Apothecary Label Hand Towels: Free Digital Downloads

Don’t you just love vintage apothecary anything?! I scanned a bunch of original vintage drug store labels today for us to play with. Click on the image of labels below to snag the free digital download and reduce, modify, use for collage, or for whatever you want to make (Just please don’t sell these images, they’re meant to be free.)These labels are perfect for printing out and adding to little old bottles. Scruff ’em up a bit to look even more authentic.But check this out- I found some really lush hand towels on sale at Kohl’s-and Michael’s Crafts is right next door, so I popped in and bought some inkjet printable cotton sheets. I printed the label graphics onto the cotton-trimmed out each label then removed the backing paper-
and machine stitched them onto the towels!Could that be any easier?!

And if you’re wondering how they will hold up in the wash, see my blog post HERE where I applied similar patches to a jean jacket. (I recommend against bleaching.)

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174 Responses to Apothecary Label Hand Towels: Free Digital Downloads

  1. #1 - Jenn Erickson says:

    Cathe, three winning posts in a row. Always original, always brilliant! No wonder yours is one of my favorite blogs, EVER!

  2. #2 - Kimmie @ live fancy. says:

    Linking to this on my blog tomorrow (7.23.10) LOVE it!!!

  3. #3 - A Vintage Chic says:

    How do you always come up with these amazingly fabulous ideas, Cathe?! This is just too cool! I can't wait to try it–thanks so much for sharing what you learn!


  4. #4 - Joy says:

    so unbelievably cool!!

  5. #5 - Angela says:

    Well aren't you the clever one!! They are great and very unique!

  6. #6 - Patty B. says:


  7. #7 - MyrtlePoint says:

    Very cool – thanks for sharing! I live about an hour from the town some of your labels originated from – Roseburg, Oregon.

  8. #8 - Gandhali says:

    wooooooow. i am in awe.

  9. #9 - Queen of Dreamsz says:

    I love these, thanks so much! And I really like them sewn to the towels.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  10. #10 - Tauni says:

    Oh my goodness. I love these towels! What a creative idea! You're brilliant.

  11. #11 - Theresa und Eva-Maria says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much for these downloads. I am reading and following your blog for a long while already and just have to thank you for the input and ideas (and not download :-). I would feel honoured to welcome you on my own blog one day (http://www.neu4bauer.blogspot.com), where I also indulge myself in the love for old vintage fashion illustrations etc.

    Have a lovely Friday!
    Yours, Theresa

  12. #12 - ShabbyChicShaz says:

    I just love what you've applied these labels to, wonderful bottles and towels. Thank you so much for sharing your idea and labels, much appreciated 🙂

  13. #13 - Elizabeth says:

    Another fantastic idea! Those towels are beautiful…I want to run out and do this!

    You are just amazing and you share too! xo

  14. #14 - Norma says:

    Thanks Kathy, they're wonderful! I really like the labels on the towels but as I'm about to start making some 'witch apothecary' mini bottles they're timely and perfect for me for a very different project 🙂

  15. #15 - Alix says:

    how wierd…i woke up this morning and thought *i'm going to decorate my towels today* and here…you have the perfect idea :0)

    thanks for sharing!

  16. #16 - Sara says:

    Que monada!! me a gustado mucho, y ver con que gusto aplicas, las toallas hermosas, tus ideas geniales y las etiquetas antiguas preciosas.

  17. #17 - Λαμπρινή says:

    Oh Cathy!Is there anything that you do that is not worth to copy?
    Bravo bravo!!!

  18. #18 - Veronica says:

    Oh am I overjoyed I found your fabulous site! You are bubbling over with inspiration. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the download- definitely gonna use them!

  19. #19 - Madigan at madiganmade says:

    Wow! This is a fabulous idea! I love it.

  20. #20 - Yanik Falardeau says:

    Love, love, love this. Inkjet printable cotton sheets?? I had no idea. I'm going to have to take a day trip to the city and find some! Merci beaucoup for the inspiration!

  21. #21 - Tanka says:

    what a great idea!!! Thank you for labels! =)


  22. #22 - spindelmaker says:

    These are great! Hope you don´t mind if I make a link to this post in august?

