LOVE their website. Just found it yesterday through The Vintage Moth, and WOW! Love a giveaway!!

  111. #119 - ChocolateCanary says:

    Thanks so much!!! What a great promo!!

  112. #120 - Hairos says:

    so so lovely! can’t wait, just sent the email!

  113. #121 - Veronica Williams says:

    I did it, and I’m SO EXCITED about the labels! Thanks, Cathe & WorldLabels πŸ™‚

  114. #122 - Kenneth C. says:

    I’ve just sent mine in! Thanks, Cathe (:

  115. #123 - Anne Lambdin says:

    Thanks Cathe! I recently found World Label and their products are wonderful as well as the freebies they offer.

  116. #124 - Louise Fortune says:

    That’s a great freebie, even better that international readers can take part
    I have fired off my email to Worldlable.

    Thank you for all your great ideas, inspiration and freebies

  117. #125 - Heidi says:

    I give it a try, how nice that international readers can do it also.
    Thank you.

  118. #126 - Sarah Alden says:

    Just sent my email, thanks! How fun!

  119. #127 - Erastos says:

    That was easy, hope I’m not too late

  120. #128 - Tracey Ireland says:

    Awesome! Love the label design and the website! Thanks for a new source for labels!

  121. #129 - Pattie says:

    Woohoo! thanks πŸ™‚

  122. #130 - Barbara says:

    Thank you for the fun offer!

  123. #131 - norma says:

    Mmmm…I can’t wait to print some of these wonderful labels on well…real label paper. Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. #132 - penny nelson says:

    thank you for your generosity in sharing your talents. i will give the label sheets a try. thanks.

  125. #133 - Laura Flanders says:

    Wow! I love your ideas πŸ™‚

  126. #134 - Carla Gray says:

    I just sent my email! I’m am very excited to win these wonderful labels.
    Keep up the great work!

  127. #135 - Nell says:

    Woo for labels! My printer is terrible, so every time you post something to print I cry a little inside.

  128. #136 - mummylade says:

    I just mailed worldlabel, hoping to be one of the lucky ones =)


  129. #137 - Monica says:

    These are lovely. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  130. #138 - Malinda Lloyd says:

    oh – sent my address in!! thanks – those labels are sooo pretty!

  131. #139 - Lorissa says:

    I hope I’m in the first 200!

  132. #140 - Jess says:

    I e-mailed my address! Woo-Hoo!

  133. #141 - Lorissa says:

    Hoping that I’m in the first 200!

  134. #143 - Kathleen Ashton says:

    This is awesome! You’re so generous and really inspiring with all your talents!

  135. #144 - Samantha Miranda says:

    Wow! That was easy! Thanks so much!!! I can’t wait to try these.

  136. #145 - Jill McCall says:

    Thank You very Much for Sharing the Labels and the Link to World Label!
    Have a Wonderful Day

  137. #146 - Elisabeth says:

    hello Cathe,
    i love your label design!
    just sent my email and really can’t await πŸ™‚

    thanks so much for all your work

  138. #147 - Karin says:

    I just sent in my request! How cool! Thanks!!

  139. #148 - Lynn Long says:

    I love all of your creative ideas but these labels are really cool.

  140. #149 - Alter says:

    Thank you for this, and for your blog! I always say, craftspeople and preschool teachers (my wife’s one) were the first recyclers.

  141. #150 - Kathi says:

    Ooh I hope I did this in time. Sign me up.

  142. #151 - Anna Luksza says:

    Oh, great! Thanks for that πŸ™‚ I send an e-mail. πŸ™‚

  143. #152 - Cheryl S says:

    I did it! I would love to have some labels as I love all your projects!

  144. #153 - LiSa kisch says:

    Awesome! Done and done!

  145. #154 - Leslie says:

    Just e-mailed them! Can’t wait to get the labels!

  146. #155 - anna says:

    so pretty! i just emailed them.

  147. #156 - Ramona Burke says:

    Oooh, how fun! I just emailed! Can’t wait!

  148. #157 - Linda in New Mexico says:

    I just left my physical address info with This is so exciting. Thanks so much Cathe

  149. #158 - Rolin says:

    That’s sweet! Especially including international readers. Thank you Cathe for all your wonderful inspiration and downloads!

  150. #159 - Kim says:

    I love all you do! I wish I had one millioneth of the creativity you do! Luckily I read your blog daily to get my dose of inspiration. Thank you for your generosity!

  151. #160 - Andrea says:

    Just emailed. I love your site! Thank you

  152. #161 - Sue H says:

    I just sent my email. Thanks! Excited to see them. Think I need to order some of the kraft ones.

  153. #162 - Kim says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  154. #163 - Jennifer (mom of 4) says:

    I just sent them an email! Hope I made the cut!

    Love your PDF that you made for them!!


  155. #164 - abby says:

    thank you for such a great giveaway!

  156. #165 - dianna says:

    Yippee thank Cathe…it’s done!

  157. #166 - Nan says:

    Thanks for sharing yet another great, creative idea. Love your ideas and the fact that you always share!!!

  158. #167 - Desirai says:

    D’oh! It looks like I might have messed up the first time. Looks like they’ll be getting two emails from me. Hope I get some!

  159. #168 - Kaye says:

    Love these labels – sure hope I am one of the lucky 200!!!

  160. #169 - Susan Spencer says:

    Hi! I sent an email! This is so cool!

  161. #170 - TidyMom says:

    DONE!!! Thanks Cathe!! you ROCK!!

