Envelope Writing Sheets: Free Images!

Lately, I’d been coveting a very expensive font. I think I’ve even had dreams about using it. It’s so fabulous I can hardly stand it. If you’re a designer, you get my passion for fonts. If you’re not, you may think I’m off my rocker.But finally, I had a logo project come through that was the perfect reason to drop the dime. The font is House Industries Eames. It’s only available as a font family, making it so costly, not to mention the attention to detail the designers put into it. The font comes with lots of great ornaments and frames and has a great background story. So while I had Adobe Illustrator open to work on other projects yesterday, I snuck in a little fun blog project using the Eames font and extras.

I designed an all-in-one letter/envelope complete with round closure seals. The back side is dotted to keep your hand writing straight. You can opt out of printing the inside of course. Click on the images below to access the PDF files.This project motivated me to finally write my sister, Jennifer, a little letter.Once printed and folded- -write a note, fold back into an envelope, tuck the flap inside at the curve and seal with one of the circle designs, (I sprayed the back of the circle seal with strong spray adhesive, but a glue stick should work just as well.) Flip over and address. What more appropriate postage than an Eames stamp?I am adding an additional blank design as a template. Use with your own awesome designs, or print to card stock, cut out and trace around on funky paper such as a magazine ad or scrapbook paper then add a simple blank sticker for addressing. Put a smile on a letter carrier’s face!I designed the template to fit 4″ x 6″ photos, so make some photo envelopes! Click on the above image for the PDF file. Reduce template in size and use for making gift cards.

What else could you do with the template?

PS. After posting, I realized postage is now 44 cents. I’d been savoring my very last Eames stamp too long I suppose. Now I’ve got to go retrieve that letter from the box and add extra postage…

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