  23. #23 - Geralyn Gray says:

    You are constantly amazing me……..I love your style and your ideas!!!!!

  24. #24 - ohiofarmgirl says:

    Oh… I love this…I am going to Hobby Lobby and see if they have that…which department??? Dianntha

  25. #25 - judi says:

    WOW! how cool is that?! as soon as i have a spare moment, this is next on my to do list…love this idea.
    thanks cathe!

    judi 😉

  26. #26 - *The Beautiful Life* says:

    Cahte, WHEN is one of the DIY channels EVER going to give you your own show????? 😉

    You rock.


  27. #27 - Melanie says:

    I second the DIY show comment … you are pretty crafty (in a good way), lol. I love your ideas.

  28. #28 - Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker says:

    Very cool idea! Love the post!

  29. #29 - Olivia says:

    wow these are incredible! thank you so much for sharing these are brilliant! i have some sntique bottles and i think i may stick these labels on like you did 🙂

    thank you again!


  30. #30 - Jane says:

    Fabulous idea. The towels look amazing! Thanks for sharing the labels with us.

  31. #31 - Kathy says:

    Oh, yeah. I LOVE this! You just have the BEST ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. – Kathy

  32. #32 - JannaScraps says:

    wow. LOVE> you're style rocks! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  33. #33 - emily says:

    These are great! I love all of your vintage downloads! I have some plain canvas bags that could use a little something, I'm going to try to make iron ons for them. I'll let you know how it works out!

  34. #34 - Elizabeth Carls says:

    I love this idea so much, so simple but brilliant. And thanks for the downloadable graphics.

  35. #35 - Decomom says:

    OMG! Love them!!! wow – gonna go do that today!!

  36. #36 - Donna says:

    Love it! Thank you so much for those graphics!

  37. #37 - Gaia says:

    Love these! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  38. #38 - Scrapthat says:

    Super cool! TFS!

  39. #39 - CL Field says:

    Really clever! And I love the apothecary labels! Thanks for sharing!

  40. #40 - Alejandra Alcantara says:

    You always share with us such awesome ideas and projects! You are so cool and creative!

  41. #41 - June says:

    What a wonderful touch…such creative ideas. You are an inpiration!

  42. #42 - Lana says:

    Thank you for the fun graphics!
    I'll have to get some of those printable sheets to make business tags for my pillows. I had always ironed fabric to freezer paper to run through my printer, but it wasn't washable.

  43. #43 - Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    You are the best! I think I can actually sew these myself. cool beans!

  44. #44 - Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    P.S.- I'm stumbling this!

  45. #45 - ★All Thingz Related★ says:

    These are amazing!

  46. #46 - CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [23 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  47. #47 - Town of Wynyard says:

    Brilliant! And to share those ads! Sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much for your ideas and the print offs and other things you offer for free!

  48. #48 - Jojo says:

    Really good looking & creative use of labels on the towels! Thanks for the label downloads – I will use them on my old bottles that I fill with homemade tinctures and oils.

  49. #49 - House Elf says:

    Love the towels!

  50. #50 - Cassie says:

    Absolutely awesome. Thank you for the labels. I think I need to go and look in my linen closet for some hand towels now. You are so clever!

  51. #51 - Stephanie says:

    So so so cool! What type of glue do you use to paste the labels on the glass bottles?

  52. #52 - Atelier de Charo says:



  53. #53 - Cathe Holden says:

    Blogger Stephanie said…

    So so so cool! What type of glue do you use to paste the labels on the glass bottles?

    I use 3M All Purpose Spray Adhesive. But Mod Podge or most paper glues will work just fine.

  54. #54 - Sarah @ Maison Boheme says:

    Brilliant. Thanks so much for this awesome idea!

  55. #55 - Annie Louise says:

    Great blog–I became a follower. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Keep them coming 🙂

  56. #56 - the 30 girl says:

    Wow! So happy to have found your blog. These are too cool. Thanks so much for sharing!

  57. #57 - glam.spoon says:

    such a wonderful touch to add a vintage label to a towel. and thanks for the digital downloads!!

  58. #58 - Sal says:

    love this!! i blogged about it 🙂

  59. #59 - Michael - Innkeeper says:

    you are amazing. nuf said.

