Fun Faux Fireflies

Growing up in the Midwest, you could find your yard aglow all summer as the sun went down and the fireflies filled the air. Jar in hand, kids would collect one or more in a mason or mayonnaise jar creating firefly lanterns. But, here in Northern California, a little craftiness with the help of Aniomagic may be as close as my kids ever get to experiencing this phenomenon.
Last month, while at the Maker Faire, I picked up two little kits made by Aniomagic that are perfect for electronically impaired crafters, like myself, that still want to craft and play like we’re not. The kits, which include enough supplies to create one LED light magic show, can be sewn into your craft projects, apparel, etc. for a really cool effect. I chose to use my little kits in a bit of a different way- creating fireflies, or as we also called them, lightening bugs.
Using the very simple directions on the Aniomagic Beginner’s Sewing Kit page, I simply stitched and strung the conductive thread through holes punched into the lid of a recycled mason jar. Connecting the corresponding +/- ends into the LED sequin by tying them into knots, I then trimmed away the extra thread.With superglue, I secured the fabric battery switch into place on the top of the lid. (Homemade Ginger Pear Sauce courtesy of my neighbor Natalie…DE-LISH!)I punched out wings from a piece of folded transparent tape and glued them to the sequin.To hide the switch, I covered the lid with a couple of pieces of paper cut out to fit, screwed on the threaded jar ring and my lightening bug lantern was complete. Pressing on the center of the lid sets the little bug glowing.
If you find the button a bit difficult for little fingers to press, you can add a little extra something, like part of a styrofoam peanut, or small ball of tissue onto the top of the button/switch before covering with the paper. These would make such fun items for your kids to play with on the 4th of July, especially for the littlest of ones, too young to handle fireworks.THERE’S ONE CATCH: The hardworking staff at Aniomagic happens to be taking a little time off to get caught up on several things like their day jobs! Their site won’t be open for business until after July 14. HOWEVER, they have been so kind as to agree to work with any JSIM reader that wants to order the Aniomagic Beginner’s Sewing Kit to make these projects if placed in time to ship for the 4th of July. Please clarify when ordering on their site that you are ordering based on the project from After July 14, it will be business as usual over at!

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