Easy Tissue Hydrangea Pins and Flower Vines

I’ve had this tissue paper color assortment pack that I use for gift wrapping sitting around just waiting to be crafted with. And as soon as the hydrangeas in my front yard began to bloom, so did my imagination!I have a cigar box full of random thrift store button/badges with about every promotion you can think of advertised, and thought they would be the perfect base to create pretty hydrangea blooms.
Do you remember in early grade school- cutting tissue into little squares, smooshing them up and onto the eraser end of a pencil, dipping them in glue and sticking them to construction paper to make butterflies or some other fluffy art? Well, that’s pretty much the exact idea here and just as easy. However, instead of squares, I brought out a few of my craft punches to cut the tissue into more flowery shapes.Centering the pencil eraser into a flower shape and smoothing the tissue onto the pencil and dipping into glue, I attached various blue colored pieces and a few pinched green tissue rounds onto the button surface to create a faux hydrangea pin.I thought these would be so pretty for a wedding shower or other event. Add a delicate paper name ribbon or to celebrate someone special, a “Birthday Girl” ribbon.

While I was in the pencil-and-tissue mode, I also experimented with fishing line (of course, string will work great as well.) I cinched scalloped circles in the middle for the leaves, and in one glue pressing, attached the pink tissue flower, using the the pencil eraser, onto the fishing line then into the center of the leaf piece. I dabbed a bit of glue in each bloom and sprinkled silver German Glass Glitter inside.
I think the little floating flowers are too sweet and would be lovely hanging from a ring of wire over a little girl’s bed, as garland across a mirror or as bridal shower decor.

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