  60. #60 - I LOVE color! says:

    Oh how clever! I love your creativity spirit. Be Blessed

  61. #61 - thefruitysalad says:

    That is just genius!

  62. #62 - Shelby Logsdon says:

    Love this idea! Linked to it on my blog!

  63. #63 - Jeannine says:

    These are so cool! Would love to make some of these.

  64. #64 - Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants says:

    These labels are great. I have been shopping for bottles at Goodwill. I saw a great vinette for halloween with labels. Will you be putting some that we could use then?

  65. #65 - Tamra says:

    Seriously, YOU ROCK!!

  66. #66 - Alejandra Alcantara says:

    I read your post early this morning and left you a comment exactly at 7:03 am!! I was away on errands the whole day and I couldn't get this project out of my head. I kept thinking that tomorrow will be Saturday and I will be able to work on this project all day… woo hoooo!!!!!!

  67. #67 - Lovely Little Nest says:

    That is amazing!! What a neat little project! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  68. #68 - Nori says:

    LOVE IT! the timing of your post is crazy… i was just at office depot today looking at all of their fun printable stuff… window decals, cotton sheets, iron on sheets, etc and was trying to think of what i'd do with them… this is perfect! :o)

  69. #69 - Jeannie says:

    Cathy, I love these!

  70. #70 - lovebirdstationery says:

    You are a genius. I am so glad I stumbled across you. Thankyou!

  71. #71 - VintageFeedsacks says:

    What a great way to use vintage images! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  72. #72 - bonFlourish.blogspot.com says:

    Love this, thank you! Especially the info on printable cotton sheets from Michaels. I had no idea!

  73. #73 - PearlsAndGreenTea says:
  74. #74 - Susie Jefferson says:

    Fabulous! Love, love, love them!

    I've put a headsup on my Freebies site. Thanks so much for sharing!

  75. #75 - dotsandyarn says:

    Great idea and the towel looks lovely! I have never tried inject cotton prints – how do they keep in the washing machine? Oh and thanks so much for the free downloads!

  76. #76 - Amy says:

    Love this idea, Cath! I can't wait to try it!!!

    (Did you hit the Rivertown Revival this weekend? We really enjoyed it!)

    Crafting by Candlelight

  77. #77 - Krista says:

    I stumbled upon your blog and I'm DY-ING!! Everything is so cute and eclectic! I LOVE these hand towels and might INSIST my sister whip up a few (I don't sew) Also, I'm LOVING your work space – so cute! I'm thinking about linking your craft room to my "wish list" post, hope that's ok! Can't wait to come back and see what else you come up with!

  78. #78 - FrumsGlass says:

    Loving your blog. I'm becoming a follower. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. These apothecary label hand towels will make wonderful gifts for the pharmacists in my family.

  79. #79 - Kim Sonksen says:

    thank you so much for sharing these labels, they are fab!

  80. #80 - mitziscollectibles says:

    Cathe, I have more vintage bottles around here than you can shake a stick at! I've done some labels on bottles before, but I like your examples and will borrow them for sure. I've never tried printing on cotton in an inkjet printer, but this post is really the push I need to give it a try. It does look easy……thanks so much as always for your brilliant craft ideas and instructions!

  81. #81 - Lisa Madden Bass says:

    These towels are just precious; you have such clever ideas! Thank you for sharing.


  82. #82 - Tammy D says:


  83. #83 - Gallery32 says:

    Thanks for these! You inspired me to used them a series of photos 🙂 http://gallery32.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/keats-was-a-licensed-apothecary/

  84. #84 - Apryl says:

    love love love them! they look totally awesome! I really must get ahold of some printable cotton sheets for the printer.

  85. #85 - Gaby Bee says:

    These labels are gorgeous! What a fun idea! I love your towels!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gaby xo

  86. #86 - rmeyfe says:

    I love this idea with bath towels!! I may have to try that to decorate my new bathroom!!! 🙂 Love your blog, sorry to lurk and not post much but I do appreciate you blogging your ideas!!

  87. #87 - bridget {bake at 350} says:

    Well, these are just awesome!

  88. #88 - Stefanie says:

    I just used these labels for an organizing project! You can see it at my blog here:

    Thanks so much for the printable!!!!!!

