Quirky Collections: Vintage Trucks

I’ve had a real big crush on vintage toy trucks, (and of course- real vintage trucks,) for some time now. My latest post over at SC Johnson’s Family Economics tells how it all started and I share some photos & ideas of fun ways to use vintage toy trucks for display. I became so obsessed with old trucks that if you’ve ever been to my design website, you may know that my business logo is even a vintage truck. I share vintage red trucks used in graphics on my other blog HERE including a truck logo I designed recently for a rose nursery.I did some illustrations for a baby apparel company a few years back and just had to include a little truck in the line!When I find a dry, old cruddy truck at the flea market that could use a bit of a shine, I use a gloss spray acrylic for a freshly waxed look.This old Tonka dump truck makes a load of Granny Smiths look all the more delicious.With the sun finally out, I did a bit of planting in the beds of my 3 old pick-ups. While shooting the photo, I told Maggie that curiosity killed the cat, but she wasn’t buying it.I found an older shot of one of my trucks on a table with flowers from one of our barn parties.I keep a vintage tow truck on the shelf of my studio should any of my other trucks need a little help.I think this grungy little fruit truck has the best graphics! And maybe you’ve seen how much fun I have making pincushions in the beds of vintage toy trucks HERE. It’s caught on and I recently found this tiny matchbox-size one online. Luckily, the maker, Kerry of Kitty Garden Makes, was kind enough to sell it to me and ship it all the way from the UK. It’s the sweetest little thing!Do you have a collection with function? Tell me about it!

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