Beach Towels Repurposed

What a fantastic response to my last post, the hand-towel project– Thank you!
Speaking of towels…Go check out my latest post on SC Johnson’s Family Economics HERE to read about beach towel projects. Then hit the road to those end-of-summer sales and stock up on discounted beach towels for repurposing too!

Update: I was waiting for the sun to come out today to take a photo of the 3-towel blanket I made to keep in my car. (Petaluma’s been really overcast lately!) Now I need to go buy another matching towel for covering my black dashboard & steering wheel when parked in the sun.I’d just love if you visited my SCJ blog post to leave YOUR ideas in the comments section of cool ideas for repurposing beach towels. Thank you!

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9 Responses to Beach Towels Repurposed

  1. #1 - Angela says:

    I really like the sports blanket idea. I see pretty beach towels and thought I had no use for them. Thanks for a great idea!!

  2. #2 - Ann says:

    Great ideas! Love the idea to reuse towels – soft cushion covers sounds a fab idea! Had missed your hand towel post Cathe but its an absolutely a fabulous idea – these will make such wonderfully original gifts! We've a new TV series here in the UK called Victorian Pharmacy so I'm already loving those old remedies.

  3. #3 - Christie Cottage says:

    I love all recycling and repurposing of items. That's why your blog is always an informative read.

    Thank you!


  4. #4 - CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [24 Jul 01:05pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. #5 - Paper Pile Kitten says:

    Thank you for a wonderful blog! I love your ideas and beautiful craft projects!!
    My idea for the towels is probably too simple but, my mother used to make bathrobes for the whole family out of towels, perfect to take to the beach. Some of them had no arms, they were more like a big cloak with a hood and everything, and those were great for changing out of your wet swim ware.
    Cheers from,
    Meta at Paper Pile Kitten's Blog

    • #6 - Michelle says:

      I actually love the bathrobe idea, kitten. Reminds me of something being sold currently on tv, I think it’s called the a snoogie or some other ridiculous name. Bathrobes for the beach or after the shower are a great use for old towels.

  6. #7 - Jenny says:

    Simply a great idea to put those old towels to good use again.
    You have a great blog going. Keep it up.

  7. #8 - Samantha says:

    I was just about to donate my old beach towels, THANKS for such a great idea to repurpose them just in time for summer vacation. Thanks again Cathe!

  8. #9 - Marvin Becwar says:

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