  89. #89 - Sarah says:

    Dear Cathe, really love all the ideas in you blog. i'll try to make it although some tools seem hard to get in Taiwan. thank you anyway!

  90. #90 - Kaggsy says:

    These are quite wonderful, and I've just discovered and love your site – thanks!

  91. #91 - You and Me~Shell says:

    OMG, thank you so much! I love your blog and all of the freebee's. I am so in love. I just found you and will make you my first visited blog each day! Woot to you and thank you! 🙂

  92. #92 - Kirby3131 says:

    Now I'm going to have to learn how to sew a straight line. I must do this. Thank you 🙂

  93. #93 - Kaleidoskopic Romance says:

    Just linked to this in my blog. It's brilliant!

  94. #94 - Janet says:

    Awesome, those turned out adorable!

  95. #95 - Diane B. says:

    Thank you for the download link! I hope you don’t mind me copying your idea. I have a friend who would absolutely LOVE those handtowels with the stitched apothecary labels!

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  98. #96 - Katherine says:

    These are really wonderful!

  99. #97 - Kathy Scollan says:

    OMG!! How did you know I was going to buy new towels??? I love the look of white towels and washclothes in the bath, but sometimes they need to be jazzed up a bit. Can’t wait to try this technique. Thanks so much for sharing…Kathy

  100. #98 - Micha says:

    I love it!! Your ideas are not only totally gorgeous, but always practical and easy to realize. thanks so much for sharing!
    I love your blog. Micha (from Germany)

  101. #99 - Marny says:

    Love the quilt jewelry … and these labels!!!

    You are SO creative!!!

  102. #100 - Marian/pink princess says:

    Wonderful idea!! The cotton transfer is not in my area, so I use the regular one and iron it to cotton myself 🙂 Have some towels lying about g=for just THIS ♥ Thanks Cathe

  103. #101 - Bettymnz4 says:

    I just came over from the Steampunk Home and am your newest follower.

    Thank you for the graphics – I have an obsession, er collection, of jars and bottles that I’m anxious to try this on.

    Can’t wait to explore your site.

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  105. #102 - Celina Matthews says:

    What a cool idea! The towels came out amazingly! Thanks for the inspiration!

  106. #103 - Amber says:

    This is so wonderful and creative! I am so glad I stumbled upon this site!

  107. #104 - janet says:

    I love your apothocary towels. I’m not very crafty. Can’t i buy some from you? My daughter is a pharmacist and i would like to get a couple for her. thanks! -janet

  108. #105 - Beth Pollock says:

    Thanks for the labels. Love, love, love them on the towels! Can’t wait to try them out for myself.
    I just joined as a follower and am adding a link on my blog to yours.
    Love your blog design too – I am a bit jealous actually 😀
    Harrisville, NH

  109. #106 - MissKitty says:

    This idea is creepily perfect for me – my downstairs powder room is decorated with old apothecary bottles I’ve collected. I used them on a whim, needing quick décor, and never changed the room. Adding these towels will make it seem like I actually know what I’m doing! Thanks for the craft and images!

  110. #107 - Bernie says:

    Wow! I have been looking for something like this FOREVER! I recently got into making cards and trying my hand at being crafty. I love these. Our bathroom is a vintage theme. So this should be a fun project. Thank you!
    I found you via: 1st. Floor Flat

  111. #108 - Sallianne Norelli says:

    Thank you for the labels!

  112. #109 - Zarah says:

    Thank you EVER so much!! They are gorgeous, and I love what you made with them! 😀

  113. #110 - Laura says:

    Very awesome idea Cathe!

  114. #111 - Robyn W says:

    thank you

  115. #112 - mamichelle says:

    Wow, these are soooo cool! Thank you! Love what you did with the towels.

  116. #113 - Lauren says:

    Such a clever idea and so fun! I love vintage!!

  117. #114 - Mary Lyons says:

    wow, you rock. Thank you for the labels – I am going to make an assortment of bottles for my antique shelf at home.

  118. #115 - Bianca says:

    How great are these lables!!! Thanks for the idea with the towels.
    And of course for sharing them for free!

