Your Comments Make Me Happy!

It’s no secret that I brag about how wonderful my blog readers are. You guys leave the kindest comments that keep me motivated day after day! To thank you, here’s a little animated gif to show you just how I feel about that! Grab it for your own blog post or sidebar.

The images are from the 1943 book Stunts and Tumbling for Girls by Virginia Lee Horne.

Click on either image to grab the HTML code necessary for adding to your blog.

Want to check out a few more of my little gif animations? Click HERE and HERE and HERE!

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60 Responses to Your Comments Make Me Happy!

  1. #1 - treasurefield says:

    You are so generous! HOW do you do it all???

  2. #2 - Diane at Crafty Passions says:

    That's cute!
    Comments make me happy too!
    So many lurkers and peekers out there, dont you agree ? !

  3. #3 - Michelle*G says:

    Ok…that just makes me smile!

  4. #4 - Diva Kreszl says:

    just too cute!

  5. #5 - bridget {bake at 350} says:

    Me, too…me, too! I β™₯ comments!

    I found you through TidyMom. πŸ™‚

  6. #6 - Ginger@cottageonrosewood says:

    Adorable. I'm new to the blog world, but I LOVE when people leave me comments. I just wish they would do it more!

  7. #7 - Feather says:

    this is really so funny! that woman cracks me up! just the thought of you jumping up and down like that makes me smile. thanks!

  8. #8 - AnaIsa says:

    A comment brights a blogger day:-)
    Thank u for beeing so generous:-)

  9. #9 - Leslie says:

    Oh this makes me laugh! I had to add it to my photography blog. Thanks!!

  10. #10 - Elaine A says:

    Cathe –

    That little gif made me laugh. It reminded me of my high school gym uniform! I went to an All Girl's Catholic High School in the Bronx and our uniforms were very similar to what the girl is wearing on your little gift to us! Thanks for the memory nudge and the chuckle!

    Elaine Allen

  11. #11 - sandra says:

    We all love it when someone takes the time to stop and say hi don't we?
    Love this! Thanks for sharing (again!!!lol)

  12. #12 - La Table De Nana says:

    You are so cute:)

  13. #13 - debsea says:

    this is hilarious! that poor gal -doomed to an eternity of leaping around in circles in her gym suit…

  14. #14 - Marbella Jewelry Designs says:

    very cute, thanks!

  15. #15 - Teresa says:

    Cute cute Cathe!
    Oh how I have been dreaming at night about that GLITTER!
    Last night I woke up in the middle of the night shouting GLITTER…GLITTER…GLITTTER!!! ;o)

  16. #16 - thewillowsnest says:

    where's my glitter !!!!!????

    haha .. yes me too .. gotta say them comments are soo…ooo sweet!!

  17. #17 - Penni says:

    What fun !!!

    Thanks – your really are very clever!


  18. #18 - Mary Beth says:

    sooooo funny and cute, too! You are very sweet to share your amazing talents!

  19. #19 - My Life Under the Bus says:

    OMG – Elaine you must not have been far from me because I went to a Catholic school in Mt. Vernon N.Y. and we had the same awful gym outfit but ours had short sleeves and was turquoise ! Wow does that bring back memories !

  20. #20 - Melissa says:

    I love it! So cheerful. πŸ™‚

    I can't get it to work in my sidebar in its animated version, though. Suggestions?

  21. #21 - CitricSugar says:

    That little animation just made my day!

  22. #22 - monkeytailz says:

    That is so cute! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  23. #23 - mamita says:

    totally bummed I missed the glitter. I love this blog. I was wondering about your vintage tape measure…Awesome by the way…I was thinking that it would be cool on canvas or muslin…but in order to do so it requires the images to be reversed so that one can print them on iron-on paper…sooooo…can you reverse the image? I think this blog is awesome and cool…and that makes you cool.

  24. #24 - Shannon E. Kennedy says:

    I am amazed at your talent! thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  25. #25 - Amber says:

    Thanks for sharing! I'm totally using it cause that picture and your blog make me happy!

  26. #26 - kim@ says:

    I really like it! Thanks!

    I have to tell you…I enjoy your little freebies so much it has inpired me to give away things on my blog too! I'm working on setting up for free fine art photo downloads that people can use for decorations etc. (i'm a photographer). It is SO much fun!! Thanks so much for being a good example!! I don't know that I would embarked on this part of the adventure and felt the joy it brings without your example.

  27. #27 - ArtSnark says:

    too fun! You really are the best

  28. #28 - Karen says:

    Comments make me smile and So does THAT! :> Thanks! :>

  29. #29 - gm glimmerglass says:

    You're………oN ROLL……with the

    So simple and cool!

