Vintage Framework: Free Blog Buttons and Graphics

Rich black typography and ornament on crisp white-white. You know I love it. If you’re into it too, I designed a whole bunch of blog buttons, and head & tail pieces for your blog (or other projects.) Of course, you don’t have to stick to black and white if you prefer color- to use and/or modify for your own blog, click on any of the images for the taking or go to HERE or HERE for the PDF files of all of them.

To add buttons to your blog, simply add them as gadgets linking to wherever you want. For the Email button to link the reader to a draft page for contacting you, follow the easy directions on THIS post.
Use the framework to add to the top of your blog posts. Or add one as a gadget just above the blog post area in your blog’s layout.Tail pieces are simply images placed as gadgets at the very bottom of your blog layout.

More black and white buttons you can modify HERE.

You can find FLICKR gadget buttons HERE!

“Visit my Older Posts”graphics HERE.

Twitter buttons are HERE.

“Leave a Comment” graphics HERE.

Blog Cuties are HERE.

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52 Responses to Vintage Framework: Free Blog Buttons and Graphics

  1. #1 - Myrna says:

    Gosh! Thanks so much, Cathe! I'm inspired to do a little re-vamping on my blog now!! 😉
    You are so very generous with your talents..thanks for sharing
    Bless you!

  2. #2 - Amy says:

    Wow they're all gorgeous! I wanna redo my whole blog layout too 😀
    The smaller blocks would all look really cool modified for RSVPs too, maybe like a postcard format? It's all saved down in my folder for wedding planning anyway!


  3. #3 - Dawn says:

    Oh my goodness these are just wonderful! You are just amazing!
    Thank you for sharing

  4. #4 - Lady of the House says:

    Thank you so much. Your work is just beautiful!!

  5. #5 - Carol says:

    These are just wonderful and just what I had have been looking for. Thanks so much.

  6. #6 - Wendy says:

    Thank you so much! I am already using one of your creations in my footer, and I will use more. Will give you a little plug tomorrow on my blog. Thanks!

  7. #7 - iHanna says:

    My favorite is the "Favorite links – tell them I sent you!" it's a great idea and all are beautiful graphics! Thanks!

  8. #8 - Theresa @ 612Riverside says:

    Cathe, thank you so much! I've been wanting some new buttons and these are perfect! I love coming to your blog, so much inspiration… ~ Theresa

  9. #9 - FleaMarketTrixie says:

    They are so pretty, thanks for sharing those with us

  10. #10 - Lisa says:

    I love these. I wish I could do a simple black and white layout but it scares me to think about messing with my blog.

  11. #11 - Michelle*G says:

    These are amazing! Thank you!

  12. #12 - Judy says:

    Thanks so much Cathe, I love these graphic and the fonts are perfect!!

  13. #13 - Kari says:

    These are beautiful and you are so kind to share them. Thanks~

  14. #14 - April Mitchell says:

    OOH! Pretties! I'm going to try these out on my blog and see how they look . Thanks bunches!

  15. #15 - Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing these, I really love them.

  16. #16 - Tanja says:

    your blog are really awesome, and so is your projects! I wish I have little more time for things like that;

  17. #17 - My name is PJ. says:

    Holy Toledo! This is like the mother lode! I'm actually seeing myself use these in a timely fashion. Normally, I save your stuff in the hopes that someday someone will 'do' stuff for me. You know that's true.

    These are wonderful, Cathe! Wonderful!

  18. #18 - shewalkssoftly says:

    I just discovered this blog and I'm already addicted! I'm sure I'll be directing people to some of your posts through my own blog.

  19. #19 - Jenny says:

    This is beautiful work. One of my friends sent me this way as an example of how my blog should look! Do you do blog redesign? It's probably on here somewhere but I see you are a graphic designer and I need to make my blog a little more consistent! Thank you!

  20. #20 - Belle Brocante says:

    So wonderful! Merci for designing!

  21. #21 - jo te raa says:

    You are amazing!!!!!!