    Greetings from Germany, Bianca

  119. #116 - Joan Collins says:

    Cathe, OMG this would be great for my nephew and his soon to be wife. Michelle is a doctor these would look fabulous in thier bath room. I guess I’ll be trekking over to Kohl’s. Thanks for the idea her shower is upcoming next month. I better get crackalacking.

  120. #117 - mireille says:

    Ho my god your web site is amazing !!!
    thank you so much for all ideas !!
    (sorry for my english i am french !)

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  122. #118 - Julie Shackson says:

    This is really generous of you; and your towels look wonderful!

  123. #119 - Barbs says:

    Wow and double wow!

  124. #120 - Johanna says:

    These are so cool!! And I love the towels! Thanks so much for your generosity!

  125. #121 - Deborah K says:

    Thank you! What a great idea with the towels.

  126. #122 - beryl says:

    AMAZING!!! I love these….this is the 2nd time I’ve seen these vintage labels and I love them for my crafting 🙂 Thanks to you and blessings!!!

  127. #123 - Marilyn Rhetts says:

    what a terrific idea. I ony hope that when I am ready to do it I can find this page again.

  128. #124 - ImBeingHeldHostage says:

    These are wonderful, thank you! Love the towel idea 🙂

  129. #125 - Victoria says:

    Thank you so much for sharing those awesome apothecary labels!! I had to share them on my blog today: http://www.vixenmade.com/2012/04/free-printable-friday-medical-party.html

  130. #126 - sherrill says:

    Soooo cool. Thx!

  131. #127 - Tina says:

    Love the idea Cathe! Thanks for sharing.

  132. #128 - alejandra says:

    I love this idea! Im going to use your labels for an upcoming nursing theme party I am decorating for!

  133. #129 - Jeannette R. says:

    Love these! My niece is graduating from nursing school and I’m helping with decor so these will be awesome! Thanks so much!

  134. #130 - JUDY LINDSEY says:

    I saved this sight from last year and hope I can still use it . Love everything! Our daughter is a pharmacist and thought some of these old signs would be cute to make for her office or I guess they are labels but I could still use them.

    thanks Judy

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  136. #131 - Lois Walls says:

    Hi! Love, love the labels but when I clicked to download there wasn’t any place to click on for the download. Am I missing something?
    Thanks for your help and love the website!!

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  138. #132 - Annette says:

    Thank you for the great vintage labels and the inspiration! I love the bottles and have been collecting some…now I know what I’m going to do with them!

  139. #133 - Becky says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing…

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  141. #134 - sandy says:

    these are just awesome can’t Waite to try them.
    thank you so much for sharing.

  142. #135 - Cheryl Rehaume Togashi says:

    I want to thank you very much for the use of the lovely vintage labels. Please see my blog to download some for yourself! Thanks, and God bless you!

  143. #136 - nancy twyman says:

    Just found your website on Pinterest, you did a great job. I absolutely love it.
    Will be back again

  144. #137 - Krisha says:

    Thank you so much for these Amazing FREE labels, I can’t wait to print them, and decorate my house with all the fun labels.
    Thanks again!!

  145. #138 - Shelly says:

    Wow! I was looking for blog buttons, and I did, but also found all these great freebies here at your site! I love the Apothecary Labels and might do the towel thing. You are sooo talented! Thanks!

  146. #139 - Tabitha White says:

    Love all your great ideas!

  147. #140 - judy lail says:

    Just adoreable and so vintage….I love it…NC

  148. #141 - Cindy Schaeffer says:

    I just LOVE the old apothecary labels! I have been looking for these! Your applications are exciting and you have made it look so easy. I just hope that it is. Really Nice work Cathe!

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  150. #142 - JaneEllen says:

    Oh boy do I love this kind of thing and bottles. I keep buying them when I see ones I just can’t resist at thrift stores. I can remember when I got rid of bottles, funny how what you love changes in life.
    I just bought 3 bottles at Goodwill I couldn’t resist, partnered them with others I already have. Some of them will look great with these labels on them.
    Thank you so much for sharing the labels. If I can find the place on your blog I’d love to subscribe, I’ve seen your name and heard about your blog for awhile now, so glad I found you this way. Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend

  151. #143 - JUDY LINDSEY says:

    I saved your wed page and love everything on it. I can still down load the free stuff can’t I. I am not good on the computer so would like to hear from you. My daughter is a pharmacist and I’d love to make some towels like you did…for her.
    I’ve saved this from July 10, 2010.