    Once again, thanks!

  30. #30 - A Refocused Life says:

    You always amaze me. You have all the fun toys at your house. I want to come and play with you so I can see how you do this stuff.

  31. #31 - Donna says:

    That's too funny? Just want to thank you for the labels. First thing I want to use them for are my spice bottles(I am frantically searching for) tired of the plastic ones or companies changing labels (on glass ones). I am sure I will find many other places to use them. so generous…

  32. #32 - dominique eichi says:

    SWEET………. You definitively make us jump for JOY !

  33. #33 - Roberta says:

    This is so sweet…just love it…and will be so happy to use this on my blog…thanks for sharing with us πŸ˜€

  34. #34 - Dream on the wave says:

    Well, your blog makes me happy! And comments make me happy also of course. I haven't had so many yet as I am very new to this. I love your ideas. Just today I wrote about your measuring tape that is still hanging on the wall, until it moves to some child's bedroom.
    Greetings, Frieda

  35. #35 - Zorro 009 says:

    Excellent idea!

  36. #36 - xashee's corner says:

    HUGS!:) Thank you for the FUN animation! You are such a highlight of my days, i thank you again, for ALL that you share! i truly try not to miss a thing! hehe Have an AWESOME day!

  37. #37 - kate says:

    How cool is that!! Love your blog, I'll be back! πŸ™‚

  38. #38 - Gypsy Fish says:

    Thanks for the button…she's as hilarious as you are generous! thanks again

  39. #39 - Bobbi says:

    So talented….

  40. #40 - Cheryl Carey Bass says:

    Wow! I didn't think they had caught me on film jumping like that. Just kidding. If I could jump that high, I would bottle it up and sell it to all the other old ladies! πŸ™‚ I'm glad you enjoy your readers because we enjoy you, Cathe!

  41. #41 - dare says:

    I love to see Cathe's happy happy joy joy!!

  42. #42 - Minky Magic says:

    A great little animation, but I don't understand how to get it on my blog!? Any HELP as I can only seem to save it as a GIF file which then just saves a single picture!

  43. #43 - ~amy~ says:

    thank you sooooo very much…this is just toooooo stinkin' FUN!!!

  44. #44 - Ingrid Dijkers says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  45. #45 - Karen says:

    Hey, that's really cute! Thanks so much for taking so much time to share with everyone! I thought of you the other day, wondering, what would Cathe do with was a box of old onion skin type paper, a little smaller than usual. If you want some, send me an email and I'll mail it to you! Karen

  46. #46 - Sirpa says:

    I just found your wonderful blog and copied the "I'd rather be blogging" animation to my blog!

  47. #47 - BlueStone Of Orcas Island says:

    Yes, this is cuter then cute! I thank you so much for sharing with those of us who can't do such a creative thing? It is greatly appreciated. And to show you how bad I am I can't even get the thing to work on my blog? Any suggestions?
    thank you again so much.

  48. #48 - Cathe Holden says:

    Hi BlueStone- I added instructions to the post for you and others. Let me know if you have any trouble.

  49. #49 - Cardstock, Paper, Scissors says:

    So clever! (Besides generous) Love it–thanks!

  50. #50 - Natasha says:

    That's so sweet…if it means anything to you, your blog makes me happy! xo

  51. #51 - Elizabeth (Beth) Moore says:

    This animation is so darling… I added to my sidebar and made sure it linked up to your blog… everyone needs to be visiting your site! Great stuff! Thanks!

  52. #52 - Nancy ~ Inkcicles says:

    Very cool!!! I love it!!!

  53. #53 - Minky Magic says:

    Hooray it's on my blog now, thank you for your help!

  54. #54 - MΓ³nica says:

    Hello!! i like very much your blog. Nice and cute things. Make me happy this morning.
    Kind regards from Spain.

  55. #55 - Jan Ely says:

    And my parents call ME "The Clever One"?!?!?! Good thing they never met you–I'd be out of a title. Adding this gem to my blog right NOW!

  56. #56 - Kelly @ No Fixed Address says:

    Hello πŸ™‚
    I am fairly new to blogland, and I hope one day to have readers enjoy my blog as much as I (and clearly many others!) enjoy yours πŸ™‚
    I've borrowed your lovely little animations too! Thank you for the inspiration..

  57. #57 - CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Printables category today [23 Mar 10:16am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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  59. #58 - Teresa Gregson says:

    Don’t want to be a “lurker” so thought I’d leave a comment! I just LOVE your website…found it via Pinterest and am simply transfixed πŸ™‚ Will try to put some of that into motion this weekend. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!