  162. #171 - Tracy Maier says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with the rest of us, who are not as creative πŸ™‚

  163. #172 - Ashley says:

    Wow! This is awesome! I love your blog, and all the free things you allow others to use! Thank you!

  164. #174 - Bronwyn says:

    Thanks so much for this. I am one of your international readers from New Zealand and always love to see what you’ve been up to. Thanks again!

  165. #175 - debra shanler says:

    just sent my email. Hope i’m 1 of the lucky ones. Thanks for the opportunity.

  166. #176 - Lisabeth says:

    hej. i hope i’m in the labels are great!!

  167. #178 - Jill says:

    Love it. Thanks for the great offer.


  168. #179 - rosa murillo says:

    What a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

  169. #180 - Ronda C. says:

    What beautiful labels, Thanks!

  170. #181 - kristin says:

    oh what fun!!! thank you!!

  171. #182 - Rhonda H says:

    Thanks so much. The labels are so pretty.

  172. #183 - Jewel says:

    Wow, these are great! Thanks so much.

  173. #184 - Tiffany says:

    I did it! Thank you!

  174. #185 - Mimi says:

    Wow! I am so excited to read this give away news! Thank you for your gorgeous designs, Cathe.

  175. #186 - Shelby Goodman says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to get these in the mail!! Thanks!!

  176. #187 - Robin Brannen says:

    Hope I am one of the 200..

  177. #188 - Ingvild says:

    Hope I still made it in time! Those labels look really cool.

  178. #189 - Meredith says:

    The sky is the limit with those sticky labels. Thanks!

  179. #190 - Andee Bohlin says:

    I would love a sample pack!

  180. #191 - Liz says:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog and get so much inspiration for my future home and studio from all your projects!!

  181. #192 - Janice says:

    Such lovely designs, Cathe–here’s hoping I get to print some out on the samples.

    Thanks for the offer!

  182. #193 - Laura says:

    what a fantastic deal!
    crossing my fingers that i made the first 200.

  183. #194 - Jodi Duck says:

    Thanks for the chance to Win and see something beautiful!

  184. #195 - Colleen says:

    I just did! And thank you and!!

  185. #196 - april duoos says:

    this looks like a great place to shop!!! TYTYTY!!!

  186. #197 - Monique says:

    They are so nice..Thank you!

  187. #198 - Julie says:

    Those are sweet! Can’t wait to get them in the mail ( I hope!!)

  188. #199 - Lisa says:

    Great design! Love it! You are brilliant!

  189. #200 - Lisa says:

    and i did it aswell! hope to win!!! greetings from austria!

  190. #201 - Sue C says:

    Beautiful labels and awesome offer – hope I made it in time! Thanks so much for your inspiration and your generosity!

  191. #202 - Jana says:

    Thanks so much for the link, Cathe . . . I’ll definitely check out that forum. Every time you post something new and beautiful (which is pretty much all the time!) I vow that I’m going to get a new printer! Thanks again for all that you do here!

  192. #203 - MsJoyceG says:

    I am awestruck, what a neat deal. I’m impressed.

  193. #204 - Valerie says:

    I would love, love, love some of these! Just emailed
    Thanks for a great giveaway!
    πŸ™‚ Valerie

  194. #205 - SewLindaAnn says:

    too late! I think I’m 204. Oh well, it was a fun idea.

  195. #206 - Tina Rose says:

    Request sent!


  196. #207 - Barbara Beck-Azar says:

    I just love your blog… i have recently left the corporate rat race to work at home with art: painting, calligraphy and graphic design. Your wonderful handmade, imaginative works have given me hope to stay this way. I so appreciate your focus and am inspired by your creativity!

    Barbara Beck-Azar
    I just sent off for the labels – hope to be one of the first 200!

  197. #208 - Barbara Beck-Azar says:

    πŸ™ right after typing my comment i noticed that i was too late..
    NEXT TIME πŸ™‚

  198. #209 - Janette says:

    I am sad that I missed the opportunity to own some of these. They really are wonderful and I am pleased that you will be working with them more in the future.

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  200. #210 - Kelly Stockstill says:

    I was one of the first 200, I just forgot to come back here and comment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. #211 - Lacretia says:

    It does make sense! Thanks for the tip, and if I ever figure out how to do a mail merge with a custom template, I’ll be sure to set up a tutorial and let you know. Thanks for being so inspiring!! Have a great day!

  202. #212 - Wendy says:

    Hi Cathe!
    Just found your blog today, and I adore it. I am also a paper crafter and use my own desktop printer constantly. However, I’m unhappy with my current printer and am in the market for a new one. Since you mention using your desktop printer a lot in this post, I thought I’d ask– what kind of printer is it that you use? Any recommendations?
    Thanks =)

  203. #214 - RandomCreativity says:

    I was one of the first 200, and I just received my labels in the mail today. I just wanted to say thank you again for hosting the giveaway and always putting up such neat crafty ideas and free graphics πŸ™‚

  204. hi….can you please tell me what kind of software you use to create or should I say re-create the labels and advertising? I have basic windows xp nothing fancy but I would like to upgrade my system with things I can use to create and craft…..oh, also have you heard of UTEE? the granular stuff used to make enameled jewelry….if so where can I find it? Every craft store I go to is as ’bout as helpful as bumps on a bullfrog.
    Thank you. Nick.

  205. #216 - beverley howes says:

    thank you lovely downloads

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