    Thank you for cool ideas!!


  152. #144 - Bobbie Bayer says:

    Love the labels and ideas for them. Now I know what to do with the old bottles I have dug up! You live next to a Michaels…my goodness gracious, I would never be home and be very poor–I love their stuff. I have to drive 1 hour to find a Michaels. Keep up your creative work–you are one of a kind and very kind to share your work and ideas!

  153. #145 - Lynne says:

    What a fabulous website. Just found it by browsing for free printable labels. Overjoyed with all your ideas. Thankyou so much.

  154. #146 - Murmur1 says:

    Thank you! These are cool! Don’t know what I’ll do with them yet!

  155. #147 - Maria says:

    What fun with these labels…love them and have to tried. Lived in Petaluma about 13yrs. ago just loved it, always sorry we had to move. Lived on Glenwood Ave. and worked at Adobe house….miss it so.

  156. #148 - Karin Moore says:

    Love love love it, Cathe! I had bought a bottle to put homemade “moonshine” in, but couldn’t find a lid. I’m going to dig it out of the recycling and make a vintage label for it, I’m all excited now. I don’t usually type a bunch of exclamation points, but I’m really feeling it because your labels are right up my alley. What fantastic ideas you have.
    Merry Christmas, and thank you for hooking me up with the perfect touch for my homemade things like heritage cookie recipes and Apple Pie ‘moonshine’.

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  158. #149 - Joanna Grittner says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I wanted to talk to you about a personalized design I want to do for my products. They are labels I for bath products that can be fillable and I can change the color of it.

    My email is: joannagrittner@gmail.com I would love to see how much do you charge to make the pattern of my labels. I am urged to do this as soon as I can. Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

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  161. #150 - Missa says:

    I just found this post via pinterest and I am so pleased! Thank you so much for sharing these great labels. They are wonderful!

  162. #151 - Lyn Cooper says:

    Brilliant You! Fabulous

  163. #152 - Susan says:

    So adorable Cathe!

  164. #153 - Lem says:

    Very interesting, great post!

  165. #154 - Elle Young says:

    First link I clicked on and these labels are exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for posting this and for making my project extra special.

  166. #155 - missy says:

    Thank you for sharing! Amazing idea

  167. #156 - Rebecca says:

    How do you modify these? I would love to make some custom ones for my kitchen. thanks

  168. #157 - Carolyn Coughran says:

    Thank you, they are perfect and just what I was looking for.

  169. #158 - Cathey DeRosa says:

    I could not print them out to the right size. I never can, so I know it’s something I’m doing wrong. Can someone enlighten me?

  170. #159 - hope held says:

    Hi Cathy, just wanted to thank you for the beautiful free Apothecary Labels, and the rest of all the free printable’s you work very hard to create. And also all of your great idea’s. I just love your idea of sewing the labels on towels, i have just purchased some nice ones on a very big sale and wanted to do something special with them. Now I have a little helpful hint for you as well,I know how expensive it can be to purchase those specialty printable pages, all you need to do is cut down some wax paper to regular printer paper size, ( i use card stock to do this), and iron it onto the fabric of your choice, the thickest I have used so far is burlap. sometimes it can cause a paper jam, but I have learned how to keep the right amount of paper in the tray for the printer to grab it right. Well thanks again and I hope I have been of some help to you

  171. #160 - Suzanne Smith says:

    Cathe, I want an old fashioned looking label of tomatoes for a large tin can. I would like to put this in my kitchen with fresh flowers in it but
    cannot find a can or label anywhere. I honestly did not think this would be that difficult!!! Please advise. Sincerel
    y, Suzanne Smith

  172. #161 - Maureen says:

    Love these!

  173. #162 - Traddy: just passin' through says:

    You are my kind of person. Would you like to come over for tea?

  174. #163 - Barbara Sullivan says:

    WoW WoW,you can make thing’s out things people never think about Love this Blog,,,Thank’s …