  22. #22 - Deryn Mentock says:

    Cathe, thank you! I have to tell you, you're one of the most generous bloggers out there. Now, if I can just figure out how to add these to my blog…

  23. #23 - Debra says:

    These are sweet. Thank you so much for these Cathe.

  24. #24 - Brandi says:

    these a very kool! and very generous of you to share them..
    I look forward to visiting you again soon..
    Aloha wishes from across the sea

  25. #25 - Elaine Biss Designs says:

    Beautiful work!

  26. #26 - Diane Costanza says:

    Thanks so much! I love these.


  27. #27 - llgriffin says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous and you are incredibly talented and generous. Thank you so much!

  28. #28 - LoLLipop Royalty says:

    Magnificent! Such beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing!

  29. #29 - Kristina says:

    Oh my gosh – these are beautiful! And you are incredibly generous to share these with others. Thank you so much.

  30. #30 - Suzanne says:

    Thank you so much. You are truly an inspiration, and so generous.

  31. #31 - ArtSnark says:

    these are fantastic! many thanks

  32. #32 - Joan@anythinggoeshere says:

    I have wanted something to use for "older posts" but hadn't found anything I liked until today! Thank you so much. I have already put it on. You are the greatest.

  33. #33 - Dawn @ alteredartists says:

    Your work is beautiful. It is wonderful that you are so generous. I just posted on it. I have links to you in my sidebar now. Feeling like I am going to do a giveaway myself. SO check in tomorrow @ my blog if you are interested!

  34. #34 - table tonic says:

    This. Is. Amazing. You are too, clearly. Thank you – love your blog – adding it to my blogroll NOW!!! xLouise (

  35. #35 - Shelle says:


  36. #36 - Mimi ! says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful, trustful information on configuring our blogs! I am new to this, but enjoy it thoroughly. I was actually able to use one of your buttons (at end of posts to indicate there is more… to the reader)! Now, I just need to figure out how to put buttons at the top of my blog to lend additional organization to it! Thanks again!

  37. #37 - Evermore Organics says:

    The perfume making page is great. I never thought to do it like that. Ill have to try it this spring!

  38. #38 - imakestuff says:

    these are wonderful!

  39. #39 - Beach House Living says:

    These are lovely graphics. Thank you for sharing

  40. #40 - Diana by Lagoa Design Studio says:

    Thank you so very much for this. Your work is amazing…

  41. #41 - Joanne Bischof says:

    Your buttons are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  42. #42 - Robin Charlotte Humphrey says:

    cool! love these they are JUST what I was looking for. They are going to match my
    blog sooo well!

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  44. Hey Cathe,

    I have used tons of your gadget buttons on my blog. i absolutely LOVE them! Thought I’ll drop you a thank you note- Thanks a ton! 🙂

  45. #44 - Allison Schubert says:

    Oh please help me! I just found your site and I am in awe of your creations. I want to add one of the frameworks as a header on my blog but how do I change the words? Or can I have one made just for me? This is just what I have been looking for! I am so excited!


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  47. #45 - Pamela says:

    Cathe, I love your graphics and your generosity. I’m so addicted to reading your site and about all of your projects that I’m neglecting my own blog (still in development) AND my husband and housework! Is there a Catheholics group for addicts like me? 😉 Blessings, Pamela

  48. #46 - Kath says:

    Thanks for this! Happy Holidays. xoxo

  49. #47 - Julie says:

    Awesome! I looked around for vintage graphics and really love your site- then noticed you’re from Petaluma! I live in Santa Rosa- no wonder you have such cute vintage chic style! 🙂 Between Petaluma & Calistoga are some of my favorite little trinket/vintage stores. <3

  50. #48 - Kay says:

    Thanks, really appreciate your site. =)

  51. #49 - Spencer says:

    thanks for the advice re setting up contact button on blogger. Spencer.

  52. #50 - Roxanne says:

    They are all so simple but beautiful and elegant! I will now customize my blog. Thank you so much for sharing these to us! ♥